Worthless Regression Chapter 103

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Take your position. I couldn’t tell how thick the wall was, but it was better than ending up at the end. Seongmin Lee looked at the minimap floating in the corner of his field of vision.

There are a total of four paths leading to the end. Currently on Lee Seong-min’s path are Chwi-geol, Jang Deuk-su, and the Bloody Old Woman. Seongmin Lee stared at four different paths.

On two of the four roads, yellow and red dots coexisted. And on the other road there were two yellow dots, and on the last remaining road there was only a red dot? there was. Seongmin Lee glared at the path where only red dots remained.

‘Who is it?’

Whose doppelganger is this? If there is only a doppelganger left on a street, it means that all the other people on that street were killed by the doppelganger.

‘Is it Wijihoyeon?’

Maybe Baek Sogo is already dead. Such an ominous feeling comes over me. Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip and swallowed the ominous feeling. He sees another way. A road with only three people. There is one path where a person and a doppelganger are together. One road with two doppelgängers.

Paths with only doppelgängers are excluded for now. Which one should I choose? On the road where Seongmin Lee is currently located, you can go to the right or left. Among them, there was a person and a doppelganger on the left, and three people on the right.

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched as he looked at the mini-map. Three yellow dots were approaching each other.

What should I do?

The worst case scenario is this. Those three yellow dots are not Wijihoyeon, but Wijihoyeon’s followers. If you are Jihoyeon Wi, it is not a big problem. Wijihoyeon also probably remembers Lee Sungmin. But what about the demons who follow her? It seemed unlikely that they would leave Lee Seong-min alone.

‘I don’t think anyone will believe me even if I sell Wijihoyeon’s name.’

The distance between the yellow dots is close. We will meet you soon. Or maybe they’ve already caught each other. Seongmin Lee glanced at the road to the left. The distance between a doppelganger and a person is quite far.


Seongmin Lee pointed the window covered in river air toward the wall on the right. In the worst case scenario, there are two madhus beyond this wall. There may be a poisonous ghost sword and a marang iron fist. There may be Wijihoyeon and Baeksogo, or there may be Geukcheondo or Musouanghyeop.

Nothing is certain. You have to try it to know. The strong energy that surrounds the entire spear gathers at the tip of the spear head. The strong energy concentrated on the edge of the blade was condensed into small, small pieces.


When Heoju saw that, he let out a surprised sound. I knew that Lee Seong-min was a master with quite outstanding skills, but I had no idea that he was so good at tuning his skills.

[It is impossible with the level of martial arts that has been achieved. How can I do this?]

“I’ve done it before.”

Seongmin Lee answered while glaring at the tip of the spear. The level of martial arts that Lee Seong-min has reached. If you only look at the level of martial arts shown in the status window, it is impossible to adjust your strength to this level. In reality, Lee Seong-min’s martial arts level was 8 stars in Jahasingong, Gucheonmugeukchang, and Muyeongtalhon.

But it’s different from that. Lee Seong-min remembered that he had already reached a level far ahead of him. It was a strange thing. His mind remembers it, but his body and his martial arts skills cannot fully unfold it. It was the same at this moment. Because you are doing something that was not originally possible, it consumes a lot of internal energy.

But it does it. Although there was a feeling of emptiness in the Danjeon, Lee Seong-min did not care. Lee Seong-min continued to put strength into his hand holding his spear and poured out his strength. Rubia stuck out her tongue and Heoju remained silent. The strong energy that condensed at the tip of her spear was a dark purple color.

‘It’s definitely different from the mental world.’

It was faster and more convenient than this back then. Seongmin Lee smiled bitterly. That was it. Seongmin Lee hurled his spear at a wall made of red flesh.

[What a fun guy.]

When Lee Seong-min’s spear burst through the wall, Heo Joo laughed and said that.

Lee Seong-min walked through the wall he had broken through while holding his breath. He felt a dizzying sensation of dizziness because his inner energy was greatly drained. His legs don’t have much strength. Seongmin Lee held his trembling legs and chewed his lower lip.

‘I can’t help it.’

Seongmin Lee first took out a potion from his subspace pocket. And he drank it down in one go. That alone relieved some of the body’s fatigue, but the potion did not restore the consumed energy. In order to recover my energy, I need to have a fortune-telling breakfast, but I don’t have time for that.

Seongmin Lee took out the Daehwandan from the subspace pocket. He broke the Daehwandan in half and put it in his mouth. Then, half of the Daehwandan that I put in my mouth immediately melts and goes down my throat. Originally, if you were to take the elixir, you would have to eat the fortune and gain internal energy, but Lee Seong-min, who has a black heart, does not need to go through that process. The energy of the half of the Daehwandan taken was immediately accumulated in Lee Seong-min’s Danjeon.


In order to use it like this, Daehwandan and Magic Stone were left without taking them. Although I was worried about the risk of being hit by a coin, I also wanted to immediately recover my strength in an emergency. The empty danjeon becomes full. Certainly, as the best elixir of Shaolin, Daehwandan restored most of Lee Seong-min’s energy with just half of it.

‘There is no such thing as a coin-operated horse. Heo Joo may be right.’

Although I don’t completely trust it. Lee Seong-min ran forward immediately after confirming that his internal energy had recovered. The two yellow dots were in the same location, not far from where Lee Seong-min is now.

How long did it run?

I see two people engaged in combat. When I saw the back. Lee Seong-min’s heart is pounding. Pure white uniform and gray hair. Seongmin Lee knew what she looked like.

It’s a white cow.

The one attacking Baeksogo was a giant dressed in black military uniform. Just looking at his size, he is bigger than Jang Deuk-su. Instead of swinging a sword, he used his bare fists, and the powerful attack was threatening enough to make one’s heart tense even though it was only seen and not attacked directly.

‘fist. Is it Maran Tekken?’

Baeksogo and Marang Tekken were similar in that they fought with their bare bodies without using weapons. However, the attack methods of the two were completely different. If Baek So-go was based on the spirit of martial arts and was focused on pleasure and happiness without a break, Marang Tekken was slow and heavy. It seemed too early to judge which of the two was superior, but in Lee Seong-min’s opinion, Baek So-go seemed to have a slight edge.

But that doesn’t mean Baeksogo’s situation is good. A little distance away from him, a thin man was standing with his arms crossed. He narrowed his eyes when he saw Lee Seong-min approaching.

It is a poisonous ghost sword.

I couldn’t think of anyone else other than the poisonous ghost sword. I don’t know what the Extreme Heavenly Dao or the Musou Weird Group looks like, but there is no reason for them to attack Bai Xiaogo. In fact, a long sword was hanging from the waist of the standing man.

Lee Seong-min’s legs gained strength as he performed a light attack.

I was lucky just a little while ago, but not now. I never thought I would encounter Dokgogwigeom and Marang Tekken on this road. What couldn’t be said to be very unfortunate was that the Marang Tekken and the Dokgogwigeom did not work together.

That happened because Marang Tekken forced him to do so. Since both parties are skilled in hand-to-hand combat without using weapons, Marang Tekken came forward and challenged them, saying they wanted to compete against each other.

‘Even if I win here… ‘

Baek Sogo chewed his lower lip. Marang Tekken was an excellent expert, but Baek Sogo was about half as good as Marang Tekken. He may not be easy to defeat, but unless something major happens, Baek Sogo will be able to emerge victorious in his fight against Marang Tekken.

The problem is the poisonous ghost sword. Dokgogwigeom was an expert who was evaluated as the most outstanding among Wijihoyeon’s followers. Even if he was in perfect condition, if he had to fight Dokgo Ghost Sword after defeating Marang Tekken, the chances of Baek Sogo surviving were infinitely low.

‘If you suppress Marang Tekken and threaten him with his life… no. There is no way this is possible. There is no way the poisonous ghost sword would care about Marang Tekken’s life.’

Still, I couldn’t give up. Baek Sogo could not die yet. She gritted her teeth and pressed her Marang iron fist. Maran Tekken’s face is distorted as he is pushed back little by little. She stepped forward, leaving Dokgo Demon Sword’s subtle smile behind, and her anger boiled over at her being humiliated like this.

“You bitch… !”

He chewed and spit it out in an angry voice, but Marang Tekken could only withstand Baeksogo’s attacks. Meanwhile,


There was a loud sound. The poisonous ghost sword reacted, and Baeksogo’s shoulders also trembled. As a result, a small gap was created, but Marang Tekken was also surprised by the sound, so Baeksogo could not turn the gap he saw into an opportunity.

“Someone is coming.”

Poisonous Ghost Sword muttered. I felt it in Maran Tekken and Baek So Go as well. Someone is approaching at high speed. Who is it? Baek Sogo’s eyes wavered slightly. For her, the real worst thing about her is that whatever comes her way is a bloody hag or… It was when I was Wijihoyeon. If that were to happen, there would be no chance of Baek Sogo surviving unless a miracle happened.

“What is that guy?”

Baek Sogo can’t look behind him. But it wasn’t Marang’s Iron Fist and Dokgogwigeom’s sword. Marang Tekken was so focused on Baek Sogo that he couldn’t see who was approaching.

“Was there anyone among the Murim League who used a spear?”

The Poisonous Ghost Sword muttered like that and pulled out its sword. window. does not exist. Chwi-geol and Musang Goe-hyeop are martial arts fighters, Jang Deuk-su uses an axe, and Geukcheondo uses a sword. window… window. From beyond Baek Sogo’s memories, someone came to mind. one person. I knew a warrior who used a spear.

“You look young… “I don’t know what this guy is doing.”

The Poisonous Ghost Sword muttered that and headed forward. He didn’t know who was approaching, but he was intrigued by the unknown guy. Baek Sogo felt the urge to look back. But he couldn’t do that.

“Shall I kill you first?”

“Not required!”



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Dokgogwigeom asked Marang Tekken, and Marang Tekken answered in a rough voice. In response, the poisonous ghost sword chuckled. Meanwhile


The stab shot like a flash collides with the poisonous ghost sword. Dokgogwigeom’s posture did not collapse at all. He stood firm and took the speedy thrust. The eyes of the poisonous ghost sword, which was smiling leisurely, narrowed. Through his current blow, he knew that his opponent was an expert with extraordinary skills.

“Who are you?”

Dokgogwigeom asks. Baek Sogo took a few steps back due to Maran Tekken’s attack. In the sudden invasion of three people, Marang Tekken did not immediately rush to Baek Sogo. He gasped and looked at Baek Sogo and the man who had attacked the poisonous ghost sword.

Seongmin Lee.

Baek So-go opened his eyes wide and looked at Lee Seong-min’s back. He is the same back I saw a year ago. There is no significant difference in appearance compared to then. But why? Why does my back, which hasn’t grown much compared to a year ago, look bigger?

Seongmin Lee did not look back. Actually, I wanted to see it. He turned around and looked at Baek Sogo. I wanted to say hello to my sister-in-law. It’s been a while. How have you been? He wanted to say that. But he couldn’t do it. Right in front of you are the Dokgogwigeom and Marang Tekken. If Lee Seong-min shows an opening, Dokgogwigeom will not miss the opportunity and attack.

“private residence.”

Pick up the spear. Both my hands were numb. They collided at high speed, but Dokgogwigeom easily received Lee Seong-min’s attack. Even though Doppelganger of Dokgogwigeom was defeated by Chugeol, Dokgogwigeom’s skills were not inferior to Chugeol. The strength of the poisonous ghost sword that Seongmin Lee felt was the strongest among all the warriors he had ever seen. The sword demon under the full moon also seemed a few numbers lower than the poisonous ghost sword.

“Long time no see.”

Don’t look at Baek Sogo’s face. Seongmin Lee glared at the poisonous ghost sword. Then he spoke slowly. Hearing those words, Baek Sogo’s shoulders tremble slightly. It’s one year. One year at most. Compared to a year ago, Baeksogo has clearly become stronger. However, although Baek So-go’s skills, which had already reached a high level, were given one year, they did not improve significantly.

But what about Lee Seong-min?

Baek Sogo couldn’t believe it. The strength of the priest I saw a year ago was not that strong. At that time, Lee Seong-min was also close to the peak, but he had a strong feeling that he was somewhat unstable. But now? The current Lee Seong-min has become so strong that even Baek So-go is surprised.

“… buy… Priests?”

Why are you here? Baek Sogo wanted to ask him, but he knew that the current situation was not suitable for such questions, so he remained silent. Dokgogwigeom laughed while looking at Baek Sogo and Lee Seong-min.

“Did Mu Xian Guang have a priest? “This is my first time hearing that.”

Red-hot sword energy surges from the poisonous ghost sword. Seongmin Lee held the spear with both hands and took a deep breath. Even if I told him that he was an acquaintance of Wizzy Hoyeon, he wouldn’t believe me. In that case, should he take Baeksogo with him and run away to avoid the fight? I didn’t think they would give me a chance to do that.

If so, can you do it?

The opponent is a poisonous ghost sword. This is an opponent I have never fought before. I have already experienced several times how difficult it is to deal with an excellent swordsman. Seongmin Lee instinctively knew. The poisonous ghost sword in front of me is stronger than I am now.

Can you do it?

To the question that arose again, Lee Seong-min answered by taking a step forward.

I have to do it.


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