The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 175

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 175>

[Epic Quest]

-Find the ‘Fragments of the Fallen Star’ hidden in the cracks of chaos.

-Reward – 1000000 achievement points.

-Extension of limit level value by +50.

-Additional rewards based on discovered star fragments.

‘It’s a fragment of a fallen star.’ A fallen star.

I had a rough idea of ​​what it was referring to.

‘It probably refers to a planet that was eliminated from the Space League.’

Just like the Earth from my last life.

It will be a star that has been demoted from the bottom of the league, its race has been deleted, and its planet has become a ruined place.

‘There’s that fragment over there… … .’

A purple crack.

The cracks in the cracked ground were so deep that the end could not be seen.

An atmosphere that no one should enter.


‘The light emitted from the crack is not just ordinary light.’

Just like the energy of death used by the dead star constellation in the past.

I felt the power that was consuming my life.

A typical Platinum player wouldn’t even dare to go in there.

Even the group of hatchlings that wiped out more than half of humanity a while ago would not think of entering the rift.


‘That’s it. It’s nothing compared to what Calaine was spewing out.’


Seong Ji-han jumped lightly and fell into the crack.

“Kik, kiik… … !”

Then, countless chimeras popped out from within.

‘That’s annoying.’

pop! pop!

However, Seong Ji-han did not even wield a weapon, but destroyed the mob with only the power of domain control.

After 10 minutes like that.

-Wow, I fell into a crack and wondered why… … .

-I guess it was just to increase the number of kills haha.

-Point: It’s already 2014. I’m crazy, really.

– Seong Ji-han carried it all the way to 7th place haha.

Before we knew it, humanity’s kill points had increased until 2014.

Out of 500 people, only one person won a point.

-If this goes on, wouldn’t it be possible to win up to 10,000 if I just hunt in that hole alone?

-No, it puts too much pressure on Jihan. Aren’t your team members free riding too much?

-The person concerned doesn’t seem to be burdened at all… … .

-ㅇㅇ Monsters exploded while I was standing still haha. Viewers talked about a strategy where the rest would just play defense and Seong Ji-han would jump into the crack alone and achieve 10,000 points.

[You have earned the maximum points you can get from the Chaos Rift.]

[No more kill points are accumulated.]

-Ah, I can’t suck honey.

-Then in the end, I will have to fight with other races to reach 10,000.

After getting 2000 points from Chimera, I was disappointed to see a restriction appear in the system.

‘Hmm, I guess I can’t end it with just one crack.’

Unfortunately, the same thing happened to Seong Ji-han.

I thought I could complete the rehearsal special mission and epic quest at once.

I didn’t know there were such limitations in the system.

‘Then I need to quickly find the fragments of the fallen star now and get 10,000 points in the next game.’

Seong Ji-han thought so and wandered through the crack.

The surroundings are just purple.

Apart from the monsters, there was nothing.

‘There is not much time left.’

Seong Ji-han tried to search faster by summoning a thundercloud.

Even when I went down, the scenery did not change.

However, there was one change.

[Kill… … Give it… … .]

[I don’t know… … I don’t know!]

The chimeras, who had been making animal noises, began to spit out language as they went down the crack.

Unlike the chimera that popped out from above.

These were soul-like beings without a form.

And let’s go further down.

[Uh, uh… … Please just merge… … Please don’t… … so painful… … .]

[please! Isn’t it all over? … Wasn’t he demoted! If it’s destroyed, we’ll just leave it as is… … !]

[Why, why do you keep asking me things I don’t even know how to understand!]

Instead of being a jumbled mess of chimeras, each race was divided and appealing to the light.

The races are a beast race with the shape of a wolf and a race similar to humans.

There are large insects that resemble ants, etc.

All beings were engulfed in purple light and were screaming in pain.

Listening to their words translated through

Seong Ji-han could see that his guess was correct.

‘As expected, are these a race that was demoted from the Space League…? … .’

Seong Ji-han remembered the final day before returning.

When Mankind lost the relegation battle.

All of humanity except him was literally ‘erased’.

Well, I thought that was the end of it.

As it turned out, was it always being divided in this place like a crack of chaos?

‘But what did you ask to get that reaction?’

Besides just asking to be killed.

There were quite a few people who said they didn’t know what question to ask.

Seong Ji-han tried to go down a little further to hear what it was.

[15 minutes have passed.]

[NO.4212 ‘Humanity’ is expelled from the battlefield of chaos.]

The time limit has already arrived.

[Settling the score of humanity… … .]

[Kill points exceed 2000.]

[Congratulations. You are eligible to receive a participation prize!]

[All participants are exempt from death penalty.]

[The power level increases by 1.]

[Everyone gains 100,000 GP.]

If you reach 2000 points, you will receive a participation award.

-Something… … salty?

-No, but the team members who couldn’t kill the enemy didn’t go down in level, right?

-Oh, that’s right. If you look at the team as a whole, it seems to be okay.

– Only Seong Ji-han worked hard and the team took all the honey lol – Honestly, if you have a conscience, you should donate 100,000 GP to Seong Ji-han right away.

-ㄹㅇ Hahaha, where did they stop me from leveling down?

The 500 team member raised his level by 1 on a topic that was of no help and even obtained GP.

Viewers said that due to manners, Seong Ji-han should be shot with a GP.

[You will receive additional rewards depending on your contribution.]

[Player ‘Seong Ji-han’ achieved 100% contribution for the first time in rehearsal.]

[Level increases by 4.]

[Obtain 4 million GP.]

[On a one-time basis, you gain 4 additional stat points.]

-Wow, give me extra stats?

-Crazy reward.

The other rewards weren’t bad, but all people’s attention was focused on the additional stat 4.

Considering that it is almost impossible to obtain this due to the nature of the game.

The contribution reward was enormous.

-But 100% of the contribution comes from the first rehearsal haha.

-No, I think the team members are going too far!

-No, it actually turned out well when we met Gaedong. Viewers who like that my brother got extra stats and got +stats thanks to humanity, which is only holding us back.

Of course, since Seong Ji-han was martial, this was of no use right now.

[Special achievement, ‘100 percent contribution’ achieved.]

[You will receive 300000 achievement points as a reward.]

He smiled when he saw the achievement point reward that only he could see.

In times like this, unhelpful team members actually become helpful.


‘Next time, we shouldn’t select team members through matching.’

Seong Ji-han recalled what happened a little while ago.

The team members are wiped out by dozens of chimeras that have leaked out.

I never wanted to see it collapse in vain like that again.

The most important one-time reward, additional stats, were also obtained.

Now I need to prepare properly and form a team.

He came out with such a light heart.

“No, this can’t be…” … .”

“It’s a map where you can get additional stats… … !”

“That’s 7 too, 7!”

The industry started to get excited after seeing this rehearsal game.

* * *

[Map opened exclusively for Seongjihan, rehearsal! What are the results of your indirect experience with Space League?]

[A huge reward awaits in the chaotic battlefield! But the enemy is not that formidable.]

[A game that shines alone with 100% contribution, is it as good as it is? The light and dark sides of humanity are clearly revealed.]

[If you get demoted from the Space League, you will become a chimera? The reason why the soul’s cry is terrifying in the cracks of chaos.]

“Reporters, now they write articles after watching uncle’s game.”

Yoon Se-ah looked at the article on the front page of the portal site with eyes that she was now familiar with.

It’s been a while since I played Battle Tube.

His topicality was by far the best among all battle tubers.

Especially at this time, when the tutorial is coming to an end and curiosity about the Space League game is growing.

When the rehearsal game was held, the attention of people from all over the world was bound to gather.

“But if we are really relegated… … Will I become a chimera?”

“Is it because of the soul’s dialogue in the crack?”

“Yeah, isn’t it a bit meaningful? There are all kinds of speculation going on right now. What on earth do you not know? “If we get demoted, will we really be destroyed?”

Seong Ji-han knows the answer to the latter of Yoon Se-ah’s questions.

He sipped his coffee and answered lightly.

“It is true that if you are demoted, you will truly be destroyed.”

“uh… … really? “How does your uncle know that?”

“I just got a feeling.”

“no way. What is that.”

“Oh yeah. Should I ask Ariel?”

Ariel is like a doctor when it comes to

However, when she was actually summoned, she shook her head.

“I guess so, but… … I don’t know for sure either. “What happens if you get demoted?”

“okay? “I thought you had information.”

“Shadow elves have never been demoted.”

“Ugh, unlucky.”

“Did you see the game earlier? “Ethnicity is important.”

Ariel shrugged her shoulders at Yoon Se-ah’s jeers.

“No, but isn’t it too much to play games with dragons?”

“Players who play with your uncle will say the same thing. “Aren’t you doing well these days too?”

“Ugh… … “That’s true, though.”

“ is not a very fair game in the first place. The basic purpose is to cause each planet to fight against each other. “You should consider yourself lucky that the five hundred dragons didn’t come out earlier.”

Meanwhile, Ariel stood in front of the computer.

“Can I watch the video from earlier again?”

“Uncle Battle Tube? Yes, look.”

Then, she quickly turned the playback screen and stopped the playback at the scene where Seong Ji-han entered deep into the Chaos Crack.

It was a scene where a soul that was not fused into a chimera was screaming.

“Master, can I transmit this screen to the Constellation?”

“To the Shadow Queen?”

“huh. The purple energy that binds that soul… … “I think it will be a clue for the Queen to develop her shadow energy.”

“It’s similar to the energy of death used by the Dead Star Constellation.”

“is it? “Can I also enclose the owner’s comment?”

“Unless you’re going to get it for free.”

“Of course. “The Queen will pay a suitable price.”

I probably could have sent it without saying anything, but there was no reason to refuse since they even offered compensation.

“Then send it.”


It sprayed shadow energy on the monitor and absorbed it again.

“Then I’ll go send it and come back.”

Ariel disappears somewhere.

Seong Ji-han tilted his head as he watched his video again.

When I experienced it back then, it was a deteriorating version of the energy of death.

Was there anything that could be related to the shadow energy?

‘Did I focus too much on the enemy? ‘I’ll have to think about ways to develop Amyeongsingyeoldo.’

Because the development of red lightning was stagnant.

Seong Ji-han decided to think about ways to develop Amyeongsingyeol, which had been neglected so far.

If you develop this and grow your martial spirit, you will be able to upgrade your sword based on that ability.

‘But in order to monitor the cracks of chaos for a long time, you need to form a proper team… … .’

Do you have any ideas on how to transform Amyeongsingyeol to suit yourself?

In order to complete the epic quest, a situation like today where all our allies are slaughtered should not have occurred.

‘It’s not just one or two people. I guess 500 people is a bit much.’

To select an elite among the 500 Platinums who can be effective in the chaotic battlefield.

It was impossible with Korea’s player pool.

We have to select players from all over the planet to survive.

When you are wondering how to solve the staff recruitment problem.

[Owner! I received a call from the World Federation!]

I received an urgent call from guild master Lee Ha-yeon.

[Well, I have something to tell you about the battlefield of chaos… … .]

The World Federation maintained an uneasy relationship with him due to issues related to the Sword King.

But perhaps it was because the rewards given in the chaotic battlefield were so attractive.

Seong Ji-han smiled when the federation contacted him first.

In this case, the one who contacts first loses.

“Well, let’s hear the story.”

Permission to open the rehearsal map alone.

Seong Ji-han decided to put this to good use.

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