The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2 Chapter 135

<Mushin Returns to Level 2 Episode 135>

‘Defensive efficiency… … 200 percent?!’

Gwi-Gap-Jin’s defensive efficiency has risen to an insane level.

The defensive efficiency of the existing national team Warriors was only 125 to 140 percent.

This is an extremely low figure compared to the figures of other top national teams, which fluctuate between 160 and 180 percent.

In fact, the Korean national team’s highest score of 140 percent only came out when they were in the best condition, and even during practice.

Normally, I would just think of it as 130 percent.

‘200% is the maximum efficiency of a ghost monster in the game!’


Noh Yeongjun slapped himself on the cheek and quickly shouted.

“All over again. let’s try again!”

Could there be some error?

How can efficiency soar just because one player changes?


“It’s still 200 percent!”

“and. this… … I know this is the number achieved by the U.S. national team… … .”

“Is this true…? … “Is this real?”

Noh Young-jun’s expression was filled with joy.

Defensive efficiency is something that strengthens the warriors forming the formation, so even though the numbers were the same, the level of 200% of the U.S. national team and 200% of the Korean national team were different.


‘With the national team currently in an automatic state, this alone is a huge harvest!’

The Korean national team could not withstand the enemy’s wave after wave of attacks.

But if this efficiency is actually possible, the shield can do its job.

“200 percent. “200 percent!”


[no way. Director. Does that make sense? Only one player changed?]

“Children! Come out quickly! Come out and see it with your own eyes!”

Coach Noh Young-jun shouted excitedly at the Warriors during the practice game.

The warriors who formed the ghost group logged out with puzzled expressions on their faces.

After checking the replay, everyone looked at Seong Ji-han in astonishment.

“and… … what??”

“It’s really 200 percent, right?”

However, Seong Ji-han, who received that gaze, just tilted his head as if he did not understand.

‘what. Didn’t everyone originally start with 200?’

In the future game, even the weaker countries were showing off the maximum efficiency of their formations.

I didn’t understand why I was so surprised when I only hit the 200% max.

“and… … Jihan. “This is your first time holding a shield, right?”


“Ha, you really are a fraud.”

“Really… … “I’m lucky that my brother is Korean.”

The two players become closer than before.

Not only those two, but other Warriors also began to gather here to talk to Seong Ji-han.

‘It’s a completely different level. It’s like watching the King of Swords.’

‘I have to somehow become friends with someone like this.’

‘It seems like his personality isn’t as harsh as I thought.’

Even though the Korean national team is ranked last in Northeast Asia, they are all the best players in their country.

With the perspective of a top player, they were able to quickly understand Seong Ji-han.

He is a sword king level… … .

No, he was a player of a different level, perhaps even better than that.

“Sungjihan player. “I’ve been a fan of broadcasting for a long time!”

“and! It’s really amazing. How do you get 200 percent?”

As the Warriors surrounded him, they tried desperately to change his face in any way possible.

“now. Let’s leave Saddam later and continue training!”

Clap clap.

Coach Noh Young-jun applauds and calls for training to resume.

“ah. “I can’t help it.”

“I’ll have to say hello later at the welcome party.”

The national team fighters were disappointed and had no choice but to return to their original positions.

“A saintly player.”


“But there are many positions other than fighters that you can play in… … “Can you shoot a bow and do magic?”

“Please speak comfortably.”

“Um, yeah. “I saw earlier that you can participate in other position slots as well.”

“yes. “All four classes are available.”

Although Seong Ji-han went all-in on four classes as a warrior through All for One, the other three classes also remained in their shells.

‘It was all for times like this.’

There was no need for the remaining classes when leveling up alone, but it was strategically useful when used in national level matches.

And director Noh Young-jun caught this right away.

“So, does that mean the rest of the class can play a role that matches that?”

“no. Only transcription is possible.”

“hmm… … Still, I guess we can put you in a relatively less important position on each map… … .”

In this Southgate map, warriors are the most important, and archers have the lowest role.

So, if you put Seong Ji-han in place of Sagittarius and use him as a warrior, one more person will be added to the original slot limit of 30.

Director Noh Young-jun experimented in many ways.

“hmm. If you move to a different position, Gwigapjin’s efficiency will be 185%… … .”

“It’s the difference between accepting a 15 percent difference or using one more warrior.”

“I need to practice more to find out which is better.”

Noh Young-jun, who had happy thoughts, looked happily at Seong Ji-han on the screen.

Even though the archer is standing holding a shield, this crazy player can increase the efficiency of the archer by 50% by himself!

‘I guess I can keep the director position.’

Until a few years ago, Noh Young-jun was called a famous director.

However, after the Sword King moved to Japan, Korea failed to achieve even a single win, and he was eventually criticized for being a Sword King.

Most people expected that he would not be able to make it past the end of this year and be fired from his position as coach… … .

‘I didn’t know something like this would suddenly fall from the sky.’

Noh Young-jun decided to make good use of the card given to him by heaven called Seong Ji-han.

“Then I will now try to summon the other person.”

A practice game featuring mock battles.

Unlike the actual national team battle, the battle was replaced with a monster wave.

“I blocked up to 14 waves!”

“Oh oh. “Wasn’t 10 the limit last time?”

“yes. “Following the increase in the efficiency of the Tortoiseshell, and the addition of the phoenix buff for players who are sacred to it, I can definitely feel that it has become more powerful!”

Listening to the excited power analyst’s voice, Noh Young-jun also nodded with a happy face.

Before the wave started, Seong Ji-han planted the phoenix flag and even gave it a buff, and the effect was significant.

‘At this level, we won’t be defeated by Russia!’

Just one player was added, and it feels like their power has suddenly increased.

And the players who actually played the game felt this more than the staff, including Noh Young-jun.

“and… … .”

“really… … Something will be different this time, right?”

Not just warriors, but players at all other positions?

I couldn’t hide my excitement when I saw the result of blocking up to 14 waves.


“Seongjihan… … “I lived alone.”

“Even if the Gwi Gapjin collapsed, they stood by until the end.”

“If the monster corpse hadn’t bounced inside, we might have made it to the next wave… … .”

“therefore. Why is the game over when my head falls inside? “I heard this decision is strange.”

Even as the warriors were dying one by one from the 11th wave, Seong Ji-han firmly maintained his position.

If it weren’t for the decision to end once a monster enters the door, it seemed like he would have been able to block the next wave all by himself.

“It’s crazy. really… … .”

“Wow. “I’ll get criticized less now.”

The atmosphere at the training ground became very friendly.

For them, who suffered from national criticism after failing to win even a single game after transferring to Geomwang, today’s practice results were very hopeful.

“now. “That’s it for today’s practice.”

The first training conducted with the addition of Seong Ji-han ended very successfully.

* ? * ? *

click! click-!

There were more reporters than ever before at the national press conference held at the interview venue.

“… … As such, the results of the first training were very successful.”

“14 waves… … Is it possible to go up 4 waves from the existing record just by adding one famous player? … ?”

The reporter conducting the interview tilted his head as if he did not understand what he was saying.

“omg… … “Is that possible?”

“Seong Ji-han is strong, but he is still only one person.”

“Wouldn’t the 14 wave record be similar to China’s?”

“That’s right. “I think Russia has 13 waves.”

“In Japan, the Sword King goes all the way to wave 18 by himself.”

“That guy is outside the standard.”

Reporters could not contain their surprise as they talked about the records of other countries they knew.

How can the Korean national team, which barely made it to the 10th wave, match China’s record just by changing one player?

“I almost want to reveal the practice game footage. haha.”

“Then, this game against Russia… … “Can we expect victory?”

Then Director Noh Young-jun looked at Seong Ji-han sitting next to him.

“yes. “That friend will do everything.”

“Oh oh… … .”

At the same time, coach Noh Young-jun praised Seong Ji-han’s play and gave a positive evaluation that he had integrated well into the team.

“A saintly player! Director Noh Young-Jun is not someone who gives this much praise, but I think expectations are very high. “Please tell us about your determination for the game against Russia!”

Then Seong Ji-han looked towards the reporter who was chatting earlier and asked.

“Did you say the Russian warriors beat wave 13?”


“Then I will win easily. “The 15th wave earlier also ended when the devil’s neck fell inward.”

He said and spread three fingers.

“If Russia is that good, they will win 3-0.”

“3, 3:0?”


Russian national team.

Although western Russia is more powerful than eastern Russia.

The East also had power that could not be ignored.

In the Northeast Asian League, China and Japan form the top two.

Russia was reorganized into tier 1, and Taiwan and Korea were reorganized into tier 2.

This is because the teams from eastern Russia were evaluated as having enough strength to be included in the ‘strong’ leagues in other regions.

But you’re saying you’re going to trample that team 3-0… … .

‘and. ‘This statement must be included.’

‘As expected, he is a great player. ‘That’s crazy aggro!’

Reporters repeatedly typed Seong Ji-han’s rants and sent them out as breaking news.

Just like that, a photo of Seong Ji-han spreading three fingers appeared on the portal site.


-Russia… … ??

-Does it make sense that the Korean automatic door broke through 14 waves? They really need to release this practice video hahaha – who are you releasing it for? Just believe it.

-Ha, please, 3:0… no, even 3:2 is fine, so I hope we win.

-1 win finally?

-Not Taiwan, but Russia is Samjin Eva. Suddenly a sacred site was added? It doesn’t make sense hahahaha – Yes, it’s possible because it’s Seong Ji-han. The public’s reaction exploded in an instant.

It was already the first practice match that Seong Ji-han joined, so there was a lot of public attention.

It was said that the national team had cleared up to wave 14, and Ji-han Seong was confident that they could beat Russia 3:0, so it could not help but become a hot topic.

“Okay. “The reaction is explosive.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen so many negative comments on the national team news. older brother.”

After the interview is over.

Kim Dong-woo and Lee Yoon-gi watched the real-time reaction on their cell phones and smiled.

Usually, whenever news of the national team came out, the automatic door would sound and I would get cursed.

Today, with 14 waves cleared and a 3-0 score declared, all the reactions were focused on that, so I didn’t see any negative comments for the first time in a long time.

“therefore. Jihan, you swallowed up all the issues. thanks. hey.”

“Well, I just said the obvious.”



“… … I’m serious? Those Russian bastards are crazy berserkers. “Whenever I come in with an offensive lineup, I always roll my eyes and get axed.”

“Then stop hitting me.”

Seong Ji-han asked as if what was so difficult.

and. This guy was sincere.

‘In the past, Sejin hyung… … No, it’s like watching the King of Swords.’

Even when Sword King Yoon Se-jin was on the national team, he had that kind of attitude.

-You can just grab that, right?

When Kim Dong-woo laments, looking at his opponent and asking how he can win, the sword king talks so easily.

Seong Ji-han’s appearance now was exactly similar to that time.

‘There he is… … No matter how you look at it, I think he will be stronger than the Sword King.’

Even Sword King Yoon Se-jin wasn’t this strong during Gold.

‘We need to become closer quickly.’

Fortunately, it seems he isn’t as picky a friend as I thought… … .

Kim Dong-woo thought that he should strengthen his relationship with him even more.

“Jihan. Our warriors organized a small welcoming party for you… … how is it. “Can I have a drink today?”

Then he took a quick look around and spoke privately to Seong Ji-han.

“and… … We also invited selected celebrities and announcers. There are also top idols. “Everyone said they missed you so much that they skipped their schedules to come.”

Kim Dong-woo invited him to a party he had planned in advance.

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