The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 837

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Chapter 838

“aunt… .” 

Raon’s fingertips trembled. My brain turns white. He knew he had to run to Aris right away, but his body couldn’t move, as if his body and mind were playing separately. 

“uh… ?” 

Burren dropped the sword he was holding in disbelief. 

“What the f*ck!” 

Marta cursed with her face distorted. 

“… Sif?” 

Runaan froze in place as if she had turned into a stone statue. 


Raon slapped himself and forced himself to come to his senses. 

“You bastard!” 

“Until there.” 

As I was about to step on the fireworks to save Aris, Sif calmly shook her head. 

“You’d better not move from that spot.” 

Sif slightly twisted the black sword embedded in her chest as if she was planning to kill Aris if she approached. 


Aris let out a breathless moan and trembled all over. 

“you… .” 

Raon gritted his teeth as he looked at Sif’s calm eyes. 


At first, I was suspicious because Ras said he had seen Sif somewhere. 

However, Sif’s body was so stiff that it was difficult to lift the sword, and her auror was also dry, so she thought she couldn’t harm anyone. 

No, rather, he felt like he was seeing Aris and Sif’s friendly looks towards him and Sylvia, so he relaxed.  

I never thought something like this would happen. I never imagined that Aris would suffer like that. 

“Si, Siph… .” 

Aris looked back at Sif, spitting out black blood from her mouth. 

“There is no malice. mother.” 

Sif smiled and stroked Aris’ red hair. 

“Just because I need you.” 

He laughed in a soft voice that had not changed at all from the first time. 

“Why on earth? I would have done anything you wanted… .” 

Aris’ black, dying lips trembled as if Sif’s change was more painful than the pain of the sword being stuck in her chest. 

“Because I gave you rough training? Or come to the rescue too late… ?” 

Even in this situation, she was thinking of Sif first, asking why. 

“training? It was definitely difficult. “Others praised me for my talent, but at the time, I wasn’t that interested in strength.” 

Sif shook her chin with a calm look in her eyes. 

“But things were different after I left my mother.” 

He chuckled, his voice cracking. 

“How great I am. And I could see how insignificant other humans were. “Power is a really good thing.” 

Sif said thank you for letting her know and caressed Aris’ cheek. 

“I didn’t train you for that!” 

“Didn’t your mother tell you not to lose to anyone? “It’s really fun to bully and dominate the weak.” 

He curled the corners of his mouth as if trampling on Aris’ hopes. 

“But I haven’t heard anything about your whereabouts… .” 

“If I did something stupid, I would be taken away right away, so I lied about my identity. Red Nanang Sword Bas, Blood Wolf Danshu, Maunsal Isran. “There are a lot of names I wrote.” 

Sif said that he had killed over 1,000 people, all of whom were renowned murderers.  

“It’s all thanks to my mother. “I met my god and learned what Sieghart’s blood is.” 


Raon narrowed his eyes and parted his dry lips. 

“It’s not a lie to say that our blood is special. “It’s really different.” 

Sif shook her head, saying that wasn’t much of a lie. 

“Yeah, I don’t know what you’re thinking. But you know I have to stop you!” 

Aris chewed her lip and grabbed the black sword sticking out of her chest. He seemed intent on breaking it just like that. 

“ah… .” 

However, she was unable to break the blade of the black sword, and her hands trembled as if she lost strength. 

“Hey, aunt?” 

Raon swallowed dryly as he looked at Aris. 


Even though he was attacked while exhausted, Aris is a transcendent person who has overcome countless hardships.  

Sif’s weak sword needs to be broken, but I don’t know why it can’t be moved. 

“What did you… .” 

Aris tried to force herself to pull out Sif’s black sword, but his sword was like a rock and did not waver. 

“This sword is special. “It is a sword honed with my blood and soul.” 

Sif shook her head, saying it was obvious that she couldn’t pull it out. 

“But if it’s a request from my beloved mother, I can pick it up as much as I want. Because now it’s time.” 

He grinned and pulled out the black sword stuck in Aris’ chest. 



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As soon as the sword was drawn, Aris fell and a bloody amount of blood poured out from her punctured chest. 


The moment Aris’ blood hit the ground, the dried blood on the ceiling, walls, and floor of the cavity emitted a red light. 


A bright red light that seemed to have melted blood poured down on Sif as if it were stage lighting. 

As the blood glow seeped into Sif’s body, as if turning back time, his wounds were erased and his flesh and muscles began to fill up, giving him a strong appearance. 


Raon kicked the ground without hesitation. 

‘I have to go now.’ 

If we leave it like this, Aris will definitely die.  

There was only one moment to save Aris from Sif, whose energy was rapidly increasing. 

Chiri riri ring! 

He stepped forward with his left foot and drew an exquisite frost kite. The frost sword and the spear iron sword struck Sif’s head and heart at the same time. 

“I should have taken care of my mother.” 

Sif smiled and shook her chin. 

“You are too greedy. “Little brother.” 

He snapped his fingers, and the air split apart, erasing Frostyeon’s two slashes. As a son of Aris, he had considerable skill with the space sword. 


Raon clicked his tongue and approached Aris. 


Aris’ eyes were open, but she couldn’t move a finger as if her whole body was paralyzed.  

It seemed like the mental shock was greater than the physical pain. 


Raon gritted his teeth and placed his hand on Aris’ chest. All the divinity that had bloomed in the darkness was poured into the wound, which was still bleeding. 


Thanks to consuming all of her divine power, Aris’ wounds healed, but she still couldn’t move. 

“La, Raon… .” 

Red tears formed on Aris’ distorted eyes. She was saying she was sorry with her eyes. 

“Oh, space sword?” 

Paras approached Aris, but then looked at Sif and his chin trembled. 

“How could Master Sif use a space sword…?” .” 

“What does that mean?” 

Raon looked back at Paras and narrowed his eyes. 

“Sif, you have not mastered the space sword. He had learned a completely different sword technique, so why suddenly… .” 

Paras held his head as if he didn’t understand. 

-That guy… . 

Lars bit his lip as he looked at Sif. 

-I am extracting the power of a motherf*cker. 

‘strength? Are you saying you’re pulling out my aunt’s auror?’ 

Clearly, Aris’s energy was gradually decreasing, and on the contrary, Sif’s energy wave was gradually getting stronger. 

-Not just an auror, but power! The power that that idiot possesses is being pulled out! 

Lars shook his head, saying it was his first time seeing this phenomenon. 

‘then… .’ 

I now understand why Paras was surprised to see Sif’s space sword. 

It doesn’t make sense, but it seemed like he stole Aris’ space sword. 

-And now I remember who that guy is. 

The guy glared at Sif and let out a low breath. 

-That’s the guy who tried to kill you in the river. 

‘You tried to kill me?’ 

-Didn’t you say that when King Bon woke up, you were on the verge of death? That’s the guy who chased you and tried to kill you! 

Lars twisted his mouth, saying that he understood that the Auror was exposed. 

‘no way… ?’ 

I heard that after he fell in a life-or-death battle with his father, there was a guy who hid in the shadow of an evil ghost and finally came out and stabbed him with a sword. 

“hemp cloth… right?” 

Raon looked at Sif and called Beorn’s name as if chewing a bone. 


Sif looked at Raon and laughed. 

“Do you remember? “You must have fainted?” 

He tilted his head as if curious. 

“Well, there’s no need to cheat now.” 

Sif calmly nodded as she looked at Aris, who was lying down. 

“that’s right. “I am Beorn.” 

He erased his creepy smile and revealed his eyes as firm as a rock. 

“… “Is Sif dead?” 

Raon gritted his teeth and asked. It seemed like a guy named Beorn had killed Sif and was acting in his guise. 

“What are you talking about?” 

Sif smiled strangely again. 

“I am Beorn and Sif.” 

Beorn said he was Sif and lifted his chin. 

“what… ?” 

Raon’s lips trembled. 

“Did you think I was dead and Beorn was acting? “That’s so pure!” 

Beorn sneered, brushing his red hair. 

“ah… .” 

I lowered my gaze at Aris’ moan. She, too, seemed to have heard Beorn’s words and shed bloody tears from her eyes. 

‘I feel like I’m looking at him.’ 

Raon bit her lip until it bled.  

‘Derus Robert.’ 

Pure malice with unknown intent. I felt as dirty as when I faced Derus Robert, who used all humans as his chess pieces. 

“I will kill you…” .” 

As if making an oath to Aris, Raon stood in front of her and raised his sword of sacrifice and sword of requiem.  

-Take care of it as quickly as possible. That guy now… . 

This was when Lars waved his hand, saying he didn’t have much time. 

Coo coo coo coo! 

A huge wave of mana appeared from Beorn’s whole body, as if a volcano had exploded, and a magnificent blue light emanated from it. 

This dungeon. No, a force that shakes this entire island. It was a subversive spirit that only those who broke the wall of the grand master and reached transcendence could reveal. 

“this… .” 

Beorn looked at his own hands and savored them with satisfaction. 

“It’s truly transcendent.” 

He grinned, saying he had finally reached it. 

“It does not make sense… .” 

Raon bit his dry lips and shook his head. 

“You can’t reach transcendence this way!” 

He knows better than anyone else how high transcendence is. It is impossible to reach transcendence with power taken from others. 

However, Beorn was becoming stronger even at this moment when he reached transcendence. As if we were going to reach Aris’s realm. 

“okay. In general, it’s impossible. but… .” 

Beorn laughed, scanning the cavity that sparkled like ruby. 

“It is possible if there is despair and fear in this cavity and Sieghardt’s blood flowing through our bodies.” 

He lifted his chin, saying that he had spilled the blood of over a thousand humans for Aris. 

“Sieghart’s blood… ?” 

Raon looked at Beorn and sighed. That guy said a little while ago that Sieghardt’s blood was special. 

“Have you ever thought it strange why only Sieghart’s immediate descendants use the Sword Realm?” 

Beorn waved his black sword and pointed at himself. 


“There are many swordsmen who have become grand masters or transcendental, but Sieghart is the only one who uses the sword realm. “Do you know the reason?” 

He tilted his head slightly. 

“You don’t know. “I would have just taken it for granted.” 

“… … .” 

“The reason we can use the sword realm is because of the blood that comes down from above. “Our ancestors were not human.” 

Beorn remarked that the blood of another race was mixed. 

“That’s why only blood relatives with stronger blood can use the sword realm.” 

He nodded, thinking it was fun.  


Raon didn’t miss the opportunity when Beorn’s gaze fell and stepped on the Taehwabo. 


If that guy gets stronger than this, he won’t be able to win even if he exerts all his might.  

Although I was curious about the blood, it had to end now. 

It was time to stamp one’s feet vigorously to unleash the sword realm manifestation, Gaebyeok, all at once. 


As soon as Ras shouted, the ground Beorn was stepping on began to shine pure white, and a young man with a cold expression jumped out. 

“Do not disturb.” 

As a sacred white light erupted from the young man’s hand, Raon and the Gwangpungdae swordsmen behind him disappeared like smoke. 

“Bardiel. “What are you doing?” 

Beorn frowned as he looked at the cold-faced young man. 

“Have you forgotten what he said? “Absorbing Aris Sieghardt’s power is the top priority.” 

Bardiel shook his head, telling him not to forget his top priorities. 

“He can’t even exercise after eating.” 

Beorn stamped his foot as if he was annoyed. 

“I will stop Raon Sieghart and other humans. “You just focus on your job.” 

Bardiel ignored Beorn and sank into the white light himself. 

“Someone who isn’t even human has a lot to worry about.” 

It was when Beorn clicked his tongue and approached Aris, who had collapsed. 

“uh… ?” 

Dorian, who came out of the hidden room late, looked at Beorn and trembled all over. 

“Fortunately… .” 

Beorn licked his lips with his bright red tongue. 

“You left one?” 

* * * 

“What is this place… .” 

Raon chewed his lip as he looked at the all-white world.  

The moment the cool-looking young man emitted light, he was sucked into this space without any time to resist. I don’t know what happened. 

‘But it’s not at a level where I can’t break it.’ 

The space itself did not seem to be very durable. I didn’t think there would be any major problems if I woke up quickly and left.  


When Raon caught his breath and struck down his sword, the space split and the cold-looking young man who had put him here came out. 


The young man blocked his own sword attack and showed calm eyes.  


“I’m sorry, but you will have to stay here.” 

He said he couldn’t get out and set up a mighty shield of light. 

“You mean you have no intention of backing down? then… .” 

Raon stepped forward, holding the Jecheon Sword and the Requiem Sword. His eyes flashed eerily, like darkness erasing light. 

“I will cut off your head and leave.” 

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