The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 71

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The blue blade auror glows brightly, and life blooms over Russ’ shoulder. Leppenhardt shouted with a straight face.

“Russ! “Take care of your life!”

“yes? But brother… … .”

Leppenhardt walked forward, holding Russ back in confusion. The dwarves are surprised to see him exposing his entire body and pull the bowstring. About a dozen arrows flew towards him. But Leffenhardt had no intention of stopping the attack. He even raised his hands up to clearly express that he had no intention of fighting.

Ting ting ting ting~!

All the arrows that flew bounced away. Although he was not used as an Auror or anything, Repenhardt’s trained body could not even be scratched by an ordinary arrow. The dwarves murmured in astonishment.

“It’s a monster!”

“Arrows don’t work!”

“They’re even taunting us by openly showing off that arrows don’t work!”

‘No, that’s not it… … .’

Reppenhardt clicked his tongue inwardly. When I raised my hands in surrender, the dwarves’ expressions became even more murderous. He didn’t know what would come out if he took any more time, so he quickly opened his mouth.

“Sons of the Earth who can hear the sound of truth! Listen! “We are not your enemies!”

The dwarves’ survival was noticeably reduced. Everyone was embarrassed and looked at each other. I felt that Leffenhardt was telling the truth. A large middle-aged dwarf who appeared to be the leader of the dwarf group cautiously opened his mouth.

“Are you saying that you, a human being, are not our enemy?”

Repenhardt answered, still holding his hands up.


It was certain. The intruder in front of me was telling the truth. The middle-aged dwarf looked incredulous and then asked a question.

“Then who are you? “Why did you come here?”

For a moment, Repenhardt’s expression hardened. Who are you? Why did you come here? Of course, I have something to say in response. But that means… … .

‘Ah, I’m too embarrassed to say it with my own mouth, but this… … .’

Still, I have no choice but to shout so as not to see blood here. Reppenhardt, struggling to compose himself, shouted again.

“I am your savior! “He’s a character from Al Port’s oracle!”

The dwarves’ expressions changed at once. There was no more to live. Everyone was looking at Reppenhardt with wide eyes.

And the other party members also had their eyes wide open. Of course, for completely different reasons than the dwarves.

“Wow, Mr. Leffen, my face feels hot. “What on earth is that line?”

“Si, be noisy! Do you know that he said this because he likes me?”

Now that I think about it, it’s a really embarrassing line. Reppenhardt tried to look away, his face turning red. And he shouted again at the dwarves.

“Following the guidance of the Steelhammer clan, I have come here to Grand Forge to meet High Priest Marqueline!”

Russ, who had been keeping his guard up behind him, clicked his tongue.

“No, brother. No matter how hard it is, there’s no way they’ll believe us… … .”

As soon as the words were finished, the dwarves withdrew their weapons. They all put their swords into their sheaths at the same time and everyone shouted with joy.

“Oh oh! “He is a savior!”

“The savior of the clan has arrived!”


“Nice to meet you!”

“No, but why did you leave the front door intact and show up in a place like this?”

The life from before was gone, and everyone flocked to the group with welcoming smiles on their faces. Silan muttered with a blank face.

“Wow, why does his attitude change like that?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Grand Forge was an underground city located 30 meters underground in the Setelad Mountains. Numerous buildings were packed into a huge cave with a diameter of 2 kilometers and a height of at least 30 meters to a maximum of 50 meters. The two rivers that run through the city flow with boiling hot spring water instead of river water, creating thick steam everywhere. Huge geothermal stones were embedded in the city’s ceiling every 100 meters to provide light and heat. Although it was not as bright as midday on the ground, the amount of light was at least enough not to cause any discomfort in distinguishing objects.

Leffenhardt and his party were walking on the road in the center of Grand Forge, following the guidance of a middle-aged dwarf. It was the dwarf who shouted first to fire arrows. The dwarf who introduced himself as Fullbart was pointing around Grand Forge and introducing the city like a tour guide.

“This is the blacksmith area where smelting artisans gather. If you walk a little further, you will come to a residential area with houses.”

Everyone was busy looking around, like country kids who had just moved to the city. Cilan stuck out his tongue.

“Wow, how on earth did they make these things?”

Siris also had an expression of agreement.

“I knew that dwarves were good with their hands, but I had no idea it was to this extent.”

Even Tila, a fellow dwarf, had her mouth wide open. Well, she may be the one who best fits the definition of a city bumpkin.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories, but… … It’s amazing, Grand Forge… … .”

Once again, pride in my clan blooms in my heart. Most elves and orcs have already forgotten all culture and traditions, but dwarves still maintain this level of civilization. Russ frowned with an expression of disbelief.

“I don’t understand. To make this level of history possible, a huge number of people, even dwarves, would be needed… … .”

I couldn’t understand how that many people could live in this harsh remote area. It is called a remote area because it is difficult to live in a remote area. It seemed unlikely that dwarves capable of constructing such large-scale structures would be able to live properly deep within the Setelad Mountains.

“Besides, if it’s on this scale, why aren’t they trying to save their fellow countrymen who are living as slaves?”

“Hey, Mr. Russ, I guess you’re starting to find it strange that dwarves are living as slaves, right?”

“huh? “What do you mean, Cilan?”

“There’s no way you would have such a question otherwise.”

“Umm… … .”

Russ groaned at Cilan’s teasing words. No matter how stereotypical she may be, seeing such an incredible sight can’t help but shake her paradigm.

Fulbart said with a wry smile at the words of the two people.

“Actually, this Grand Forge was not built by us.”

Originally, the Grand Forge was a Silver Age ruin, or dungeon. The dwarves who were chased here made numerous sacrifices, explored repeatedly, and remodeled the interior, making it their residence.

In fact, there are many ruins on the continent that have already been explored and abandoned. In most cases, the magical core of the ruins would be lost and disappear into this space, but there were some that remained in reality like this.

Usually, humans destroy or remodel buildings and use them as buildings for other purposes, and a representative example of this was Del Grime, the royal castle of the Kingdom of Grime. 400 years ago, Del Grime, the first king of the Grime Kingdom, completely explored what was originally a dungeon, remodeled the basement, and built a castle on the ground to make it his royal castle.

Russ let out a laugh.

“Ah, somehow… … .”

Building a city of this size requires an enormous number of manpower. However, it only takes a relatively small number of people to simply remove what is inside and remodel it. It seemed like even dwarves, a slave race, could do that. In the first place, they were good at dexterity.

Then Leffenhardt corrected his mistake.

“But it’s clear that this was a city for dwarves even during the Silver Age.”

“How can you be so sure, brother?”


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Leffenhardt pointed to the buildings along the street.

“The threshold is low.”

Russ understood right away. It’s not just that the threshold is low. Low thresholds, low ceilings, and overly short stairs and low handrails. He could immediately see that it was not built for humans in every way. Moreover, the dwarf statues and statues decorated throughout the city prove that this city is a city of dwarves, no matter what anyone says.

“In other words, during the Silver Age, the dwarves were prosperous enough to build their own cities. “It would have been impossible for a race born as slaves, right?”

“Umm… … .”

Russ groaned and avoided answering. Although Leffenhardt’s words sounded quite plausible, it was still not easy to change deep-rooted perceptions.

After walking for a while and arriving at the living area, Fullbart led the group to a house. Inside, a middle-aged dwarf woman comes out and greets him. After saying something to the woman, Fulbat spoke to the group.

“Please stay here for now. “I will prepare a meal first.”

Everyone went inside with awkward expressions. The house given by Fullbart was quite large compared to nearby houses, but it was still by dwarven standard. Russ smiled bitterly as he entered through the door.

‘I feel like I’m going into some kind of hole.’

Not to mention Leppenhardt, who is 192 centimeters tall, and Russ, who is 180 centimeters tall, even Siris had to bend down to cross the threshold. As an elf, she was a girl, but she was already over 170 centimeters tall.

Oh, of course, Cilan was depressed and went in with his back straight.

“I, too, want to bend over…” … .”

Tila chuckled and followed behind Cilan. Full Bart said apologetically as she unpacked her belongings around the room.

“I have now contacted the Minister. “It’s not much, but I hope you can at least satisfy your hunger and wait a little longer.”

Even so, the group has never been able to eat a decent hot meal due to an attack by monsters. While everyone was looking forward to it, a middle-aged dwarf woman came carrying a large tray.

The meal served was soup made with turnips and potatoes, and unidentified boiled meat. It may seem too frugal to be the food served to a group of saviors of a clan, but considering that the dwarves live in hiding in a remote part of the world, it is clear that they served it with great care. Everyone scooped up their spoons with pure gratitude.

Cilan suddenly asked after taking a bite of boiled meat.

“But what kind of meat is this?”

What can I say, it’s strangely tough and has a pungent smell. It wasn’t something I couldn’t eat, but honestly, I couldn’t say it was delicious. Fulbart answered proudly.

“It’s boiled basilisk liver.”

Everyone’s complexions hardened. basilisk? Are you saying it was the intestines of that monster?

For a moment, Cilan and Russ looked displeased. Siris, who was holding a fork, also looked at her in a subtle way and gently pushed her plate filled with meat.

“Eh, elves are primarily vegetarian, hoho.”

“Until yesterday, I was just chewing beef jerky… … “Aya!”

Cilan, who had his side pinched, looked at Reppenhardt with a tearful look on his face. Of course, he had eaten all kinds of evil food under Gerard and was chewing his meat without any hesitation.

“It’s worth eating. “What’s wrong with everyone?”

Aside from the taste, who would want to eat monster meat? When everyone looked uncomfortable, Fullbart looked slightly disappointed.

“It’s a bit of a taste, but it’s still quite a valuable item. “It’s good for your body too.”

“Where is it good?”

“hmm… … .”

Suddenly, Fullbart smiled meaningfully and brushed his beard.

“this… … It’s really good for men… … I don’t know how to explain it… … .”



Russ and Cilan’s eyes lit up. Whether human or dwarf, any man can’t help but eat this! Feeling a sense of kinship that transcended race, they both eagerly began stuffing the basilisk liver into their mouths. Tila and Siris pouted their lips.

“Anyway, what are men?”


“Yes, Russ, but I didn’t know Cilan would do the same.”

“I will soon have a muscular body, so I need to prepare in advance.”

I don’t know what you’re planning to prepare in advance, but anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being fully prepared, right?

Thanks to this, the atmosphere suddenly became warmer. Even Russ, who was obsessed with stereotypes, thought, ‘Dwarves, they’re better friends than I thought!’ After finishing such a pleasant(?) meal, a young dwarf came in from outside.

“Uncle Fulbat, the High Priest is telling you to take the savior to the central tower.”

Reppenhardt stood up as if he had been waiting.

“Then go and come back. “Everyone is resting here.”

☆ ☆ ☆

At the center of the Grand Forge, the large tower connected to the ceiling like a stalactite was where Al Port’s High Priest Marceline lived. After leading the way to the bottom of the tower, the young dwarf bowed his head.

“Then you can go up these stairs.”

Looking up at the tower, Leffenhardt nodded in understanding.

“It looks like no one can come in or out from here. Well, wherever the high priest resides, it is a kind of sanctuary… … .”

“No, I’m just saying I’m too lazy to go up.”

“… … .”

Come to think of it, dwarf squires were originally like this. After laughing, Reppenhardt went up the stairs. When he arrived at the top of the tower, he found himself in a space surrounded on all sides by brown walls. All kinds of paintings were carved on the walls and pillars, and in the middle was a large altar decorated with gold and bronze.

In front of the altar, an old dwarf greeted Repenhardt.

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