The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 72

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“Welcome, savior possessed by the oracle.”

He was a dwarf with long white hair, a beard, and long eyebrows, as if he was covered in a beard. At that moment, Reppenhardt’s eyes turned red.

‘Oh, Marceline… … .’

He was the most loyal subordinate, the most trustworthy friend, and at times, like a mentor whom he respected and relied on.

His appearance has not changed at all even after 30 years. Unlike Siris or Tashid, in his previous life, Marqueline met Reppenhardt at an old age, already as a dwarf. 30 years is about 7 or 8 years by human standards, and Marceline’s appearance has not changed much.

Seeing the image so exactly as in my memory, I thought, ‘Wow, Marceline! I almost shouted, ‘It’s been a while!’ After struggling to swallow the words that crawled up his throat, Reppenhardt came to his senses. And he responded politely.

“Long time no see. “Makeline, High Priest of Al Port.”

Then, Marceline looked at Reppenhardt with a curious face.

“What you just said is true, savior. But it’s strange. “Have we met before?”

Then he tilted his head and continued talking to himself.

“No, that can’t happen. “I haven’t left here in 50 years.”

No matter how I looked at the young savior in front of me, he didn’t look like he was older than 30. (In fact, he is in his early 20s.) This cannot be understood based on common sense.

Reppenhardt nodded with a look that said he knew that would happen.

“I know you, but you don’t know me.”

I can’t tell others. Because no one will believe what he says. However, the dwarves who hear the truth and their high priest, Marceline, will believe him.

Leffenhardt spoke frankly.

“It will be difficult to understand. “It will be 10 years from now when I meet you.”

Marceline looked at him with a confused expression. It is clear that the other person is telling the truth, but what he is saying is not logical at all. Usually there is only one case like this.

‘… … Could it be that the savior has a mental illness?’

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Well, it may be difficult to recognize a mentally ill person at first glance, but the dwarven god, Alport, would not have chosen a mentally ill person to be the savior of his clan.

Reppenhardt calmly opened his mouth to the puzzled Marceline.

“I am someone who came back in time.”


Everything was said.

A story of wandering around the continent as a great mage, a story of building exchanges with other races while seeking out their secrets to reach the level of the 10th Circle, a story of helping them as much as possible, and in the process gradually clashing with human forces to protect the other races, and eventually. He established the Antares Empire and became known as the Demon King, waging war against the entire continent until his end.

How he lived. He told me everything, from who he met, how he died, to how he came back to life and how he came to be here.

“… … I know it’s hard to believe. “But I definitely told the truth, so it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”

After finishing the explanation, Leffenhardt smiled and straightened his back and leaned back in his chair. Markel Lin, who was sitting across from him and listening to everything he said, shook his head.

“Even for dwarves who can hear the truth, it is clear that this story is hard to believe.”

Dwarves certainly hear the truth, but that doesn’t mean they can reliably uncover the truth. If the person speaking believes that it is the truth, even if it is a lie, it will sound like the truth to the dwarves’ ears.

“If it weren’t for Mr. Alport’s oracle, I might have treated you as a mental patient. But what you say is quite plausible.”

Suddenly, Marceline’s eyes lit up.

“Can I take a test? “I want to know whether you are a psychopath or a true timeless sage.”

‘A test?’

He too was curious. Reppenhardt nodded his head. Marceline thought for a moment and then opened her mouth again.

“If I were your servant, known as the Four Heavenly Kings, and I was close to you, I would definitely have told you this due to my personality. So, let me ask you.”

Marceline asked meaningfully, stroking her dazzlingly white beard.

“What color is my beard?”

It is common to think that there must be a trap when asking about the color of a beard that is clearly visible to the eye. At least you can be sure it’s not as white as it looks. Marceline observed Reppenhardt closely. What answer will this young man give?

However, the answer came right away, as if I had been waiting for it.

“How can there be color if there is no beard? Marceline, you’re still wearing that 30 years later. “That constitution hasn’t changed.”

“… … “It’s sad.”

Marceline looked depressed and stroked her beard. Then his abundant beard fell from his chin, revealing the face of a rather grave-looking old man. Marceline’s white and voluminous beard, like that of a dwarven high priest, was actually a fake.

“Do you even know the story behind this beard?”

Repenhardt answered with a wry smile.

“I heard it was Al Port’s grace.”

Among dwarf men, a full beard is a symbol of masculine beauty. It was a common preference among all dwarf women to tolerate baldness but to detest a beardless chin as disgusting. But sadly, Marceline had been strangely unable to grow a beard since she was young.

If he were human, he would have at least had a fake beard. However, among dwarves who see through the truth, wigs and matriarchs have little meaning. In fact, it just looks even more lame.

Well, even though she didn’t have a beard, Marceline was an outstanding talent even among dwarves. With his amazing divine power and leadership, he was able to gain the honor of being appointed as the High Priest of Alport for the first time in 200 years. And at that time, it was this rich false beard that the dwarven god Alport bestowed upon his earthly representative.

A sacred beard that even the eyes of truth cannot penetrate! To humans, it may seem like there’s nothing worth knowing, but it was a completely different story among dwarves. This is clear evidence that Marceline is truly loved by Al Port! Because of this beard, Marceline was able to receive the respect and awe of the dwarves.

“Even we dwarves can’t tell the truth of this beard, but since you, a human, wouldn’t have recognized it, now I can be sure that what you said is true.”

Marceline nodded, putting on her beard again. If Leffenhardt is a psychopath and truly believes his delusions, he cannot possibly be aware of this information. This human young man in front of me is truly someone who came back in time.

“The reason I originally came to you was to give you a little advice about your destiny as a savior and your future path. But as the savior, you already know everything.”

Suddenly, Marceline stood up.

“Then there is only one thing I will do.”

Marceline politely knelt down. In a deep, solemn voice, he spoke as if making a declaration to Reppenhardt.

“On behalf of all the dwarves who serve Al Port, I, Marceline Port Hammerline, pledge my allegiance to you, Reppenhard Wald Antares.”

Reppenhardt looked at the old dwarf, Marceline, who was kneeling in silence. In a way, I was not surprised because I had already expected this unexpected situation. Because it was like this in his past life too. As a result, I did not feel any satisfaction from receiving the loyalty of the dwarves.

I just felt a heavy pressure in my chest.

I have already betrayed their loyalty once. After receiving so much loyalty and devotion, he ultimately drove them to death and suffering through his own incompetence.

Will I be able to repay their loyalty in this life?

‘No, I have to.’

After shaking his head to shake off his thoughts, Reppenhardt stretched out his hand.

“Please wake up.”

The way he spoke changed, and instead of coming across as arrogant, it seemed more natural. It wasn’t awkward at all, but rather felt friendly.

“What you said is half wrong, Marceline.”

Reppenhardt spoke earnestly to the old dwarf who was getting up.

“I need your advice now more than ever.”


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Reppenhardt spoke in a sorrowful voice to Marceline, who sat down again.

“I already failed once. “I tried to handle everything with my power and my magic, but ended up becoming a public enemy of humanity and was killed.”

So you can’t repeat the mistakes of your past life. However, I still don’t know how to achieve my dream in a way other than strength. This was the problem currently plaguing Leffenhardt. First of all, regaining magic is a priority, so I have put it off until now, but that does not mean it is a problem that can be put off forever.

“Of course, there are a few options, but I can’t say for sure… … .”

Marceline asked.

“What are your plans?”

“It’s not even a plan… … .”

Reppenhardt spoke in a calm voice about the events in the Principality of Chatan. He took elf and orc slaves and gave them the education humans receive, and even hoped that it would become a trend and spread.

After hearing the story, Marceline shook her head.

“Hmm, not bad. Enlightening human consciousness and leading to gradual change is certainly hopeful for these races. Of course, from my perspective, humans are a different race, but I will use this expression for now so that Mr. Repenhardt can easily understand.”

Then he smiled and added,

“But that would take a good 100 years. Elves and us dwarves have a long lifespan, so it will be a bearable period of time, but won’t Repenhardt grow old before then?”

“That’s the problem… … .”

Sighing, Reppenhardt leaned back in his chair. Peaceful change sounds great and is ideal, but it is also difficult to achieve. No matter how excellent a saint preaches, it takes hundreds of years for him to be properly evaluated. Breaking a fixed paradigm is never easy.

Suddenly, Reppenhardt snapped his finger.


A small flame is created at the tip of the finger. It was the most basic ignition spell among the fire spells. It had no attack power and was only used as a substitute for flint. It was literally a ignition spell that you learn to get the hang of when you first get into magic. However, the fact that he was able to cast it with just a starter word without a magic spell is proof that Repenhardt’s magic is at a considerable level.

said Reppenhardt, shaking the flame slightly.

“I’m getting the magic back now. And unlike my previous life, I gained another strength.”

A finger burst into flame, and a golden aura rose above it and enveloped the flame.

“Actually, I think that if I could just get my magic back, it wouldn’t be that difficult to re-establish the Antares Empire and become a demon king who rules the continent with fear.”

It was something I had already done once. I am confident that I will be able to get help from other races. Unlike my previous life, I now have a body that does not get tired. Moreover, in my previous life, I had no particular intention of founding a country. This is a case where a country of different races was created by chance. If you build an empire with proper planning from the beginning, it is unlikely to fail.

But Reppenhardt shook his head.

“But if you do that, the Dark Empire will just be recreated again.”

If the Dark Empire were to be re-established, it would only become an object of fear for humanity again.

Of course, unlike his previous life where he moved passively, if he actively attacked human kingdoms and expanded his power by dominating them, it would not be that difficult to conquer the entire continent within 10 years. Even in my past life, I had that much power. If humans had been destroyed individually from the beginning to prevent them from uniting, we would not have ended up like that.

However, that is the same as saying that they will burn the entire continent to the ground in war.

“I don’t want to stain the continent with blood like that.”

Leffenhardt sighed. Marceline thought for a moment. Reppenhardt smiled softly as he looked at that.

“Do you understand my concern now, Marceline? If you press on the world with force, you will ultimately fail. But I haven’t yet found a clear way to change the world using methods other than force. “I would like to hear your advice on that, dwarven sage.”

Marceline stroked her beard without answering. As if he had organized his thoughts, he opened his mouth.

“I see what the problem is.”

The old dwarf stared straight at Leffenhardt.

“Reppenhardt, my lord.”

“Speak, Marceline.”

Marceline said in an old voice.

“You’re looking at the world too foolishly.”


Reppenhardt’s eyes widened at the sudden sound. Marceline clicked her tongue.

“You failed by pressing with force, so you’re going to find another way?”

“Well, what’s wrong?”

Marceline shakes her head as if she is pathetic.

“The reason for Mr. Reppenhardt’s failure was not because of pressure.”


Marceline said assertively, with strength in her voice.

“Because I only pressed it with force.”

Things in the world are not simple. There are a lot of people in the world, and there are as many beliefs and opinions as there are people. What is acknowledged by the absolute majority of beliefs and opinions is the paradigm of that era. A fixed common sense that everyone recognizes and embraces, how many people expressed opinions and exchanged beliefs until it was achieved?

“Leffenhardt, you must destroy that established common sense. To do that, it’s not enough to mobilize everything you have. Pressuring with force, persuading with words, sometimes leaving it to one’s own will, sometimes forcing it… … “Even if all means and methods are spared, it is doubtful how many years it will take or whether it will ever succeed. This is Mr. Repenhardt’s dream and ambition.”

“Uhm… … .”

“I am saying that the world is not so simple as to say, ‘I just tried to push with force and failed, so I have to try again this time.’”

Reppenhardt groaned. It was correct in every detail. It was a truly painful point. At the same time, I feel like one side of my head is wide open.

“Then what should I do?”

After gathering her thoughts for a moment, Marceline asked again.

“Do you hate humans, Mr. Repenhardt?”

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