The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 9

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Volume 3

Chapter 8 Dwarves


Black smoke rises from all over the city. In the center of the imperial palace, Gairach, a thin middle-aged man was looking at the scene from a balcony in the Hall of the Abyss. It was Leppenhardt, the emperor of the Antares Empire, who was called the Demon King by all the people in the world.

Reppenhardt watched the city he built burn with indifferent eyes. Wrinkles over the eyes, traces of time that even powerful magical power could not erase, were slightly writhing.

A voice came from behind me.

“… … “I bid you farewell, Your Majesty.”

It was the voice of Tarsid, the great Orc warrior. It was a simple tone, but the feeling of regret embedded in it was clearly felt. Reppenhardt turned away without saying a word. The rugged, muscular orc warrior was on his knees, unable to raise his head.

Tashid was not the only one prostrating. A vicious-looking old troll, a dwarf with a white beard, and a beautiful elf woman were also kneeling together. Everyone looked like they were about to shed tears at any moment.

“Atilka, Marceline, Siris… … .”

Reppenhardt chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Why are everyone’s expressions like that? “It’s like watching someone dying.”

They couldn’t help but smile at the emperor’s laughter.

The entire continent joined hands.

All of humanity raised their swords toward one goal.

The kings of the nations gathered together and gathered their armies to slay the enemy of mankind, the Demon King Reppenhardt. The number is no less than two million. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the number, which ignored all common sense of war, was truly the entire military force possessed by humans on the continent.

All wizards on the continent supported the two million human allied forces with magic. All the priests on the continent protected the troops with divine power. Auror users from all kingdoms led them to invade the empire.

The number 2 million had absolute power that could defy any powerful magic or advanced strategy. Leffenhardt’s method of ending the war by completely wiping out the invading army with magic did not work this time.

No matter how powerful Reppenhardt is, he only has one body. The Human Allied Forces cleverly avoided Reppenhardt, dispersed his forces, and steadily encroached on the Antares Empire. If Repenhardt restores one castle with his formidable magic, twenty castles will be invaded simultaneously the next day. In the face of overwhelming war, the Antares Empire had no choice but to gradually retreat.

Many orc warriors fell to their deaths under the human sword. Even the trolls, who had endless regenerative powers, became exhausted and fatigued by the overwhelming numbers, and eventually died from their limbs being torn apart. The blood of the dwarves formed a river, and the corpses of the elves formed a mountain. And as much as these people died, no, several times more human blood flowed on the earth. The terrible flames of war rose throughout the empire.

Now, half a year later, the Human Allied Forces have invaded Reppenheim, the capital of the Antares Empire, which was the last bastion.

Leppenhardt, leaning on the balcony, looked up. On the plain beyond the capital city walls, the human army could be seen lined up densely beyond the horizon. No matter where you turn, there are only human armies everywhere. Suddenly Reppenhardt clicked his tongue.

“Anyway, they mobilized in a really ignorant way. Are you all planning to start a war and destroy the country? “How on earth are you going to drag me out like that?”

Al Port’s High Priest, Marqueline, answered in a gloomy voice.

“That means they can’t tolerate our existence, Your Majesty.”

Leffenhardt clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, if the page count difference is significant, I’ll try my hand at it, but this is…” … .”

It is known to the world that Reppenhardt is leading a million-strong army of darkness (which is also why the kings of the nations gathered an army of two million without any second thoughts), but in fact, the number of all different races within the Antares Empire, including all men, women and children, is Just over 500,000. The actual number of people capable of fighting is less than 200,000. And half of them have already died due to the war.

Leffenhardt turned and leaned back against the balcony. And he shook his hand in a calm tone.

“Okay, now that we’ve seen the faces, let’s say goodbye.”

“… … I’m sorry, Your Majesty… … .”

Atilca’s head bowed even deeper.

Atilca’s loyalty to Repenhardt was unabashed compared to anyone else’s, but now he had to leave the emperor’s side. Not as Atilka as an individual, but as the leader responsible for the survival of all trolls.

The Four Heavenly Kings are not simply the emperor’s bodyguards. They are the representatives and guardians of each race and are responsible for the well-being of the clan.

So Reppenhardt gave them an order.

-Lead your people and take refuge. The spirit of the race must never be lost.

These were people who barely escaped slavery.

They were barely able to find the culture and pride of their ancestors.

It wasn’t just about surviving. He couldn’t afford to lose the pride he had finally found. Even if they survived, if they fell into the hands of humans and became slaves again, they would have no shame in seeing those who died.

“but… … .”

Tashid frowned and opened his mouth with difficulty.

“… … “Are you sure you can’t go with me, Your Majesty?”

“Didn’t I explain it already, Tashid? “Is there a chance for me to escape because I’m here in Gairach?”

The tide has already turned. Even Leffenhardt had no choice but to admit it.

What is important is how well you can preserve the power of the different races and enable them to escape from the capital.

For that purpose, Leffenhardt deliberately exposed his existence. In any case, the most important thing for the Human Allied Forces would be Repenhardt’s head. So, as long as he is definitely present in the imperial capital, the human coalition forces cannot do their best to prevent this race from trying to escape. If we take advantage of that opportunity and miss Reppenhardt, this war will be no different from failure.

In other words, Reppenhardt volunteered to act as a decoy to help all the different races of the Imperial Capital escape.

“Well, I know that, but even so, how can you leave Your Majesty alone…” … .”

At that moment, Reppenhardt shouted and cut off his words.

“Tashid! Don’t let your emotions take precedence and abandon your responsibilities! “Before you are my Four Heavenly Kings, you are the great warrior of the Orcs!”

Tashid gritted his teeth and swallowed his words. And he turned his back. He returns to his compatriots to carry out the final orders of his lord, to whom he had sworn allegiance.

“… … “Then I’ll go too.”

Atilka also stood up. Like Tashid, he also has the duty to lead the trolls to escape the capital. In a sorrowful voice, the old troll shaman said his final farewell.

“your majesty. Please take care of your body… … .”

“Be careful, Atilka.”

The sight of the orcs and trolls leaving the balcony is truly lonely. Suddenly, Reppenhardt turned his head with a wry smile. He shrugged his shoulders at the older dwarf standing to his left with a gloomy look on his face.

“Anyway, I feel sorry for Alport. “He went bankrupt even though God gave him a guarantee.”

The dwarf, Marceline, also smiled bitterly and responded.

“It’s not a guarantee, it’s a trust.”

“That sound is that sound, right?”

The dwarves entrusted Reppenhardt with new soldiers about 10 years ago, before the Antares Empire was even created. While other races were scattered here and there and relied on him on a clan-by-clan basis, the dwarves united all tribes and came under Reppenhardt at once, and the reason for this was an oracle received by the dwarven high priest, Marceline.

The one who passes through the abyss of Daiman, following the orc’s guide with an elf at his side, will appear after breaking the pillars of Horchril, so follow him. He is the one who will twist fate and bring salvation.

At that time, Reppenhardt was in the midst of exploring the dungeon Daiman, accompanied by Siris and Tarsid. During his exploration, he discovered a pillar with an unusual space distortion spell, and while casting it around for research, he destroyed a large portion of it and ate it. It was a dwarf retreat and was connected to the temple of Alport.

“I was really embarrassed at that time. I destroyed half of the temple, and the dwarves came and instead of getting angry, they praised me as a savior. “I couldn’t understand the real situation.”

Reppenhardt chuckled as he recalled the memories. Marceline also smiled.

From that day on, the dwarves came under Reppenhardt and showed deep trust and loyalty. And that trust and loyalty have not faded at all even as the imperial capital burns. Like other races… … .

Marceline bowed her head and made the sign of the cross.

“May Al Fort bless you, and may we meet again one day.”


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“I wish so too. Goodbye, Marceline.”

After sending Marceline off, Reppenhardt looked at the elf woman who remained until the end.


“Yes, Mr. Leffenhardt.”

Siris stood up and answered in a calm voice. He smiled wryly at the sight of her determination. Although he is acting like the leader of the elves now, there was really no chaos last night.

-Leffenhardt! Is there really no other way? Even Mr. Reppenhardt, it is too dangerous to deal with the strongest players on the continent alone!

-Siris, my love. The man you chose is not that poor.

-You get sloppy sometimes!

-… … No, why are we talking about night time in this situation… … .

-I don’t know! let’s go together!

-Didn’t I explain everything? If I move, I can’t save others.

-Then I’m not going either!

-… … So who will lead the elves?

-I don’t know! Anyway, I will be by Leffenhardt’s side!

-No, I mean… … .

Irrationality, illogic, and emotions explode! They are making a fuss with all the three major elements of hysteria… … .

‘I thought I was going to die trying to comfort you.’

Still, it seemed like a lot had calmed down overnight. Reppenhardt spoke sweetly to his lover, who had a calm expression.

“… … “Now you have to go too.”


As she finished answering, Siris looked directly at Reppenhardt. And he whispered with strong will.

“I will wait.”

Repenhardt smiled even more bitterly at that lovely expression. Do they want to be separated from Siris? But the situation is too harsh. Leffenhardt was not a cruel man to the extent of asking people to wait indefinitely, even though he could not predict the future.

So I responded.

“You never know what fate will bring. Siris, if something happens to me, you’ll find another good person… … .”

“I will definitely wait.”

“Oh, of course I’d like to see you again, right? But the situation is not good. They also came with a plan, so it won’t be easy… … .”

“radish! article! case! “I will wait!”

“… … .”

Looking at those stubborn eyes, Reppenhardt eventually burst out laughing. Siris hugged Reppenhardt’s neck. Reppenhardt also wrapped his arms around Siris’ waist.

The two lovers kissed in silence, leaving the burning ecliptic behind.

☆ ☆ ☆

“Uhm… … .”

With a groan, Reppenhardt opened his eyes.

‘It’s been a while since I had a dream of my past life.’

It was a depressing memory, a fragment of a sad memory. In the end, despite their role as bait, the Four Heavenly Kings were all killed by humans. It cannot be said that the operation was particularly wrong. If I hadn’t done that, escape would have been impossible. The difference in military strength was so serious that there was no solution other than that at the time.

‘Whoa…’ … .’

When I think of the Four Heavenly Kings who died, a part of my heart feels cold. But Reppenhardt shook his head and tried to shake off his thoughts.

‘are you okay. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s something that can be prevented.’

Trying to cheer himself up, Reppenhardt got up. And he made an instant impression. The moment he moved his body, an excruciating pain overtook his entire body.

‘Ugh, it’s completely broken.’

Leffenhardt stuck his tongue out. When he used his auror to check his physical condition, he was amazed. Five or six of his ribs were broken, his internal organs were damaged, and his muscles were torn in various places, turning the bandages red.

‘As expected, Eldrad, the strongest magic weapon.’

It was a body that had been trained over and over again, but with a single blow, it became like this. Eldrad’s reputation was by no means a rumor.

‘I did something stupid.’

Leffenhardt shook his head. Yussus’s skills in handling the barbarian Eldrad were definitely comparable to those of an Auror. He was indeed a renowned Golden Knight, and he possessed a force that was clearly superior to that of Lantas, who was obsessed with catching cinnabar.

However, it was not something that Leffenhardt could not handle. If he had fought with all his might from the beginning, if he had limited his Aurors and not fought, he was an opponent he could have easily defeated.

In the end, it was a matter of one’s own way of thinking. Even when your life and death are at stake, you fight with shackles on yourself, saying, ‘I am stealing’ and ‘I must not reveal my true identity.’ Moreover, you cannot loosen the shackles on your mind until a crisis is right around the corner. What kind of idiot is this? What do you mean?

‘This is truly pathetic.’

Repenhardt laughed. Through this incident, I was able to clearly feel what the problem was.

“You are being too timid. I am now… … .”

Of course, if Reppenhardt, who ran rampant so ignorantly in the Principality of Chatan, was said to be timid, the people who died after being hit by his fists would be enraged. But that wasn’t what he meant.

He had already failed once in his previous life. Although he was the strongest wizard of all time, he was eventually hated by the entire continent and was killed.

That’s why, even after I was reborn, I was only paying attention to the situation. He was filled with the thought that, as the Demon Lord, he should not appear in front of the world, and was only thinking about hiding his existence somehow.

But if you think about it carefully, there is no need to think like that just yet.

I have to hide my Auror because I steal? You can’t do it if your identity is revealed?

It was a ridiculous thought. What happens when your identity is revealed? Even so, all that is known is that a powerful auror who handled the auror committed an unbecoming theft. Well, his actions may have caught Gerard’s ears (in fact, he was unconsciously so afraid of it that he tried to hide his true identity), but if you think about it, Gerard’s personality is such that if you praise him for running wild, it doesn’t seem like he would say anything.

It’s good that you don’t want to repeat the failures of your past life. However, if you remain afraid of failure, nothing will happen. Now was the time to move forward without looking back. The reason you are afraid of failure is after you have achieved something worthy of failure.

“I did something really stupid… … .”

Leffenhardt chuckled. After he clearly recognized the problem, his heart felt relieved.

‘Well, anyway, the result isn’t bad. I learned a good lesson, and I took care of Eleusion’s voice properly.’

With a more relaxed look on his face, Reppenhardt searched his pockets. Then he took out a square black box. It’s just an ordinary box that doesn’t look like a magic tool at all. However, this is a top-notch artifact even in the Silver Age.

‘With this, we have taken a step forward on the road to regaining magic.’

Repenhardt smiled happily. Although he paid a heavy price, he still got what he wanted, so it was a satisfying result.

“Ugh! “I laughed and it hurt again.”

Of course, there is no change in the fact that the cost is quite painful.

Touching his side, Reppenhardt put aside his thoughts and checked his body again. There were severe wounds here and there, especially on his two legs, which were not protected by Aurors. The bones in his legs were completely crushed and shattered.

‘Still, the Auror’s defense is slow, so it’s actually like I got hit with my bare body half of the time… … Considering that, it’s even more surprising that my limbs are intact.’

It is unclear whether we should marvel at Eldrad’s magic that turned the steel-like body into this shape, or whether we should marvel at the body that ended up like this even after being hit by such powerful magic. Normally, an injury of this magnitude would be serious enough to cause complete disability… … .

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been hurt like this.’

Repenhardt had a calm expression even as he looked down at his two paralyzed legs. This is not a serious injury by Jim Unbreakable’s standards, but only ‘after moderate training with the master’. It wasn’t something I’d experienced once or twice, but before I became an Auror, I suffered from injuries like this every day, so there was no way I was going to panic.

‘If this is enough… … If I can put the shattered bones and flesh back together with aura and increase my self-healing ability, I will be able to wake up in about three days.’

Repenhardt looked around while using his aurors.

‘But where is this place?’

It was a small room. The granite walls are smooth and there is only a thin curtain on the door. What was unusual was that the ceiling was quite low, so if Reppenhardt got up from his seat, he would have to bend down quite a bit.

‘Is this… … .’

Something occurred to Reppenhardt and he looked at the bed he was lying on. The bed he was currently sitting on was made up of four small beds stacked on top of each other. It is too wide to be called a child’s bed, and too short to be called an adult’s bed. And Reppenhardt certainly knew who used beds this size.

“I knew it… … .”

It was then. I felt an presence, and then someone lifted the curtain and came inside.

“Hoo? “I think he’s awake.”

Looking at the owner of the voice, Reppenhardt nodded his head involuntarily.

It was as expected. There is only one person on the continent who uses a bed of this size.

It was a dwarf.

Dwarves are the sons of the earth, with an average height of about 140 cm and a shoulder width of over 1 meter, with a small but sturdy build.

The person who lifted the veil and appeared was a dwarf with pure white hair and brown eyes. Covering his chest with a rich dwarf-like beard, he looked over at Reppenhardt and said hello to him.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Oh, yes. so so… … .”

Leppenhardt lowered his head in confusion and looked at the opponent in front of him.

Judging by the length and abundance of his beard, he seemed to be an old dwarf, at least three hundred years old. To humans, all dwarves appear to have thick beards, beaky eyes, and round and flat torsos, but it is not that difficult to tell age if you understand the points.

Anyway, there was no doubt that they saved him. Reppenhardt politely expressed his gratitude.

“Thank you for saving me. “You unintentionally caused trouble.”

The old dwarf smiled warmly and waved his hand.

“Hehehe, take the obvious. “My name is Hethos.”

“… … “This is Leffenhardt.”

Even as he made a loud statement, Reppenhardt was inwardly embarrassed. If the other person were human, it wouldn’t be so awkward to make clear statements to each other in this situation… … .

‘What, what? ‘Why is the atmosphere so good?’

Considering the current situation on the continent, it is almost impossible for dwarves to have good feelings towards humans. In the first place, it should have been assumed that dwarves rarely saved dying humans. Well, let’s say it was because these dwarves had such great personalities. Still, there is no way he would look at me with such friendly eyes.

Moreover, the favor did not end with a glance.

“It will still be difficult to wake up… … “Can you have some food?”

“yes? yes… … .”

“Thank goodness. “Miss Tila, please bring something prepared.”

Hethos shouted outside the curtain. Next, a cute-looking dwarf woman came into her room carrying a large tray. She looked like a young human girl in her early teens, but there was a crucial difference that made her instantly recognizable as a dwarf woman.

‘Looking at her breasts, I see that she is a virgin full of spirit.’

Originally, even when dwarf women reached middle age, they had a small, girlish body shape and maintained a youthful appearance by human standards. As you get older, your breasts become fuller. So, among humans, those with unusual tastes sometimes took young dwarf women and used them as sexual slaves. Well, there isn’t much demand.

Anyway, men have beards, women have breasts! This was the easiest way to tell the age of dwarves. It doesn’t seem like Reppenhardt had any dark intentions in stealing the breasts of a woman he met for the first time.

“Ah, you’re awake. Great. Please eat.”

A dwarf woman named Tila smiled softly and placed the tray on the corner of the bed. There was a large bowl full of barley porridge on the tray.

“Okay, thank you.”

Bowing his head once again, Reppenhardt continued to be puzzled.

‘There’s no way dwarves like humans. How can this happen?’

However, it is also funny to ask people who treat you well, ‘Why are you so nice to me?’ Reppenhardt looked embarrassed and picked up his spoon. After looking happily at Reppenhardt eating porridge, Hetos opened the curtain again and left the room.

“Then I will bring the elder.”

The question was immediately resolved the moment an old dwarf called the Elder appeared.

“oh! Are you awake? “Savior of the clan!”

“… … “A savior?”

The name of this old dwarf with full of white hair is Gelphid Delphistone. He was an elder of the dwarf clan who stayed here and a priest who served Alport. And after listening to his subsequent explanation, I could immediately understand why they were so favorable to Reppenhardt.

It is said that Alport’s oracle was given to the Dwarven High Priest about six years ago.

The one whose body of steel contains supreme knowledge, he will appear through the path of darkness and on the tears of the North Wind. Follow him. He is the one who will twist fate and bring salvation.

To put it simply, a big, smart guy was going to come floating down in ice water through an underground cave, so you had to rescue him and use him as a savior.

The high priest secretly announced this oracle to dwarves across the continent, and it is said that all dwarves kept an eye out if there was a cave in their residence and it was connected to a river. This place also had an underground cave connected to a river, so Gelphid stood guard in that cave every winter for six years and waited for someone to show up. Then, finally, last night, a large human came floating down, and I thought it was okay and rescued it.

“haha… … .”

After hearing the explanation, Reppenhardt chuckled and touched his forehead.

The situation was immediately understood.

‘Wow, Al Port, you just changed your words.’

What the oracle said was six years ago, exactly at the time when Reppenhardt would have been reincarnated in this time and space. This means that as soon as Reppenhardt appeared at this time, he moved immediately.

‘You react really quickly. I rolled it once, but they still want to give me a warranty. A good man, no, a good god of self-defense.’

Reppenhardt chuckled at this situation that went beyond causality. With this, he could clearly understand why these dwarves were so welcoming to him, whom they met for the first time. Because it was like this in my past life too.

Still, just in case, I repeated the question I asked back then.

“Anyway, that’s true. “Is that why you trusted and treated a human you’ve never seen before?”

As expected, the answer I heard in my previous life came back.

“Could it be that Al Fort was just saying something empty?”

It was Gelfide, a dwarf elder, who responded with a look in his eyes without the slightest suspicion. Without further ado, Leffenhardt thanked Al Port in his heart. Even though it was Reppenhardt, it would have been difficult to guarantee his survival if he had been submerged in ice water with injuries of this magnitude.

‘Thank you for trusting me one more time. I’ll do better this time.’

Gelphid stood up. As he left the room, he spoke in a friendly voice.

“It’s okay to talk at length with a patient in front of you. For now, rest well and take care of your wounds. Let’s talk about it in detail later. “I’ll keep Tila by her side, so if you need anything, just tell her.”

Tala smiled and sat down on the chair next to the bed. Reppenhardt expressed his gratitude and began eating the porridge again. He had to quickly improve his physical condition.

‘I need to get better quickly, at least to the point where I can move on my two legs. ‘Shouldn’t you be able to go to the bathroom alone?’

No matter how much you know in your head that she is an adult woman, Tila only looks like a young girl on the outside (except for certain parts). He wasn’t shameless enough to ask someone like that to take care of her toilet.

Reppenhardt, who had downed a bowl of barley porridge in an instant, held out the empty bowl and let out a disappointed voice.

“Hey, can you give me some more porridge?”

“You’re eating well. “Please wait a moment.”

With a young girl’s face and a mature woman’s smile, Tila took the empty bowl and walked into the room. Lying down again, Reppenhardt began to use his Aurors. As he healed his body, he fell into thought.

‘Anyway, now that things have come to this, I’m worried about Cilan and Siris. I hope nothing happens.’


Early in the morning, a street in the Viscounty of Kelbern filled with morning sunlight.

Under the sunlight, which was no different from usual, a completely different scene from usual was unfolding.


“Catch the thief!”

A group of knights were galloping through the streets, leading numerous soldiers. And above, I saw two people running frantically on the roof of a two-story house close together. There was a beautiful elf girl with pointed ears showing through her short platinum-blond hair, and a long-red haired boy following her frantically, led by her hand.

Siris, the elf girl running ahead, stretched out her hand as soon as she reached the edge of the roof.

“Take my hand, Cilan!”

“I’m already holding it!”

Silan answered almost sarcastically. Siris immediately grabbed him, carried him over his shoulder, and immediately threw his body away.


With a light burst of energy, the slender elf girl jumps to the opposite roof, carrying an even slender boy on her back. Feeling a distant sense of floating, Silan muttered helplessly.

“No, I’m still just a guy, so if you show me off like this… … .”

As it rests on Siris’s shoulder, they naturally see the knights chasing them down the road. Cilan muttered helplessly as he watched the figure chasing him with such vigor.

“You always acted like you knew everything, but you ended up getting caught, you idiot, Mr. Leffen. “For some reason, I had an uneasy feeling.”

Silan and Siris, who were waiting for Repenhardt to return, had to greet an uninvited guest before dawn. Viscount Kelbern’s soldiers, accompanied by the Knights of Tenness, came to the inn, threatening to arrest the bandit’s companions. In a country estate like this, outsiders were rare, and someone as big as Reppenhardt was even rarer, so the fact that they were together was not something to be hidden. The soldiers immediately surrounded the inn and entered the room where the two were staying.

The good news was that neither of them were asleep. Because Siris had an ominous feeling in advance, she was preparing for both of them to leave. Although it was a sudden surprise attack, she was able to escape from the inn right away.

The two men ran again and continued to run, jumping onto the roofs of other houses. To be exact, Siris jumped over and ran away, and Silan was just carried around, but that didn’t mean that Silan was a complete burden.

“Philanense, take care of your servant and let him run endlessly like a mountain goat!”

Whenever Siris was having a hard time, Silan used holy spells to remove her fatigue and revitalize her, while also amplifying her jumping power, providing great assistance in her escape. Rather than running directly with weak legs, it is more efficient to ride like this and work hard to cast divine spells.

But no matter how much I ran, it was difficult to escape the chase.

“It’s over there!”

“Drive to the other side! Block the escape route!”

Siris glanced down from the roof and frowned. The number of troops currently pursuing them seemed to be well over a hundred men, at best. It wasn’t a number that could be beaten.

Moreover, their enemies were not only knights.

“Oh my, knight. Debsho went over there.”

“Thank you for your cooperation!”

“You’re running away there!”

“I will remember your loyalty!”

The residents of the Viscounty of Kelbern were also cooperative with their pursuers. Viscount Kelvern was a good lord and had a good reputation among the people. Moreover, since it was so rural, the only thing I saw during the chase was a child who stole apples and a fruit vendor chasing after him with a stick. It wasn’t that they were particularly loyal to the Viscount, but they were just pointing their fingers at everyone because they thought this was some kind of exciting festival.

“There is no more place to run to!”

Three swordsmen blocked the sight of Siris, who had just jumped over two roofs in a row. He had anticipated her escape route in advance and had climbed onto the roof. The knights drew their swords and formed a siege around Siris. One of the knights pointed his sword and shouted in a majestic voice.

“Drop your weapons and surrender!”

Siris, who was examining the situation, put Silan down from his shoulder with a stern expression. She then unsheathed her longsword and placed it gently on her roof. This was an obvious sign of surrender, so the knights relaxed slightly.

‘Well, no matter how much of a slayer that elf is, he wouldn’t dare to attack three knights.’

In one slow motion, Siris pulled out a small stick from her waist. The knights were smiling even then. It never occurred to me that that small stick was a weapon.

At that moment, Siris shouted.


The stick immediately transforms into a magic bow of light. Before the knights could even panic, Siris had already started a protest.


An arrow of light cut through the wind and pierced the shoulder of one of the knights.


A knight hit by an arrow falls down from the roof, screaming. Taking advantage of that opportunity, Siris kicked up the long sword at his feet and pulled it out of the air.


Draw your sword, charge at the knights, and then swing left and right to cut continuously! Siris’ movements, greatly amplified by Silan’s power, were not at a level that unwary knights could dare deal with. Even seasoned knights were unable to respond to the surprise attack that was aimed precisely at the psychological gap and shed blood. Silan, who was watching from behind, shouted in surprise.

“Lord, don’t kill me!”

Siris answered in a cold voice as she swung her sword, scattering blood.

“We do not commit unnecessary killings.”

Indeed, although the fallen knights were in pain, their lives seemed to be in no danger. At that moment, Siris exquisitely cut only the thighs and calves of the knights, taking away their mobility. Cilan sighed in relief and looked at Siris with her new eyes.

‘I’m glad I didn’t kill him, but… … .’

The cruelty in his voice is scary. To put it another way… … .

‘You mean you can kill if necessary?’

Well, if you think about it, Siris was merciless even in the Principality of Chatan. He’s seen blood against the humans who came to catch him. He even killed one person.

‘For a slayer, he’s still kind, right?’

It is said that elves value life, but that is just the story of ordinary elves. Even with all the rhetoric, swordsmanship is ultimately the art of catching people. If a slayer who has learned the art professionally has an aversion to murder, it would not be a business in the first place. Siris would still be good.

“Let’s go, Cilan.”

“Uh, huh.”

Cilan nodded and held out his hand to Siris. Even now, his soldiers were still pursuing them, so there was no time to relax. He had to get out of here quickly.

Siris, carrying Silan again, ran to the hatch again and crossed to the next building.

☆ ☆ ☆

“What happened?”

“I’m sorry, Eusus. My skills aren’t as average as I thought… … .”

At Yusus’s urging, the middle-aged soldier bowed his head in apology.

This middle-aged soldier, who was also the commander of Viscount Kelbern’s garrison, was not a knight, but he was reputed to have kept the security of the territory well. However, with very few monster invasions and extremely rare night-time street crimes, the capabilities of a rural garrison commander are completely lacking the talent to catch those ‘flying’ thieves.

Of course, there would be a way to do it using a bow or crossbow, but this famous golden knight clearly requested it. Please capture me alive.

Eussus’s expression continued to wrinkle as he looked at the groveling garrison commander. Then he irritated Vice-Captain Sir Lott, who was standing next to him, in a low voice.

“So you said we should come forward ourselves?”

Sir Lot gently lowered his head and comforted Eussus.

“You know very well that you can’t do that, right?”

Since he was a guest, it would not look good if the Knights of Tenness were installed directly by the Viscounty of Kelbern. So, on purpose, Viscount Kelbern took the lead in apprehending the criminal, and he and the Knights of Tenness cooperated… … .

“What are you going to do if you miss it like this?”

It’s not like Yusus doesn’t understand this situation, but he seems strangely impatient.

‘I don’t understand. I don’t think it’s going to be this big of a deal.’

Lord Lott wondered to himself. Of course, the thief from last night was definitely not of average skill. However, among the numerous relics of the Silver Age, what he took with him was only one, a small box whose identity was unknown and could not even be named. Of course, all of the relics of the Silver Age are expensive items, so they are not worth ignoring, but that is not something to make such a fuss about. The Knights of Tenness had collected enough relics that it wouldn’t matter even if they lost just one of them.

‘But why are you so nervous? ‘Is that box really something special?’

Lord Lott remembered Eussus’ complexion turning pale the moment he reported the artifact stolen by the thief last night. Is there something he doesn’t know?

It was while Sir Lot was lost in thought for a moment.

“That’s enough! “I will come forward myself!”

Eusus took out the magic sword Eldran from his back. Sir Lot said in surprise.

“No, there is no need for you to deal with those guys yourself… … .”

Eusus ignored Sir Lot’s words and immediately pinned Eldran to the ground. It was also strange. If it were a normal Yususu, he would have at least answered.

Leaving behind the perplexed Lord Lott, Eusus shouted out the prepared words.

“Open your eyes! Eldrad!”

Golden light explodes and surrounds his entire body. Yusus, wearing barding Eldrad, lightly kicked his feet.


With an explosion, a golden shadow flew into the air like a bird and began to race between the roofs.

☆ ☆ ☆


The sword light flashes with sharp energy. Three streams of red blood scatter into the air. Siris shouted after securing the escape route by defeating three knights at the same time with three sword strikes.


“Yes, yes, I will carry you on my back.”

‘Ah, Mr. Leffen, when are you going to start training your muscles? A man’s pride… … Sobbing.’

Silan was thinking leisurely and was about to stretch out his hand. Suddenly, a loud shout came from behind me.

“Cry! “The blade of the wind!”

Whi profit!

The air distorted and a blurry blade shape flew towards the two people. It was a 4-circle wind field spell, Wind Smash.


Wind Smash ripped through the roof, cutting right between Silan and Siris. Cilan was startled and turned her head.

“W-what is it?”

Cilan turned his head and saw a knight wearing dazzling armor landing on the roof. Glittering gold from head to toe. The outfit was completely unrecognizable.

“The Golden Knight of Grime!”

After blocking the opponent’s retreat with magic, Eusus raised his sword and aimed it at Siris and Silan.

“That’s it, you rats.”

Completely different from his usual well-mannered appearance, Yusus’ eyes were extremely cold. After taking a moment to catch her breath, Siris swung her sword and attempted to charge.


Snorting, Eusus swung the magic sword Eldran from bottom to top.

“The rising breath of the earth!”

A sword wind rose, and four whirlwinds swirled around Siris on all sides. Since they had to capture it alive, instead of using magic with high lethality, they tried to create wind to restrain its movement.


Yusus was trying to take his eyes off Siris with indifferent eyes. Suddenly, Siris’ long sword quickly cut her left and right.


Since I cut the wind with my sword, it should have been of no use, but surprisingly, the sword blade cut through the whirlwind and spewed out electricity.


The four whirlwinds disappeared in an instant. At the same time, Siris kicked off her roof and slid right under Eusus’ chin. An eerie sword light spread out and swung for a long time.


Blade and blade collided, causing Siris to bounce back. She thought she had taken advantage of the opportunity, but before she knew it, Yussus swung his golden sword and blocked the attack. The sword power used in the counterattack was so fierce that Siris, who was thrown back, was unable to keep her posture and rolled over on her roof.


With a groan, Siris used the momentum from the roll to get up again. With her knees slightly bent, she takes up a fighting stance again. Yusus looked puzzled as she looked at the longsword in her hand.

“… … “It’s not an ordinary sword, is it?”

There is no way the magical wind could be cut with an ordinary blade. Even though Eldran wasn’t the only magic sword, it was a fairly high level magic sword.

Well, it is a sword used by Lantas, who is an Auror user. Isn’t it possible that the Rolfein Company, which claims that all they have is money, would have bought a cheap sword for a valuable Auror?

The long sword that Siris is currently holding is a valuable item that only the knight commander of a relatively small country would carry. Of course, Eusus may not have known the details, but at least he could be sure that it was not something that would be wielded by a slave race such as elves.

‘Are you saying that such a precious sword was given to an elf?’

While Yusus was confused for a moment, Silan quickly recited a holy spell.

“Philanense! Grant your servant the valor of a lion. May the strength of a giant dwell in the two sword-holding arms, may the eyes become as fierce as a hawk, and may the legs become like strong bullocks to smite the enemy!”

Aka goddess full service. Siris’ whole body began to sparkle pink and radiate a formidable force. Yusus was even more embarrassed when he saw Silan. With that level of skill, anyone could see that he was the highest-ranking priest.

“also… … .”

The guy who climbed over the wall was an Auror user, and the slave he was carrying around wielded an extremely expensive magic sword, and now a boy who looked like a pilgrim showed off his advanced divine power.

“They weren’t just thieves.”

Cilan waved his hand while looking at Yussus, who had an expression on his face that said he knew that would happen.

“No, I will admit that there is some misunderstanding here. Actually, that’s… … .”


Silan was interrupted mid-sentence, and Siris charged again with his greatly enhanced physical abilities. Yusus calmly accepted the attack. Sparks flew in the air and several sword strikes occurred at once.

‘It’s definitely not a situation that can be resolved through conversation.’

Silan, who was clicking his tongue, also started chanting the spell again.

“Philanense, bring down your sacred mace on the enemy in front of you!”

A hammer of pink light flew in. Eusus frowned. He had seen high-ranking priests occasionally use holy spells like that, but this was the first time he had seen a shower of hammers of holy light like that.

‘Are you really the bishop of a certain town?’

Well, I was surprised, but that doesn’t mean he was too strong to fight. He is the Golden Knight of Grime, a magic swordsman of the Auror level.

“The trajectory of the sky flows with the wind.”

A magical air current was created behind Eussus’s back, and it swept through the air, hitting all the pink hammers flying in the air. Silan’s holy light hammer, engulfed in strong magical power, instantly disappeared and dissolved into thin air.

“Is my order that simple?”

Leaving aside Cilan’s surprised voice, Eussus focused his attention on the elf girl in front of him. His swordsmanship, which had focused only on defense, gradually changed to attack. He was on the defensive for a while trying to figure out his opponent’s capabilities, but there was no need to delay since he had a rough idea.

The golden magic sword Eldran began to pressure Siris in earnest. She moaned as he pushed her back further and further.


Siris also tried to counterattack somehow, but unfortunately, their basic body speeds were too different. In the end, Yussus’s swing caused her long sword to fly into the air. After tripping over Siris’s leg as she let go of her sword, Eussus aimed her sword down.

“It’s over.”

The cold blade was aimed precisely at the nape of her fallen neck. Her indifferent expression collapsed and she bit Sirisgai.

“… … damn!”


Seeing the fallen Siris, Silan hurriedly prepared to pray.


Of course, Yusus did not let Silan continue his prayers. It is common sense on the battlefield that if you let a high-ranking priest run his mouth, something might happen. Yusus immediately stretched out his left hand and activated his magic.

“You, be silent!”

“To your servant…” … Whoop! Woowoowoo!”

It was a method of preventing speech by blocking the flow of air around the mouth. This is a fairly common way to prevent priests or wizards from casting spells when fighting each other. Of course, most priests and wizards have methods for destroying such methods. Silan quickly tried to take a countermeasure, but… … .

“Bloom, flower of brilliance!”

Yussus’s magic covered Silan and Siris at the same time. Magical vines bloomed from the roof and wrapped around the two people. Golden roses bloom from the vines, emitting a distant scent. The two’s minds became increasingly blurred by the thick scent.

“… … Ugh!”

“… … Poetry, Silan… … .”

Siris and Silan eventually fainted, groaning. It was only then that Yushu caught his breath as he looked at the two people with their heads down and drooping.

“Whoa… … .”

They weren’t ordinary guys. Priest boys are still boys, and this elf girl’s swordsmanship is absolutely not something to be ignored.

“You must be a slayer, right? Even so, your skills are very good… … .”

Because it was a very expensive slave, Eusus did not have a slayer. Originally, the Slayer was an item that was more about vanity than practicality, so in fact, the price/performance ratio was not right at all. Eussus’s way of thinking was that if he had the money to buy one Slayer, it would be better to use that money to buy a lot of magic tools and improve the skills of the knights.

However, I have seen quite a few slayers from other families. Among them, there were quite a few slayers with well-trained swordsmanship comparable to that of knights. But it wasn’t to this extent.

‘This elf girl… … Did you say Siris?’

This girl’s swordsmanship was at a level that could not be surpassed by famous swordsmen. Honestly, it seemed like it had an edge over Yussus.

‘If we had fought bare-chested, we wouldn’t have been able to guarantee victory or defeat.’

The difference between victory and defeat was simply because the abilities of Barded Eldrad were superior to the divine protection of that boy named Silan.

“… … Even so, a victory is a victory.”

Eusus turned his head, trying to shake off the uncomfortable feeling. From behind, a group of soldiers were climbing onto the roof. They were the troops of Viscount Kelbern, the Knights of Tenness, and the wizards of the family brought by Eussus who had left the ladder and climbed up.

“Arrest them! “Wizard Polon, please prepare the gold!”

“yes! Mr. Eusus!”

A wizard called Fallen cast a sleeping spell on Siris and Cilan. Viscount Kelbern’s soldiers bound the two, put gags on their mouths, and prepared to escort them away.

“I will take them to the castle and find out who is behind it!”

“Yes, Eusus!”

After giving the command, Yusus easily jumped up and went down to the roof. And he shouted sternly:

“Go back to the castle!”

☆ ☆ ☆

Leffenhardt was standing with both feet on the floor. Tila, a dwarf girl watching from the side, burst out in admiration.

“That’s incredible resilience.”

When she first saw him, Tila was actually a little disappointed. She had seen many dwarves get injured while working in the mines. The injuries she saw on Reppenhardt were severe enough to render her paralyzed. Even if the wound healed, it seemed clear that he would no longer be able to use his legs.

No matter how much Alport prophesied, can someone who can’t even walk really save the clan? To be honest, it is true that I had doubts.

But indeed, the person whom God knew was different no matter what. Just by lying in bed for half a day and eating barley porridge like crazy, he recovered to the point where he could get up and walk on his own. It was a recovery that was beyond extraordinary.

‘No, at that point it might be closer to the trolls’ regenerative power rather than recovery?’

That was when Tila was thinking about something else. Reppenhardt, who had been walking carefully while leaning on the wall, smiled and lowered his head.

“Thanks to you for taking care of me, I have improved a lot.”

“… … “What I gave you was not an elixir like the legendary elixir, but just barley porridge.”

Honestly, I doubt if I would have healed that quickly even if I had really taken the elixir. Tila scratched her cheek and made a humble expression.

“I wish I had given you better food… … All I have now is barley porridge… … .”

Reppenhardt shook his head with a serious expression.

“No, it was really helpful.”

In fact, if they had not rescued him and provided him with proper food, he would not have recovered so quickly. No matter how much Jim Unbreakable’s aura shows an excellent effect on healing the body, its effectiveness is greatly reduced if something is not put into the stomach.

‘If I had eaten some meat, I would have recovered faster, but it would be unreasonable to expect that.’

The food situation of those living as slaves cannot be good. Considering that, the barley porridge that Repenhardt was eating must have been quite a big expense. I didn’t just eat a little, I ate about 15 large bowls. Perhaps this will force some dwarves to go on an unintentional diet.

‘I’m so sorry about that. Tsk… … .’

In any case, recovering his physical condition was the top priority right now. Reppenhardt took a deep breath and continued to use his entire body’s aura. Tila suddenly asked.

“Ah, if you feel much better, can I call the priest? “I heard you had something to say.”

Well, there is no problem at all as long as we talk. Just as he was about to nod, Reppenhardt changed his mind. I don’t think it’s polite to sit down and tell the host to come and go while the guest is there.

“No, I will go find it. “There is no problem with walking anymore anyway.”

“Ah, then I will guide you.”

Tila stood up and supported Reppenhardt.

The dwarves who rescued Reppenhardt were a tribe of mountain dwarves who lived as slaves of the Steelhammer clan, Viscount Kelbern.

Unlike elf or orc slaves, dwarves, even though they are slaves, usually maintain their own traditions and culture to some extent by forming their own villages. This is entirely because the dwarves’ use is significantly different from those of those two races.

The work that orc or elf slaves do in human society does not require much specialized knowledge. Orcs are usually used as simple labor, and elves are used as servants or wraths, but this does not require any specialized knowledge. Of course, there are slaves who are professionally trained, such as slayers or gladiators, but humans are fully capable of this education.

But dwarves are different. The fields in which humans employ dwarven slaves are coal mining, construction, blacksmithing, and crafts. And knowledge in this specialized field cannot be taught by humans.

The dwarves came under the control of humans, and most of the clan’s wisdom that they had hidden became public to humans. But humans could not understand that wisdom.

For example, let’s say you learn the wisdom of finding mineral veins to dig a coal mine.

Humans demand it.

Reveal how to find the mineral vein!

The dwarf answers.

All you have to do is listen to the sound of the earth. It’s so easy, right?

You may be wondering what kind of nonsense this is, but even the dwarves can’t explain it any further than that. I’m just digging because I heard a sound, so what kind of explanation do I need to add here?

The human who has given up on finding the mineral vein asks for something different this time.

Reveal the method of alloying mithril and adamantium.

Once again, the dwarf answers willingly.

You can melt mithril and adamantium, harden them well, and then combine them when you feel like your guts are building up.

It’s not that the dwarves are lying, that’s really what they see in their eyes. Since it was just lifted and looked like it was digging, there was no way it could be explained in the case of quenching. It’s the same way that no matter how much a blind man tries to tell him how to distinguish between red and blue, a sighted person can’t explain it.

Therefore, the transfer of technology from the dwarves was taking place within a range that humans could not understand.

For example, if you are looking for a mineral vein, even if you can hear the sound of the earth, a dwarf who has not inherited the knowledge of their ancestors will not be able to find the mineral vein right away. Even if you can hear the sound of the earth, you cannot know which is the sound of steel and which is the sound of mithril unless you learn how to distinguish it. The same goes for blacksmithing and construction.

If dwarves do not have unique technical skills, they have no value as slaves. And the transmission of that technology is only possible among dwarves. Unlike Orc or Elf tribes, Dwarf tribes are a group of experts. Are you pretending to simply gather irrelevant dwarves like an orc farm??


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