The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 906

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Episode 907

‘Did you see it? No, you felt it, right?’ 

Raon looked at Lencia’s trembling hands and called Ras. 

-okay. I felt it. 

Lars narrowed his blue eyes deeply. 

-It was definitely anger. 

The guy nodded, anger burning in Lencia’s soul. 

‘There was a mixture of anger, resentment and fear.’ 

Whenever Lencia met some adults, she shook her hands very slightly so as not to be noticeable. 

Children are naturally afraid of adults, so I just remembered it for now, but a little while ago, she showed not only fear, but also anger and resentment. She meant there was a definite problem. 

‘It’s gone.’ 

The anger that had bloomed in Lencia was erased in a split second, as if it had never existed in the first place. 

-It is not a natural phenomenon. 

Lars shook his head with cold eyes. 

-This land has swallowed up anger. 

The guy looked at the floor and ceiling and frowned. 

‘I felt it too.’ 

Raon chewed his lips thinly. 

‘Now it’s clear.’ 

In this Montiro, there was something that consumed human morale, demonic energy, and even negative emotions. 

‘You can call him now.’ 

Now that the Four Sword Demon’s information was clear, I felt like I needed to call the people I needed for this matter and ask for their help. 

“Are you listening to me?” 

A man called Felix came in front of him and lowered his gaze. Since he was well over 2 meters tall, he had no choice but to look up himself. 

“I-I’m sorry!” 

Lencia bowed her head to Felix, saying she had made a mistake. 

“Lencia did nothing wrong.” 

Felix gently pushed Lencia away with frowning eyes. 

“eww… .” 

As soon as Lencia touched Felix’s hand, her shoulders trembled. 

“Who are you?” 

Raon said he had no idea and tilted his chin at Felix. 

“My name is Felix and I am the leader of Hochangdae.” 

Although Felix was angry, his attitude was polite. 

“Are those five heroes or something?” 

I smiled lightly and nodded. 

“I’m not a hero or anything, I’m just a defender of this city.” 

Felix shook his head, saying he didn’t deserve that title. 

“I’ll say it again. Why did you bring Lencia here? “You probably know that it’s not a place that people of that age should come to.” 

He frowned as if wondering what he was thinking. 

“Hmm… .” 

Raon quenched his appetite while listening to the cheers of people echoing from the arena. 

“Well, you’re not wrong. “I didn’t pay too much attention to the adolescent girl.” 

He said he was sorry and flipped the silver coin to Lencia. 

“Uh… .” 

Lencia blinked and caught the silver coin floating in the air in one go. 

“Stay out.” 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” 

She blinked rapidly, as if she was worried. 

“The hero here will introduce you to the arena instead of you.” 

Raon chuckled and threw a gold coin to Felix. 

“… great.” 

Felix calmly nodded, perhaps because of what he had said. 

“But there is no need for this.” 

He returned the gold coin he had received and entered the arena entrance. 

“Do whatever you want.” 

Raon told Lencia to wait at the church and then followed Felix. 

‘It’s strong, but I don’t feel anything special.’ 

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at Felix’s back. 

‘Master top level unmanned. That’s it.’ 

Like Calob, he was strong for his age, but that was it. His height was more impressive than his strength or temperament. 

But I couldn’t judge based solely on appearances. Judging from Lencia’s reaction, that man named Felix is ​​probably not a normal human being. 

-Is it okay to leave it like that? 

Lars narrowed his eyes as if he was worried about Lencia. 

‘You can’t become obsessed here. That will raise more suspicion.’ 

It is true that I am worried about Lencia, but if I follow her out of here, I will be viewed with suspicion. For now, it was right to show them playing in the arena. 

“This is the dumping ground.” 

Felix stood in the large, circular auditorium and pointed to the sandy area three floors below. The sand was stained red, perhaps because of the blood of the fighters. 


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“The reception desk for betting is over there. “There will probably be no monetary offer.” 

Felix pointed to a counter where people were crowded and told them they could bet whatever they wanted. 

“There is no limit to the amount? “Do you like it?” 

It was when Raon was curling up the corner of his mouth. 


The blood-soaked iron door opened, and a giant with armor-like muscles and a short, but sturdy young man entered the arena. 

Because it was a fight where bodies clashed against each other, both of them had erased their auras. 

“I guess I can’t bet this time.” 

Felix shook his head, saying he couldn’t bet once the arena door was open. 

“Let’s take a look first.” 

Raon tilted his upper body down the railing, showing some regret. 

“But hero, do you gamble too? “The atmosphere doesn’t suit me at all?” 

He turned his eyes to Felix and lifted his chin. 

“It’s a place where my friends often come, so I found out about it even if I didn’t want to know about it.” 

Felix said “friend” and pointed to a short fighter in the arena. 

“I guess I kind of know what it is.” 

The short fighter currently in the arena seemed to be one of the warriors protecting Montiro, like Felix and Calop. 

“Then I’ll just…” .” 

Felix lowered his head as if he wanted to go. 

“It’s a fight between friends, so you’re not watching?” 

“There is no need to see the results because they are fixed.” 

He left the arena with those words. 

“It’s bland.” 

It was when Raon snorted while looking at Felix’s back. 


When I heard people’s screams and cheers and looked into the arena, I saw a fighter who was Felix’s friend raising his hands while crushing his opponent, a giant. 


Raon pretended to be surprised and rolled his eyes as he scanned the entire arena. 

‘There are bloody fights taking place in the arena, and there are people losing money… .’ 

Fraud and demonic energy do not appear. 

-It makes no sense. As you and I saw… . 

Lars looked down at the floor and twisted his mouth. 

-This place is absorbing negative energy. 

The guy shook his head, saying he was sure. 

-At this scale, a huge sacrifice would probably be consumed. 

Lars lowered his eyebrows, saying it was terrible just to imagine it. 

‘I guess so.’ 


As Raon nodded to Lars’ words, a red-haired man with a dark expression approached from the right. He was a Burren who infiltrated in the disguise of a gangster. 

“What’s going on?” 

He tilted his head as if he saw what Felix was with. 

“No, nothing’s wrong.” 

Raon shook his head and sent an Auror message of ascension using the top battle to Buren. 

[Once you hear it, tell it to the black market agent. This Monty… .] 

Since Four Sword Demon’s information became clear, I told him everything I had found out so far. 

The arena was noisy and crowded, so no matter how great the Black Tower was, it was impossible to steal and listen to a transcendent level Auror message here. 

“Oh, so you just came to look?” 

Burren gave a natural performance, having a seemingly ordinary conversation while listening to an amazing story. 

[And one more thing. There’s someone I need to call. she is… .] 

Raon said the name of the person requesting support and tightened his grip. 

*      *       * 

Raon lost and won money in the arena, watched the final fight, and then came out. 


Lencia was sitting on a pew in church and knitting. Seeing that her color had changed from before, it seemed like she was making new clothes. 

“Was knitting your hobby?” 

Raon sat down next to Lencia and shook his head. 

“When did you come?” 

Lencia smiled and took down the clothes she was knitting. 

“just now.” 

“Did you enjoy the arena?” 

“It was fun. “I came here very relieved.” 

Raon said he had lost all his money and took out his empty pocket. 

“ah… .” 

Lencia blinked as if embarrassed. 

“Because I lost the money I was going to spend today. No need to worry. “I have money left to give you.” 

He said not to worry and put his hand down. 

“Well, that’s not it… .” 

Lencia pursed her dry lips, saying that was not why she asked. 

“But you didn’t eat the candy I bought you, and why is your mouth dry?” 

“I want to eat with my younger siblings.” 

She smiled faintly, saying that she was saving it to eat with her younger siblings when she got home. 

‘Now that I think about it, I’ve packed food for my younger siblings before too.’ 

Even when Lencia went to a seafood restaurant, she took out food and took it out, saying she wanted to feed her younger siblings. 

Looking at the clothes she was knitting now that were her younger brother’s, it seemed like she cared very much for her family. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon nodded, looking into Lencia’s green eyes. 

“I’m bored. Should I go to your house?” 

“yes… ?” 

Lencia widened her eyes as if she hadn’t even thought about it. 

“Um, my house?” 

“okay. “Do you want to see the younger siblings you care about so much?” 

“Why is my house suddenly… .” 

“Because I lost money, my life became a little empty.” 

I told him that the stimulation was too strong and that I wanted to calm down a bit. 

“Uh… .” 

Lencia looked at herself as if she was worried and then nodded. 

“all right. Then right away… .” 

“No, it’s dinner time, so I should buy something to feed the kids. “How many younger siblings do you have?” 

Raon let out a small sigh and took out a gold coin from his jacket pocket. 

“There are four people.” 

Lencia raised four fingers. 

“Four people? “Is there more than you think?” 

“Oh, he’s not my real brother.” 

Lencia smiled slightly, speaking in a tone that seemed more affectionate than her own younger brother. It seemed like her situation was a little more complicated. 

*      *       * 

A shantytown on the western outskirts of Montiro. 


Lencia opened the door of the old, but well-maintained house and went inside. 



Four children who looked to be about five to eight years old ran towards Lencia at the same time. 

“Why are you so late… uh?” 

The children widened their eyes in surprise when they saw Raon behind Lencia. 

“Ugh… .” 

“ah… .” 

Even though the children saw Ra-on come in with their older sister, their lips were trembling as they were more afraid of Ra-on. 

“I’m not a bad person.” 

Lencia smiled and shook her head. 

“I am the guest I am serving now. “He’s a good person.” 

She introduced herself as a good person, asking if it was worthwhile for her to always give tips and even buy meals and snacks for her younger siblings. 

“Yesterday you packed snacks for us, and today you also bought us dinner.” 

With a deep smile, Lencia put down the seafood dish she had just purchased on the broken table at one corner. 

“and! “Shrimp and lobster!” 

“We also have raw fish!” 

“looks delicious… .” 

As befits children living at the beach, they seemed to like not only shrimp and lobster, but also raw fish. 

However, the children did not touch the oysters. It seemed like he didn’t want to eat it because it was fishy. 

“Did this guy give you the snacks yesterday too?” 

A girl who looked about five years old blinked her big eyes and grabbed Lencia’s pants. 

“that’s right.” 

Lencia smiled and nodded. 

“Thank you.” 

The child said thank you in a voice that seemed to have lost all its teeth. 

“Okay, thank you.” 

“I will eat well.” 

The other three children also bowed their heads, saying thank you. 

“okay. “Enjoy your meal.” 

Raon waved his hand and accepted the children’s greeting. 

‘Hmm… .’ 

I sat down on a chair and looked around the house at a glance. 

‘It’s old, but clean.’ 

Although the house was old, the interior was clean, as if Lencia had taken good care of it. 

As initially expected, it seemed like Lencia was taking care of the children alone without any parents. 

‘I don’t feel anything unusual about the children… uh?’ 

The youngest child’s top was identical to the clothes Lencia had been knitting not long ago. It really felt like she was making clothes for her younger siblings. 

-What a proud guy. 

Lars seemed to have noticed this as well, coming up behind Lencia, who was preparing food for her younger siblings, and patting her head. 

‘I see.’ 

Raon nodded heavily. 

‘I’m at an age where it’s hard to take care of myself.’ 

Although Lencia was only 15 years old, she worked as a guide, managed the house, looked after the children, and even knitted clothes. 

He seemed more mature than some of the Gwangpungdae prosecutors. 

“Are you not eating?” 

The youngest child waved his hand asking us to eat together. 

“Uncle, I’m full.” 

Raon chuckled and shook his head. 

“I ate the money dirty.” 

“Can I eat money too?” 

“You will find out later when you grow up.” 

When I saw the children enjoying the food, I felt full even though they hadn’t really eaten. 

“Well, I’m doing well. “The pace has become easier, so let’s go now.” 

Raon said he was feeling better and got up from the chair. 

“Oh, I’ll take you there!” 

After feeding raw fish to the kids, Lencia got up and followed her. 

“it’s okay. “Now I know all the roads.” 

After telling him to take care of the kids, he opened the door and went out. 

“Thank you!” 

Lencia said thank you and bowed her head. 

“Go in.” 

I waved at Lencia and turned my back. 

‘I don’t want to touch that place… .’ 

Raon left the dark alley with his lips pursed. 

‘I guess I’ll have to find it some other way.’ 

*      *       * 


Raon clicked his tongue as he watched people enjoying surfing in the emerald sea. 

‘In the end, I didn’t find anything.’ 

A week has passed since Montiro intensified his search with the conviction that it was the Black Tower’s home base or factory, but no one has yet discovered its secrets. 

There was still no sense of magic and fraud, and the demons of the Black Tower were nowhere to be found. 

The longer the search took, the more likely they would be suspected, so now they had to make a decision. 


Raon let out a short sigh and looked to the right. 

“earthworm. Earthworm… .” 

Runan, disguised as an innocent female tourist, was blinking as she followed an earthworm crawling along the beach. 

“Oh, so dirty! “Don’t catch anything like that!” 

Marta, wearing the image of a mature woman, slapped Runaan on the back and screamed. 

The two came to Montiro as friends, and they seemed to have become closer than before. 

“Did you buy everything?” 

Raon asked Dorian, who was sitting next to him, while gesturing with his chin. 

“yep! “Thanks to the Lord of the Chamber of Commerce for giving us time, we were able to save everything.” 

Dorian nodded confidently, saying that he had sold something to sell and bought something to buy. 

“I did everything I had to do.” 

Crane put his hands together, saying he had finished what he had to do. 

“uh… .” 

Lencia’s eyes widened as if she realized that they were ready to leave. 

“Are you leaving now?” 

“Because the merchant can’t stay here forever.” 

Raon smiled slightly, saying it was time to leave. 

“iced coffee… .” 

A slight tremble appeared in Lencia’s eyes, perhaps because she had become attached to him all this time. 

“But before that… .” 

Looking at Lencia’s shaking eyes, I drew the energy of the water spread across the beach and created a magical barrier that prevented sound from escaping. 

“There is something I want to ask you.” 

“Please speak. “I’ll answer anything!” 

Lencia nodded her head loudly, as if she thought it was the last time. 

“You said before that Montiro is a place full of only happiness.” 

“… “You did, right?” 

She blinked at the unexpected words. 

“I don’t think so.” 

Raon calmly shook his head. 

“No person or place can be happy all the time. It’s just a dream. Or a nightmare.” 

“hmm… .” 

Lencia said nothing and slightly fluttered her eyelids. 

“I’m a bit quick-witted.” 

-Eh… ? 

He pushed away Ras, who expressed doubts, and continued speaking. 

“You are the adults here. Especially, whenever I meet people with famous names, my hands shake… .” 

Raon slowly turned his gaze to look at Lencia. 

“ah… .” 

Lencia swallowed dryly as she looked at her hands, as if she had not noticed at all. 

“Are you being bullied by adults?” 

“Oh, no!” 

She waved her hand and said absolutely not. 

“I guess it’s just because I’m nervous. really… .” 

Since there was no way for Lencia to keep her mouth shut, she decided to move in a direction that could lead to affection and brought up a past incident. 

“I’m living like a Hanryang now, but my childhood wasn’t that comfortable either. “I had a hard time looking at the opinions of adults every day.” 

Raon chewed his lip, remembering his past and present life. 

“So you can tell just by looking at their eyes. That you are not in a good situation.” 

“… .” 

Lencia’s shoulders trembled as she held on tightly to the needle she was knitting with. 

“If something scary is happening here, tell me now. Like I said, I have a lot of money, so I can take care of you and your younger brother.” 

If I take Lencia out of here, I might be able to find the answer, and even if I don’t, I might be able to find a clue, so I took a gamble with my current status. 

“Kaden… .” 

Lencia looked at herself with blank eyes. She was silent for a long moment and then slowly parted her dry lips. 

“no! My younger siblings and I are living very happily. “Adults also help us in many ways!” 

Lencia shook her head with a smile on her face just like when she first met him. 

“You were scared when you met that guy named Felix. “It was clearly visible from behind?” 

He lowered his gaze as he mentioned Felix’s name. 

“It’s hard to help if it’s not now. “Because I can’t stay here forever.” 

This wasn’t just about finding the Black Tower. 

I wanted to help in some way to Lencia, who took great care of her younger siblings while working at a young age. 

“When I was young, I got scolded a lot because I had bad habits. That’s why adults are a little scared.” 

Lencia said that was all and scratched the back of her head. 

“Because nothing really happened. Do not worry. And don’t tell this to anyone. Because other people might feel offended. and… .” 

She lowered her gaze and slowly drew out the words inside her. 

“If you’re going to leave, get out of here quickly. ASAP.” 

Lencia stood up with her eyes narrowed as if telling her not to get involved anymore. 

After wiping the sand off her clothes, she smiled like a doll again like she did the first time. Her hair stood on end at that sight. 

“Lencia… .” 

“I’ll go back first today!” 

Lencia bowed her head as if she was sorry and left the beach. 

“… .” 

Raon chewed his lip while looking at Lencia’s small back. 

‘It’s ruined.’ 

I thought he was a hungry child, so I stimulated that part, but it seemed like I made a mistake. 

“Now, shouldn’t we catch it?” 

Crane’s hands were shaking as if he was worried. 

“no. I didn’t mention anything important. “It’s better to just let people think of it as a rich man’s aberration.” 

He did not bring up the story of Sieghart and the Black Tower at all, and only focused on child abuse, so even if his current identity disappeared, the plan itself would not be discovered. 

“If we leave right away, it may raise more suspicion, so let’s leave here in three days.” 

Raon let out a long sigh and brushed away the hair that had fallen from his forehead. 

‘Nothing about this job is easy… .’ 

*      *       * 

two days later. 

After getting ready to leave, Raon was watching the darkening sea from his dorm. 

‘What should I do next?’ 

I felt a little frustrated because I felt like it would be difficult to create an identity that would allow me to travel around this place more freely than the store owner, Kayden. 

-Isn’t that what frustration is all about? 

Lars narrowed his eyes as if he knew everything. 

‘okay. ‘I’m worried about that kid.’ 

Lencia did not come to the lodging for two days. 

They were worried about her spreading their words to others, and they were worried about the child himself. 

“Preparations are complete.” 

Crane nodded, saying he had erased all important traces. 

“I finished it too.” 

Dorian also whetted his appetite, saying that he had organized all the supplies until the end. 

“Then we will leave here as soon as the sun rises tomorrow. We loaded the luggage into the wagon we brought first… .” 

It was when Raon was giving instructions to the two people. 


There was a small knock on the door. 

“come in.” 

I thought I knew who it was, so I told them to come in right away. 


The door opened, and Lencia, carrying a blue backpack as always, came in carefully. 

“I thought you weren’t coming anymore?” 

Raon looked at Lencia and shook his head. Since it was already too late, I thought it would be better to say something to break her affection for that child’s sake. 

“… “Why didn’t you go?” 

Lencia shook her head, asking why she didn’t leave this place right away. 

‘Is this your last chance?’ 

For some reason, I felt like she was going to say something important, so I used the mana around me to surprise her. 

“Why do I have to run away?” 

Raon shook his head, saying he wasn’t afraid of the residents here. 

“I have more money than you think. “There is nothing to be afraid of.” 

He flicked the gold coin he was holding in his finger, saying that the world runs on money. 

“There are things in the world that cannot be solved with money. “It would be better for Kayden if you leave quickly.” 

Lencia bit her lip, breaking the painted expression she showed on the beach. 

“So I don’t want to go any further. “I want to find out who is bothering you and who can touch me.” 

As Raon shook his chin with an arrogant look in his eyes, Lencia put down her blue backpack on the floor and suddenly lifted her top. 

“Now, wait! What are you doing… ah!” 

I got up from the chair to stop Lencia, but my body froze. 

A black heart-like thing was sticking out of her right waist. 


The moment he saw the black heart beating, a chill ran down Raon’s spine. 

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