The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 80

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 80>

* * *

-That’s not a death knight, it’s just a skeleton, right?

-ㅇㅇIt can’t be a death knight haha. It’s a mob that can only be beaten if you’re level 80 based on the warrior standard… ㅅㅂSkeletons are fucking crazy!!!!

It is a fact that viewers of his channel know without fail that Seong Ji-han is strong.

From the time they first started streaming, the performances they have shown so far have always seemed to ridicule existing common sense.

However, if there is a reason why viewers continue to be surprised, it is that the scale of the ‘performance that ridicules common sense’ was unpredictable.

Just like now.

The defense game ‘One Bridge’ was a map used from gold to diamond.

Not only did Silver Leaguer Seong Ji-han participate in the game, but he was also showing off his outstanding performance to the point where he was far ahead of other players.

In particular, the sight of him standing alone against numerous Death Knight legions and remaining unrivaled.

The performance that Seong Ji-han is showing now was a remarkable performance that even a Platinum Leaguer would find difficult to achieve.

Accordingly, Seong Ji-han’s fandom, which emerged after the TOP 100 promotion match, began to get excited.

-JihannimyuㅠㅠCan’t we just select him for the national team now?

-that’s right. Do you think they will do much better than the current national team?

-Silver? Is there any reason to be last in the league?

-Yes~ I’m already in last place~ㅋㅋkuㅠㅠ

-and;; Now that the Sword King has gone, a bigger fandom has appeared;; Please know the topic;;

It may have gone too far to reach the national level, but the fandom’s comments were criticized by viewers as a minority opinion.

Separately from this, there was no disagreement that the force shown by Seong Ji-han was ‘unrivaled’.

While the viewers were arguing.

Seong Ji-han, who annihilated the Death Knight army, was waiting for the next wave.


This time, the Death Knight cavalry, riding on skeletal horses, rushed at Seong Ji-han all at once.

Unlike the previous Death Knights, the Death Knights, wearing white armor with a black bird engraved on their chests, began charging in unison holding huge spears.

Lance charging unleashed by hundreds of cavalry units.

-Lance charging!!! Avoid it!!! To the corner!!!!!


Due to its immense grandeur, viewers thought that this time it might be truly dangerous.


Instead, Seong Ji-han jumped towards the cavalry with a thunderbolt wrapped around his blue baton.

‘For this opportunity, I will train my force to the limit.’

Then, as if they had promised, sharp spear points came at Seong Ji-han from all directions.

The spear strikes coming at the same time at regular intervals were reminiscent of Iron Maiden without a lid.

A perfect siege. A crisis that cannot be avoided.

However, Seong Ji-han actually welcomed this situation.

‘Creates a gap with the power of the Force.’

Some attacks happen faster than the enemy intended.

Some attacks are slower than the enemy intended.


The attacks came at once, but there was a time gap.

The tips of the spears became entangled with each other, and a space was created in the previously empty space.

‘This is all you need to do.’

Seong Ji-han stepped lightly on the tangled tip of the spear as if it were stairs, narrowing the space between him and the enemy.

As the distance narrowed and they could no longer use spears, the Death Knights tried to take out their swords.

Seong Ji-han’s blue rod was faster.


Starting with one Death Knight’s head flying off.

Seong Ji-han wandered among the cavalry without any hesitation.

The Death Knights tried to resist somehow, but all was in vain.

This was not the only bad news for the Death Knights.

[The relic ‘Toe Bone of the God Bird’ detects the species of the corrupted God Bird.]

[In keeping with its original purpose, the bones burn.]

At some point, a pure white flame erupted from the blue baton Seong Ji-han was holding, and it began to burn down the Death Knight with great ease.

‘That black swan pattern armor… … Was there a connection?’

If you do this, you won’t be able to practice.

Seong Ji-han was momentarily dissatisfied as he saw the bones in his toes suddenly growing rapidly.

[I fully understand extraterrestrial beliefs.]

[Holy power increases by 1. It is integrated into the force.]

[The grade of ‘Alien Relic – God’s Toe Bone’ has been lowered to B grade.]

[‘Alien Holy Relic – Shinjo’s Toe Bone’ fulfills its calling.]

[Holy power increases by 3. It is integrated into the force.]

[The grade of ‘Alien Holy Relic – God’s Toe Bone’ has been lowered to E grade.]

[The holy object cannot withstand the power of the creed and disappears.]

“Divine power… … 4?”

The other A-grade relics were only raised by 1 each.

Perhaps because it knew its definite use, the toe bone fulfilled its purpose by increasing sacred power by 4.

As this happened, of course the force stat I wanted to increase also increased.

[Force increases by 2.]

[Force and abilities are shared. Strength increases by 2.]

The force and the force linked to the three-stage battle also increased.

‘Oh, there’s no need for practice.’

The dissatisfaction I had a moment ago was gone.

Seong Ji-han looked at the toe bones that were turning into powder and disappearing with sad eyes.

‘bye… … Thank you for your toe bones… … .’

[From now on, divine power can only be absorbed from relics of SS grade or higher.]

Although the system that restricted him from continuing to enjoy the honey was taking its toll, Seong Ji-han decided to enjoy the moment for now.


Seong Ji-han took out a phoenix poem in place of the missing toe bone and subdued the enemy again.

* * *


Seong Ji-han smashed the head of the last remaining Death Knight.

[General quest, ‘1st Bridge Mercury’ achievement has been cleared.]

[Obtain 1,000 achievement points.]

[Hidden quest, ‘One Man Army’ has been cleared.]

[Obtain 10,000 achievement points.]

‘It’s good that the map has changed.’

There was no place to get any more achievements on the canyon map.

Since the map has changed, you can’t believe they give out so many achievement points just for dealing with Death Knights.

The corner of Seong Ji-han’s mouth lifted happily at the satisfactory reward.

“Did you have a good time?”

Jerk. Jerk.

Meanwhile, Spleen, who had disparaged Seong Ji-han as a gisaeng brother just a moment ago, was approaching with a more relaxed expression.

“The clouds keep tempting me. I recommend you to be the next Imperial Gatekeeper. “I guess I want to serve you as my master.”

Let the spleen say so.


As if in response to those words, electricity flashed all at once from the seven thunderbolts that made up the thunderbolt.

“But that became impossible.”

The spleen pointed beyond the leg.

Even though the Death Knight unit was wiped out.

On the other side of the huge bridge, several flags depicting black birds with wings spread wide were fluttering.

There was a dense array of horsemen wearing black armor.

“The top elite of the Wind Empire, the Phoenix Army, has arrived… … “Now the position of the Imperial Gatekeeper will come to an end.”

The undead army is just one type of vanguard unit.

The enemy’s true main force was an elite of the elite, incomparable to the undead army.

Black Lancers, Phoenix Corps.

On the one bridge map, the most difficult second wave was about to begin.

thud. thud.

Among the enemy lancers, a giant much larger than a soldier on horseback walked.

Not only the size of the body, but also the shape of the face is distorted, making it look like a giant with a spleen and a brother.

just as expected. He opened his mouth towards the spleen.

“Brother Spleen.”

“Hojo Wow… … .”

Hojo, the Great Lord of Bonghwangdae.

He glanced at Seong Jihan.

“… … “I guess I had a good student.”

“This guy is not my disciple. There’s no way I could have a guy like this as my disciple, right?”

“I guess so. Your face looks so fragile. “He seems to have some talent, but a face like that can’t be a true warrior.”

“okay. “That’s a shame.”

Viewers were left dumbfounded by the sight of the two giants talking sincerely.

-The kids with their faces blown up are making dumb jokes haha.

-That’s not the face of a true warrior. Let’s crush Seongjihan as well. -Aren’t you crazy?

-If your face changes like that, don’t look at me;;

It was only for a moment that we chatted like that.


Hojo pulled out a huge sword from behind his back.

“Brother Spleen. As a member of the same giant clan, I will give you my final advice. “Do you have any plans to naturalize as a member of the Wind Empire?”

“That can’t be possible. The Emperor of the Empire of Clouds is my sworn brother-in-law. He cannot betray his brother’s righteousness.”

“What kind of older brother in the world would leave his younger sibling alone like this? Brother Spleen, you were taken advantage of.”

“Sniff… … ! Not like that… … “Your brother-in-law will come to protect the bridge.”

There was no strength in the voice of the spleen that said that.

It seemed like they didn’t really think a relief army would come.

“ha ha ha! Spleen brother! “Do you really not know why the Emperor of the Cloud Empire asked me to protect his bridge with only such a ragtag group of people?”


Hojo pointed across the bridge with the tip of his sword.

50 players summoned to this game, and a group of soldiers to assist them.

He concluded that they were a ragtag bunch.

“Look at this!”

Shoooooo… … !

The wind gathered at the tip of the sword.

When the giant swung his sword once, a violent wind blew.

That wind was not just a wind.

It was a strong sword wind that would cut you if it touched you.

‘That’s about it.’

Seong Ji-han suppressed the wind with the power of the Force and easily let it go.


“Ugh… … !”

From behind the bridge, various screams were heard.

From a long distance, slaughtering the enemy across the bridge with a sword.

‘It’s strong.’

Seong Ji-han, who was appreciating Hojo’s Tao, suddenly frowned.

Now that I think about it, it seems like there was a bit too much screaming from behind?

‘no way… … ‘It’s not the end of the game, is it?’

A defense game that ends when half of the survivors remain.

Suddenly, the basic rule came to mind.

Oh, no, right?

Is the game going to end if I can’t block even that lightly swung sword?

Still a gold leaguer?

Seong Ji-han tried to think positively.

[There are 15 survivors left.]

[The game ends.]

The ominous premonition became a reality.

* * *

“ha ha ha. It really sucks, doesn’t it? “There’s not even half left!”

Hojo pointed over the bridge with the tip of his sword and laughed.

“Your brother-in-law has no intention of helping you. Rather, I would rather you die here!”

“kilter! “Don’t insult your brother!”

“Does it make sense to lead that ragtag group of people and protect this bridge? You know what that command means… … !”


When the thunderbolt was removed and the cloud came back into the hand of the spleen, Seong Ji-han’s expression hardened when he saw that.

this… … .

This is an event that occurs when a bridge map ends.

“Brother Spleen! Come to the Wind Empire instead! The Emperor will use you greatly. look at me “You made me, a member of the giant clan, the head of the Phoenix Tower!”

“You can’t do that. “You cannot betray your brother’s righteousness.”

“Betrayal… … “He did it first!”

To Hojo’s words, Spleen pursed his lips and did not respond.



He grabbed Seong Ji-han’s shoulder.

“You… … “I’ll live.”


Unlike when I first got thrown off the bridge.

This time, I couldn’t resist, perhaps because it was the event phase.

As Seong Ji-han flew away behind the bridge, the tip of Hojo’s sword was aimed at the flying Seong Ji-han.

“You have to cut off any ripe buds… … !”

“No way!”

The two clashed fiercely, starting with Hojo’s sword trying to cut down Seongjihan being blocked by his secret spear.

Then after a while.

Spleen pierced the cloud spear hard into his leg.

“… … okay. “I won’t be able to stop it alone.”

“then… … !”

“If I can’t stop it, I’ll destroy it.”


With that said, finally.

The huge bridge began to collapse.

“her. Breaking the bridge… … !”

Hojo, who had hit the spleen, clicked his tongue and took a step back.

‘One Bridge’ ended with the spleen falling down the cliff with the collapsed leg.

Before Wave 2 began, it was a ‘self-destruct’ event that occurred when the player’s survival rate fell below 50 percent.

Seong Ji-han looked at this in the air and remembered the epic quest he received this time.

[Epic Quest]

– Obtain the recognition of the giant Spleen, the gatekeeper of the empire, and prevent his death.

‘this. It’s not like I’m good at it alone… … .’

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