The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 877

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Episode 878

“… … .” 

Raon turned his eyes to the west, clearing the heat that filled the tunnel so that everyone could enter. 

“Why are you looking there? “What, is there anything?” 

Marta tilted her head as if asking why she was looking in a different direction. 

“… no.” 

Raon slowly lowered his gaze and entered the underground tunnel where the heat had subsided. 

Palentun said there was a staircase made in the shape of a sword, but all that remained were hideous pieces of melted iron.  

The iron stairs seemed to have melted like ice cream in the fierce flames. 

‘I can feel the demon energy as I come inside.’ 

Unlike the outside, upon entering the base of the Gray Hammer Guild, I could feel the magical energy of the Balrog blooming from below. 

However, the demonic energy was not as strong as the heat here. Rather, it felt like I was receiving the speculation of an unmanned aura or a top-level monster. 

“ah… .” 

When Palentun saw that the stairs of the sword he had made had collapsed, he seemed to become even more emotional and bit his lip until it bled. 

“Ah, there’s no one… .” 

He clutched his head as he saw the village melted by lava and flames. It seemed as if his last hopes had been dashed and he had fallen into despair. 

“Damn it! Damn it!” 

As Palentun pounded the ground with his fist and screamed, red-skinned demons emerged from the flames and lava that consumed the village. 



Although it was small enough to be no different from a goblin in size, it moved faster than a skilled swordsman and held a burning spear in its hand. If you look at its strength alone, it was a top level monster. 

“Um, what is that? Red Goblin?” 

Dorian gasped and stepped back, as if he was frightened by a monster he had never seen before. 

-Now that Red Bess has appeared, it’s clear. 

Lars snorted as he looked at the red-skinned demon. 

‘Red Beth?’ 

-They are the lowest level demons who are fascinated by the power of Balrog and help them. As King Bon expected, the guys in this basement were Balrog. 

The guy waved his hand, saying there was nothing to see anymore. 

‘In a word, it means that you are a bitch.’ 

Raon lowered his sword at the rushing Red Bess. 

Whoa whoa! 

The moment the tip of the blade touched the ground, a blue flash flashed and Red Beth’s body exploded into pieces. 

All that remained were the flaming footprints that Red Bess had trodden. 

“You bastards!” 

Burren unleashed a blast of anger and cut Red Bess in half.  

“Are you kidding me about goblins?” 

Marta snorted and struck down her sword, and Red Bess collapsed to the floor without even being able to get close. 

“Ugly… .” 

As Runaan drove Snowflake into the ground, frost sprayed down his son-in-law and froze the arms and legs of Red Bess who was trying to attack him from behind. 



When the Red Bess felt outnumbered and tried to escape into the lava again, a blue light flashed. 


It’s Cheryl. A magnificent sword strike rose from her twin swords and tore apart the flames where Red Bess and the bastards were hiding.  


After Raon confirmed that all the red bass had disappeared, he approached Palentun. 

“The monster that is said to have attacked this underground village seems to be down there in the tunnel.” 

He pointed to a large cave that appeared in the ground where lava and flames cracked. 

“Umm… .” 

Palentun’s lips quivered as he looked at the ground where his comrade’s blood had hardened. 

“I don’t think I can go.” 

He wasn’t afraid of the Balrog, but he was afraid of the worst possible future – that all his comrades might be dead. 

“Do not worry.” 

Raon held Palentun’s shoulder and smiled warmly. 

“As long as you are alive, I will rescue you no matter what.” 

He nodded, telling me to trust him. 

“Gwae, it’ll be okay!” 

Dorian supported Palentun and forced a smile. 

“Our great lord always keeps what he says.” 

“That is correct. “That guy looks cute, but his actions are like a martial arts person.” 

Martha curled up her mouth, telling me to watch carefully. 

“huh. I’m sure you can get it… .” 

Runaan nodded, spreading out a curtain of frost to keep Palentun and the others from getting tired of the heat. 

Seeing that he spoke longer than usual, he seemed to be considerate of Palentun in many ways. 

“Speak respectfully to adults!” 

Buren frowned at Marta and Runaan. 

“I’m sorry the kids are misbehaving. However, everything I say is sincere. I will also do my best to help.” 

He calmed Palentun, who was anxious, by gesturing. 


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“You grew up well.” 

Cheryl nodded calmly, looking at Burren, Marta, Runan, and Dorian from behind. 

“I can’t believe those shabby little kids changed like that.” 

She smiled brightly, as if she was happy to see the children she had only seen as young children grow up. 

-Yes, that’s right! 

Lars nodded, covering his mouth. 

-You grew up really well! Everything was amazing, how could it be like this? . 

The guy said he was thrilled and sniffled. 

‘Because you didn’t raise it. ‘That’s it.’ 

Raon grabbed Lars by the tail and brought him forward. 

‘There’s no record of giving up that demon lord down here, right?’ 

No matter how much you have reached transcendence, it is impossible to defeat a demon king level monster. I had to make sure of that. 

-If that guy had come to the human world, he would have already come out and gone to see your grandfather. 

‘That’s about it… ?’ 

-Plus, he’s a guy who likes to reveal himself, so you wouldn’t know. 

Ras shook his head and said that there was no Balrog down here. 

‘Then it won’t matter.’ 

Raon said he could solve it himself and turned his wrist. 

-If you were you, you would have felt the energy of the Balrog down there, right? Are you still saying it doesn’t matter? 

Lars tilted his chin as if he was interested. 

‘You said it. The Balrog’s weakness is you.’ 

Raon laughed as he adjusted his sword. 

‘Then I’d be afraid too. If not… .’ 

Glacia’s coldness rose above his grasp and he twisted his mouth. 

‘You just have to make it like that.’ 


Lars raised his eyebrows. 

-It’s been a while since I gave an answer I liked! 

The guy clapped his hands as if he liked his confidence. 

‘But why did the Balrog appear here?’ 

Raon narrowed his eyes at Lars. 

‘Didn’t you say that you need to take several steps to leave or enter the demon world?’ 

-That’s right. It’s not easy. 

‘Then how did the Balrog down there get there?’ 

I didn’t understand how I had crossed over into a dimension that even demon lords couldn’t easily access. 

In particular, this land had been used by dwarves for hundreds of years, and the geothermal heat was not disturbed more than necessary.  

The appearance of the Balrog itself was a situation that made no sense. 

-You’ve become a lot more cowardly, too. Why is that so? 

Lars snorted as if asking why he was asking when he knew everything. 

-You must have come because some damn bastards called you. 

*      *       * 

The western hill of Hwaryangsan Mountain. 

The shadow of the rock rippled and a white-haired man and a blue-haired woman emerged. 

“Besides dwarves, who are the other humans?” 

The white-haired man asked, his black pupils frowning. 

“maybe… .”  

The blue-haired woman let out a short breath and parted her lips.  

“It’s like Raon Sieghart, the Great Windmaster, Sheryl, the Great Sword Master, and the three leaders of the Great Wind Blade.” 

“Raon Sieghardt? “Are you referring to the monster that reached transcendence not long ago?” 

The white-haired man lowered his eyebrows deeply. 

“yes. “The only young warrior with that kind of radiance in his blonde hair is Raon Sieghardt.” 

The blue-haired woman lowered her head, saying she was sure. 

“Why did you come here? “Is it related to the Gray Hammer Guild?” 

“A few years ago, we had a run-in with Drake over his accumulating magic energy around here. I heard he handed over the Drake’s body to the Gray Hammer Guild, so I think that’s why.” 

She recited the past events in detail as if she had seen them herself. 

“It’s absurd that a kid who could barely deal with a vice-level master has transcended in less than 10 years.” 

The white-haired man let out a sigh, muttering that it didn’t make sense. 

“What would you like to do?” 

The blue-haired woman bent down as if she would follow any method. 

“What happens if Raon Sieghart and Balrog collide?” 

“Even if Raon Sieghart reaches transcendence, he will not be able to defeat Balrog since he is still at the beginning. However, he has the Heavenly Sword Great Master who is said to be close to transcendence, so he will not die.” 

She narrowed her eyes, thinking Raon could run away. 

“It’s been a while since I left the tower, so it would be right to bring a gift to the tower owner.” 

The white-haired man dyed his fingernails black. He smiled faintly and disappeared into the shadows again. 

*      *       * 


Raon frowned as he calmed the flames that had risen above his head. 

‘The heat is getting stronger.’ 

It was okay for me because I had fire resistance, but I could see that the others were getting tired of the heat. 

Even though the wind and cold were pushing away the heat, it seemed like it was difficult to come to my senses as the flames and lava kept coming. 

“It feels like swimming in lava. “It’s so damn true.” 

Martha gritted her teeth as she brushed up her sweaty hair. 

“Umm… .” 

Burren also seemed to be tired from the heat, and his hands were shaking as he wondered whether or not he should unbutton his uniform. 

“I see beaded ice cream…” .” 

Runaan, who is weak to heat, stuck out her tongue like half-melted ice cream and let her shoulders slump. 

However, even during this, the cold shield to protect Palentun and others was not extinguished. 

“This supply center exists for times like this!” 

Dorian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and took out a robe with fire resistance and a water bracelet from his stomach pocket. 

As soon as they were worn, people’s tired faces began to straighten little by little. 

“thanks. “I survived thanks to you.” 

“Normally it’s like dust, but in times like this it helps!” 

“huh. huh.” 

Burren, Marta, and Runan all smiled and praised Dorian. 

“lol. no. Of course I… .” 

It was when Dorian laughed and scratched his head. 

The red smoke that was blocking the view subsided, and the end of the tunnel became visible. 


On the barren land where lava flowed, demons large and small were standing in their positions, ready and eager like soldiers. 

Dwarves and human artisans stood on molten iron and struck hammers. The irregular sound of the hammer seemed to reveal the fear oppressing their souls. 


On the path of the abyss, where thick heat swirled, bright blue flames gathered together to erect the throne of the fighting spirit. 

The devil, resting his chin on the armrest of a tall throne, was spreading his majestic energy as if he would dominate the whole world. 

Five horns protruded from its forehead, wings made of feathers called flames were spread out on its back, and the desire to fight burned above its sparkling blue eyes. 

The sight of small demons mocking humans and the giant demon king watching them leisurely seemed to symbolize hell from an old fairy tale or an ancient painting.  

“Three, oh my… .” 

Dorian’s hand holding the sword trembled as if he had never imagined he would see such a sight. 

“Those bastards!” 

Martha gritted her teeth and raised her sword until it made a clicking sound. 


Runaan also seemed angry, his eyes wrinkled and frost sprayed in all directions. It seemed like it was intended to reduce the damage to the dwarves and people who were getting burned by the fire. 

-Among the Balrogs, he is the one who does something in his own way. 

Lars nodded, saying it was the same as what he felt above. 

‘… ‘That’s right.’ 

Raon nodded. As Ras said, the energy felt from the Balrog sitting on his throne was greater than his own.  

Even though I was sitting still, I felt a strong heat that seemed to burn my skin.  

“Raon. “Can we fight?” 

Buren asked, chewing his lips. Although he was naturally a calm person, he seemed to get more angry than anyone else in this unreasonable situation. 

“of course.” 

Raon nodded, looking at Balrog sitting on the throne. 

“Fight as you want.” 

As soon as they shouted to fight, Burren, Marta, and Runaan kicked the ground. Even Dorian rushed at the demons with a tearful expression on his face. 

“I’ll take care of the kids.” 

Cheryl smiled slightly and followed behind the three leaders, as if telling them not to worry. 


Balrog’s subordinates under the throne were also strong, but the leaders who received Sheryl’s help seemed to be able to handle them without much difficulty. 

“This is… .” 

Borgos, who was chained to a chain of flames, opened his eyes wide as he watched the dying demons. 

“Chief! “Are you okay?” 

Even though Palentun was bleeding from his abdomen, he ran and grabbed Borgos’ hand. 

“Pa, Palentun! How did you… .” 

“Here we come again! “Bring the person called by the chieftain!” 

He raised his finger and pointed at Raon. 


Borgos’s old eyes were watery. 

“Raon Sieghard… .” 

He was more thrilled that other dwarves and artisans were saved than that he himself had survived, and his chin was shaking. 

“Dirty devils!” 

“Everyone die!” 

“… … .” 

It was when Buren, Marta, and Runaan were driving away the demons and extinguishing the flames. 


A rough sound of footsteps sounded, and the blue flame throne collapsed. 

From the remains of the throne, the Balrog rose its enormous body. As it spread its wings of flame, the majesty known as fear spread throughout the underground.  


Every time the Balrog took a step, the steps of flame rolled like waves, and the lava on the ground boiled as if it would explode. 

Coo coo coo coo! 

A energy wave so powerful that it shook the heavens and earth erupted from Balrog’s entire body.  

“iced coffee… .” 

“It was like this?” 

“crazy… .” 

The dwarves were frightened and fell to their knees, the leaders of the Gwangpungdae trembled with exhaustion, and Sheryl’s eyes were filled with astonishment. 

“I can’t believe you brought such good prey…” .” 

The Balrog looked down at Palentun and rested his chin. 

“You did well to let go.” 

He spoke as if he had deliberately let Palentun go and raised his sword, which was burning with flames. 


Raon walked on a land infested with lava. Every time he moved forward, the ground froze and a silvery snowy field was drawn. 

“What is your name?” 

Raon stood in front of Balrog and tilted his chin like a giant tree that would not be shaken even in a typhoon. 

“There is no name to tell to humans.” 

Balrog curled the corners of his mouth as he said, “Let’s just fight happily.” 

“okay. then… .” 

Raon nodded slightly and raised his sword diagonally. The frost on the blade gave off a silvery glow that erased the heat. 


The harmony of Cheonleigong’s Gwangjeoksal and Changgung Sword’s Hongyeoncheonra. A red thunderbolt flowing across the silver sky passed by the Balrog’s neck. 

“Die nameless.” 

When Raon lowered his sword, the Balrog’s head fell off. Quietly and gracefully. 


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