The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 876

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Episode 877

‘what… ?’ 

Raon hurriedly looked back at Lars. 

‘You know this guy?’ 

A little while ago, Ras muttered that he thought he knew a monster that wields a flaming sword and a whip. 

He was not a guy who usually talked nonsense, so if what he said was true, there was a high possibility that the monster that attacked the Gray Hammer Guild was a demon. 

-That’s right. 

Lars nodded and narrowed his eyes. 

-But there is still not enough information. It would be good to hear a little more. 

The guy waved his round hand, telling the dwarf to open his mouth. 


After telling him to wait, he turned his attention to the dwarf. 

“By any chance, what is your name?” 

To ease the dwarf’s nerves, I first asked his name. 

“My name is… uh?” 

The dwarf opened his eyes, which were shaking in confusion, as if he recognized him. 

“Raon Sieghardt?” 

“Do you know me?” 

“You haven’t talked to our chief here.” 

He grabbed his tanned beard, saying he was there when he was dealing with Borgos. 

“Oh, I’m sorry I found out so late. I remember… .” 

Raon said he was sorry and bowed his head. When I recalled her memories, I thought I had seen a dwarf with a twisted beard like that. 

“No, we didn’t even introduce it, so it’s natural that you don’t know. “My name is Palentun.” 

The dwarf who introduced himself as Palentun nodded. 

“When the chief was bored, he kept talking about you, so I just haven’t forgotten it.” 

As he spoke, it seemed like he didn’t know that Borgos had asked him for help. 

“But why are you here…” .” 

“Borgos sent me a letter.” 



Raon nodded and showed Borgos’ letter. 

“Well, that letter… .” 

Palentun widened his eyes as if he now understood. 

“Do you know?” 

“Joe, this is the letter the chief sent after thinking about it! I can’t believe it went to you… .” 

He shook his beard as if he had become very emotional just by seeing the envelope. 

“contents is… .” 

Raon took a deep breath and showed me the contents of the letter. 

“Help me… .” 

Palentun closed his eyes tightly while reading the letter. 

“The chief is a man who believes that we should take matters into our own hands. When I saw the letter from Seifia, I muttered that this too was fate, and I never thought I would send it to you… .” 

He seemed to sense Borgos’s emotions in the letter asking for help and fell to his knees on the spot and sobbed. 

“Please tell me in detail what has happened.” 

Raon said that only then could he help and made eye contact with Palentun. 

“… “I understand.” 

Palentun nodded and struggled to get up. Looking at his movements, it seemed like he had a serious injury to his abdomen. 

“Our Gray Hammer workshop is located beneath the tunnels of Mt. Hwarang. This was to make the most of the earth’s heat, but at some point, the heat began to act arbitrarily. So we… .” 

*      *       * 

As always, I was engrossed in my work, forgetting about time, but strangely enough, the flames in the furnace began to rage. 


Palentun lowered his hammer and frowned. 

What is important when making a sword is consistent fire as well as strong firepower. 

The fire ebbed and flowed and then fluctuated, making it impossible to continue work. 

“Did something happen outside?” 

Palentun took off his hood and walked out of the workshop. 

Other craftsmen seemed to feel the same way and were talking while holding charred hammers. 

“It looks like Palentun is having trouble with the furnace as well.” 

The chief’s best disciple approached with a short sigh. 

“okay. “I couldn’t control the flames.” 

“It’s the same for us. “The fire grew stronger and weaker, so we couldn’t control the thickness of the iron.” 

He frowned, saying that everyone was in the same situation. 

“surely… .” 

I looked at the tunnel dug by Palentun to draw out the heat from the mountain. It seemed like an unusual heat was blooming down there. 

“Umm… .” 

“Are monsters coming again?” 

“Is it a little scary now?” 

“Why is it so loud!” 

As everyone was looking into the depths of the tunnel, feeling anxious, Borgos stamped his foot.  


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“Chief. It’s not unusual for the flames to fluctuate. 

Palentun approached Borgos and pointed to the tunnel. 

“It looks like the monsters are having a seizure again.” 

Borgos frowned, saying it seemed like a problem with monsters that feed on the heat of this burning mountain. 

“I guess so. It’s the first time it’s been this bad… .” 

“Repair the walls and prepare for battle.” 

He shouted that monsters would come out soon, so they should repair the wall built in front of the tunnel and maintain weapons. 


“All right!” 

The dwarves and guild craftsmen raised their flashing hammers as if they were used to it and burst out with such spirit that the mountains shook. 

Two days after repairing the castle walls and maintaining the weapons, monsters began crawling out of the tunnels, just as Borgos had predicted. 

It was a familiar incident, but there was something that everyone did not expect. 

Countless monsters ranging from very large monsters such as the Giant Lava Worm, known as the Volcano’s Nightmare, and the Red Dragon Turtle, which emits heat that melts metal, to small and medium-sized monsters such as the Giant Army Ant, which cannot even be hurt by swords, and the Ruby Fly, which sucks human flesh. They popped out. 

It literally looked like red lava was rising. 

“crazy… .” 

“Why, why are there so many!” 

“It’s just not that much! “There are more than just one or two large monsters!” 

“I wonder if I can catch them all… ?” 

The dwarves and artisans trembled with their hands holding their hammers and axes, as if they were frightened by the oncoming monsters. 


While everyone was panicking, the sound of strong footsteps was heard from the highest point of the castle wall. 

“Don’t be scared! Have faith in the walls and hammers forged by our own hands!” 

It’s Borgos. He roared at everyone to fight with his eyes unwavering. 

“I will stand in front.” 

When he struck down the lightning-quivering hammer, golden lightning fell and tore apart the body of the Giant Las Worm that was running in front. 

Coo coo coo coo! 

The dwarves seemed to be encouraged by Borgos’ performance and erected shiny gray artillery. 

An iron cannon said to be more powerful than a magic cannon. It was the Dwarves’ strongest weapon that maximized attack and defense skills. 


As the iron cannons were fired simultaneously, the monsters that had been rushing under the castle wall exploded without leaving a single piece of flesh behind. 

However, because there were so many monsters, there were monsters that jumped over the cannonballs and reached the castle walls. 

“Trust the chief and fight!” 

Palentun swung his hammer vigorously. The body of a giant army ant that had been crawling up the castle wall fell to pieces. 

“How dare you tell me where this is!” 

“Don’t let even a single one fall over!” 

“Believe! “Our walls are unbreakable!” 

Warriors from other dwarves and guilds also fought bloody battles next to Palentun and Borgos. 

The brutal battle continued for two days. The castle walls collapsed and the gun ports were distorted by the heat, but fortunately the endless influx of monsters was over. 

“After all, there is nothing to stop a craftsman.” 

Palentun grinned, clutching the hole in his abdomen. 

Although the injuries were severe, I smiled because I was glad that no one had died thanks to the walls and weapons. 

“Stop talking nonsense and get things sorted out.” 

Borgos was injured more than he was and could not move his right arm properly, but like a chieftain, he looked after everyone. 

“You should take a rest.” 

Palentun snorted and kicked Borgos’ ass. 

“Do you think I am as weak as you? “It’s no problem to fight for another month.” 

Borgos clicked his tongue and poked Palentun’s wound. 


Palentun couldn’t stand it and screamed, and the other dwarves and artisans giggled and laughed.  

Everyone was injured, but their complexions were bright. It was a smile filled with relief that now that the war against monsters was over, he would be able to pound metal again. 

But stability did not come. 


The flames in the furnace were even more uncontrollable, and a chilling sound was heard from deep in the tunnel. 

“Anyway, the monsters didn’t attack us… .” 

Borgos stood in the conference room and shook his head. 

“It looks like it escaped from below.” 

He bit his lip, saying it felt like there was an unknown monster down there in the basement. 

“I have to put aside other things and rebuild the wall first.” 

Borgos let out a long breath, saying that he had to rebuild the collapsed castle wall first. 

“I understand. “This time, I will trim it so it will never break through.” 

Palentun pounded his chest and cried out for trust.  

“What are you going to do with a hole in the stomach?” 

“Not even the chief! “I can’t even use my right arm!” 

“I at least have a left arm!” 

Borgos hit Palentun on the head to make him come to his senses. 

“You go out and bring the ingredients.” 

He tilted his chin and told me to go outside and get some repair materials. 

“But… .” 

Palentun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the letter Borgos had. 

“What are you looking at earlier?” 

“A letter from a damned bastard.” 

“It’s Sterin.” 

The only person Borgos called a damned bastard was Seifia’s guardian, Sterin. 

“… “This too must be fate.” 

As if he had made an unknown decision, he wrote a short message on the letter, tied it to the leg of a bird that had come from Seifia, and sent it flying away. 

“There is no time to play! Move as fast as possible! Palentun, take the young children with you and bring the ingredients. “There is no rejection!” 

“Okay, I understand. “Come back quickly.” 

Although Palentun was still seriously injured, he gathered materials to repair the castle walls as quickly as possible and returned underground. 

But by then, many things were already too late.  

Lava that seemed to have flowed from the abyss was burning the workshop, and swords and whips made of hellish flames fell on the heads of the craftsmen. 

Screams of human skin being ripped off and skin being torn apart in gruesome ways echoed throughout the underground. 

“Run! “Don’t come back here!” 

Borgos turned around. He struck the ground with the thunderbolt hammer that had been blocking the demon. The stairs leading to the underground workshop collapsed, and the lava targeting Palentun sank. 


Palentun bit his lip until it bled. I wanted to fight alongside Borgos like this, but I was worried about the young guys behind me. 

“get out! “Get out now!” 

Palentun motioned for the weeping craftsmen to return. 

When he was about to come out of the tunnel for the last time, red whips came rushing in.  


If I had been just one second later, I would have been dragged down with my ankle caught by the whip, but fortunately I was able to get my foot out. 


Instead of Palentun, the entrance to the tunnel that was whipped completely collapsed, completely blocking the space to enter the Gray Hammer Guild’s base.  

Although there was still a deafening sound echoing underground, Hwaryangsan Mountain was quiet as if nothing had happened. 

“iced coffee… .” 

While Palentun and the young artisans were trembling in fear, Dialun came up the mountain. 

*      *       * 

“So it is.” 

Palentun bowed his head after telling everything that had happened. 

The guilt of not being with my colleagues and the fear of monsters were all there. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon frowned as he looked at Palentun’s trembling shoulders and leather armor oozing blood. 

‘Is this the guy you know?’ 

-I’m not sure yet, but looking at the ferocity, I think it’s roughly right. 

Lars nodded, saying he could see what he was doing was really bad. 

‘Then it must be a demon.’ 

-That’s right. They are quite famous among the demons. 

‘Who is it?’ 


Ras brought out the name Balrog with a short sigh. 

-In terms of innate strength and characteristics, it is ranked among the top ten among demons. 

‘Is it that much?’ 

Raon frowned. I was nervous because it meant that Lars was really strong to say something like that. 

‘Do you have any weaknesses?’ 

– King Bon. 

Lars raised his nose high. 

-The mere existence of the main king is a weakness for them. 

The guy shook his head and said it was simple. 

‘There’s been a lot of noise these days.’ 

-Now, what nonsense! How dare you, the monarch of the demon world… . 

‘anyway… .’ 

Raon narrowed his eyes at Palentun. 

‘I don’t think it’s a trap.’ 

If you think about the situation Palentun described, everything is sudden. 

In particular, it was no exaggeration to say that the possibility of it being a trap was zero, as no one could have predicted that Sterin would send a letter to Borgos and that he would ask for help. 

‘Of course, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t Oma’s work.’ 

The tension should not be relaxed because it could have been the work of the Black Tower, which is related to the demon world. 

“What should I do now…” .” 

Palentun held his head, saying there was nothing he could do.  

“Let’s go now.” 

Raon calmly stood up. 

“I don’t know if it can be saved or not, but the answer will come if I have to go.” 

“hmm… .” 

Palentun looked up at Raon and trembled his chin. 

“Are you still going to go after listening to me? “Are there such dangerous guys?” 

“If I don’t move after hearing about such circumstances, my mother and the head of the family will beat my back.” 

Raon nodded, saying that of course he had to go. 

“Well said.” 

Cheryl smiled and came next to me. 

“It’s because he’s a devil, and it doesn’t mean he won’t get stabbed in the stomach.” 

She relaxed her fingers as if to give it a try. 

“ah… .” 

A small spark of hope burned in Palentun’s eyes, which were once filled with despair. 

*      *       * 

Raon followed Palentun to Hwarangsan Mountain, where the Gray Hammer Guild’s workshop was located. 

“Whoa, it’s hot.” 

Martha fanned herself with her hand and frowned. 

“It seems to be a place with high geothermal heat. From here, I wonder how hot the mountain will be… .” 

Burren frowned as if he was a little worried. 

“Okay… .” 

Runaan let out a soft moan, slumping her shoulders as if she was already exhausted from the heat. 

“It wasn’t at this level originally, but it seems like the geothermal heat is getting stronger.” 

Palentun let out a long breath and shook his head. 

“Maybe it’s because they control the heat… .” 

He bit his lip as if he was angry just thinking about it. 

Raon looked at the stone mountain in the distance and gestured to Lars. 

‘You mean Balrog is a race?’ 

-That’s right. They are strong, but they are also damn ferocious. There are people who could become demon lords but didn’t. 

Lars shook his head, saying they were crazy about fighting. 

‘You could become the devil, but you didn’t?’ 

-There was a man who abandoned the throne because he wanted to fight as he pleased. 

The guy snorted, muttering that he was being arrogant. 

‘then… .’ 

Raon clicked his tongue briefly. 

‘I guess all the dwarves are dead.’ 

-Maybe not. 


-If the ones who were attacked were the earplugs, they would all have died, but since they were dwarfs, I think they would have survived. 

Lars raised his hand as if to wait. 

‘What are you talking about?’ 

-As that dwarf said at the beginning, Balrog uses flaming swords and whips. Those weapons are what Balrogs are born with, but they can be strengthened. 

‘then… .’ 

-You may be able to strengthen your weapons by keeping the dwarves alive. 

The guy shook his head, saying it was highly likely. 

‘I should hope so.’ 

Raon nodded heavily and looked at Palentun. 

“Let’s speed it up a little.” 

“Of course.” 

Palentun nodded as if nothing was wrong despite being injured. 

“let’s go.” 

Raon took the lead. We climbed Hwaryangsan Mountain, leading everyone with the wind of Garunua. 

“This place.” 

Palentun’s eyebrows fluttered as he pointed to the black, distorted ground that looked as if lava had solidified. 

“Originally, this is the entrance to our Gray Hammer Guild.” 

He chewed his lip as he looked at the collapsed ground. 

“This is the entrance?” 

Buren let out a sigh as if he found it hard to believe. 

“It’s completely frozen. “I’ll have to go through some trouble to get in.” 

Martha gritted her teeth as if she were angry. 

“It’s a place I don’t like… .” 

Runaan sprinkled frost fragments to prevent others from getting sick of the heat. 

“I just came to supply supplies.” 

Dorian’s chin trembled as if he didn’t understand the situation. 

“You, that sword. “Do you remember that Mr. Borgos’ best disciple made it?” 

Raon pointed at Dorian’s sword and lifted his chin.  

Although he has been able to obtain many swords so far, Dorian said he likes that sword and has not changed it until now. 

“Ugh, I know.” 

Dorian nodded heavily, holding his sword tightly. 


Raon looked down at the ground and twisted his mouth. 

‘There are definitely some extremely strong people.’ 

Below this land, there were monsters that swirled lava like water.  

Their presence and heat were so strong that I couldn’t feel the presence of other people.  

“You move with saving people as your top priority.” 

He tilted his chin at the commanders and Dorian who were getting ready for battle and placed his hand on his sword. 

“Then let’s begin.” 

Raon stomped his foot with his chin raised. 


A shock wave that seemed to distort the entire Hwaryang Mountain exploded, and red-hot flames rose from beneath the tunnel. 

“Boo, it’s a firework!” 


The warriors supported by Dialun and Addis were frightened by the fiercely rising flames and retreated. 

However, Raon instead stretched out his hand towards the terrible flames. 


The silver frost blooming from his hand froze all the rising flames and heat. It was a transcendental divine skill that manipulated the mana of nature. 

Quad deuk! 

Raon crushed the frozen flames and opened the gates of hell with his blue hands. 

The suffocating heat began to subside along with the white steam. 

“Just follow behind me.” 

Raon pulled out his sword with a cold look in his eyes. The voice of the Absolute One who had ascended to transcendence calmed the ominous emotions of the people. 

“Because I won’t let anyone die.” 

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