Worthless Regression Chapter 101

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Although Baek So-go didn’t know about it.

She was lucky. If we compare her to Geuk Cheon-do or Musou Goehyeok, who encountered Wiji Ho-yeon’s doppelganger and was killed without even being able to properly resist, she can definitely be said to be lucky. What Baek Sogo encountered was the doppelganger of Geukcheondo, one of the members of the Murim Alliance who came here with her.

Among the five members of the Murim Alliance, Geukcheondo was the least skilled, and Baek Sogo was the most skilled among the five. Thanks to this, it was not difficult at all for Baek Sogo to defeat the doppelganger of the Extreme Heavenly Island.

What was even more fortunate was that Baek Sogo did not accidentally encounter a doppelganger of the Extreme Heavenly Path. Baek Sogo witnessed the process of creating a doppelganger of Geukcheondo and was able to understand to some extent what this dungeon was like.

‘Doppelganger… I never thought we would meet in a place like this.’

Most of the martial arts people. In particular, people from other worlds who were not born in Eria but who lived in the martial arts world and were suddenly summoned to Eria are close to being illiterate in fields other than martial arts. In most cases, they had both an overflowing pride in the martial world in which they lived and a pride in the fact that their martial arts skills were the best. In that respect, Baek So-go was a very rational martial artist. She had extensive knowledge of other techniques besides martial arts.

‘A normal doppelganger only imitates the appearance. But the doppelganger in this dungeon even uses martial arts. The battle itself was unskilled, but… Geukcheondo’s doppelganger used martial arts that were not much lacking compared to Geukcheondo himself.’

Baek Sogo was well aware of the martial arts of Geukcheondo. This is because he belonged to the Murim Alliance and was assigned the task of monitoring Wiji Ho-yeon, and he interacted with Geuk Cheon-do several times. Although Geuk Cheon-do was not a very good expert compared to his companions, Baek So-go had favorable feelings towards Geuk Cheon-do because his passion for martial arts was genuine.

‘This dungeon is dangerous.’

A fallen doppelganger no longer gets up. Monsters that appear in the original dungeon leave behind certain loot when defeated. Baek Sogo stretched out his hand and rummaged through the doppelganger’s flesh. It was not a pleasant task to rummage through the lump of flesh that had been in the shape of the Extreme Heavenly Dao just moments ago, but there was no hesitation in Baek Sogo’s hands as he tore through the lump of flesh.

“… portion?”

Buried beneath the sticky flesh was a glass bottle the size of a palm. Baek Sogo picked up the glass bottle and shook it lightly. The color is bright purple. Although Baeksogo had accumulated some knowledge, it was impossible to figure out what was inside. In this case, the surest thing to do would be to drink it yourself or let someone else drink it, but that would be the most ignorant of the many methods.

Baek Sogo put his hand into the subspace pocket on his waist. What she took out was an artifact that she had purchased with her meager salary from the Murim Alliance. On the outside, it looks like a crude magnifying glass, but in order to purchase this artifact, Bai Sogo had to cut back on her living expenses for over half a year.

‘It’s an elixir. There are few impurities… An elixir of this level is equivalent to the blessing of a high-ranking priest.’

Of course, just because it is an elixir, it is not all-purpose. When an arm is cut off, it is possible to reattach the severed arm, but the arm itself cannot be regenerated. Even so, elixir is considered the highest quality among various potions. Baek Sogo put the elixir into the subspace pocket.

“… Ego… then… ”

Baek Sogo was lost in thought as he looked at the winding road of flesh. Where is the front and where is the back? I don’t know if the space has changed or if I have moved to this space. I don’t even know where it is in front or behind.

‘Where are the others?’

First of all, Baek Sogo thought of walking as he pleased.

Jang Deuk-su, the man who turned the dungeon into a stinking path of flesh, had a lot to say. While walking next to Lee Seong-min’s shoulder, he admired the method used by Lee Seong-min when he killed Baek So-go’s doppelganger and made his own arguments.

[It’s noisy.]

Seongmin Lee sympathized with Rubia’s words. Would I rather just kill him and leave? It’s not that he didn’t think about it, but Lee Seong-min didn’t enjoy killing. It was one of the humanity that Lee Seong-min desperately held onto while living in the mental world of 2100, and in the process of his mind collapsing and being rebuilt several times.

There is no hesitation in killing. But I don’t enjoy it. If you have no choice, kill them. If you have to, kill it. Other than that, no killing. Jang Deuk-su was talkative, but that didn’t mean he was murderous. And Jang Deuk-su is a transcendent expert. It’s a dungeon where you don’t know what will happen, so there’s no harm in acting together.

The barding hums.

‘What else?’

[It’s just a question.]

Heo Joo had been keeping quiet until now, but he seemed a little relieved that Lee Sung Min didn’t react too harshly to his humming that he wanted to talk.

[You guy. Why don’t you eat it?]

I was wondering something. Seongmin Lee chuckled. Trophy obtained from searching the body of a doppelganger. What Lee Seong-min acquired was a magic stone that cannot be purified artificially and is only found in dungeons. This is the most efficient elixir in the world. In essence, no matter how well an elixir is made, and even if the person taking it is an expert with excellent mental techniques or a magician who has reached the highest level, there is a limit to the power and magical power that can be taken.

But magic gemstone is different. It looks like a fist-sized gem, but when you put it in your mouth, it melts and is absorbed into your body. There is no need for inner gongsimbeop or magic. The moment you take it, your strength increases without any side effects. If you have learned martial arts, your resistance will increase, and if you have learned magic, your magical power will increase.

‘My body is unstable. If you overeat for no reason, your body may be ruined.’

[Probably not.]

Heo Joo was offended by Lee Seong-min’s answer and responded.

‘… What does it mean?’

[Although the possession failed, I was able to closely examine your body while inhabiting this armor. You’re definitely unstable. But despite that, his body is very strong.]


[There is something strange inside your body. Are you conscious of it? Hahaha! A non-human heart in a human body. This great youkai, Heoju, can assure you that among the so-called great youkai, none had a heart as strong and brilliant as yours. Except for this body, of course.]

[Struggling with a subject without a body.]

Luvia grumbled, but Heoju didn’t care. Lee Seong-min was lost in thought for a moment at Heo-ju’s words. Disharmony of the body. The reason it happened was because I was not able to properly embody the acquired spirit into martial arts. That’s why Sim takes the lead. Any energy you lack can be summoned as much as you like thanks to the black heart. But, this body. The mind is not able to properly unfold what it has seen and experienced. The 2100 years spent in the spirit world made the disharmony extreme.

Lee Seong-min received a warm welcome from the French Ambassador. However, it has not been taken yet and is stored inside Lee Seong-min’s subspace pocket. The reason Lee Seong-min did not take it was because he was worried that if he inflated his internal energy, the disharmony in his heart and energy would be so severe that he would fall into a state of intoxication.

‘But he has a strong body. It’s because of the heart. ‘You can’t trust it unconditionally, though.’

What if we get a clear answer from Freskan? I had no intention of taking Heo Joo’s words literally. Heo Joo is the one who possessed Lee Seong-min’s body and tried to steal his body.

‘But Heoju. It’s been a while since you came out of Sleeping Forest and into barding. ‘Why did you want to get out of the forest?’

[What do you mean? You must have already answered it in that forest, right? I do not know. All I knew was that I had to go out of the forest with you.]

‘Is the bastard who goes out with you trying to steal your body?’

[It feels really strange to hear a young guy call me a bastard.]

Still, he lived for 2100 years, bastard. Lee Seong-min was about to shoot back like that but stopped.

[This is a strong hint. I don’t know what kind of great being hinted at this great monster, Heoju… It’s not like God.]

‘et cetera?’

[haha! They say he came back, but he doesn’t know enough. In this world, beings called gods are not that big of a deal. I could have become a god if I wanted to. I just didn’t do it. Being a god is nothing more than a mortal being half-strung from the bonds of mortality. Although they seem absolute, they are weak beings.]

Heoju said with a smile. Seongmin Lee thought of Mshi and Denir. Considering the power they showed, I could not unconditionally agree with Heo Ju’s words.

[Well, whatever happened. I had to go out to the forest with you, and we came out of the forest. It won’t be long before it’s proven that it should have been. That’s what fate is like.]

‘Fate is a mess.’

[Do you not believe in fate? There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. It happened that way because there was a reason for it to be that way. If you come back from the dead and I come out of the forest with you. It happened that way because there was a good reason for it. That is causality and fate.]

Should we at least look for the God of Fate? Seongmin Lee thought about it seriously.


But I couldn’t continue my thoughts for long. Lee Seong-min stopped walking due to the warning given by his sixth sense. Jang Deuk-su also stopped walking to see if he felt something.

“… “Drunk?”

Jang Deuk-su spoke up.

Chugeol was sitting down with his back against the wall. There were the bodies of doppelgängers scattered around Chwigeol.

“ah… Jangdaehyeop. Seeing that we can have a conversation… Hehehe! “It must be a person, right?”

Chu Jie laughed in a hoarse voice. Lee Seong-min saw Chwi-geol standing and sitting.

“… Mmm! “What on earth happened?”

Jang Deuk-su hurriedly approached Chu Geol and asked. He stretched out his large hand and tried to support Qu Jie, but Qu Jie shook his head.;

“it’s okay. I was just resting. therefore… I met a poisonous ghost sword. No, it’s not a poisonous ghost sword. It’s the same as the poisonous ghost sword, and it uses the same martial arts as the poisonous ghost sword… “I met such a monster.”

He was always a talkative and cheerful drunk, but now he was so overcome with pain and fatigue that he couldn’t smile. Not many people would be able to laugh when his left arm was cut off.



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“The potion is… ?”

“The subspace pocket has been shattered. The things inside disappeared into the gaps of space. still… “The bleeding was stopped.”

“Jang Deuk-su. “Don’t you have any potions?”

“… “There is none.”

It was a confident answer. Lee Seong-min was awed by the ignorance of Jang Deuk-su, who entered the dungeon without being properly prepared.

Look around. The body of the doppelganger who was a poisonous ghost sword was visible, but the severed arm of the drunkard was not visible.

“Where did your arm go?”

Seongmin Lee approached Chugeol and asked. As she looked up at Seongmin Lee, she rolled her blurry eyes. Jang Deuk-su, who received that gaze, responded.

“A year ago, the ghost that killed the Sword Demon. “Have you never heard of it?”

“I’ve heard of it, but… Could it be him?”

“You met me by chance and accompanied me here.”

Having a famous nickname wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. After hearing the nickname Guichang, Qu Geol nodded his head in understanding.

“… Dokgogwigeom is an expert in quick swords. What appears to be a single slash actually contains dozens of sword energy. “Mixed in the crevices of those lumps of flesh are the pieces of flesh that used to be my left arm.”

“What came out of the doppelganger’s body?”

“No public policy.”

Chugeol giggled and laughed. He picked up the stiff book next to him and shook it. Although it was covered in flesh, the writing on the military service book was clear.

“The eighteen dragons. Isn’t it funny to me, who is an open person, to say that openness is not public? Of course, the Eighteen Long Dragons are excellent martial arts skills, but I don’t need them.”


As Lee Seong-min said that, he put his hand into the subspace pocket. Chugeol flinched and looked back at Lee Seong-min.

‘There are a lot of potions anyway.’

If you have any arms left, you can use elixir to attach them, but since you don’t have any left, there is no need to use precious elixir. If you feed it the right potion, you will be able to perk up.

You can create an openness and bond by using a few potions. It wasn’t that bad. Jihak is called the future of Shaolin. Likewise, drunkenness may also be the future of openness. If you help such drunkards and build relationships, you can create open and friendly relationships.

Openness is a famous information school. There is no city without beggars, and most beggars belong to the public and serve as eyes and ears. Seongmin Lee, a member of Erebrisa, has never felt a lack of information, but information is not the only power of openness. Opening, one of the old factions, is the best among all factions in terms of number of members. There is nothing to lose by forming a relationship with such a large sect and a person who is the central figure of that huge sect.

“… thank you.”

Chugeol bowed his head as he accepted the potion handed to him by Lee Seong-min. Then, he handed the eighteen copies of the Military Official Book of Hangryong that he was holding in his hand to Seongmin Lee.

“It’s a martial arts skill I don’t need. How are you feeling?”

“thank you.”

Seongmin Lee did not refuse. Hangryongsip8jang is an excellent martial arts skill in the season of openness. If you didn’t get it while drunk, it would be a great deal. However, there was no reason for Lee Seong-min to be greedy for the Hangryong 18 Chapters. He also learned the Hundred Steps Priesthood, but he did not practice it properly. Meanwhile, there was no reason for him to learn Chapter 18 of Anti-Royal Dragons.

‘It’s such a famous martial arts skill that it won’t be worth much if you sell it. Just like Baekbo Shinjeon did.’

Still, it felt good to get it for free.


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