The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 879

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Episode 880

Raon chewed his lip as he looked at the black split dimension. 

‘It’s just as Lars said… .’ 

A huge presence that forces me to my knees and squeezes my chest. The Balrog standing inside that dimension had an energy that was not at all inferior to the demon lords he had encountered so far. 

[I came to pick you up because I felt like I was caught in a trap, but it was already too late.] 

A dull voice was heard from inside the black, fluctuating dimension. Even though it was an emotionless voice, I felt my heart sink. 

However, after listening to those words, it seemed that what the Black Tower was targeting from the beginning was not the Balrog he had killed, but the Balrog king Askara. 

[Are you guys trying to drag me out?] 

Askara’s gaze, shining with red light, turned to his own eyes. The pain felt as if her eyeballs were being cooked on an iron plate. 

‘I may not know his strength, but his personality is different from other demon lords.’ 

Unlike other demon lords, Askara did not hold back on showing off his spirit. 

Just standing in front of him was draining my mental strength quickly. 

“… … .” 

Raon closed his mouth and revealed a calm expression. 

Thanks to the Myeongkyung Index, I was able to maintain my composure even in the powerful storm of speculation caused by Askara. 

-What are you thinking? 

Lars frowned as if it was strange. 

-If it were like before, you would have been imitating the main king and acting like a fuss, right? 

‘Because it’s dangerous this time.’ 

I answered him and calmed my rapidly beating heart. 

‘You have to think carefully.’ 

Because that guy is not the devil. 

Askara is an oddball who had the opportunity to sit on the Demon King’s throne, but left that position to fight and live. 

If I played Lass like I did with other demon lords, he might come right out of that dimension and twist his own neck, so I had to be sparing with my words for now. 

-Anyway, this guy has an unusual head. 

Lars clicked his tongue as if it was a waste. 

-It is as he said. If you had acted like the real king, that fighting spirit would have jumped out and attacked you right away. Of course, you won’t be able to use your original power. 

The guy snorted, saying he looked like a loach. 

‘Did he fight with you too?’ 

-That’s right. As soon as I met him, I jumped at him. 

Lars narrowed his eyes as if recalling old memories. 

‘Did you win?’ 

-Isn’t it obvious! 

Lars frowned as if asking why he was asking such an obvious question. 

-I froze that fighting spirit and threw him into the deep sea of ​​the demon world. It was extremely sturdy, so it eventually came up. 

The guy shook his head, saying it was a horrible body. 

‘It looks like they didn’t kill him.’ 

-Because I kind of liked it. There are not many people like that in the demon world. 

Lars laughed, saying he liked the spirit of abandoning the monarch’s throne. 

‘okay… .’ 

Raon took a quick bite. After listening to Lars, I became even more certain. 

Askara, the king of the Balrogs, was just as he thought, a monster crazy about fighting. 

‘Then you can just stay like this.’ 

Even if you are a transcendental person, it is far from enough to fill the eyes of that fighting spirit. 

Since he did not show any desire for revenge against his compatriots, there was a high possibility that he would step down on his own if he kept quiet. 

[Are you not answering? Well, good. I’m not interested in a fight that’s already over… hmm?] 

Askara turned around as if things would go on like this and took a deep breath. 

His red eyes hardened in the silvery cold rising over the Balrog’s corpse. 

[Silver Aurora… . Could it be Glacia?] 

Askara’s eyes burned red, and his spirit rapidly grew stronger. 

[Las? Is it you!] 

His voice was overflowing with joy. My ears were ringing and I felt like they were going to explode. 

‘this… .’ 

Raon bit the inside of his lip deeply. 

‘I can’t believe you recognize Glacia.’ 

I felt like I recognized Glacia and Silver Aurora from my experience fighting Ras. 

It was the worst situation, no different from a beehive flying in and hitting you. 


Lars’ blue eyes began to sparkle. 

-The King has finally had a chance! 

The guy licked his lips as if he was looking forward to it. 

-That fighting spirit can’t communicate! If it sticks out like this, there will be no other way than to deal with it! 

Lars said everything was perfect for now and snapped his fingers. 

-Hand over the body to the main king immediately! 

‘I’m out.’ 

He let out a heavy breath as he swatted away Ras, who was approaching with his tail wagging. 

‘Things have changed so much… .’ 

If you say one wrong word, not only you but everyone here will die. Cold sweat ran down the back of my neck from the tension. 


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‘Let’s think about it. as soon as possible.’ 

I mixed up Askara’s personality that Lars had told me about and the experiences I had had so far, drawing various situations in my head and erasing them. 

After selecting the answer that seemed the most likely among hundreds of paths, I nodded. 

[Las! Answer me!] 

Askara let out a fierce energy wave as if it would tear the dimension apart if she didn’t answer. Her fingers trembled, and her hair stood on end. 

“Ha, a troublesome guy has appeared.” 

Raon imitated Lars’ tone of voice and let out a short sigh. 

After listening to Lars’s chatter for so long, a similar tone came out even without me trying to imitate it. 

[It was you, after all! Lass!] 

Askara nodded loudly, as if she had expected that to happen. 

[Because you are the only demon that uses this kind of cold energy!] 

His eyes, burning with passion, sparkled as if he had met someone he loved. 


Lars burst out laughing as he saw Askara shaking. 

-You made a mistake out of impatience while acting like the real king! There will be no stopping him now! 

The guy rubbed his chubby hands, thinking that Askara would pop out soon. 

‘It’s not a mistake, you just want it to stick out like you said.’ 

-ok? Well, what is that… . 

Lars opened his eyes round as if wondering what he was talking about. 

‘Of course it’s not just that.’ 

Raon shook his head briefly and looked down at the dimension where Askara was standing. 

[okay. That atmosphere. That energy can only be possessed by the Lord of Wrath! But… .] 

Askara’s red eyes narrowed like thread. 

[Why are you so weak? You can’t even use a decisive battle against a guy like this!] 

When he stamped his foot in disappointment, the shock was transmitted to this underground space outside the dimension. It was an incredible strength and spirit to overcome dimensional interference. 

“You’re still saying stupid things.” 

Raon snorted and shook his head. 

“Do you think this weakened body is yours?” 

[then… ?] 

“The king’s subordinates were in crisis, so I only helped them for a moment.” 

He waved his hand, saying that he had only sent a spirit body containing a small amount of power. 

“If I lost some strength from suddenly breaking through the dimension, tearing down a stupid Balrog to death was a piece of cake.” 

Raon said he was relieved and crushed the frozen body of the Balrog with his foot. 

[I suddenly broke through the dimension as a spirit, but that’s how much it is?] 

Askara laughed as if she couldn’t believe it. 

“Because nothing is impossible for the King.” 

He lifted his chin with an arrogant look in his eyes, as if asking if you could do it too. 

[That’s fun!] 

Askara shouted yes and bumped her fists. The black dimension shook like the waves of the ocean due to the intense shock wave. 

[It must be something different to fight that way.] 

Without hesitation, he grabbed the space with both hands and tore it left and right. 

Let’s go! 

A pure white arm without any blemishes protruded from the cracked space. 

With her slender fingers that did not match her mighty fighting spirit, Askara conjured up a black flame and let it fall on the Balrog’s corpse. 


The Balrog’s corpse, engulfed in black flames, rose of its own accord, quickly regenerating its torn flesh and bones. A resilience that surpasses even trolls. It was like seeing a phoenix coming back to life. 


Balrog, revived by the black flame, stood on his feet and clenched his fists. 

Immediately afterwards, Asuka’s powerful eyes showed the same powerful look in her eyes. 

“How about it?” 

The Balrog’s voice carried great weight. It was Askara’s voice in the black dimension. 

“If this is the case, the conditions will be similar, right?” 

He said, “Let’s fight like this,” sparking a dark fight. It felt like black lava was flowing behind my back. 

-You idiot! That Tugui guy can’t communicate! 

Lars screamed loudly. 

-Even if you defeat Askara in that state, he will soon invade the main body. 

The guy said it was better to deal with it quickly and shouted at me to hand over the body. 

‘Just sit back and watch.’ 

Raon gestured for Lars to go away and licked his lips. 

‘First of all, it worked out as I thought… .’ 

Askara was not using the main body, but the body of a dead Balrog, and was forcibly crossing dimensions, consuming a lot of power. 

Since his strength had been greatly reduced by two levels, he could at least hold on for now. 

‘The problem is that I have to use a sword.’ 

Of course, I thought about that as well, so I threw in the last straw. 

“Even your self-immolation is weak.” 

Raon clicked his tongue as if he felt sorry. 

“There is no need to use the King’s abilities.” 

He said he would fight with the strength of his subordinates and twisted his chin at an angle. 

“okay. Lars, it suits you to be so cocky. But… .” 

Askara parted the corners of her mouth and raised a black flame. 

“It will be different than before!” 

He disappeared, leaving only an afterimage of black flames, and then appeared in the sky to his right. 


Askara, as the king of the Balrogs, was more skilled at using power than the Balrogs he had killed a while ago. 

Even though I was using less speculation, I felt faster and more subtle movement. 

‘then… .’ 

Raon planted the Jecheon Sword and the Requiem Sword into the ground. 

Sword Realm Shinma Harmony. 

He pulled out his divine sword and his magic sword and thrust them towards Askara’s fist, which was pushing through the black flames. 


When the fist and the sword collided, a loud noise as if huge pieces of metal had collided erupted, and a strong tremor occurred throughout the underground. 


Askara frowned as if it was absurd. 

“You really want to beat me with a sword?” 

“Is there anything special about a sword? “Just swing it and that’s it.” 

In order to pretend to be Ras, he said things he couldn’t say as a prosecutor and laughed. 

“No matter how much you say it, I can’t accept that statement.” 

Askara stretched out her hand into the air with deep wrinkles etched on her forehead. 

“Come out. Bastar!” 

His shout tore through the dimension and opened a dark space. 

A black greatsword that seemed to have been forged in darkness appeared in a hell seething with bright red lava. 

The black greatsword radiated intense heat that seemed to contain fire, making the entire underground air boil. 

-You made up your mind. 

Ras twisted his mouth as he looked at the sword named Bastar. 

-His body is fake, but that sword is real. 

The guy wrinkled his nose, saying that the sword was really Askara’s weapon. 

“I’ll tear it to shreds with one sword so you can’t say anything disrespectful to the sword!” 

Askara shouted that she would make him use his strength and struck Bastar. 

Black flames spread endlessly, covering the entire basement. It felt like the whole world was buried in ashes. 

“… … .” 

Raon chewed his lips as he watched the storm of black flame rushing in. 

‘Now is our only chance to defeat the King of Balrog.’ 

No matter how much Askara reduced his power, his original state itself was greatly different, so the only way for him to win was when he was letting his guard down. 


Raon floated Rimmer’s sword behind his back and headed towards Askara’s black flame. 


There was only one way to block the Black Flame’s sword, which was pushing forward with force, so Manhwagong and Glacia were brought to a standstill. 

Shinma Harmony Linkage. 

Blue-red invincible sword. 

The black flame containing Askara’s fighting spirit and the blue-red aura collided, and an enormous shock wave erupted. 

The lava that filled the ground evaporated, spewing out fog-like smoke, and the solid underground walls and ceiling crumbled as if they had been dug up by mud. 

If it weren’t for the crack that appeared when Askara broke through the dimension, it seemed like everything would have collapsed right away. 

“Did you just look down on the sword to this extent?” 

Askara twisted her mouth as if it were the same, and her black greatsword contained a deeper spirit of speculation. 


A black wave rushed in, erasing the blue-red light. It seemed like both the divine sword and the demonic sword would be broken by such great power. 

“You’re still ignorantly pushing things with force. “Then let me show you the next one.” 

Raon forced a smile and opened the space sword with Rimmer’s sword placed behind his back. 

He moved the sword in front of Askara and took out his last weapon. 

Gaebyeok, the reincarnation of Geomgye. 

A golden brilliance heralding a new beginning rises above the sword of leaves protruding through space. 

The harmony of Blue and Red Invincible and Gaebyeok that I had only thought about in my head for a long time. A new sword path was drawn with golden brilliance mingling on red and blue paint. 

Damn it! 

Askara’s black flame splits, and the black great sword flies out. Three swords were thrust simultaneously into his exposed chest. 


Since Askara was not the original body, it could not withstand Raon’s transcendental sword strike and fell into the dried lava ground. 


He seemed to have used up all the courage he had put into this alter ego, and he couldn’t even lift a finger and let out a thick breath. 

“Yes, since when did you learn the sword… .” 

“Since when?” 

Raon calmly shook his head, holding back the dizziness that made him feel like he was going to collapse at any moment. 

“I have never cooked it.” 

“Oh, that’s nonsense! “Your sword contained a clear intention!” 

“just… .” 

He lowered his finger with a faint smile. 

“I just followed what the King’s subordinates experienced.” 

Ras said that he created the Demon God after seeing the path he fought in the past. 

It was something that could happen, so I cocked my chin and shook my head. 


Askara held her head and burst into laughter. 

“As expected, the Lord of Wrath! “In the demon world, the only ones who can satisfy me are you and those three!” 

He stood up with even more courage. 

“Let’s start again! This time, you and I will do our best!” 

The Balrog’s body containing Askara’s soul collapses, and the dimension becomes distorted again. It seemed like he was trying to break through the dimension with his main body. 


Raon snorted and shook his head. 

“I don’t fight the weak.” 

He said it was no fun and put his sword in its sheath. 

“Stop talking bullshit! “No matter how bad you are, you can’t call me weak!” 

Askara stomped her foot, saying, “Let’s fight.” 

“Reveal your true self! Otherwise, I will just kill you!” 

He raised his fiery hand as if he was sincere. 


Raon nodded, spreading his arms. 

“This king does not go back on his words.” 

I told him to take care of it and closed his eyes. 

“Keuuuuu… .” 

Askara seemed to sense that what she said was sincere, and was unable to extend her hand any further and froze in place. 

-What, what! 

Lars blinked. 

-Hey, you can’t do this! Askara! you idiot! Hurry and rush! 

The guy shook his big head from side to side, saying he didn’t know why it was like this. 

‘Why why?’ 

Raon smiled slightly, looking at the embarrassed Askara and Lars. 

‘It went just as I thought.’ 

While saying that, he lightly twitched his fingers. 

‘Say hello.’ 

-What kind of greeting is this? 

‘Greetings to welcome the new Hugu.’ 

At the same time as Raon laughed, Lars’ face was distorted like a dry leaf. 

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