The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 875

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Episode 876

“Then I’ll come back.” 

Raon waved at Sylvia and Edgar, then looked behind his back. 

“Hey sister? I have to go now… .” 

I looked at Sia’s head hanging on my shoulder and let out a heavy sigh. 

“You can’t go!” 

Sia shook her head vigorously as if she would never let him go. 

“I kept the house like I promised, so why are you going again?” 

She pursed her lips, saying she didn’t want to leave the annex. 

“Whether I go or not, I think I’m going to break my bones…” .” 

Sia was hugging her with all her strength, so it felt as if her collarbone and ribs, where her arms were touching, were about to break. 

However, because of what he said, he had no choice but to hold on and not throw it away. 

“It won’t take more than a few nights this time.” 

Raon put his hands together and said he would come back as soon as possible. 

“I’ll make sure to bring a gift for my sister.” 

His voice rustled in warm colors like autumn leaves. It really seemed like he was dealing with a child.  

“gift… ?” 

As soon as Sia heard that it was a gift, she lifted her head up. Her eyes revealed their ruby-like sparkle. 

“What kind of gift is it?” 

“That’s a secret.” 

Since I hadn’t thought about it in advance, I just changed my mind. 

“Umm… .” 

Sia began to relax her arms, which had been squeezing her shoulders, as if she was tired of hearing the word “gift.” 

“Sia. “Raon is not leaving because he wants to leave either.” 

Sylvia seemed to think it was an opportunity and gently patted Sia’s back. 

“then! Raon is also going on a mission for us. So even the lie that it was a gift… “Wow!” 

Edgar muttered that the gift he said he would give to Sia was a lie and was kicked by Sylvia. 

The kick was so strong that his body flew out and landed on the fence of the annex. 

“Yes… .” 

Fortunately, Sia must have not heard Edgar’s words, and turned her eyes left and right and got off Raon’s back. 

“I’ll be back soon. “Please protect the house this time too.” 

Raon lightly tapped Sia’s head and smiled sweetly. 

“huh. okay. instead… .” 

“okay. “I’ll be sure to bring you a gift.” 

He said the word “gift” and glared at Edgar, who was pinned to the wall. 

“okay! “Leave the house to your sister!” 

Sia nodded with her hands on her waist, as if the gift gave her strength.  

His expression was still that of a child, but his momentum was like that of a battlefield general emitting a fierce roar. 

‘It wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach my sister how to use a sword after I return.’ 

Since the energy he possessed was so strong, I thought it would be a good idea to teach him properly and teach him how to control and use his power. 

“I really want to go now.” 

Raon waved to Silvia and Sia in her arms and left the garden.  

-You’re stubborn like your older sister. It will be troublesome in the future. 

Lars quenched his appetite, saying he could clearly see the future. 

‘It’s not particularly bothersome.’ 

Raon calmly shook his head. 

‘Rather, it feels like a sense of stability is gaining.’ 

In her previous life, she might have thought it was annoying like Lars said, but since she learned about family and relationships in this life, Sia’s complaints were cute.  

-Are you becoming a human too? . 

‘You were originally a person?’ 

-joy! You were originally an Elyos. 

Lars snorted, saying he had no human identity at all. 

‘Let’s not double-talk.’ 

Raon laughed, tapping Lars’ nose. He seemed to have changed a lot, seeing that he now felt that the Elyos were an insult. 

“I can’t believe there was someone who embarrassed Raon Sieghart, the Great Lord of the Wind Wind, like that. I should show up in the future.” 

Burren, who was waiting outside the garden, smiled warmly and said that the brother-sister relationship was cute. 

“Are you saying that the Grand Master’s power is hidden behind that innocent smile? “Is this creepy?” 

Marta took a long sip, saying she wanted to have a fight with Sia.  

“I’m a little jealous… .” 

Runaan muttered that she was jealous and looked at her back. 

“Let’s go! I have a lot of things to pack on my way home. First of all, you need to pack all the necessities, including supplies… .” 

Dorian listed the items he needed one after another as if he was looking forward to going to Sepia Store. It seemed like he was trying to get everything in the world. 

“I knew the kids were full of personality, but they were very upset.” 

Cheryl shook her head as she glanced at the team members and Dorian, who were each saying only what they wanted to say. 

“Because the person who taught me was a prosecutor with more personality than anyone else.” 

Raon smiled as if it was natural and went forward. 

“okay. “That’s right.” 

Cheryl followed behind with a faint smile on her face.  


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*      *       * 

When Raon was enjoying a short break in front of the bonfire after finishing dinner, Cheryl came up next to him. 

“I think I’m used to being homeless now.” 

Cheryl sat down in front of the campfire and shrugged her shoulders. 

“I think I was a bit foolish when I first took you out.” 

“I did well. “They were a little slow.” 

Raon shook his head, pointing to Dorian and the three leaders who were organizing the surroundings. 

‘Because homelessness was like life itself.’ 

Having lived as an assassin for a long time, he was familiar with homeless people.  

If he looked awkward, it was probably all because of the Gwangpungdae guys. 

“Now that I think about it, that’s right. “You fought with our unit owner from the beginning, right?” 

“We didn’t fight, we arm-wrestled.” 

“okay. “From then on, I thought it wasn’t normal.” 

Cheryl laughed heartily, saying that it reminded her of everything from the past. 

“Is he well?” 

“I’m just adding more muscle than before. “I guess you don’t want to lose in arm wrestling.” 

She clicked her tongue, saying that she seemed more crazy about muscles than martial arts. 

“I feel like I know something.” 

Raon smiled softly and looked at the bonfire again. 

“excuse me… .” 

Cheryl slowly opened her lips in a short silence. 

“I heard that the requiem sword contains that damned soul. Is this true?” 

“yes. It’s true.” 

Raon faced Sheryl’s shaking eyes and nodded. 

“Shiyan tried to let out the master’s soul, but it got stuck in the requiem sword and wouldn’t come out.” 

“… “Can I see that sword for a moment?” 

Cheryl swallowed dryly, lowering her head as if she were asking a difficult favor. 


Raon nodded and handed the requiem sword to Sheryl.  

Since it is a magic sword, it should not be entrusted to others, but Cheryl seemed to be okay with it. 

“thank you.” 

Cheryl received the requiem sword with trembling hands. 

“You damn bastard!” 

She glared at the red blade of the requiem sword and let out the emotions she had been suppressing.  

“What if I just go like that…” .” 

Cheryl held the requiem sword in both hands and leaned her forehead against it. Perhaps because of the flickering shadows of the campfire, it seemed as if she was being hugged by her Rimer. 

Sheryl, who had been holding the requiem sword for a while, raised her head with a refreshed expression, as if she had let go of some of her anger. 

“thank you. “Thanks to you, I felt relieved.” 

Cheryl bowed her head as if she was truly grateful and returned the requiem sword. 

“excuse me… .” 

Raon lowered his voice as he held the still warm requiem sword. 

“What was the relationship between you and the Heavenly Sword Master?” 

“uh… ?” 

Cheryl blushed as if she had been asked an unexpected question. It seemed like her always confident, steely exterior had broken. 

“that is. Uh, um… .” 

She couldn’t answer right away, but crossed her shoulders and rolled her trembling eyes. 

“Raon. Everything is ready! “Let’s hurry up and get there before dawn!” 

As I was waiting for Cheryl’s answer, Marta waved her hand and told us to leave quickly. 

“okay. for a moment… .” 

Raon nodded and was about to get an answer from Cheryl, but she had already left him and was standing next to Buren, who was in the lead. 

“let’s go! “If it’s too late, it could be dangerous!” 

Cheryl was turning her ankles with a red face as if telling her to come back. 

“hmm… .” 

Raon quenched his appetite. I guess I’ll have to hear about Cheryl and Rimmer’s relationship later. 

‘But what happens? Did you like Cheryl more, not Master?’ 

When I tilted my head in confusion, Marta slapped me on the back. 

“Sometimes there are things you don’t have to ask.” 

“fool… .” 

Runan also stuck out his tongue slightly as if he agreed.  

‘What does that mean?’ 

-This means you are not human! 

Lars clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic. 

‘No, I mean… .’ 

-He’s like an Elyos. 

‘It’s okay if you’re an Elyos, so please give me an answer.’ 

-You stupid Elyos! 

‘You don’t know either, do you?’ 

-… … . 

*      *       * 

Lorcan, a large city in the southwestern part of the continent. 

Although a thick blanket of night covered the entire city, the Sepia Chamber of Commerce office did not lose its bright light.  

“hmm… .” 

Addis Sepia, the owner of the Lonely Light and the head of the Sepia Company, was busy moving around his office and writing down numerous words. 

This late hour, dividing light and dark, seemed to indicate that it was a significant moment for Sanghoeju, which shook the continent.  


Old Butler Rigwin carefully lowered his head. 

“It’s late, so why don’t you go to sleep now?” 

He said he shouldn’t push himself too hard and put his hands together in front of him. 

“That’s true under normal circumstances. “But there is nothing important to do this time.” 

Addis shook her head vigorously, as if she was grateful for the advice, but couldn’t accept it. 

“Dorian. “He’s coming back, so he can’t afford to waste his preparations!” 

He couldn’t erase the smile on his face, as if he was looking forward to seeing his son after a long time. 

This late at night. What made him one of the few lights in the city was not his beliefs as a merchant, but his paternal love as a father. 

“Do you like it that much?” 

Rigwin shook his head, saying it had been a long time since he had laughed like that. 

“A risk! “What did I laugh at?” 

Addis’ mouth twitched like someone from the North. 

“You’re smiling so well right now.” 

Rigwin shrugged his shoulders as if asking if he could bring him a mirror.  

“That’s not it! “I’ve heard rumors that my son has been active here and there, so I’m just a little excited!” 

Addis waved his hand as if he was saying absolutely nothing, but he still couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from rising. 

“But when will you come?” .” 

He lowered his eyebrows, as if he couldn’t wait.  

“The letter arrived today, so even if I take a portal, it will likely arrive tomorrow or the day after.” 

Rigwin shook his head, saying he could prepare slowly. 

“Well, I guess that’s right.” 

It was time for Addis to sit down, saying it would be a good idea to take some time off. 

“hmm… ?” 

Rigwyn put his hand to his ear and frowned. 

“Why are you doing this?” 

Addis narrowed her eyes at Rigwin. 

“Uh… .” 

Rigwin sighed and looked out the window. 

“It is said that Master Tao and Lord Gwangpung have come to visit… .” 

“what? now?” 

“yes. “They say they’ve already passed the main gate.” 

“her… .” 

Addis widened his eyes as if he was dumbfounded. 

“I didn’t know it would come this quickly.” 

“First, let’s get ready to welcome you.” 

Rigwin quickly cleaned up the mess Addis had made in his office.  

Every time his hand moved, the dust disappeared, revealing the original, neat appearance of the office.  


Addis smoothed out the wrinkles on her clothes, sat down at her desk, and picked up a pen. While he was pretending to work, there was a knock on the door. 

“Hoe Lord. “The master and the guests have arrived.” 

The butler’s voice was heard from outside. 

“Come in.” 

Addis nodded, keeping his voice as quiet as possible. 


However, as soon as he saw his son, he couldn’t help but gape. 

My son, who had always been chubby, had lost all of his weight, and he looked leaner than any prosecutor he knew. 

Of course, it paled a little compared to Raon coming in right behind, but it was enough to overwhelm ordinary people. 


Dorian seemed excited about meeting after a long time and ran towards him. 

“hmm… .” 

Addis lowered her eyebrows. 

Normally, I should have pushed my son away in order to raise him strong, but seeing him change like that, I was so touched that I felt a weak feeling of wanting to hug him. 

‘okay. ‘Because I tried.’ 

It seemed like my son must have put in a lot of effort to end up like that, so I decided to ease his mind just this once. 


When Addis opened her arms to hug her son, Dorian stopped and took out a small note from his arms. 

“There is a lot of need! First of all, a fire-resistant stone wall, medicine for external injuries, medicine for internal injuries, holy water, a tent for sleeping, and a bed… .” 

Dorian blurted out only the items he needed as Addis awkwardly spread her arms. 

“… … .” 

Addis’ eyes, which had been burning with anticipation, turned cold. 

*      *       * 

“I need another hammer and saw blade… Eck!” 


Raon dragged Dorian, who was constantly asking for supplies, behind him and bowed his head to Addis Sepia, who was standing blankly. 

“Shanghoe Lord. Long time no see.” 

“Uh, um… .” 

Addis also seemed to have come to her senses, lightly tapping her temple and lowering her head. 

“It’s been a while. “The Great Lord of the Wind Wind and the Great Sword of the Heavenly Sword also came.” 

He sent a polite greeting not only to himself but also to Cheryl. 

“I’m sorry for visiting so late.” 

Cheryl bowed apologetically.  

“It’s okay. “I’m doing paperwork anyway.” 

Addis waved a blank document. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t seem to know that the paper was blank. 

“But seeing that you came so quickly, I think it’s more urgent than I thought.” 

“yes. Do you have any information about the Gray Hammer Guild?” 

Raon took a step forward and asked.  

Since the land where Rokhan and the Gray Hammer Guild were located was not that far away, there was a high possibility that Addis knew the news. 

“Actually, I haven’t met Mr. Borgos this year. “When he sent me a gift at the end of last year, he told me not to contact him for a while because he had something important to do.” 

Addis shook her head, resting her arms on the desk. 

“As you know, Great Lord Gwangpung, it is very common for craftsmen to suddenly find themselves locked in their workshops. “I thought it was no different than usual, but it seems like something is going on.” 

“yes. I didn’t write it down because it could cause misunderstanding… .” 

Raon took out the letter from Borgos and showed it to him. 

“Hmm, his handwriting is correct. but… .” 

Addis lowered her eyebrows as she looked at the letter Raon took out. 

“You’re not the kind of person who would send something like this… .” 

He furrowed his brows, saying that if he died alone, he would die, and he was not the kind of person to ask for help from someone he was not familiar with. 

“I think he was probably in a hurry.” 

“Then let’s go right now… .” 

“Please wait for now. “I told my son to go directly to the Gray Hammer Guild, and he will be back soon.” 

Addis said it was time to come and motioned for me to sit on the sofa. 

“All right.” 

Raon nodded heavily and sat down on the sofa that Rigwin guided him to. 

“Well, then I supply! “I’ll come back with supplies!” 

Dorian looked at Addis and Raon alternately, whining like a puppy that wanted to poop. 

“Ha, do whatever you want.” 

Addis glared fiercely at Dorian and waved his hand. 


Dorian raised his hand as if saluting and left the office without even paying attention to his father. 

“… “What about that kid?” 

As soon as Dorian left, Addis started asking questions about him. 

“I am too distracted and scared to live as a prosecutor.” 

Raon revealed Dorian’s usual appearance in a calm voice. 

“also… .” 

“But now I have built enough faith and skills to overcome that fear. No matter what anyone says, Sieghart is a great swordsman.” 

“Hmm, I guess so.” 

Addis slightly curled her mouth, as if she was in a good mood at Raon’s sincere compliment. 

“He’s a friend I can trust to have my back.” 

“Is it that much?” 

“yes. “I’m serious.” 


As he laughed and expressed surprise at the same time, sounds as if something was breaking were heard from various parts of the business building. 

“this guy! How much… .” 

As Addis stood up with a frown, the door to the office opened and Dorian’s older brother, Dialun Sephia, and a dwarf with a brown beard came in. 

“Ah, father! “There was a big problem.” 

Dialun took heavy steps, breathing heavily. 

“Just calm down for now.” 

“I can’t calm down!” 

He shook his head and pointed to the dwarf next to him. 

“It is said that Borgos and most of the dwarves of the Gray Hammer Guild have been captured by monsters!” 

Dialun’s lips trembled as he said that the dwarves were attacked at their base. 


Addis shook her head as she looked at the dwarf. 

“Well, is that really true?” 

“exactly… .” 

The dwarf shook his chin and lowered his head. 

“What on earth happened?” 

Addis slammed the desk as if to hurry up and explain. 

“Monsters have come from beneath the burning ground where we set up our workshop. I tried to stop it somehow, but the force was too powerful… .” 

The dwarf trembled his chin, saying it was a desperate force. 

“Then you should have asked for help!” 

Martha furrowed her brows. 

“Dwarves rarely borrow the power of others. “I try to solve it somehow with my own strength.” 

Addis shook his head, saying that the only time dwarves ask for help from others is when the entire race is in danger. 

“What is that monster? A large monster like a giant worm?” 

“no. “It was a monster that spoke like us, was very large, had red wings, and wielded a flaming sword and a whip.” 

The dwarves grabbed their heads saying their weapons didn’t work.  

“Flaming sword or whip?” 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he listened to the dwarf. 

‘Was there such a monster?’ 

I tried my head, but no monster came to mind. 

-Huh… . 

When I was about to ask again, Lars scratched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. 


-Those guys somehow seem like people the King knows… . 

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