The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 90

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 90>

The contents of the video broadcast live this time on the Seongjihan channel.

In an instant, it was covered as breaking news on news channels around the world.

[Korea’s Silver Seong Ji-han wins against Diamond.]

[From the embodiment of beauty to ordinary people. What is Ito Shizuru’s identity?]

[Is the Sword King’s woman Shizuru Ito? Is it really a coincidence that their last names match?]

[Useless suppression commandos in front of players who have been banned.]

The video broadcast live this time shocked people in many ways.

The most talked-about thing was that Seong Ji-han, who was only silver, defeated Akari, who was diamond.

-How can silver beat diamond?

-This is a well-made operation!

-Player Seong is the world’s best prospect who has consistently won first place! Last time, I played a game with Gold!

-It is impossible to manipulate the video on Battle Tube.

-That Asian is the one who appeared in the last TOP 100 match. He became a hot topic by defeating Barron.

-ah. This is the guy who lost my $100,000! Is that monster already this big?

-What are you doing AF, not bringing him?

Foreigners who did not know much about Seong Ji-han or had only seen him briefly during the TOP 100 match were busy talking about him.

However, in Japan, the home country of Akari, who was Seong Ji-han’s opponent.

Rather than talking about him, he was pouring out harsh criticism about Akari running away.

-Dia got scared by Silver and ran away… … This video will likely remain in Japan forever(;?д?)

-I’ve known this since I was a ninja otakujit.

-Akari is a disgrace to Japan. Don’t come back and commit seppuku in Joseon wwww – But I’m glad I’m not a member of the national team – We’re winning the national war, so there’s no problem wwww

-Sword King Daisuki!!! wwww

Akari was once a promising archer in Japan.

Ever since she chose ‘Assassin’ when choosing a special job, she has had a bad image among fans of the New Self-Defense Force.

When a media reporter asked why he chose assassin as a special job change, he answered that he chose it because he has been a ninja fanatic for a long time.

Is it just because of that reason that they chose the worst assassin among Archer’s special occupations?

Even at that time, public opinion toward Akari was not good among New Self-Defense Force fans.

And, along with Seong Ji-han’s victory over Akari, the thing that is talked about the most is.

It was Shizuru Ito.

-But who is Ito Shizuru?

-Someone took the clip when I was already in goddess mode haha.

-Already downloaded to my incoming

-It’s an incoming coming sometime;;

-Shizuru Ito’s last name is Ito. Ito, the last name changed by the Sword King. Did she trick the Sword King?

-If you change into that kind of face and tempt me, I won’t be able to resist it lol -ㄹㅇ I cut it for 1 second.

Since Shizuru used the last name ‘Ito’, Koreans predicted that the Sword King would have passed to her.

-Who is Ito Shizuru? Does anyone know?

-I don’t know… But did that person also bring the Sword King?

-He is a true Japanese.

-It would have been perfect if Seong Ji-han had been brought in, but it’s a shame.

-wwww wondering if we are stealing too much from Joseon

-Please encourage players from other countries too wwww

Most Japanese people did not know who Shizuru Ito was, but they assumed that he was the one who brought the Sword King and praised him as a patriot.

Shizuru Ito is a hot topic, appearing on the front pages of all media outlets in both Korea and Japan.

“Shizuru? Why is she… … ?”

It was only natural that the Sword King, who was training at the New Self-Defense Force headquarters, found out about this.

After watching Seong Ji-han’s video to the end.

“Umm… … !”

I left the headquarters with a stiff expression on my face.

* * *

A huge mansion located in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Even in an area called wealthy, the owner of this mansion, which boasted the largest scale, was none other than Ito Shizuru.

After awakening to gift ‘editing’, she established herself as a unique figure behind the scenes of Japanese politics and business.

A mansion suitable for his position had been completed two years ago.

And not long ago, Sword King Ryuhei Ito came into this house and was living with her.

“Shizuru. “Answer me.”

The Sword King held up his smartphone with a cold face and approached Shizuru.

A video of Seong Ji-han was shown on the smartphone screen.

Also, Ito Shizuru’s alter ego was charmed and stopped at the exact moment when she looked like a goddess.

And that look.

“Ryuhei… … .”

The Sword King was identical to the woman he was seeing here now.

Unlike the alter egos of Joo Eun-ji and Ito Shizuru who were dispatched to Korea, they had ordinary appearances.

Shizuru Ito in Tokyo had an appearance that was nothing short of the pinnacle of beauty.

Not only is the ideal of beauty pursued by the East and the West appropriately harmonized, but the atmosphere surrounding her is extremely fascinating.

Even though the Sword King came in angry, he felt his anger melt away when he saw his face.

‘It can’t be like this…’ … .’

No matter how much he loved her, he had to let it out when he was angry.

The Sword King worked hard to temper his anger, but his heart was already broken.

Just because I saw his face.

“What are you curious about?”

Shizuru Ito seemed to have already read the Sword King’s expression, and asked back with a relaxed smile.

“Seong Ji-han. “Is it true that you went to Korea to appease that guy?”

“yes. that’s right.”

She calmly confirmed this.

That calmness was enough to make the excited Sword King pause for a moment.

he shouted, stuttering slightly.

“… … Why, why? I’m with you!”

“I want to get outstanding players. “The more talented people there are, the better, right?”

“So, like that. Did you use the method of fascination? … no way. you. To me too… … .”


Shizuru looked straight into the Sword King’s eyes.

“What if I did?”

“W-what… … .”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“… … .”

“Are you going to leave me and go back to Korea?”

“you… … .”


Shizuru approached the Sword King with a charming smile on her lips.

It has a scent that only she has.

A perfume that drives people crazy, a scent that I couldn’t smell even when I met many other women.

No, it’s not a specific perfume.

It is the unique scent of a woman named Shizuru Ito.

‘ah… … .’

The anger has already disappeared, and only the longing for her remains.

He knows it too.

I get angry when I see a face, and I get excited when I smell a scent.

This can’t be a normal reaction.

But even though I know it, I have no choice but to suffer.

Because that made me happy.

She had a stronger addiction than any other drug.

“Ryuhei. “Why are you so unconfident?”

“I am… … .”

“Seong Ji-han is just a slave that I can use.”

“Yeah, yeah… … ?”

“sure. “My only love is you.”

Shizuru approached the Sword King and stroked his cheek.

With that one touch, even the will to get angry disappeared.


My heart was filled with guilt for being angry at her for no reason.

“I’m sorry… … Shizuru. “I got excited for no reason.”

“no. On the contrary, I feel so sorry… … “To the point where I’m embarrassed to be around you.”

“Oh, no! Please don’t leave my side. I was wrong. So please… … .”

The Sword King’s heart sank.

Shizuru is leaving your side?

It was terrifying to even imagine.

“What have you done to me? “It was all my fault.”

“Oh, no. Wasn’t I mad at you… … “I’ve done enough wrong.”

“Are you angry? “Is that all you did wrong?”



Shizuru pulled the Sword King’s face closer and pressed their lips together.

And as a deep kiss was exchanged between them, the Sword King’s eyes became blurry.

“You doubted my love. “Ryuhei.”

“ah… … .”

“I said that the only one I love is you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“So, I’ll have to sleep in a separate building for three days.”

“that… … !”

Some might say it was only three days, but it was a painful disposition for the Sword King who was with her every night.


“Because you have to recreate your alter ego. “Can you understand, Ryuhei?”

“… … I get it.”

He couldn’t disobey Shizuru’s words.

“Then, please leave.”

“okay… … “I’m sorry about today.”

Shizuru lightly grabbed the angry Sword King and sent him away.

The corners of her mouth twitched.

‘It’s a bother.’

So, I should have added obedience and fanaticism while casting charm.

When it comes to obedience and fanaticism, Shizuru trusts and follows whatever she does.

However, Sword King Ito Ryuhei kept annoying people thanks to his obsession and dependence.

‘Even if it wasn’t for soy sauce and Makya… … .’

The sword king’s twin swords, Ganjang and Makya.

The two swords, blue and red, each had S-class value.

When used together, it had a dual-sword-specific characteristic that raised its level to SSS level.

And these two swords had the trait of ‘disobedient’, so the status abnormalities of obedience and fanaticism did not work.

‘But I can’t make you give up your two swords.’

Ganjang and Makya are the only SSS-level twin swords currently available.

I don’t know when a weapon that can replace this will come out, but until then, I had to let it be used.

Step by step. Step by step.

Shizuru walked to the annex and spoke on the phone with numerous people.

“oh. yes. Prime Minister. It’s no big deal. “Do you believe me?”

“Minister of Defense. Is there anything I can help you with? I’m fine. However, I think we need to be a little more cautious. What about Takeda? ah… … The Minister of Defense will take care of it? yes. Please.”

“President. Are you investing again? It’s okay… … About three Akashic pages. You know it doesn’t really burden me, right? oh. Have you already added it to your account? By the way, you have an impatient personality.”

High-ranking figures in the Japanese political and business community were worried about her after seeing this incident.

Her influence in Japan was not shaken at all by this incident.

On the contrary, high-ranking figures supported her, saying that they would support her in a competitive manner.

‘The Akashic page I lost will soon be recovered.’

After finishing the call, she opened the door to the annex.

The Akashic page can be filled with donations, but an important problem remains.

‘I need to pay more attention to making this alter ego.’

The alter ego Joo Eun-ji that was sent to Korea was not very complete, perhaps because it was the first time she had made it.

Because he was unable to take control of Seongjihan due to his lack of ability, wasn’t his existence revealed to the whole world?

This time, I felt like I had to choose a body that would become my alter ego, a body that would be useful.

‘So… … ‘You have the perfect body.’

She thought of Akari.

By completely sacrificing my clone’s body, I even lifted the tutorial’s ban.

A female ninja who ran away after being defeated by Silver.

Akari was no longer a useful ally to Shizuru.

“Come quickly. “Akari.”

Her eyes cooled down.

* * *

Meanwhile, Seong Ji-han woke up after returning home.

[Achieved 1 million views within 24 hours.]

[The general achievement ‘The World Pays Attention (1)’ has been cleared.]

[You will receive 10,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[Achieved 5 million views within 24 hours.]

[The general achievement ‘The World Pays Attention (2)’ has been cleared.]

[You will receive 20,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[Achieved 10 million views within 24 hours.]

[The general achievement ‘The World Pays Attention (3)’ has been cleared.]

[You will receive 30,000 achievement points as a reward.]

[The number of subscribers to the channel has exceeded 1,000,000.]

[You have cleared the general achievement, ‘Recruiting Subscribers (4)’.]

[You will receive 50,000 achievement points as a reward.]

I blinked and checked the flood of achievement completion messages.

What’s all the fuss about?

‘The number of views exceeded 10 million? that is?’

I thought it would attract a certain amount of attention, but it’s 24 hours a day.

In addition, the number of subscribers has already reached one million.

Seong Ji-han has become the millionaire who promised to reveal the status window.

‘I earned 110,000 achievement points overnight.’

It wasn’t long ago that I decided to save up 70,000 achievement points and add the class Archer.

I have already achieved my goal.

‘good. Then immediately add the fourth class.’

Seong Ji-han opened an achievement store.

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