The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 908

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Episode 909

“water tank… .” 

Lencia’s lips trembled as she repeated the words about destroying the fish tank. 

‘Did you remember what I said?’ 

When I first explained the situation here to Kayden, I told him that Montiro was a very dirty tank and that I was the oyster who purified the tank. He must have still remembered that and declared that he would destroy the fish tank. 

‘my heart aches… .’ 

I was so grateful to Kayden and his colleagues for coming back to save me and Montiro that my heart ached. 

Thank you. I wanted to say thank you, even if it meant pulling out my own soul. 

But I couldn’t accept his favor in order to save Kayden. 

“Whoa… .” 

Lencia looked at Raon, enduring the pain that made her heart sink. 

“There’s something I didn’t tell you.” 

I decided to say the word I had deliberately not said out of fear that it might cause trouble. 

“The force that controls this Montiro… .” 

Lencia clenched her fists and opened her dry lips. 

“It is the black tower of Ohwang Oma. It’s one of the ten monsters that rule this continent. “If you’re not in the same class, you can never win.” 

She nodded, her faint gaze as if she had given up on life. 

“It’s okay now. “Pretend you’re enjoying the sightseeing, but get out of here as quickly as possible and never come back.” 

Lencia said she was fine and smiled like a doll as usual. 

“Ohwang Oma’s Black Tower.” 

Raon recited the name of the Black Tower in a calm tone. 

“I knew from the beginning that there was a black tower here.” 

Now that I had fully grasped the mana flow here, I smiled faintly, pretending not to be noticed by anyone. 


Lencia widened her eyes as if wondering what that meant. 

“How did you… .” 

“The only one who can do such an ugly thing is Oma.” 

Raon lifted his chin as he picked up black trash from the clean sand. 

“What about Kayden… .” 

Lencia looked at Raon with blank eyes, as if she couldn’t understand. 

“There’s something I didn’t tell you too.” 

Raon told Lencia to sit down again and pointed to the seat next to him. 

“hmm… .” 

Lencia slowly sat down next to him, holding his waist with trembling hands. 

“My name is Raon Sieghart. “It’s Sieghardt’s thunderbolt.” 

Raon smiled slightly, looking at Lencia’s trembling eyes. 

“We are stronger than the Black Tower.” 

* * * 

Raon took Lencia, who was embarrassed, and entered the accommodation he had reserved in advance. 

“Gwangpung Jeonju… .” 

Lencia muttered the name Gwangpungjeonju over and over as if she couldn’t believe it even now. 

“Have you heard of it?” 

Raon asked Lencia, pointing to the chair. 

“Of course I’ve heard of it… .” 

Lencia nodded, holding her trembling wrist. 

“My younger brothers know too.” 

The greatest genius of all time who cut down two holy dragons, defeated demons, and recently cut down the Four Sword Demons of Shinju Oryeong. There was no one who did not know the absolute swordsman who reached transcendence in his 20s. 

“You are that Lencia.” 

Marta approached Lencia and stroked her head. 

“I endured it well. It must have been really hard… .” 

She was biting her lip as if she was remembering her past through Lencia. 

“huh. Good… .” 

Runaan carefully approached Lencia’s side. 

“And Janghae… .” 

She also gently hugged Lencia, as if she remembered her childhood when her soul was captured by Syria. 

“Jeonju recognizes us, but what about me?” 

Dorian grinned and nodded. 

“Kevin? “Have you gained that much weight in the meantime?” 

Lencia blinked as she looked at Dorian, who had gained a lot of weight in just one month. 

“This guy is basically a rubber band, so you don’t have to worry about it.” 

Burren shook his head and knelt down on one knee in front of Lencia. 

“I was impressed. “Even in desperate situations, you think of others first and take care of your younger siblings. You are a much greater person than all of us.” 

He bowed his head as if he was truly impressed by Lencia. 

“I think the same thing.” 

Mark Goeten raised his eyebrows softly. 

“If it were me, I would have given up a long time ago, but you have the talent to become a warrior.” 

“These people… .” 

“They are my colleagues.” 


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Raon smiled slightly, saying that he was not a subordinate, but a colleague. 

“Of course this is not everything. “There’s so much more out there.” 

He nodded, saying he was preparing to very slowly erase the Black Tower. 

“really… .” 

Transparent dew appeared on the corners of Lencia’s dry eyes. A thin tear rolled down from the corner of her eye, which had not cried when she left. 

“Is it really possible to erase the Black Tower? “Can everyone live freely?” 

Lencia put her hands together, wishing for just that. 

“okay. “I can promise you that.” 

Raon nodded, telling him not to worry. 

“There is just something you must do.” 

“What should I do?” 

Lencia opened her teary eyes and asked what was going on. 

“The black heart transplanted into you serves as a portal that sends the magic and evil energy blooming in Montiro to the Black Tower. “We wanted to reverse the flow of the Black Heart and open a passage that could reach the Black Tower.” 

I took a short breath as I explained the situation so far to her. 

“Thanks to the efforts of many people, the magic was completed, but a problem arose.” 

“If it’s a problem… .” 

“We need the core of the barrier that touches the Black Tower. “Only with that can we find the coordinates of the Black Tower and open the dimension.” 

After researching day and night, Chamber and Valkar wizards created a magic that could open the dimension where the Black Tower is hidden. 

However, in order to activate the magic, a substance currently in contact with the Black Tower was needed. Currently, the only thing that can do that is the black heart in Lencia’s body. 

“… “That core is the black heart in my body.” 

Lencia understood what he said right away and nodded. 

“Can you do it?” 

“I am… .” 

She forced her trembling hands and raised her gaze. 

“What should I do?” 

“one hour.” 

Raon raised one finger. 

“You just need to stay in the center of the barrier for one hour while the magic is activated. but… .” 

I let out a long sigh and looked away. 

“It must be very painful because the black heart has to keep sticking out for so long. “It probably hurts more because of the flow of mana that forms the magic circle.” 

It was damaging to Lencia, but for now, this was the only way to bring out the Black Tower. 

“… .” 

Lencia did not answer right away, but lowered her head. 

‘Can I do it?’ 

Pulling out a black heart is more painful than you can imagine. As I was told that I would have to endure even more severe pain for an hour, cold sweat ran down my back. 

‘but… .’ 

This will be your last chance. 

Since birth, he has been bound by the shackles of the Black Tower. He had already experienced a lot of pain and despair, so he didn’t mind dying like this, but he wanted to give his younger siblings a truly happy life, not just a superficial one. 

‘okay. You endured that surgery too.’ 

Felix cut open his own chest without anesthesia when reimplanting his black heart. Considering the pain he felt at that time, he could easily endure it for about an hour. 

“I could.” 

Lencia made up her mind and slowly raised her head. 

“I endured it even when my chest was torn open with a magic sword, but I think I can somehow endure it for about an hour.” 

She said she would endure it no matter what, and clenched her small hands into fists. 

“I have to say I’m proud of him, but the more I listen to that kid, the angrier I get.” 

Martha chewed her lip until blood flowed. 

“huh. I have a fever… .” 

Runaan put an ice cube on her forehead and wrinkled her eyes ever so slightly. 

“Me too. But listen first.” 

Burren placed his finger on his lips, telling him to be quiet. 

“Currently, the barrier that makes up this Montiro is made up of Oma Castle.” 

Raon unfolded Montiro’s map and drew the line of the barrier currently hiding the Black Tower. 

“We will draw an inverted pentagram with that symmetry and open the dimensional door leading to the Black Tower.” 

“uh… ?” 

Lencia blinked. 

“Wait. If that magic is activated, won’t the demons from the Black Tower come out and interfere? “How can I last an hour?” 

“As I said, because the method is to draw a five-pointed star on top of a five-pointed star, the dimensional door cannot be opened from the Black Tower, and information from this place cannot be transmitted there. “You’re creating a completely disconnected space.” 

The thing Chamber was most concerned about was the confidentiality of magic. It will be after the dimension is opened that the Black Tower becomes aware of the activation of magic. 

“However, unlike the Black Tower, the demons in this Montiro will be able to feel the activation of the magic circle.” 

“Then I guess we have to protect all the vertices that make up the magic circle of the pentagram.” 

“that’s right.” 

Raon nodded, saying it was accurate. 

-That little boy shows himself, it’s not normal. 

Lars said he thought it would be worth teaching and whetted his appetite. 

‘okay. However, I don’t think it’s the uneducated type.’ 

In my opinion, Lencia seemed better suited to magic than martial arts. 

“Not only the people here, but Sieghart swordsmen spread throughout Montiro will protect the five corners of the magic circle and you.” 

Raon smiled calmly, saying there was no need to worry. 

“I will. No, I will do it.” 

Lencia burned up a small amount of courage, not for herself, but for her younger brother and the people of Montiro. 

“Instead, please make sure to tear down the Black Tower.” 


Raon shook his head while holding Lencia’s hand. 

“We are going to tear it down.” 

*      *       * 

“It’s today.” 

Raon put his hands together as he looked at the people who would be at the center of today’s operation. 

“Today, the name of the Black Tower will disappear from the world.” 

I wandered around Montiro for a week and planted the barrier artifact that Chamber had made on the ground that forms the pentagram. 

We received a message from headquarters that it was properly installed, and people’s attention was focused on the arena that was held once a week, so today was the best opportunity to carry out the operation. 

“Whoa… .” 

Dorian lowered his head, his legs shaking. 

“Are you that scared?” 

Crane clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic. 

“No, today I’m more angry than scared… .” 

Dorian bit his lip, not with the usual trembling, but with anger that made him want to destroy the Black Tower. I think he must have been really frustrated for that coward to say something like that. 

“I like it for the first time.” 

Marta smiled, hugging Dorian by the shoulder. 

“That’s the spirit. “If you see a mine, wipe it out.” 

She held her chin up, telling me to never let her live. 

“huh. Freeze everything… .” 

Runaan lowered his head, covered in a cold frost that reminded him of Ras. 

“I’m sorry, but for now it’s a fight to protect. “Calm down.” 

Raon lowered his hands to attract the prosecutors’ attention. 

“Let me explain one last time. While the magic is activated, Lencia and I cannot move. The same goes for Mr. Chamber, who uses magic from a distance, and Mr. Heavy Warden has to stay at headquarters to protect him.” 

He placed his hand on Lencia’s shoulder and lifted her chin. 

“That is, during the one hour period when the magic circle is activated. No, for the 30 minutes when the demons notice and rush in, you have to hold out without support with the power of light blast warfare and heavy combat warfare. “Can you do it?” 

Raon looked at the swordsmen of Gwangpungjeon with provocative eyes. 

“As long as Jeonju gives the order, I can do as much as I want.” 

Burren bent down, saying he could hold out forever. 

“It’s not that I’m protecting you, it’s that I’m punishing you!” 

Marta snorted and massaged the back of her neck. 

“huh. I’ll do it… .” 

Runaan blinked her blind eyes as if telling her not to worry. 

“I endured it for 20 years, but it only lasted about 30 minutes. “It’s like a moment.” 

Mark Goeton smiled, stroking his waist. 

“Can I just protect Jeonju?” 

Trevin, the great iron lord, whetted his appetite. 

“no. Lord, please go to the southern sea. “It will be the most dangerous because it is the furthest from the center.” 

“I’m happy but also sad that they’re sending me away, saying it’s dangerous.” 

He chuckled, wondering if his faith was too strong. 

“On the left will be Burren, on the right will be Sir Mark Goeton, on the top left will be Dorian and Crane, and on the top right will be Morel Kazan of Balkar.” 

Raon nodded, designating each person’s location. 

“The swordsmen from Gwangpungjeon and Jungmujeon who have completed their infiltration will provide support, and there are a few others as well, so don’t worry about what’s going on and hold on.” 

For a week, all the Gwangpungjeon and heavy radio inspections came to Montiro. When the battle begins, they too will reveal their true colors and draw their swords. 

‘Of course, there are some parts that are slightly disappointing.’ 

The organization requesting support had not yet arrived, but unfortunately we could not wait any longer. 

“uh? I am?” 

“me too… .” 

Marta and Runan frowned, saying they weren’t called. 

“You two must protect us.” 

Raon smiled, putting his hand on Lencia’s shoulder. 

“Just the two of us?” 

“I think you’ll be the best fit for Lencia.” 

*      *       * 

Raon sat in front of the fountain built in the center of Montiro, bathed in the bright sunlight. 

“ha… .” 

Lencia let out a low breath and stood next to him. 

“Are you ready?” 

Raon looked at Lencia and lowered his chin slightly. 

“I said hello to my younger siblings. “No matter what happens now, I don’t think I will have any regrets.” 

“The driving force behind your strength was your younger brother.” 


Lencia calmly nodded. 

“I wanted to give back to other children as much as I received from my sister. So I hope those children don’t have to live in pain like I did.” 

She smiled slightly, saying that it was not because of her that participated in this, but because of her younger siblings and others. 

“okay. It will definitely happen like that. Of course you too.” 

Raon smiled faintly and stroked Lencia’s head. 

-It’s not even appropriate to say I’m proud of you. 

‘okay. ‘At an age when you should be acting like a fool, you’ve already become an adult.’ 

-ha… . 

Lars let out a long sigh as if he felt sorry for Lencia, who had already grown up. 

‘are you okay.’ 

He smiled slightly and shook his head. 

‘Because all we have to do is erase the black tower and make him act foolish.’ 

Raon hung the necklace with a transparent jewel in his hand around Lencia’s neck. 

“Let me begin.” 


Lencia answered in the brightest voice she had ever had. I felt like I was gaining strength. 


Raon hugged Lencia once and put mana into her necklace. 


A small flame rose above the transparent jewel of the necklace and filled the floor. The moment that flame fills the jewel, a dimension leading to the Black Tower will open in this place. 

“one hour.” 

Raon held Lencia’s trembling hand and smiled softly. 

“Let’s endure it together.” 

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