The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman Chapter 905

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Episode 906

“ah… .” 

As soon as Raon saw the black-haired middle-aged man, he made a disgusted expression. 

“Are you here?” 

“I came here to rest, but I didn’t know you would be there.” 

The black-haired middle-aged man laughed and patted his shoulder. 

-Someone said it was nonsense. 

Lars snorted as if he had cooled off. 


-Always hehehe! Because it is an inspiration. Heh heh tang. 

The guy shook his head and asked if that was true. 

‘You’re not wrong.’ 

Raon looked at the middle-aged man and took a quick bite. 

‘Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe.’ 

The black-haired middle-aged man who suddenly spoke was Roen in disguise. As befits a man called the King of Sal, his acting skills were natural. 

“What about Montiro? “Isn’t it leisurely yet noisy?” 

“I arrived today so I don’t know. “I came there for work too.” 

“Day? “I guess I’ll leave the work to the kids below me and then go out and have fun.” 

Roen chuckled, saying he could see everything. It was surprising that not only her face, but also her expressions and actions changed into a completely different middle-aged person. 

“Isn’t it?” 

Raon shook his head with a blunt expression. 

“Who is this friend?” 

The white-haired man standing next to Roen narrowed his eyes. 

‘It’s strong.’ 

He appeared to be in his mid to late 20s, and his strength was felt to be that of a master level or higher. He was a warrior I had never seen anywhere before. 

“I am the son of an old man who has received grace.” 

Roen smiled slightly, saying that they were close friends. 

“Right. Then let’s have a conversation. “I will go.” 

“Thank you for chatting with me today too. Calop.” 

“I enjoyed it too.” 

The white-haired man called Calop waved his hand as if to say not to worry. 


As he turned his back to leave the beach, he stopped when he saw Lencia standing behind him. 

“Mr Calob! hello!” 

Lencia smiled happily and lowered her head as if she was seeing her own brother. Her hands, holding her backpack tightly, trembled slightly. 

“Are you your guest?” 

“yes. “I will be helping you starting today.” 

“It’s good to see you working hard.” 

Calop looked at Lencia for a moment, patted her head, and then left. 

“Where did you decide to stay?” 

As soon as Calop left, Roen asked him where he was staying. 

“On the hill over there… .” 

“Valorence? Well, that’s the only place you can go.” 

He nodded, clearly wanting to spend the money. 

“I’m also staying at Valorence. Would you like to have a drink after a long time?” 

Loen turned around, telling me to follow him as if he had no right to veto. 

“ha… .” 

Raon let out a long sigh and called Lencia. 

“I think I should have a drink with that old man today. “Come back tomorrow morning.” 

He told me to come tomorrow and handed me today’s daily wages. 

“Hey, I already got it?” 

Lencia’s eyes widened as she took out the silver coin she had initially given her. 

“That’s a tip.” 

Raon threw a silver coin, telling him to take it when he gave it. 

“thank you!” 

Lencia easily caught the quickly thrown silver coin and lowered her head. 

“Please come quickly. “The young guy is slow and explodes.” 

Roen called out to him in a flirtatious manner as if he were really his father’s friend. 

“Yeah… .” 

“I came here beforehand, and this place was bigger than I thought. There’s a lot to see. First of all, the western cave… .” 

After sending Lencia home, Raon followed Roen. Pretending to be bored, I half-closed my eyes and took in all the information he explained about Montiro in my head. 

After hearing the story about the western stalactite cave and about the church to the east, we arrived at Roen’s lodgings. 

“Hmm. “Sit over there.” 

Roen pointed with his chin to the table by the window overlooking the sea. 

“yes… .” 

Raon nodded his head weakly and sat down on the chair across from Roen. 

“Did I just talk about myself too much? “How have you been?” 

“Well, it’s the same. Work and rest, work and rest, repeat.” 


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He slightly turned his shoulders and replied that he only did his work. 

-Are you hiding it here too? 

‘There are no people, but artifacts or barriers may be able to pick up the sound.’ 

It was clear that Montiro himself was strange, so it was better to be careful until the secret was revealed. 

“Is your father okay?” 

“It’s so fine that it’s a shame.” 

As I nodded, thinking of Edgar, there was a knock on the door. 

“Come in.” 

The person who opened the door after hearing Roen’s words was the guide. He brought a tray with snacks and drinks to the table. 

“These are the drinks and snacks you requested.” 

The boy guide lowered his head as if he was used to this and placed the drinks and snacks on the table. 

“Thank you. “Perrin.” 

Roen gave a tip to the child called Perrin and patted his head. 

“no! Have a great time, you two!” 

Perrin cherished the tip he received from Roen, then closed the door and left. 

“They are hard-working kids.” 


“Shouldn’t you work hard like that too?” 

Roen twisted his mouth as if he was hitting. 

[Long time no see. Gwangpung Jeonju.] 

However, as he spoke, he wrote in the air with his finger. 

“I’m working hard, so don’t worry about it.” 

Raon gave a cold reply and wrote in the air, just like Loen. 

[I was worried, but you’re safe.] 

[I believe in my disguise and acting, but even if Black Tower had caught me, I wouldn’t have attacked you. The moment I am attacked, my suspicions about this place will become confirmed.] 

Roen shook his head, saying that he didn’t seem to be under surveillance yet anyway. 

[But how did you know I was here?] 

[Before meeting Jeonju, I contacted a black market agent. Thanks to you, I was able to learn about the current operation.] 

He smiled and said he was glad he had met the black market agent in advance. 

[Then did you find anything suspicious?] 

[no. “I pretended to enjoy my vacation and walked around the entire Monty Road, but I didn’t see anything strange.” 

While Roen was nagging with his mouth, he wrote polite words with his fingers. 

[Rather, it is a place where everyone is happy and happy and there are no problems. The monsters run amok once in a while, but since the so-called heroes step forward immediately, no damage occurs.] 

Roen came here in many ways, but shook his head, saying he found nothing. 


Raon chewed his lips thinly. 

‘Well, it’s only natural.’ 

Because I couldn’t find Lars either. 

Even Lars couldn’t find anything strange before hearing that there was no fraud in this land. It was natural that Loen couldn’t find anything strange. 

[But people who are called heroes… .] 

[Do you remember the white-haired young man on the beach earlier?] 

[yes. Although he is young, he is strong.] 

I nodded, remembering the white-haired young man carrying a great sword. 

[He is the leader of a military unit called Calop, and he has five friends like him. They are all at the highest level of Master, but they are staying here with no intention of making their name known on the continent.] 

Roen narrowed his eyes as he said Calop’s name. 

[Perhaps they are with the Black Tower… .] 

[I was suspicious too, so I kept watching, but it turned out not to be true. Let alone Magi, he used purer Aurors than me, and although his personality was a little rough, he truly had the appearance of a hero.] 

He emptied his glass, saying it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the Black Tower. 

[okay… .] 

Raon tapped the table with his finger, imagining the situation in which he met Calop again. 

[To be honest, I still can’t believe that the Black Tower exists here.] 

Roen shook his head, saying it made no sense for the Black Tower to exist in the very place he observed. 

[Jeonju, have you discovered anything?] 

[It’s hard to tell right now, but there are a few.] 

In addition to fraud and magic, there was one thing I was suspicious of, but I wasn’t ready to say anything definitive yet. 

[okay. Then I will trust Jeonju.] 

Roen smiled slightly and filled his empty glass. 

[But Roen… .] 

[I trust the Lord’s will more than my own judgment.] 

He bowed his head, saying he trusted him more than he trusted him to watch. 

[Jeonju. No, because you have seen more than me since his childhood.] 

Roen drank with a hollow smile as if it was a natural thing. 

[Roen… .] 

Raon felt Roen’s sincerity and the hand holding the drink trembled. Receiving someone’s sincerity was truly gratifying and heavy at the same time. 

[I’ve been like this for too long so I think I need to go out for a while.] 

Roen bowed his head slightly, saying he would come back with a new face. 

[That would be good. Right now, Gwangpungjeon and heavy martial arts swordsmen are coming in in divided numbers, so it won’t be that difficult.] 

[Then we should prepare quickly.] 

He smiled slightly, saying he had to get ready to leave right away. 

“I must have been nagging you too much, so your face is dead. “The problem is that as you get older, you talk too much.” 

Roen chuckled and shook his head. 

“okay. Stop going. It was nice to meet you after a long time. “Say hello to my father.” 

He waved his hand holding a drink as if to say goodbye. 

“all right… .” 

Raon let out a long sigh and got up. 

“Let me go…” .” 

“It doesn’t go far.” 

I opened the door to the dorm and went out without even seeing Roen waving. 

‘Trust me more than your own judgment… .’ 

Raon clenched his fists, engraving in his heart the words Roen had written with his fingers. 

‘Let’s find it.’ 

The secrets of this perfect city. 

*      *       * 

“Whoa… .” 

Raon let out a deep breath as he watched the sun falling through the horizon. 

‘Has it already been three days?’ 

For three days, Gwangpungjeon and Heavy Mujeon prosecutors succeeded in infiltrating in different guises, and black market agents also entered while hiding and performed their respective roles. 

But no one could find anything strange about Montiro. 

Tourists, merchants, and Montiro residents all enjoyed a happy time, and no one was seen experiencing any misfortune. 

He also spent money and met many people, but no one, regardless of age or gender, showed any weaknesses. It almost occurred to her that she was looking for a black tower that didn’t even exist. 

‘Chamber is probably angry too.’ 

Frenzy warfare, heavy warfare, and even black market agents. Even though she deployed many elite troops, she couldn’t find anything, so it seemed like she was stamping her foot in frustration. 


Raon emptied the bottle and looked to the right. 


Lencia was humming while knitting. 

‘That kid was ordinary too.’ 

I didn’t take my eyes off Lencia because Mine could have been in disguise, but she was just a kid of that age with a lot of laughter. 

There was just one strange thing, but the situation was different from what made her suspicious. 


“Ah yes!” 

Lencia put down the thread and needle and raised her head. After three days of treating her well, she was now showing her friendlier face. 

“Everyone here looks happy.” 

“As you can see, Kayden, nothing but good things happen.” 

Lencia smiled brightly and nodded. 

“The weather is nice, the sea is clear, and the people are all friendly. “Sometimes monsters appear, but the warriors take care of them all.” 

She folded her hands together, saying something bad couldn’t happen. 

“is it… .” 

Raon shook the bottle and took a quick sip. 

‘Unfortunately, only happy things do not exist in the world.’ 

Even in the seemingly perfect annex, there are times when negative energy blooms. 

Sometimes the maids fight, Sylvia sheds tears because she is worried about Sia’s condition, and Edgar, unable to forget his sins, sometimes kneels and prays. 

Past life and present life. If you live two lives, it’s a perfect life. I felt that there is no such thing as perfect happiness. As long as people lived with other people, unconditional happiness did not exist. 

“Because the sun fell. Shall we leave now?” 

Raon put down the empty liquor bottle and tilted his chin. Today is the day the underground arena opens. I’ve wanted to go for a long time, but since it only opens once a week, I had no choice but to wait. 

“yes. “I’ll guide you!” 

Lencia put the things she was knitting into a blue bag and got up. 

“The entrance fee is quite expensive, are you okay with it?” 

She asked as if it would be a given since she had shown herself spending a lot of money. 

“Ask for water.” 

“Then I’ll go!” 

Lencia smiled brightly and walked down the street as if telling her to follow. At first, she was afraid of him, but now he seemed to have realized that she was a wealthy person and now he was friendly to her. 

“This way.” 

She took her to a small church behind Hotel Valorense. 

“church? “There’s an arena here?” 

“yes. Isn’t it fascinating? “I guess people don’t believe in God.” 

Lencia entered the church, saying that she herself did not believe in God. 


A bronze-skinned man who seemed to be over 2 meters tall and dressed like a pastor approached me. 


As always, as soon as Lencia saw the adult, she greeted him warmly. 

“You just have to pay the entrance fee to the pastor.” 

She gestured to give the entrance fee to someone who was either a pastor or a gangster. Her fingertips were shaking as if she was actually scared. 


Raon frowned slightly and threw a gold coin. 

“God bless you.” 

When the muscle-bound pastor waved his hand, the floor where the angel statue was was opened and a staircase that led down to the bottom popped out. 


As I followed Lencia down the stairs, a brighter and more colorful space than the lobby of Hotel Valorense was revealed. Numerous people were enjoying gambling under the brilliant lights. 

“This is an underground gambling hall. “The multiplier is 2 to 10 times higher than the gambling dens you see outside.” 

Lencia nodded, saying that it would probably be best not to do it. 

“If you say that.” 

“yes. You must do more. sorry… .” 

She bit her tongue slightly as if she had made a mistake. 

“… .” 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the people in the gambling hall. 

‘I don’t feel any fraud here either.’ 

As Montiro is a tourist destination, there are quite a few gambling dens. However, even in gambling halls where people fall into the abyss, it did not feel like fraud, and the same was true here. 

-There is no magic power. 

Lars wrinkled the bridge of his nose as if he was dumbfounded. 

‘It doesn’t make sense either.’ 

No matter how you look at it, it was an incomprehensible situation that there was no harmonious spirit between people who were despairing of losing money and happy of winning money. 

“Where is the arena?” 

“It’s down here.” 

Lencia said let’s go to the next floor and crossed the wide gambling hall and went down to the second basement level. Perhaps because the ceiling was high, I had to go down a lot more stairs than when going down to the gambling house. 


When I arrived in front of the dimly lit entrance, I heard people cheering. It was a sound that made the blood boil and stimulated the mind. It seemed like the arena had already opened and the fight had begun. 

“I think it’s started!” 

Lencia waved her hand to let us go quickly. 

“Go slowly.” 

As Raon was leisurely walking down the stairs, Lencia stopped in front of the entrance and opened her mouth blankly. 

“How did you get here?” 

A young man with a blue spear draped over both shoulders frowned as he blocked Lencia’s path. 

“Ah, Felix! “I was guiding a customer to the arena!” 

Lencia lowered her head as if she knew the young man holding the spear. 


A blue-haired young man called Felix frowned at Raon. 

“It’s nice to have fun, but isn’t it a bit weird to bring a child to a place like this?” 

He let out an uncomfortable breath, wondering if it was too much. 

“… .” 

Raon ate his appetite not at the man named Felix, but at Lencia, who was smiling brightly but shaking her hand as she held her bag. 

‘I guess… .’ 

I think I found a loophole? 

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