The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 78

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Chapter 77 Rush


As you enter through the broken wall, a white space stained with dust comes into view. Carol muttered as she looked around the inside of Sayre Temple.

“The inside is surprisingly ordinary, isn’t it?”

In fact, there is some ambiguity in the expression ‘ordinary’. Surely Sayre Temple was an amazing building. It is a building so beautiful and majestic that it defies comparison with any temple on earth, even though it is half destroyed, with huge pillars decorated with intricate carvings, endless corridors, and halls decorated with beautiful tiles.

Nevertheless, there was a reason why Carol was considered ordinary.

‘I don’t see any traces of the Silver Age civilization… … .’

He had already encountered the Silver Age civilization once. When he explored the northern pole, where he obtained the Baphomet suit, and the advanced base of the Silver Sages located there.

A structure made of steel and magic metal, hundreds of meters of pillars and walls made of melted and applied stone. The forward base was clearly an enormous structure that far exceeded the common sense of this era.

In comparison, the Sayre Temple you see now, although grand in size, is clearly a building of the modern era.

Reppenhardt, who already knew the information about this place through Dream Dive, explained.

“It has to be that way. “This is just an addition to the half-destroyed cosmic egg.”

In the destroyed area, a later Yin sage rebuilt the temple building in the modern style. So it’s natural that there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it technologically or civilizationally.

“Then I guess Meteor couldn’t do much damage.”

“I guess so.”

Leaving behind the regretful Carol, Reppenhardt looked inside. According to the information received from Tethron, the actual center of this place is located underground.

“First, I have to find that passage.”

As he walked, Reppenhardt looked around. He suddenly thought of throwing a big punch at the floor and clearing a path, but… … .

‘You can’t move carelessly just in case.’

Any dungeon would have a physical shock diffusion defense field installed, and of course Sayre Temple would have had a similar defense system.

If done incorrectly, not only will there be a hole, but the entire building may collapse. If anyone could survive being crushed by hundreds of tons of debris and crawl out, it would be about Reppenhardt himself or Gerard… … .

‘… … Isn’t it? Now that I think about it, other people will probably survive as well.’

It was something I said when I remembered the first time I met Silan, but now that I think about it, unlike before, Repenhardt and his group are all at the level of the strongest on the continent. Even Carol and Asleil can withstand that level of impact with the strength of their barding. As long as you take care of Silan and Marceline, everyone will somehow survive.

‘If I can’t find the right way, I’ll have to consider that method as well.’

Of course, the best way is to just find a way down. So Leffenhardt continued his search. Meanwhile, the other party members were in a fighting stance and were on guard in all directions.

It was in the meantime.

Without even knowing who was first, everyone in the group turned their heads to one side. A group of people could be heard between the broken pillars. “It’s Iniya,” Gerard grinned.


“Ah, you finally showed up?”

Like all Auror users, they immediately notice when someone appears from far away. Although their lore is different from that of Auror users, Atilcana and Siris also have a unique method of detecting presence, so their reactions are the same.

Well, actually, not everyone had the same reaction.

“huh? What?”

“What came out?”

Priests Marceline and Silan naturally felt nothing. And the same goes for Carol, who is just an ordinary knight except for the barded Eldrad. (Karl is 2 meters tall, has solid muscles, can tear logs with his bare hands, and can knock down an oncoming bull with one hand, but he’s just ordinary here.)

“Well, since you’re an Auror user, you all have a good sense of it. “I don’t know.”

“… … sorry. “I don’t know either.”

Asrael lowered his head in shame. Although he has awakened his aura, he has not yet learned how to use his energy to sense his surroundings properly.

Tashid offered consolation.

“It’s only been a day since you became an Auror user, but if your sense of aura has already developed that much, Lord Asreil must be a Russ-level genius. It’s natural. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“… … So you’re saying Sir Russ was able to do it in one day?”

“That guy is such a genius, isn’t he?”

“How long did it take Sir Tashid?”

“I’m so dull that it took about three days.”

“… … .”

For reference, the training period it takes for an awakened Auror user to properly demonstrate their aura is on average about half a year.

‘Ah, these people are unlucky.’

Anyway, a group of shadows slowly began to appear between the pillars. They were all dressed in pure white robes and armed. The number is approximately ten people.

Carol smiled bitterly as their facial expressions were revealed in the darkness.

“Hey, aren’t these celebrities?”

☆ ☆ ☆

They were all famous Auror users on the continent. Lord Rehatan of the Bashtalon Empire, Osmant, Chase of Grime, Sernes of Halein, and the free knights Masra and Katel, who are already renowned throughout the continent.

“I knew they weren’t Sayre believers, but it turns out they were also part of the Silver Sage group, right?”

There was even the Auror user of Crovence, Lord Grandiard, among them.

A sturdy knight in his 50s holds a sword and smiles at Reppenhardt and the others.

“It’s been a while, Sir Russ.”

Although Sir Grandiard did not participate in the war, he was acquainted with Russ. During the post-war process, he only met briefly as a representative when extorting compensation money from the great nobles who did not attend, so it was not a very good relationship.

Russ asked in shock.

“Lord Grandiard? You are here? Don’t you know that Crovence is an ally of Antares?”

“Now I am an apostle of the Supreme God and an ally of silver. “Before the majesty of God, human borders are insignificant.”

The expression on Grandiard’s face as he confidently answered showed no sign of a knight who had sworn loyalty to his country. Reppenhardt laughed heartily while looking at Carol.

“See, I told you not to import Auror users, right?”

“That’s right. “I almost got into big trouble.”

“… … ?”

Grandiard tilted his head, puzzled. Osmant of Vashtalon took a step forward with a straight face.

“Foolish heretics! “You dared to pollute the sanctuary with your dirty feet, and even death cannot pay for your sin!”

He yells and pulls the Auror away. Gray aura energy rises like a haze throughout the body. Other Eun collaborators also entered combat readiness.

“I will punish you in the name of Sayer!”

With ten aura users emitting aura at the same time, that alone makes me shake at my feet. It was truly a powerful energy.


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Leffenhardt nodded.


Then he raised one eye and made a strange expression.

“But by what means?”

Their momentum was definitely formidable. It was comparable to the Auror users who followed Vanatel in the past and invaded the Kingdom of Antares.

In other words, it means that at best it is at the level of those Auror users.

“I’m asking you seriously, what on earth are you going to do?”

Gerard unfolded his golden aura as if he had been waiting.


A fierce wind blows, filling the space with a terrifying force. The energy generated by the ten silver collaborators flies away like morning dew. Eun’s collaborators were pushed back by the momentum.


“As expected, Jerad the Emperor!”

“It’s really not human, that monster…” … .”

Gerard shows off his huge, mountain-like body and smiles with a murderous smile.

“You guys know how to show off quite a bit of energy. “Hehehe.”

Reppenhardt concluded his speech with a hint of sarcasm.

“No kidding, I think everything will be resolved if the Master just steps up alone.”

There is no need to go to Gerrard. Even at that time, Reppenhardt, Iniya, and Atilka were able to deal with two or three other Auror users alone. And Tashid and Russ have also improved significantly compared to then. No matter how you look at it, having them deal with the current Reppenhardt group alone seems like telling them to commit suicide.

Nevertheless, Osmant was not embarrassed.

“Unless this is a sanctuary.”

Suddenly Osmant raised his right hand above his head.

“Sayre protects us!”

Other silver collaborators take the same stance. And at the same time, they start shouting.

“come! Adamandrill suit!”

“Summon, Dragonic Armor!”

Ten spatial portals opened above the heads of ten Auror users. Each hole in the black void spits out a huge piece of barding. The ancient object used by Tethron, a transcendental object that can shake the situation of the continent with just one piece, simultaneously surrounds their bodies.

Repenhardt muttered in surprise.

“what? “Are there that many of them?”

In an instant, ten steel giants took their place. An aura storm erupted from their entire bodies with tremendous force.


The energy was so strong that Gerard took a step back. Gerard tensed, her complexion hardening.

“Tsk! This is a bit strong… … .”

On the other hand, the other party members did not look that nervous. I just looked at Reppenhardt with expectant eyes.

As expected, Reppenhardt smiled and stepped forward. It was a bit surprising that there were so many adamandrill suits and dragonic armor, but… … .

“How come they’re not making any progress?”

And then suddenly it throws itself away.


In an instant, Reppenhardt flew into the center of the enemies. Surprised, Eun’s collaborators took a defensive stance. However, Leffenhardt did not bother to attack them.

They just shout out the magic starter word they prepared in advance when opening the space portal.

He hits the floor with his fist and lets out a loud yell.

“Great transfer magic, AMP Shockwave!”

The blue ripples spread about 10 meters and then disappeared. By precisely controlling the scope, only Eun’s collaborators were within the sphere of influence. As expected, everyone’s suits stopped temporarily.

Repenhardt sneered as he withdrew his fist.

“Are you stupid? “Even if you get hit once, you’re going to use the same tactics?”

It seems that the Silver Sage was not a fool either.

“Tsk! also!”

“It comes out like this!”

Everyone took off their suits as if they had been waiting. Originally, it didn’t come off without magic, but it was probably made to allow manual operation.

Osmant, now completely bare, nods his head and says.

“It’s just as I heard. “You make all artifacts useless.”

And then raise your hands in the air again. I start shouting again.

“come! Adamandrill suit!”

“Summon, Dragonic Armor!”

Clang, clank, clank!

Ten steel giants appeared. It’s not like I’m putting on the suit that was just invalidated again. The suits turned into pieces of scrap metal, rolling around on the floor, and ten new suits appeared again.

Absurd, Reppenhardt blinked.

“what? Did you have any more reserves?”

But he wasn’t without solutions.

“I’m glad I worked hard in life.”

I start chanting the spell again.

“This is a veil that hangs, a dam that blocks the flow, a shield that breaks the force, a sign of chaos that gently blows away and sleeps quietly… … .”

There was a time in the past when using AMP Shockwave once would cause a significant loss of magical power. But in the meantime, Leffenhardt didn’t play either. Unlike his previous life, he put a lot of effort into synchronizing the relics and synchronization of the Four Gods, and the AMP Shock Wave was also modified repeatedly. By removing all techniques to protect the body from the repulsive force of magic, it reduces magical power consumption and allows repeated attacks.

“Now, if it’s a localized AMP shockwave, how many more times can I use it?”

Laughing, Leffenhardt launched himself again. He once again leaps into the midst of the steel giants and strikes down his land.

“AMP Shockwave!”


Eun’s collaborators hastily throws away the suit that has become a piece of scrap metal again. Leffenhardt sarcastically laughed.

“Now, what are you going to do now?”

A truly groundbreaking, yet at the same time cliché response has returned.

“Come, Adamandrill Suit!”

“Summon, Dragonic Armor!”

“Now, wait a minute?”

Repenhardt’s complexion turned pale.

“… … “How many of those are in stock?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Serellaine smiled coldly as she looked at the video in the terminal control room.

“Hohoho, Demon King Reppenhardt, your abilities are truly amazing.”

However, this is the Sayre Temple, a sacred place where the god of humanity directly resides.

The number of ancient objects displayed here cannot be compared to those owned by the Silver Sage. To begin with, the Silver Sage only kept a very small portion of what was allowed here.

This is the center of centers where all ancient power was concentrated.

“What should we do? Are you going to use that magic again?”

No matter what artifact you put in, it will definitely be useless in front of that magic. No matter how many times you repeat it, the result will be the same.

“But I guess that magic isn’t so easy that you can use it to your heart’s content?”

No matter how much modifications were made and the range was reduced, it was still a 10-circle spell. There is no way such an enormous power could be used dozens or hundreds of times.

If you throw something like that out loud, it’s actually a welcome thing. Because we will be able to steadily reduce Reppenhardt’s magical power!

“Try nullifying it as much as you want! “I’ll throw something new every time!”

☆ ☆ ☆

Embarrassed, Reppenhardt took a step back. Osmant didn’t bother to chase him. He just took his stance and wondered.

“hmm? Is this the end? “Aren’t you going to use that magic more?”

Reppenhardt clicked his tongue at that tone.

‘For some reason, there was no reaction even when I was chanting the spell.’

It could have been an attempt to prevent him from memorizing the spell, but I thought it was a bit strange that he just stared at me. This means that they were trying to consume Reppenhardt’s AMP Shockwave in the first place. In fact, thanks to the two AMP shockwaves, the magic power of the Four Directions God’s relic has been consumed considerably. No matter how much it has been modified, the 10-circle magic and magic consumption rate are still frightening.

‘Damn, did I ignore the other person too much? If you know their method but show it clearly, it means that they have an ulterior motive, but you can’t even think of it… … .’

As expected, Leffenhardt is similar to Sayer in some ways. They both have the mindset that ‘my knowledge is absolute, so situations outside of that knowledge will never happen!’ Indeed, it can be said to be the fate of the arrogant.

‘Aww, I still have a long way to go. Let’s reflect.’

Osmant, who was watching Reppenhardt, chuckled.

“Right. “Is that magic no more?”

And then he pulls out his sword with force.


Eun’s other collaborators also take their stances, each with their swords drawn. Death spread everywhere.

“Now I will punish you!”

Repenhardt smiled bitterly.

“… … “This went awry from the start.”

“That is your Majesty’s plan. “Didn’t I tell you that that wasn’t realistic?”

Leaving behind Reppenhardt, Carol lifted Eldrad’s scabbard.

“Why don’t you just throw away your useless plan and follow my plan from now on?”

“I guess so.”

cried Reppenhardt, nodding his head.

“Carl, Asreil, Atilka, Silan. Guard me around me!”

Carol and Asreil each summoned Eldril Gigantus and Baphomet suits. Huge steel knights thoroughly guard Reppenhardt’s left and right sides. At the front, Atilka’s eyes widen as she holds her favorite weapon, ‘Mother Grace’, and from behind, Silan shows a tense expression as he raises his divine power.

Leffenhardt sat down and crossed his legs.

“And the rest of us deal with them!”

Iniya, Siris, Russ, and Tashid stepped forward with their weapons drawn. Behind him, Marceline prepared divine protection.

Since everyone had already heard separately from Carol, they were not at all embarrassed when the plan changed. No, in the case of Tashid and Russ, they actually looked relieved.

“In the end, things are going as Chancellor Karl expected. “The benefactor’s predictions are also good, but the Prime Minister’s predictions usually have a higher chance of being right.”

“right? “When Chancellor Carol and my brother had different opinions, I couldn’t see your brother being right.”

“… … Hey, those two people there? “Shut up and get your position, right?”

After grumbling and shouting, Reppenhardt turned to Gerrard.

“What do you plan to do, Master?”

Unlike others, Gerard cannot be given orders. Well, there won’t be any problem anyway.

“Have you seen that I give up fighting?”

Still, my pride was hurt by being pushed back for a while. Growling, Gerard balled his fists. Osmant frowned.

“Are you the only ones going against us?”

Well, it wasn’t visible because it was covered by a helmet, but the voice alone was enough to tell. Russ clenched his fingers tightly around the hilt of the illuminator.

“joy! “Do you think I kept quiet until then because I was afraid of the lump of scrap metal?”

The survival and fighting spirit of both sides gradually blooms, distorting the space like a haze. At that moment, without anyone else taking the lead, they burst into spirit.


Dozens of rays of light formed an arc and began to collide in the center.


Osmant, wearing dragon armor, roared while swinging his great sword.

“Cry! Bahamut!”

A Silver Age artifact made to fit dragonic armor, a 2-meter long sword named after a legendary dragon, split the air while emitting a blade aura. Although it is not a sword that Osmant usually uses, this great sword has performance that goes beyond common sense. Along with the Blade Aura, pure white cold and sharp pieces of ice flew in.

Gerard snorted.

“It’s ridiculous! Spiral guard!”

The overwhelming large figure is launched like a cannonball, crushing the opponent’s attack with a whirlwind of aurors. In an instant, he shatters the Blade Aura and extends his golden fist.

“You bastard, cry!”


The heavy blow pierced Osmant’s solar plexus exactly. The peerless weapon, which has the strength of true iron adamantium and structurally incorporates magic metal to block the penetration of external shocks, collapses with a single blow, shocking even Osmant.


Osmant stepped back, groaning. He didn’t cry, but it hurt enough to make him want to cry. Jim Unbreakable’s reputation is not a lie, as he is said to be able to kill even the slightest hand gesture with a single blow.

Osmant stuck out his tongue as he looked down at the dented chest of the Dragonic Armor.

“Indeed, Gwon Hwang… … “Are you saying that even a simple blow is of this magnitude?”

Gerrard also clicked his tongue.

“It’s really solid.”

It was a blow so strong that my fist throbbed, but it only crumpled a little. Two other Eun collaborators jumped and shouted.

“Emperor Gerard, your strength is definitely unrivaled!”

“But before the majesty of God, it is only the strength of an insignificant human!”

The red-brown and dark-blue Blade Auras intersect, putting pressure on Gerrard’s left and right sides. The speed and trajectory were ordinary, but the power contained within was not something that even Gerrard could ignore. That brilliant aura is loaded with so much destructive power that even a spiral guard can’t handle it.

But Gerard instead laughed out loud.

“okay! “They are so weak that they need to wear something like that to be able to fight!”

The two silver collaborators and Gerrard collided in the air. Using his arms to change the direction of the Blade Auror, Gerard fired a series of kicks. A whirlwind of kicks hit the entire bodies of the two Auror users wearing adamandrill suits. But they did not back down.

“Ugh, this much… … .”

“You can’t break through Sayer’s divine protection!”

Even though the shock accumulated, they did not collapse. Although they were dented here and there, their suits were not broken either. And as much as their suits were dented, Gerrard’s whole body was also scarred. The red line, which is embarrassing to call a wound, was just a light trace, as if it had been grazed by a whip, but it was a truly surprising result to Eun’s collaborators.

Dozens of battles went back and forth in an instant. Little by little, the expressions of Eun’s collaborators began to brighten.

As expected, Sayer’s divine protection was amazing. As expected, the majesty of God was enormous.

“Hehe, no matter how unbreakable he is, he is still a human child in the end.”

Osmant shouted proudly, surrounding Gerard on three sides.

“I’ll put an end to that legend today!”

☆ ☆ ☆

“Is this all there is to it, renowned Snow Queen?”

Cernes of Halein, wearing dragonic armor, shouts in excitement. Iniya pouted as she coolly swung her sword and took away the opponent’s attack.

“Why don’t you say something like that after you’ve given him a proper punch?”

She was dealing with two silver collaborators. In the tidal wave of Blade Auras rushing in from left and right, he responds with brilliant swordsmanship. Cutting, stabbing, pushing, pulling, striking, and spilling all become one movement, one flow, and rush like a snowstorm.

It was truly a movement that reached its extreme. Even though the two attacked, they were still unable to touch a single hair of Iniya.

The problem is that Iniya also ‘just tried to touch’ them.

“Midnight blizzard!”

In the dizzying sword fire, Iniya fired silver blade auras one after another. Because it flew in at perfect timing, even Cernes was unable to respond. The cold blade hit his armor, making snowflakes bloom and making a roar.


“Ugh, it’s about this much… … .”

However, Cernes was only shaken for a moment, but soon corrected his posture and launched a counterattack. Iniya dodged the attack and raised her sword again.

“The blade of the frozen ground!”

This time, Cernes did not look down on either. He holds up his sword and emits blade aura with all his might.


Aura collided with Aura and canceled each other out. Iniya muttered with an indifferent expression.

“You’re pretty good at it.”

The Blizzard of the Midnight Sun, which belongs to the Phantom Sword, has low strike power due to the nature of repeated attacks. That’s not enough to shock them through the adamandrill suits or dragonic armor they wear. So, it is usually a technique used to gain the upper hand before using the Blade of the Frozen Land… … .

‘As expected, they are knights familiar with armor.’

They never ignore the blade of frozen ground. Even if you ignore a minor blizzard in the middle of the night, you become alert as soon as the frozen ground reaches the point of a sharp edge. And their Blade Aura, amplified by the power of the suit, is powerful enough to break the blade of the frozen ground and even counterattack. The attack and defense are so sophisticated that it is difficult to exploit any loopholes no matter how much you try.

Grime’s Chase, an Auror user who was dealing with her along with Cernes, shouted triumphantly.

“Tactics using defense are not exclusive to Jim Unbreakable! “Is there really a knight who can’t even use his own armor?”

Although their meaning faded a lot after they became Auror users, they were still knights. Warriors on the battlefield who charge recklessly on horseback wearing full plate mail, trusting the defense of their armor to pick on the opponent’s attacks, ignoring those they ignore, and parrying powerful ones are the basic fighting styles of knights wearing armor.

Honestly, isn’t it a groundbreaking tactic to trust your strong body and push it regardless of whether you hit it or not? Even the wild boars in the mountains behind live like that? What makes Jim Unbreakable groundbreaking is the ignorant body that makes that method possible with bare body, not the tactics.

Anyway, for that reason, these silver collaborators wearing ancient artifacts were using the suit quite naturally. Currently, like Brechtis, he cannot bring out 100% of the suit’s performance through all kinds of magic and techniques, but instead, he fights with the sense of wearing full plate mail as he usually does when going into battle.

Iniya muttered.

“As expected, familiarity is one of the important elements of strength.”

Cernes continued to attack, letting out cries of fanaticism.

“Heretic, shed blood in the name of Sayre!”

☆ ☆ ☆

On the other side, Russ, Tashid, and Siris were each fighting against Eun’s collaborators. Russ and Tashid, who have shown incredible growth, are now struggling against two of Silver’s collaborators wearing ancient suits, and Siris is also showing off his bravery against one.

A fierce battle followed. Even in the face of the power of the ancient artifact, Reppenhardt and his party did not fall and fought calmly.

As time passed, Sir Grandiard began to have doubts.

‘Why? Why can’t we get rid of these people yet?’

We acknowledge that their skills and skills are superior to ours. But they are by no means weak either.

Each one was an experienced Auror user who was renowned on the continent, and they even wore transcendental weapons, adamandrill suits, and dragonic armor. Moreover, there are twice as many numbers.

No matter how much better Reppenhardt’s team is than them, this level is more than enough to make up the difference.

However, none of them fall down. No, it’s not that he doesn’t fall, but he’s not in that much danger even in attack and defense. Even Madness Valencia is not pushed one-on-one by Eun’s collaborator who is using the suit. In fact, her objective skills were only slightly better than those of a naked Auror user.


I know why. This is because they are ‘familiar’ with this battle.

Naturally, he parries the attacks of Eun’s collaborators and counterattacks. He doesn’t bother to break the armor and hit hard. Aiming for a push or distraction technique and tricking the eye with flashy attacks. If you do this, it will be difficult to inflict fatal wounds on your opponent, but it will be easy to protect yourself.

Easier said than done, but it was never easy.

Just because you’re used to hunting wolves doesn’t mean you can get used to hunting tigers. Silver’s allies, wearing adamandrill suits and dragonic armor, have significantly higher basic power, auror power, defense, speed, and aura, and their sense of dealing with them is also significantly distorted. You can’t treat someone simply because they are skilled and have experience fighting against an opponent wearing armor.

But they are fighting in a strangely natural way.

Not only Lord Grandiard, but other Silver collaborators began to have similar questions.

‘Why are these guys so used to this fight?’

Iniya muttered once again as she suffered from Cernes’ attack.

“After all, familiarity is one of the important elements of strength.”

In fact, she was familiar with this combat situation. Not only was she like Iniya, but everyone in this room was like that.

The day before, they had had fun sparring with Asreil, who was wearing a Baphomet suit, all day long.

Gerard chuckled.

“We did it to train Arsrail, but in a strange way we benefited from it.”

I learned what it feels like to fight someone wearing an ancient combat suit, through dealing with Lord Asreil. Of course, there was a significant difference in the levels between them and Lord Asreil, but the difference in levels between the Adamandrill suit, Dragonic Armor, and Baphomet suit was also significant, so they canceled each other out, so there was no real difference in the sense of actually dealing with them.

Thanks to this, the ten Silver collaborators, even using ancient suits, were unable to win against only five members of Reppenhardt’s group and were engaged in a long-term battle. Grandiard frowned beneath his barding helmet.

‘Damn, we need to deal with them quickly and kill the author.’

This is a car that has been bothering Reppenhardt, who has been sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed since a while ago. It looks like they’re preparing something, so we need to interrupt them quickly.

At that time, Russ swung the Illuminator and broke Lord Grandiard out of his thoughts.

“Fluttering petals!”

After widening the distance from his opponent with his brilliant swordsmanship, he looks back at Reppenhardt. Russ shouted.

“But brother? Are we there yet? “I think you’ve gotten used to it enough?”

Leffenhardt opened his eyes.

“It’s already over.”

Relax your lotus position and raise your large body. Leppenhardt made a hand sign by deftly moving both hands and activated the magic.

“Jamming Arcane Chat!”

Countless fragments of silver light spread out in all directions. It goes through roofs, through walls, and disperses in the form of pure magical energy, ignoring everything around it.

Eun’s collaborators took a defensive stance as they retreated in horror.


“Is it that trick again?”

AMP Shockwave was the magic they were most wary of at the moment. Even if the suit has unlimited refill(?), there is a quite dangerous delay between summoning and equipping. The silver wise men quickly prepared for manual operation and checked the condition of the combat suit.

The suit was fine. He was moving well without any problems.

“Isn’t that the trick?”

“Then what did you do?”

Russ smiled in remorse as he twirled the illuminator.

“Brother, you blocked your eyes and ears.”

☆ ☆ ☆


Suddenly, noise appeared throughout the video, and soon the three-dimensional image was distorted, and fragments of all kinds of complex colors obscured the situation.

“Why is this like this?”

Surprised, Sereline operated the console. Well, even if you do operate it, all you have to do is repeatedly hit the buttons you were pressing. She is only a user and does not understand the structure of this artifact like the Silver Age engineers, so there is no other way.

Of course, no matter how many buttons I pressed, the video did not return to normal. Sereline shouted.

“Respond, Osmant! “Report the situation!”

A strange noise returns instead of a human voice.


“What happened?”

Confused, Sereline looked at other images in the control room. Other images showing the inside of Sayre Temple were fine. Only the ground level hall where Reppenhardt and his party are located is damaged.

She bit her lip.

“What other tricks did the author use?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Reppenhardt nodded, feeling the waves of jamming magical power floating around the hall.

“Well, it worked really well.”

He was convinced as he watched them summon their ancient battle suits again. They say Sayer is watching them using the system here.

Otherwise, there was no way they would have been able to be resummoned even after being hit by the AMP Shockwave. As in the case of Brektis, AMP Shockwave also nullifies the artifact that calls the suit. However, if you see that it was summoned, it means that they did not have a summoning artifact, but that they were watching from somewhere in the Sayre Temple and threw it to you.

‘It’s just as Carol said.’

Covering the original surveillance barrier with jamming magic to block the opponent’s eyes and ears is one of Reppenhardt’s favorite methods. Of course, the Sayre Temple’s surveillance system is different from modern magic, so even Repenhardt cannot use the existing jamming magic techniques. However, currently, he has obtained information about the Cosmic Egg and part of its system by operating the Masterrada Dungeon. Combining this with the information obtained during Dream Dive, we found enough information to intercept surveillance here.

“But it won’t last long. As expected, the Silver Age is not easy.”

Originally, Repenhardt’s jamming magic continued to disrupt the surveillance barrier until its magic power was consumed. The period is usually about two or three days. But it was different now.

I can feel the spreading jamming magic fragments disappearing at an alarming speed. The sabotaged surveillance system is restoring the barrier by analyzing the waves of the jamming magic fragments. If things continue like this, the surveillance barrier will be activated again in about 2 to 3 minutes.

“But three minutes is enough.”

Leppenhardt shouted.

“Now they can’t see us! Finish it, everyone!”

Russ moved right away.


The illuminator scatters sword light towards the two steel giants. Of course, the sword light only flew across the surface of the armor, sparks flying, and Silver’s collaborators also responded. After a round of attack and defense, Russ took a sword stance.

“Sword in the air, Horizon!”

A grandiose slash followed from Baldose, but Eun’s collaborators easily parried the attack.

“Are you doing that again?”

“I don’t understand. “It’s useless!”

I don’t know why, but the special move from earlier wasn’t that powerful compared to the aura I felt. The force is several times stronger than that of an ordinary Blade Auror, and if you get hit, you will only receive a slight dull shock and that will be the end.

Russ muttered inwardly at the other person’s reaction.

‘Yes, I knew from a while ago that it wouldn’t work.’

The Horizon, an empty sword that moves energy called Aura through space, does not work well against that ancient combat suit. This is a fact that was already confirmed when dealing with Tethron, who was using the same ancient combat suit. Nevertheless, there is a reason why we continue to do this.

‘Looking at the reaction, I’m pretty used to it.’

Russ took the sword again. The formidable energy of the Auror explodes, and a grandiose slash pours down from her feet. Sir Grandiard frowned and took a defensive stance again.

“Is it that useless thing again?”

Russ delivered a slash. It’s a strike with the same stance, same energy, and same delay, but the situation is different this time.

“Space Sword, Infinity!”

The heads of the two Eun collaborators were cut off at once. A steel head rises into the air along with a fountain of blood. In a single blow, the true iron adamantium alloy was cut like a piece of corn.

Masra, the free knight who was dealing with Tashid, shouted in horror.

“oh my god? how?”

Tashid was furious as he dug into his opponent.

“Maybe now isn’t the time to worry about that?”

Through battle foresight, he persistently explores the opponent’s weaknesses. A huge sword that could be used as a beam aims at Masura’s entire body through its delicate and sharp trajectory.

Even though he was surprised, Masra calmly resisted the attack. No matter how much you use your battle foresight to target loopholes, this suit’s defense, speed, and sense amplification power are terrifying. Even if you move later than your opponent, blocking an attack is no problem.

It was the moment when the great swords of Chammado Dakar and Masra collided.

“This should have been avoided.”

Tashid said coldly and pulled the Auror up.

“Gerard Sword!”

And then insert the connector.

“Double lightning strike!”

The terrifying strike shattered Masra’s great sword and lodged deep into his helmet. That’s not the end. Despite his formidable force, he quickly removes the embedded sword and throws it at another of Eun’s collaborators. The turquoise blade auror’s upward strike rushes from the opponent’s groin.

With a scream, the adamandrill suit and dragonic armor were shattered. It was the power of Gerard Sword, the sword of time freezing. Tashid grinned.

“Ah, it works well.”

Russ criticized why he was using the Gerard Sword, a defensive weapon, when attacking, but in reality, that was just a joke to a close friend. Which hurts more: a wooden stick or an iron club? The sword of absolute indomitability is already an excellent offensive weapon in itself.

On the other side, Siris was also delivering the final blow.

“Spirit joins us!”

The power of the elements she controls, the essence of the seven spirits, gather at one point and fuse with magical power. This method, in which tremendous magical power converges with the power of the seven spirits to produce tremendous destructive power, was the special move of Siris in her previous life, Madness Valencia.

“Elementic Spear!”

A spear of light penetrates the thick adamandrill suit and pierces the opponent’s solar plexus. Iniya smiled bitterly as she looked at the scene.

‘He somehow changed it to his own technology.’

No matter how you looked at that technique, it was similar to Iniya’s own special move, Absolute Spear. Of course, the method of increasing power by repeatedly compressing and exploding seems to be too difficult and seems to have chosen the method of combining spirit power to penetrate instead, but the basic concept is similar in any case.

‘I thought you were just proud, but I guess you have the personality to admit what needs to be acknowledged?’

Iniya was happy as she gave Siris the score.

But in fact, this is a bit strange. In fact, it was Siris in his previous life who developed this technology. Reppenhardt was not particularly close to Iniya in her previous life, who was weaker than Siris, but she was not very interested in her, but from Siris’s perspective, she was undoubtedly the second-highest elf, and her level of nothingness was a swordsman higher than herself. She was just weakened by illness.

So, Siris and Iniya in the past life were quite close. First of all, isn’t there going to be a fight over Reppenhardt like there is now? They treated each other as respected warriors and even exchanged skills. The Bigi that was born at that time was this Element Spear, and it was Reppenhardt who conveyed that concept to Siris in the present world.

‘At the time, I was just a wizard, so I didn’t really know what the principles were. All I know is that it is a technology created by applying the power of elements with Iniya’s technology. But since you were able to do it in your past life, shouldn’t you be able to do it now? Until now, I didn’t teach you because I didn’t have enough skills, but now Siris, you too have reached the level of element… … .’

As a matter of fact, Siris was quite displeased with Iniya’s technique. But since I want to become stronger right now, I have no choice. I tried again and again, spying on Iniya’s techniques and reflecting on the concepts I had heard from Reppenhardt. Still, it wasn’t easy because the current level was so low. Above all, it is impossible to combine elemental power and apply it to magical power.

‘How on earth was this possible in your past life, Mr. Reppenhardt? I just can’t do it… … .’

‘Well, well? I don’t know about that either… … .’

In fact, in his previous life, Siris had used the Elementic Spear by using the Holy Light Sword Messiah’s ability to cause a runaway magical power and then pouring the seven elemental powers into the flow. But how could Leffenhardt know that? At that time, I was a wizard who had no interest in martial arts.

‘But shouldn’t the results be similar?’

Although he cannot use elemental magic, he is a Reppenhardt who knows the principles well. And now I have become expert at mixing together Lee Hyung’s strength.

I remodeled my Gwonma Hapshin on the spot. So, the Siris-exclusive magic spirit union was born. Although it only took an hour and a half to modify, its power was beyond reproach.

“Krrr… … .”

Eun’s collaborator, who had been pierced through the neck, collapsed with a sound of boiling phlegm. It was a death where he could not even scream. Siris frowned as she retracted her messenger.

‘As expected, the power is good, but… … .’

I still don’t like the idea of ​​copying Iniya’s technique. It seems like everyone doesn’t realize it because there is Russ next to him who copies all kinds of Auror skills and doesn’t feel any shame, but in fact, stealing other people’s skills is a very shameful thing for a warrior.

‘I can’t help it now, but I will inevitably create my own technology.’

Iniya was liking Siris without even knowing her inner thoughts. I’m honestly proud of her because she worked hard on her skills and reached that level.

‘Is this what it would feel like if I had a disciple? Well, if she’s like Repenhardt’s daughter, wouldn’t she be like a daughter to me too? Be nice to me, hmmm.’

Anyway, everyone dealt with their opponents cleanly. Iniya’s eyes lit up as she adjusted her sword.

‘Then I’ll slowly… … .’

The blackening of cold air, reminiscent of a blizzard, colorfully decorates the field of view. Surprised by the deaths of their colleagues, Cerness and Chase carefully took a defensive stance. This time, something feels different than before!

‘what? Is it some kind of hidden tactic?’

Indeed, thanks to their thorough defense stance, both were able to block the repeated attacks. Even though the cold aura from the opponent’s attack seeped through the armor and made my arms feel numb, I still successfully blocked the attack itself… … .


Suddenly, Cerness’s forearm exploded. No, it is a slightly different phenomenon from an explosion. Suddenly, icicles burst out from the inside of the forearm, a place made up of bones, muscles, and blood vessels, turning both arms into a mess.


Cernes, who lost both arms, screams. Chase turned his head in surprise.

“Lord Cernes?”

He lost both arms, but that was just inside the suit. Since there is no blood flowing outside of her, both arms appear to be fine on the outside. I didn’t understand what had happened.

Iniya swung her sword again.


Domination of frost queen.

The ultimate secret sword, using the new realization gained from Jim Unbreakable’s Beecher and the complete materialization of the auror, was activated again. The coldness that permeated the opponent in the attack and defense was instantly transformed into real material.

Chase’s forearms were also shattered.


Only then did Chase realize what had happened. And he was astonished.

‘Hey, this is an unstoppable attack!’

When Auror users clash swords, it is natural for their energy to remain on each other. But what if the remaining auror becomes an internal bomb?

The human body dies when a very small blood clot or a very small amount of air enters the blood vessel. No matter how much of an Auror you are and how much you train, there is no way to prevent a substance called ice from suddenly forming inside the human body.

And the fact that that result is possible means… … .

“Materialization of Aurors… … .”

Chase was devastated after losing both arms. Even in pain, is it because he is also a warrior that he feels reverence for the other person’s state?

“… … “That woman will be the next great swordsman.”

Cernes, on the other hand, was still grinding his teeth. He had extreme prejudice against other races and tried hard not to acknowledge Iniya’s skills even after seeing such amazing feats.

“Damn… … Was it this kind of trick? If I had known in advance, I wouldn’t have suffered… … .”

That method is not without destruction. All you have to do is avoid collisions in the first place and fight strictly on evasion, not allowing the opponent’s cold to seep into your body. It’s just questionable whether there really is a warrior on the current continent who can avoid Iniya without getting hit even once… … .

“Yes, that’s why I waited until now on purpose.”

Even if Iniya is an exception, Russ’s air sword Infinity, Tarsid’s Gerard Sword, and Siris’ Element Spear are still hot skills that have only recently been mastered. Its power is beyond reproach, but its technical proficiency is not very high. If you know in advance and are alert, you can sufficiently respond.

“Would it be troublesome if those kids’ skills were revealed?”

A silver shadow flashes like a flash between the two silver collaborators who lost their arms. Moving the sword left and right, Iniya’s rapier lightly hits the nape of the two’s necks. Cold seeps into Cernes and Chase’s cervical spine, and they soon materialize into ice.

“… … .”

Both of them died without even being able to scream. Gerard was impressed by her neat and uncluttered finish.

“As expected, that kid is amazing.”

Even Jim Unbreakable can’t take that approach lightly. No matter how steel your body is, there is no way to prevent cold from seeping into your body. Since the bones are so hard, even if ice forms in the body, it will be immediately melted by the aura and it will not cause fatal injuries, but it will still cause enough injuries that an ordinary person would receive a bruise.

“Anyway, I have to finish it too.”

Gerrard’s large body flew into the air. And in an instant, he approaches Osmant and places his left fist. Osmant also made a quick evasive move, but naturally followed suit and raised his right fist, as if he had foresaw it.


The left fist delivers a very close range strike with zero impact. At the same time, the right punch stabs long and straight. Both fists alternately apply shock to one point. The destructive power is concentrated both externally and internally and merges into one.

“Double Impact!”


Osmant was destroyed. Not only the person, but even the ancient suit and dragonic armor he was wearing were shattered into fragments by the blow. Metal, bone, flesh, and blood appeared in a cloudy haze everywhere.

“Lord Osmant!”

The other opponent, who was shocked, tried to step back, but Gerrard followed and delivered a long kick.


The same result came out this time too. The entire suit was destroyed, and the user inside was also destroyed at the same time. Even though a famous Auror user mobilized a legendary ancient artifact, he became a ghost in the blink of an eye.

Gerard grinned, retracting his outstretched legs.

“It’s as simple as this.”

Clearly, the power of the ancient combat suits they brought out was incredible. By using that item, an ordinary Auror user was able to match Jim Unbreakable’s Mundo, who had reached the level of 5 stacks of Calamity Soul.

In other words, at most there are 5 stacks. It’s a similar state to when Gerard was young, when he had just come out into the world, gained various experiences, and was called the king of power. He is not a very difficult opponent for him now that he is looking at 9 layers beyond 8 layers. The reason I had dragged on so far was only for the sake of the other children, and if I had wanted to, I could have killed them in the first clash.

“With guys like these, there’s no need to even use Calamity Horn.”

Gerard turned his head, taking his gaze away from his smashed opponent.

“It’s all over, disciple. “What should we do now?”

Reppenhardt, accompanied by Carl and Asreil, approached and responded.

“My plan is ruined, so I have to go with Chancellor Carol’s plan.”


Leppenhardt’s plan to deal with Sayre was simple.

1. Break through the space barrier.

2. It breaks down absolute defense barriers.

3. Then, an angry Sayer will run out, so let’s all work together to deal with him.

4. I can’t just catch it because it will keep returning to its original state due to some kind of divinity or something. Therefore, one side deals with Sayer, and in the meantime, the other side infiltrates deep into Sayer Temple.

5. The Akashic Drive will be buzzing, so destroy it quickly.

6. Defeat Sayer who can no longer recover.

7. We win!

Carol’s reaction upon hearing this plan was also simple.

-… … Are you out of your mind?

Let’s say it’s 1 and 2. Carol had no intention of objecting to that part. But from number 3 onwards, it becomes absurd.

Are you saying Sayer, who is upset, will run out on her own? And that she will only focus on the opponent in front of her, ignoring the existence of other party members targeting the Akashic Drive?

-That can’t be possible!

Even a three-year-old child can plan strategies and tactics better than this!

-Oh, I think I know why His Majesty was defeated in his previous life, even though he had that much power.

-What’s strange about this?

– No, where in the world is there a person who locks himself in his house and has a lot of subordinates with him, but instead abandons his healthy subordinates and deals directly with the enemy?

Reppenhardt raised his hand in an uncertain manner.

-… … me?

Well, that’s what Demon King Repenhardt did in his previous life.

-Were you like that in your past life?


-… … why?

-That’s right, the other Four Heavenly Kings all had to take care of their clans.

-So, did you take on the entire human army by yourself? Even though you know full well that everything will end when you die?

-I was confident I wouldn’t die. And it was quite worth it. At that time, I alone took care of a third of the two million troops that invaded Reppenheim.

-… … You killed nearly 700,000 people alone?

-No, I’m not saying they all were killed. Since we dealt with area-effect magic and summoning magic, there wouldn’t have been that many deaths. About two hundred thousand? Well, the number of injured was probably around 300,000.

-… … .

For a moment, it was Carol who desperately understood Tesron’s anger. After all, ‘things like that’ should not exist in the world.

-I can’t do it now, so there’s no need to look at it that way, right? The look in your eyes is scary, Prime Minister.

-Well, that’s it. It’s a world that has nothing to do with the present, a time that has nothing to do with it. Anyway, I understand why His Majesty made such a plan.

Leffenhardt developed that plan based on himself. Carol was amazed for a moment, thinking that the word ‘reverse fate’ could be applied so badly.

-But there is no reason to believe Sayer will come out like that, right?

-You think that because it’s Sayer?

Repenhardt added while questioning.

-No matter how you look at that guy, his thought pattern is similar to mine in my past life, right? Now I know a little bit about how the world works. Because the opponent is Sayer, it will come out like that. If it was someone else, it wouldn’t have been like this.

-Is that so?

This time, Carol was speechless. Leffenhardt certainly had a point.

Sayer’s behavior patterns shown so far are quite similar to those of Leffenhardt in his previous life. Additionally, Leffenhardt showed at least deep insight into Sayer’s way of thinking.

-Still, there is no law preventing Sayer from showing a common sense reaction. First of all, I will think of the next best solution.

-Well, there’s no need to… … .

Looking at Reppenhardt, who was still unconvinced, Carol spoke as if admonishing him.

-It is common sense in all matters to prepare a workaround. Above all, there is nothing to lose because there is a workaround, right?

-That’s because the prime minister has a lot to do.

Clearly, an infiltration plan is not something that is just established. You can skip the space barrier and defense barrier since there is nothing more to touch on, but you will need to spend a lot of time and effort on the remaining parts alone.


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