The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 839

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Episode 840

“It’s an improvised bridge… .”

Sif nodded, ruffling her red hair.

“okay. “You can’t help but think that way.”

He smiled slightly, saying that he could fully understand.

“You can’t help but think that way, right?”

Rimmer tapped his shoulder with the leaf sword.

“I’ve lived a long time, and I’ve never heard or seen someone reach transcendence like this.”

The story of someone reaching transcendence by robbing another person of their power has never happened in the history of the continent.

Currently, Sif is emitting a clear transcendental energy wave, but she must have weaknesses.

“Then feel it for yourself. “Whether I reveal my bankruptcy or not!”

Sif stomped her foot with a crooked smile. A powerful wave of aurors waves around him. It was an absolute energy wave that only the transcendent could see.

Coo coo coo coo!

Sif rushed in front of me as if she wanted to end it all at once. A sharp sword strike that made his flesh tremble as if it would pierce his eyeballs.

‘There must be a weakness.’

Rimmer bent his left knee and filled the leaf sword with blue wind. It advanced with a refreshing energy wave that erased the smell of blood, unfolding the true meaning of the sword of extinction.


Neither Rimmer nor Sif avoided each other’s swords. Sword and sword strike clashed head-on, shaking the entire community.

“hmm… .”

Rimmer let out a loud groan and jumped back. He forced his trembling hands and frowned.

“how is it?”

Sif, on the other hand, smiled slyly without being pushed back even one step.

“Do you see the destruction?”

“You can’t tell from this.”

Rimmer shook his head, shaking off the remaining Sif energy in his grasp.

‘It’s no joke.’

I just clashed two swords, but my stomach hurts. Although it was not an internal injury, the shock was great. This meant that he was completely outclassed in terms of physical ability and aura.

‘It would be better to refrain from fighting from the front.’

Sif’s physical abilities and Auror level were at a level where it would not be an exaggeration to say that she was a warrior who had reached transcendence a long time ago.

If I fought from the front, I wouldn’t be able to last even a few moves and my limbs would fall off.

“I don’t know… .”

Sif nodded calmly.

“Then I guess I’ll have to show you more.”

He bent his wrist forward and raised the black sword. The moment he turned the blade into a single point as if making a stab, a blue light flashed before his eyes.

‘Space sword!’

Rimmer urgently lowered his stance and created Garunua’s wind.

Quad deud deuk!

A sharp slash that bursts through space and cuts through Garunua’s wind. It was so skillful that it wouldn’t be strange to call it Aris’ space sword.

“… … .”

Rimmer wiped the blood flowing from his cheek and swallowed dry saliva.

‘What is this?’

Sif’s space sword was real. He almost thought that his judgment that the collapse would be revealed was wrong.

‘No, you still have to keep going.’

You should not doubt your own judgment the moment the fight has already begun. He had to believe in himself and keep going.


Rimmer arrived on Sif’s left side, wrapped in a gale of wind. He stamped his left foot and raised the leaf sword that was attached to his thigh.

Garunua’s wind, which had been condensed, was released and an enormous amount of energy exploded.

“That’s fast.”

Sif let out a small exclamation and turned her black sword diagonally. Offense, not defense. The guy didn’t defend himself, but rather launched his space sword and tried to bite off his own neck.

‘You can’t avoid it.’

The moment you are pushed back, space swords will flock in from all directions. He believed in his own sword and struck boldly.


The leaf sword and the black sword crossed, and the slash of blue wind and space clashed.

A loud noise sounded like thousands of glass windows breaking, and a black crack opened in the center of the cavity.


Rimmer and Sif looked at each other, each pushed back five steps.

However, unlike the relaxed Sif, Rimmer’s complexion was hardened to an earthy tone.


Rimmer’s chin trembled as he looked at the blood flowing from his shoulder.

“how… .”

Faras said that Sif did not learn the space sword until she left Aris.

But now he has unleashed a perfect space sword even at close range. Contrary to expectations, there was no visible damage.

“I guess I have some faith now.”

Sif nodded as if she knew that would happen.

“I have ascended to transcendence just as you feel.”

“… It does not make sense.”

Rimmer glared at Sif and bit his lip.

“It is impossible to make others reach transcendence using magic, incantations, or martial arts!”


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It is true that Sif stood closer to transcendence than herself or Raon.

However, reaching transcendence by stabbing Aris, rather than through self-awakening, would upset the balance of this world.

“What if it’s not human power?”

Sif planted her black sword in the ground and shook her head.

“what… ?”

“Rimer. “If you’ve been with your grandfather your whole life, you can tell me.”

He said it would be fun and raised his eyebrows.

“The blood of the Elyos flows through Sieghart’s humans.”

“cloth… feet?”

Rimmer’s eyes fluttered as if struck by a violent storm.

“As you said, with human abilities, it is impossible to reach transcendence by robbing others of their power. But when it comes to the power of the Elyos, it’s a different story.”

“Then what you did to Aris… .”

Rimmer swallowed dryly and looked at Aris, who was riding on Dorian’s back.


Sif followed Rimmer and looked at Aris with a sly smile.

“I accepted the power contained in my mother’s blood as a vessel for the Elyos. So, as you said, a result that cannot be achieved by humans was achieved.”

He shrugged, saying he didn’t understand anymore.

“No, I still don’t understand.”

Rimmer looked at Sif and shook his head.

“How did you know that Sieghart’s blood was mixed with the blood of the Elyos, and what was the method of stealing his power!”

“Because I studied both the Elyos and my body.”

Siff pointed to his head and said he had opened his skull.

“Studying the Elyos and your body… .”

Rimmer’s fingertips holding the sword trembled. Elyos research. There is only one person who can do that right now.

“You can’t believe it… .”

“that’s right.”

Sif nodded, spreading her arms.

“Derus Robert. He is my God.”

He showed serious eyes as he mentioned Derus’ name.

The personality was changing arbitrarily, as if the human being itself was broken.

“Did Derus kidnap you and experiment on you? .”

“No, I offered it myself. “As a sign of respect for Derusu.”

Sif laughed, saying it was her intention.

“Thanks to you, you reached the transcendental level at the youngest age on the continent. “All of this is His arrangement.”

He put his hands together as if he truly regarded Derus as a god.

“Our goal is to completely extract Mother’s power and then go to Raon Sieghart and Grandfather.”

Sif lowered her chin heavily, saying that she would use the knife to kill Glenn.


Rimmer snorted while looking at Sif.

“you… “You brought up the names of two people who shouldn’t be touched.”

“Why do you think I told you?”

Sif lowered her face and revealed a scary look in her eyes.

“Because you will all be buried here.”

He giggled and raised his head, as if his personality had changed again.

“good. “Let’s do something.”

Rimmer pushed down his heaving chest and straightened his back.

“The disciple killed the transcendent, so there’s nothing I can’t do.”

He lowered his eyes and lowered his hand down with his sword raised. She slowly opened her eyes, summoning the wind and lightning in the world of images.

“Song of the Wind and Thunder, the manifestation of the Sword Realm.”

When Rimmer opened the sword realm, green winds and red thunderbolts rushed throughout the cavity, creating an enormous wave of aura.

The pouring wind and a single bolt of lightning were no different from a single thunderbolt.

“It’s fake.”

Sif shook her chin, calling Rimmer’s sword system a fake.

“This time, I will destroy your false sword world.”

As he struck down the black sword, dozens of sword images were drawn in the air, and the turbulent wind and lightning split apart.

“That much?”

Rimmer snorted and lowered his sword, and the wind and thunderbolts that had subsided as if dead rose up again.


Sif approaches, pushing away the earth. He suddenly jumps out from the right and stabs in with a black sword, as if incorporating the techniques of the space sword into his walking techniques.

A blade that sparkles whitishly. The guy was using his space sword even in close combat.

‘If you block it, you will lose money.’

It is a slash that uses the space sword to overcome the opponent’s defense. The moment you defend, you lose momentum, so it is better to attack.


Rimmer raised a blade wrapped in wind and lightning and struck down Sif’s incoming sword attack.


The power of the auror itself was still superior to Sif, but thanks to the power of wind and lightning, she was barely able to hold on.

“It’s pretty good for a fake, isn’t it?”

Sif sneered and twisted the black sword to the left. The power of Pacheon was contained in the bent and rising black blade.


Even though I blocked the leaf sword with wind and lightning, I felt nauseous.

Since Sif’s sword strike itself was based on the techniques of the space sword, even if the reaction was slightly delayed, the damage would be severe.

“Does it look difficult? “Am I still relaxed?”

Every time Sif swings the black sword, the air vibrates and lightning and wind are torn apart.

As the space sword merged with his original sword skills, it became increasingly difficult to deal with him.

‘Let’s approach. If we go too far, this will be the loss.’

Even if Sif could use the empathy sword at close range, it was less effective than at long range.

It seemed like fighting at extremely close range, risking each other’s lives, would be advantageous to them.


Rimmer trusted his auror and body strengthened by the sword world and narrowed the distance between him and Sif.


In a narrow space where it was difficult to swing the sword completely, he twisted his wrist and stabbed the sword of lightning and wind towards Sif.

“You wouldn’t have an advantage in close combat, right?”

Sif twisted her waist like a transcendental to avoid the thunderbolt’s sword, but frowned as if she was annoyed.

“But it can kill some of your strengths, right?”

Rimmer fought at a distance so close that Sif could be heard breathing. He used not only swordsmanship and footwork, but also momentary movements that maximized his senses to target the guy’s breath.

“good. “I will deal with you however you want.”

Sif stood at the same distance as Rimmer, as if her pride was hurt by stepping down, and drew a close-range space sword.

Even after being struck countless times by lightning and wind, his sword did not waver at all.


Sif looked at Rimmer and raised her eyebrows.

‘It definitely deserves to be called a lightsaber.’

A simple movement as if riding the wind and a sharp sword strike with lightning. And even when standing on a knife edge, he has unwavering composure.

He was a military man that everyone had no choice but to acknowledge.

However, as the fight continued, Rimmer’s movements began to become more noticeable.

“This way.”

As Sif licked her lips and swung her sword, the wind split and Rimmer’s thigh was sliced ​​open.

“Try moving a little faster. “Because I can see everything.”

He taunted Rimmer and unleashed a series of spatial slashes.

It was a chain slash that fired the second sword strike before the first space sword extended.


Rimmer deflected five sword strikes, but in the end he was unable to block the sixth space sword and gave up his waist. He wasn’t seriously hurt, but it was an indicator that he was starting to get pushed back.

“… So what.”

Rimmer let out a rough breath and moved closer to Sif.

His strength, speed, physical ability, and aura were all pushed aside, but his will could not be broken.


I had the eerie feeling that I was stepping into the abyss of death, where even a single mistake could result in my limbs being torn off.

‘Still, I have no choice but to move on.’

Raon can’t fight for her, and the head of the family can’t come. The only person who could protect Dorian and Aris was himself.

‘How long has this fight been going on?’

Overwhelming thirteen. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a bloody battle where even one wrong move of a finger could result in my head being blown off.

But strangely enough, it wasn’t scary or burdensome.

Rather, it was fun to be able to bring out everything in myself. It may be because, as Aris said before, she trusts Raon.

‘It’s comfortable.’

As my mind became free, my body, which had become heavy, became light as if it had wings.

The lower, middle, and upper quarters were connected as one, and it felt as if my mind was connected to the sky.


Sif’s sword strikes, which were difficult to avoid even with all his might, began to be read. No, the flow of mana occurring in this cavity seeped into my eyes.


Rimmer dug into Sif’s left, creating wind and lightning. Red lightning and blue wind came together in one hand, creating an extreme wave.


Sif was the first to be pushed, hitting her back against the wall.

“What is this… .”

He widened his eyes as if he couldn’t understand the situation.


Rimmer laughed. Pure natural mana fills the mana circuit of the entire body.

His body and soul were growing as if they were going to ascend to the sky.

Coo! Coooooo!

I felt that the level I had built up all my life was breaking down the wall of transcendence that was blocking my path.


I dodged Sif’s slash and stabbed my sword into the guy’s shoulder.

Previously, it would have been blocked due to the slow speed and power, but the lightning and wind seeped in and cut the guy’s shoulder.

“What have you done… .”

Sif furrowed her eyebrows and fired a series of slashes.

The sword was so sharp that it would kill anyone no matter where it was cut, but the wind was still on its side.


Rather than using his original walking technique, Rimmer moved his body following the green wind and fired a lightning blade towards Sif’s heart.


Sif’s black sword and the leaf sword clashed head-on, causing black-green sparks to spread throughout the cavity.


Rimmer moved forward, his body covered in a gale-force wind.

Although he suffered internal injuries, his body grew faster than that. It seemed like it was evolving into an invincible body.


I was confident that I was advancing to the level of transcendence that I had longed for.

However, there was something more important than that.

‘Have fun.’

Instructor of the 5th Yeonmujang, leader of the Gwangpungdan, and leader of the Gwangpungdan. It feels as if Rimmera has thrown away all that skin and regained its freedom.

I felt like I could go anywhere, as if I were the wind and lightning.


Rimmer collided head-on with Sif once again.

Although they were still inferior in strength and speed, they were not as overwhelmingly inferior as before.

The power rising from the three dantians was enough to drive the sword into the guy’s body.


As Rimmer’s sword strike became stronger, tendons began to sprout on Sif’s forehead.

“You’re going to transcend? “Like you?”

Sif’s entire body was stained with black energy. A powerful energy wave, as if the darkness of the earth was rising, spread out, containing the magic of the space sword. He also seemed to be giving his all now.

‘It’s impossible to stop this.’

Rimmer bit his lip and twisted the leaf sword diagonally.

Blah blah blah!

I tried to send Sif’s slashes towards the ceiling and floor, but the power contained within them was so strong that I couldn’t block them all.

Coo coo coo coo!

The slash that tore through space escaped the blade of the leaf sword and went backwards.

‘for a moment! ‘Over there!’

Rimmer urgently turned around. He was shooting his space sword towards Dorian and Aris.

‘ah… .’

If you are who you are now, you can stop it. But since it was so close, it was clear that it would be a huge shock that would affect the fight.

Of course, before even thinking about such things, his body was moving towards Dorian.


Rimmer broke the ground and threw himself towards the incoming space sword.


Even though I tried my best to defend myself with the leaf sword, the most powerful shock I have ever felt hit my entire body.


Rimmer bent over, coughing up black dead blood.

“Boo, Vice Commander!”

Dorian screamed and grabbed Rimmer.

“This is ridiculous.”

Sif looked at Rimmer and laughed.

“If you had fought like that, you could have ascended to transcendence, but are you throwing yourself away for the bastards?”

He frowned as if he didn’t understand.

“Our master… .”

Rimmer wiped his blood-soaked lips and shook his head.

“I made a promise to this bastard. “I will watch your back.”

He smiled quietly as if he had no regrets.

“As a subordinate, I can’t make the great lord break his promise.”

Rimmer said that was all and slowly straightened his back.

“You idiot.”

“Of course you can’t understand an immoral child who stabs his parents. “Because I am talking about human duties.”

I almost reached transcendence with a sense of freedom, but the last choice I made was the bondage of responsibility. She felt like she had really become human.

‘That’s not good.’

My body is heavy. The freedom that seemed like wind and lightning has already disappeared.

However, this could not be said to be defeat. Now was the time to fight to the end.

“okay. Die as a human. “I will live as an Elyos.”

Sif aimed her sword at Rimmer. A huge energy began to wriggle from his sword, enough to collapse the dungeon itself.

“Do, run away… .”

Aris opened her dry lips, saying, “Get out of here by yourself.”

“I’m losing more strength… .”

She shed tears as she said that Sif was getting stronger.

“I told you.”

Rimmer wiped Aris’ tears and shook his head.

“Raon considers you family. “I can’t give grief to my student, who has finally learned the importance of family.”

He smiled softly and stepped forward.


From Sif’s grasp, a black and blue ray of light connects as one. A transcendental slash that drew darkness surged through space.

Coo coo coo coo!

Rimmer advanced into the pitch-black darkness, holding his sword with both shaking hands. Lightning and wind that erase the darkness. The slash containing his soul formed a vast light that cut through the darkness.

“I am Sieghardt’s lightsaber!”

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