The Reincarnated Assassin Is A Genius Swordsman Chapter 836

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Chapter 837


Aris cut down the warriors and shamans who were blocking the path and ran towards the red-haired man who was chained up. 

“Sif! Sif!” 

She broke the chain containing the spell with her bare hands and shouted Sif at the red-haired man. 

‘That person…’ .’ 

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the red-haired man called Sif. 

‘Is it Sif?’ 

It was a man with long red hair that was matted like a rag, his entire body was as dry as old tree bark, and the strong stench of witchcraft was emanating from the wounds carved all over his body.  

‘You were hit hard.’ 

As the branch leader said, Sif had been subjected to a severe witchcraft experiment, to the point where she could no longer feel the auror flow that Sif originally possessed. 

‘still… .’ 

It’s not broken at all. 

Perhaps because it was necessary to conduct a magic experiment, the dantian and mana circuits were not destroyed at all. 

However, I couldn’t say I was glad because I must have been in severe pain for a long time. 

“Wake up!” 

Aris broke the handcuffs that were restraining Sif’s hands, then grabbed her shoulders and shook her. 

“You damn son! “Get up and see!” 

She screamed for him to open his eyes, but Sif didn’t move. 


Raon grabbed the head of the Cheoljuryun branch by the neck and lifted it into the air. 

“Why can’t I wake up?” 

“Off… .” 

The branch manager bit his lip as if he was not going to answer. 

“Do you think you can hold out?” 

Raon sneered and tightened his grip on the branch manager’s neck. 


The branch manager groaned as if he was about to die. His face was red, and tendons bulged above his forehead. 

“Well, I just put it to sleep with a spell!” 

One of the shamans who had retreated in fear shouted that he had cast a spell to put them to sleep. 

“Then wake me up.” 

Raon waved his left hand, telling Sif to wake up. 

“Well, since you shouldn’t wake up while moving, the branch leader personally cast a sleep spell on you. “We can’t solve it.” 

He looked away and said that the branch manager should do it himself. 

Whoa whoa! 

Raon turned the branch manager’s body upside down and threw it to the floor. 

“Wow! “Huh!” 

The branch manager coughed blood while clutching his neck, which still had his handprints on it. 

“Wake up. “If you do something stupid, I won’t let you die even if you want to.” 

Raon lowered his chin with anger in his eyes. 

-You’re not doing it yourself? 

‘Because I’m still immature.’ 

The spell itself could be lifted, but since it was still immature, it seemed like it would take too much force.  

Since Sif’s body and mind were currently broken, I didn’t want to hurt her any more. 

“Ugh… .” 

The branch leader’s whole body trembled as if he was tired of his own strength, then crawled to his knees and stood in front of Sif. 

“aunt. “Please step aside for a moment.” 

“… … .” 

Aris looked back while holding Sif’s hand. Her eerie eyes look like you could hit her with a fist and kill her at any moment. Even though she was mentally and physically exhausted, she unleashed her icy murderous intent on her branch leader. 

“Now, just a moment!” 

The branch manager shook his head, shaking the wrinkles on his forehead. 

“I will never wake you unless you promise to save me.” 

He rolled his eyes and said, “Just spare my life.” 

“If you wake up without any problems, I won’t kill you, but I will let you go. “I will put my name on it.” 

Raon nodded with serious eyes. 

“Umm… .” 

The branch leader placed his hand on Sif’s chest as if he had made a decision after contemplating whether to believe it or not.  

As the red magic energy spread from his grasp, the magic remaining in Sif’s body slowly began to be erased. 

“Whoa… .” 

The branch leader took a step back after absorbing the remaining magic in Sif’s body. 

“You can wake up now.” 

He clenched his chin, saying he would wake up soon. 

“Now let me go… .” 


Raon called Rimmer without even looking at the branch leader. 


Rimmer broke down the iron door, entered, and turned his head. 

“what. What happened again?” 


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“no. “Please subdue this guy.” 

Raon raised his finger and pointed at the branch leader. 

“uh… ?” 

The branch leader looked at Raon and widened his eyes. 

“W-what are you talking about! “You said you would send me back alive.” 

“I wanted to let you go, but my unit owner said no.” 

“Where is that bullshit!” 

“I will stay still as promised. “Don’t argue.” 

Raon smiled and waved his hand. 

“This damned fraudster… “Wow!” 

As the branch leader gritted his teeth and was about to swear, Rimmer hit him on the back of the neck, knocking him out. 

-Tsk tsk. Believing in this guy is like believing in the Elyos. 

Lars shook his head, saying he knew it would be like this. 

“I don’t know what it is, but it looks like they scammed me again.” 

Rimmer looked at Raon and smiled. 

“It’s not fraud, it’s a righteous lie.” 

Raon shrugged his shoulders. 

“okay. “It seems like that’s the case this time.” 

Rimmer nodded heavily as he looked at Sif’s condition. 

“I don’t have to kill you?” 

He raised his murderous intent on the blade of his sword as if he wanted to kill the branch leader right away. 

“Because there are a lot of questions to ask.” 

The location of the Iron Caster’s headquarters, the purpose of the Iron Caster’s Alliance, and even the method of recovering Sif. There were many questions to ask the branch leader, so it was not time to kill him yet. 

“Then I’ll sort this out.” 

Rimmer let out a short sigh and walked towards the shaman and the warriors who had been pushed into the corner. 

“aunt. Now wake it up. Now that the spell is gone, you can wake up.” 

Raon took a step back and pointed at Sif. 

“Umm… .” 

Aris was unable to wake Sif right away and only bit her lip. 


“Something… .” 

She looked at the ground and let out a long sigh. 

“Because I’m scared.” 

“Are you scared? 

Raon looked at Aris with wide eyes. 

“okay. “I’m scared that he won’t wake up again this time, and I’m afraid he’ll blame me for coming to see him too late.” 

Aris sobbed as she touched the wounds on Sif’s body. 

“aunt… .” 

This is my first time seeing Aris this weak. She, who had always been as cool as the sea, seemed to become small when it came to her children. 

“Still, I have to wake him up.” 

Rimmer shook his chin after subduing the shaman and the warriors. 

“Whether you are resented or thanked, he is your son.” 

“The deputy master is right.” 

Raon held the back of Aris’ hand and nodded. 

“I can’t blame my aunt for coming late. She will actually be grateful that you saved her. “If she complains, I’ll slap her in the face.” 

He smiled at Aris, telling her not to worry. 

“flaw… .” 

Aris smiled and nodded. 

“I guess I became too weak after receiving comfort from my nephew. okay. “I’ll try.” 

She wiped away the tears from her eyes and gave the aura to Sif. 


A blue light that seemed to capture the ocean spread in all directions, and Sif’s shoulders trembled. 

“eww… .” 

Sif’s eyelids opened with a breathless moan. Sieghart’s unique red eyes were burning slightly. 


Aris burst into anger and shouted Sif’s name. 

“Uh, mother? How did my mother get here… .” 

Sif gasped, looking at Aris in disbelief. 

“You stupid son!” 

Aris clenched her teeth and hugged Sif. 

“Why were we being treated like this here!” 

She screamed in frustration and hugged Sif tighter. 

“ah… .” 

Sif’s blood-covered lips trembled as if she understood the situation when she saw the fallen branch leader and shaman. 

“Your mother saved you.” 

He nodded with his eyes tightly shut, as if his emotions were intense. 

“thank you. And I’m sorry… .” 

Sif raised her right hand and caressed Aris’ back. His fingers were trembling due to lack of strength, but these were hands that would comfort Aris more than anything else right now. 

Raon took a step back and quietly watched Aris and Sif hug. 

In my past life, I wouldn’t have understood why they were crying and not happy, but now I felt like I knew what those two emotions were. 

‘I think I’ve changed a little too.’ 

-hmm… . 

‘Is it true?’ 

-Hmm… . 

* * * 

“Whoa… .” 

Sif drank the water Dorian gave her and let out a thick breath. 

“Don’t drink it, just spit it out! “If water suddenly gets into it, everything inside will be thrown away!” 

Aris seemed to have calmed down after crying a lot and immediately started nagging Sif. 

“under… .” 

Sif chuckled and lowered the water bottle. 

“I was tired of that nagging before, but now I’m glad to see it.” 

He smiled thinly, his voice breaking, as if he was not used to speaking at length. 

“Oh sorry.” 

Aris stroked the back of her head and shook her head. 

“I can’t believe you’re nagging me about how long it’s been since we last met.” 

She wrinkled her nose and said she was sorry.  


Sif smiled softly as she looked at Aris.  

“I missed my mother’s voice even in my dreams. “You can do more.” 

He waved his hand, saying he was happy to hear Aris’ voice again. 

“Are you my son? “You didn’t have this type of personality, did you?” 

Aris looked at Sif and laughed. 

“It was a period of rebellion back then. “Plus, I stayed here for over two years, so it’s crazy.” 

Sif brushed her messy hair, saying she didn’t even know her personality anymore. 

“No matter what, right now I’m just happy and happy to see everyone.” 

He said he was happy to have his freedom back and quenched his appetite.  

However, I could feel the murderousness in his eyes that sent shivers down my spine. Anger and resentment towards Cheoljuryeon seemed to be blooming thickly.  

“Let’s think about revenge later and focus on recovery for now.” 

Aris also seemed to sense Sif’s fierceness and held her hand tightly. 

“That’s right. Come back as soon as possible… .” 

Sif gritted her teeth as she glared at the shamans. 

“We will erase the Iron Juryeon itself.” 

He let out a breath mixed with the scent of blood, saying that he would wipe out all the remnants of the Iron Juryeon hiding in the shadows. 

-Hmm… . 

Lars looked at Sif and groaned in pain. 

‘Why are you whining earlier? Are you a puppy? 

-I think I’ve seen that guy somewhere, but I can’t remember. 

‘Brother Sif?’ 

-That’s right. But it seems like that’s not the case.  

The guy shook his head, saying that his condition was not normal and that the magic energy embedded in Sif’s body was so strong that he was confused. 

-is not it? Just pay attention. 

Lars turned his head, saying he thought he was mistaken. 

“Can I call you Oppa Sif?” 

Marta approached Sif and lowered her gaze. He was none other than her older brother, and as expected, he was a man who was not inferior to Aris in terms of his dignity. 

“okay. “You said you were Martha, right?” 

Sif nodded, saying she was glad to see her. 

“Why were you captured by these guys even though you were a Grand Master?” 

Martha blinked, saying she didn’t understand.  


“no it’s okay. “It’s right to say that first.”  

Sif quenched her thirst with water and then turned to look at everyone. 

“After being caught by my mother and practicing for a long time, I became thirsty for travel. “I especially wanted to see in person things like ruins and dungeons that I had only seen in books.” 

He smiled softly as if he was reminiscing about that time. 

“As soon as I got permission from my mother to leave, I explored the ruins, dungeons, and legends of the continent. Even thinking about it now, it’s a time I have no regrets about.” 

“That’s why I didn’t hear any news about you.” 

Aris nodded as if she finally understood. 

“yes. Because I only wandered around corners and remote areas. Thanks to you, I can understand why you said you need strength.” 

Sif thanked Aris, saying she was able to explore without difficulty thanks to the training she instructed her to do.  

‘This can be happen.’ 

Raon nodded, looking at Sif. He sympathized with Sif’s actions because he, too, just wanted to escape being an assassin in his past life and live in peace.  

“I heard that there was a dungeon here where the time axis flows differently, so I came here thinking there was a hidden secret. but… .” 

Sif hit the ground with a weakly clenched fist. 

“This was the den of the Iron Juryeon. “Even if they were strong, we could have run away, but the guide who showed us the way was a shaman from the Iron Chain, so we were ambushed from behind.” 

He bit his lip, pointing to the wound on his abdomen.  

“Hearing other people’s screams was harder than my own pain. “This was a hell where the power of magic was amplified by sacrificing people.” 

Sif lowered her head, holding her face, saying it had been a very difficult time. 

“Brother Sif… .” 

“Ah… .” 

Burren and Dorian pursed their lips as if they sympathized with Sif’s sadness and anger. 

“Still, there are things I learned thanks to you.” 

Sif looked at Aris and slightly shook her head. 

“What did you learn?” 

“yes. “It’s about our family’s blood.” 

“blood? “What does that mean?” 

Raon took a step closer to Sif. 

“that… “Wow!” 

As Sif spoke, black blood vomited from her mouth. It seemed as if the shock built up in his body had exploded. 


Aris grabbed Sif and screamed. 

“Gwae, it’s okay.” 

Sif lowered her trembling hand. 

“This happens often because the spell of the Iron Juryan has penetrated deep into the bones.” 

He shook his head, saying he could hold on. 

“Let’s get out of here first.” 

Raon frowned as he looked at the dungeon floor, where a strong spell of magic remained. 

“This space itself is not good for Sif. “I think getting out of the dungeon is the priority.” 

“okay. “That would be great.” 

Aris nodded and supported Sif. 

“Have the Gwangpungdae take the hostages outside and the shaman they subdued.” 

Raon gave instructions to the Gwangpungdae and lifted the unconscious branch manager onto his shoulder. 

“All right.” 

“I’ll take the shamans with me. Hitting it with your fist!” 

“Leave it to me” 

Burren, Marta, and Runan immediately went outside and relayed instructions to the Stormtroopers who were comforting the hostages.  

“I just have to take care of these guys, right?” 

Rimmer led the shaman who was in the room where Sif had been rescued and the warriors of the Iron Caster and went out together.  

“Dorian. “Please take all the magic equipment and documents here and then come out last.” 


Raon gave Dorian his final instructions and walked out into the same cavity he had first entered, covered in blood. 

‘No matter how I look at it, I can’t seem to get used to it.’ 

The smell of blood was so strong that it made my head dizzy.  

If his level had not risen, it would have been difficult to control the sword. 

‘I guess I’ll have to think about coming back later and destroying this place.’ 

It seemed like it would not be easy to burn off the negative energy remaining here.  

I thought it would be a good idea to come back alone after everyone left and completely destroy it.  

As Raon was looking at the cave and praying for the dead, a loud noise was heard from behind. 

“You’re so skinny, really!” 

Aris sighed heavily while supporting Sif. 

“Why is it so light!” 

“sorry… .” 

Sif couldn’t even raise her head as if she was embarrassed. 

“I’m so sorry! shut up! As soon as you return to your family, you will eat whatever I give you. okay?” 

Aris seemed to have returned to her usual self, swearing coolly and pushing Sif. 

‘It looks good.’ 

When I thought about how other people would see myself and Sylvia, I naturally smiled. 

‘If you are a saint, you will be able to treat it without difficulty.’ 

As soon as I returned to Sieghardt, I was thinking of calling Federick. 


A creepy sound like a blade piercing flesh was heard from behind. 

“uh… .” 

Raon gritted his teeth and turned his head. 


A black sword was sticking out of Aris’ chest, and Sif was smiling behind it. 

“Thank you. mother.” 

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