The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 70

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Chapter 69 Confirmation


Two elf women were walking down a dark passage carrying a glass tray. This narrow passage made of stone walls was a place that everyone avoided because it had a strange feeling and a chill flowed from every corner. But these two elf women had no choice.

They were maids in the palace of Antares and had to run errands for the king of Antares. And at the end of this passage was their king.

When I opened the thick iron door, a strange scene unfolded. Dozens of tables with flasks of various liquids boiling on them, colorful ores, strangely shaped plants, and even the corpses of monsters hanging here and there on the walls.

In that eerie scene that looked like a serial killer’s slaughterhouse, a large man was working on something.

“Your Majesty, I brought you the rest.”

The glass tray they brought contained two red-stained metal beads. The bead, which was about the size of a child’s fist, looked hideous with blood and flesh sticking to its surface here and there.

Leffenhardt, a large man, pointed his finger at one side of the table.

“Oh, put it there.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

he asked, examining the beads.

“Whose is that?”

During post-war processing, Reppenhardt separately ordered the dissection of the other side of the heart from the corpses of the silver wise men who had immortal powers. Those beads are items that came from the corpse.

If you think about it, it’s quite a terrible thing, but surprisingly, these elf women, who were just maids, answered calmly.

“I heard it belongs to the Imperial Knights Gullford and the Marquess of Polestar.”

The criteria for selecting Antares’ maids are completely different from those of other palace maids. Royal etiquette, dexterity, and lineage mean nothing. In Antares, only after experiencing at least two digits of battlefield experience are you qualified to become a ‘royal palace maid’. It can be said to be truly a military state.

“Right. I get it.”

Repenhardt immediately turned his back.

I sit down in front of the table again and concentrate on my work. He struggles with something that doesn’t fit his size and occasionally twitches his back. Every time, the distinct back muscles twitch and give off their presence.

One of the elf maids sighed at the sight.

“Your Majesty, if possible, you should at least wear a coat…” … .”

It was a deplorable thing.

Ah, why does their king only wear pants except for official occasions? Doesn’t the concept of upper garments exist for that martial arts person? Or are you really saying that Jim Unbreakable is just a perverted Mumun who is anxious not to be able to show his breasts?

It wasn’t like this before. Thanks to Siris’ constant nagging of her, there was a time when she took care of her coat and lived there.

However, things changed when Iniya became queen. Siris was no longer involved in Reppenhardt’s taste in clothes, and Iniya had the personality of melting into pieces at the sight of Reppenhardt’s muscles. She was so anxious that she couldn’t take off any more, so there was no way she could dress her properly!

‘Ah, the queen is all great, but her taste in men is a bit… … .’

‘No, your taste in men is excellent. However, my aesthetic view is a bit… … .’

Of course, Leffenhardt had a reasonable reason.

“Hey, if the reagent accidentally splashes, throw away your clothes. “These are the only things that can melt even a decent amount of leather clothing in an instant.”

Most of the magic reagents he currently deals with are quite toxic. If just one drop accidentally splashes, most clothes will have holes. The elf maid continued her words in astonishment.

“Then, to protect the body, you need to put on an extra coat… … .”

The maid kept her mouth shut before speaking.

‘Now that I think about it, is the expression ‘okche’ correct?’

The man in front of me is none other than King Kwon. He is a man with a body that, no matter how poisonous a magic reagent may be, can be easily wiped off if it splashes on his body. It’s closer to the Geumgang body than the Ok body.

‘… … In some ways, you may be frugal.’

I thought something was a little strange, but I couldn’t say anything because I said I wouldn’t throw away my useless clothes. All I can do is turn away so as not to see anything ugly.

The maids bowed their heads.

“Then I will leave.”

“Ah, good job.”

The maids who had finished their business hurriedly ran out of the laboratory. Even though they had seen all kinds of ugly things on the battlefield, they could not help but feel an unknown fear in the wizard’s laboratory, where all kinds of ugly things were hanging around.

When the maids left, Reppenhardt took the beads and looked at them closely.

“As expected, all beads have the same function. “It is safe to say that they are the same item.”

After retrieving the Artifact of Immortality from the Silver Sages, Reppenhardt has been studying it whenever he has time. And there was some harvest.

“First of all, there is no doubt that he plays the role of a receiver.”

The artifact itself has almost no abilities. If you look at its inherent energy alone, it is so insignificant that it would be embarrassing to call it an artifact.

This artifact had only one function. All it did was read the implanted user’s biological reactions and report them somewhere.

“Then it means that the power of immortality is given from somewhere.”

The reason why the Silver Sage died was only because the receiver was stopped due to Repenhardt’s AMP shockwave and the signal was not transmitted, so he no longer had an immortal body.

What was unusual was that the method of sending the signal was not based on magical power.

“The wavelength is a little different, but no matter how you look at it, it looks closer to divine power than magical power… … .”

An auror is someone who grows their own energy and life energy and turns it into physical power.

Magical power is taking the energy that builds the world into the body and transforming it into a force that affects reality.

Holy power is a power that has a different path from these two.

People believe that priests perform miracles by communicating with God through prayer. This belief is definitely not wrong. However, it is also a belief in which the intermediate process is largely omitted.

No one can communicate with God and perform miracles. Only those who possess the authority called priesthood or divine power can do this.

The power of communication that can reach even high-dimensional beings called gods, and the power of communication by honing one’s own mental power and concentration, was the divine power. It is not just a simple wish that is mournful, but it is definitely a force that exists as energy.

If we approach it from that perspective, divine power can be an energy source that can be stored like magical power.

‘So it wouldn’t be impossible to activate divine power through an artifact.’

In that sense, the basic mechanism of this artifact did not seem much different from that of a priest praying to a god.

“If there’s anything different… … “Usually, a divine spell is a secondary product of the divine nature that responds to a prayer, showing a realistic influence, but this one responds with the divine nature itself.”

Without thinking about it, Reppenhardt clicked his tongue. The research itself is progressing quite well, but we cannot know anything about the important divinity itself.

“Tsk, that’s actually what we need to figure out… … .”

It was in the meantime. Suddenly, Reppenhardt spoke without looking back.

“What brings you here, Prime Minister?”

Soon the door opened and a large, muscular bearded man entered. Chancellor Karl looked around the lab and looked surprised.

“Wow, you feel much refreshed?”

Is it refreshing to see this scene full of all kinds of hideous objects? If the maids from before had seen it, they would have been astonished. However, Reppenhardt’s reaction was natural.


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“I guess we’re short on a lot of supplies.”

Reppenhardt’s current magic laboratory was built after emptying one of the Catalan Guard towers. Compared to the original laboratory in Aranan Grad, the facilities, equipment, and supplies were extremely poor. The maids might have been shocked by the sight alone, but compared to the original laboratory in Aranan Grad, this place was like a cozy garden.

“The magic tower of Aranan Grad looked like some kind of ‘hell spread out over royalties.’”

Reppenhardt chuckled at Chancellor Karl’s words.

“Actually, I had more in my previous life.”

At that time, it didn’t seem like hell spread over royalties, but just the original hell.

Anyway, Leppenhard stopped and asked.

“What’s going on, Prime Minister?”

Carol responded lightly.

“Oh, I didn’t come here on purpose because something special happened. “It’s just a matter of reporting lightly, but I just didn’t want to take up your time when your Majesty is busy with research.”

Carol walked to one side of the lab. he asked, looking at the huge statue erected in the corner.

“Is your research on this magic armor going well?”

“You mean the Baphomet suit?”

The Mounted Golem Baphomet Suit, a transcendental ancient artifact owned by the Silver Sage, was buried intact when Aranan Grad was engulfed in the atomic burst. Afterwards, Carol specially sent the Bronze Knights to excavate that Baphomet suit. The Bronze Knights’ barding was able to withstand the aftermath of the magic poison remaining near Aranan Grad, so they were able to retrieve the Baphomet suit without difficulty.

“If you can use this barding properly, it will be of great power. “I can’t help but ask as the future strategic direction will change.”

“First of all, I found out the activation conditions and the conditions for re-changing the user authority delegation. However, the main functions are still wrapped in a black box, so it will likely take some more time.”

“okay. I wish I knew the exact function as much as possible… … .”

“Is there any other reason why it needs to be like that?”

“This barding can only be used by Auror users. “Your Majesty, Gerard, and Orc Auror users cannot use it due to its size, so we need to figure out who will use it for the most efficient power.”

Carol clicked her tongue before continuing.

“I originally thought of the queen, but surprisingly she declined.”

Leffenhardt gave an expression that said he knew that would happen.

“Iniya’s strength is her sophisticated auror control skills. No matter how great the Baphomet suit is, compared to the original body, there are loopholes in the auror flow. “This barding would be more suitable for power-oriented Auror users rather than the technique type.”

“Yes, I was rejected by Lord Russ for the same reason. He said he didn’t have the confidence to throw a sword in the air wearing something like this. I heard it’s getting too difficult to control… … “It was a bit difficult for me to understand as I am not an Auror user.”

“It’s a story that’s hard to understand, even for me as an Auror user. Anyway, how on earth can Iniya and Russ do something like that with the same Auror… … .”

Carol took her eyes off the Baphomet suit.

“And I have something to report to you. “This is about the recovery of the immortal artifact you ordered earlier.”

“Well, wasn’t everything recovered?”

The identities of all the Silver Sages who fought and boasted of immortality were identified. Because the opponents they fought against were the high-ranking officials of Antares. By asking those who were involved in the battle at the time, Carol compiled a clear list and searched for corpses for days to find them.

“Two people have not been recovered.”


“Yes, Imperial Knight Kirinth and Mage Jade of the Sun Tower. “These two were never able to find the body.”

Repenhardt’s face frowned. The validity period of AMP Shockwave is three days.

“So, is it possible that after three days, only the two of them came back to life?”

“But both Kirint and Jade were dismembered and died. It’s certain because the people I dealt with, Sir Russ and Miss Siris, had a hand in it themselves. Could it be that he survived that condition? Moreover, since it has been three days, the body must have already decomposed… … .”

“I don’t think it’s very likely, either… … “Then shouldn’t the body be found?”

“It is possible that it has been damaged beyond recognition. Anyway, I heard it was smashed.”

Leffenhardt nodded. It was a plausible guess.

Suddenly he tilted his head.

“But did you really have to come up here just to report this?”

Carol is not free, and she has separate time for meetings anyway, so I don’t understand why she took time off from her work to come to the Magic Tower.

As expected, Carol had other business to attend to.

“Actually, I have something to ask you separately. “It’s a difficult thing to say in front of people.”

“For what?”

Even though there were only two people around, Carol lowered her voice.

“Your Majesty said you went back in time and came to this era, right?”

“yes. You want to know about that theory? Honestly, it must be a bit difficult to understand with your level of magic, right?”

It was a spell that even Repenhardt of the world could not completely decipher, a spell that barely succeeded due to a combination of luck and luck. In fact, even now, I don’t really know why I succeeded. But no matter how genius Carol is, there is no way he could understand.

Carol shook her head.

“Now I’m a wizard too, but that’s not my specialty. “I’m not interested in that.”


“The theory of space-time regression spells is none of my business. But I couldn’t overlook the effect of that spell.”

Others didn’t pay much attention to the rumor that Leffenhardt had gone back in time and came to this era.

But Carol was different. He read the meaning behind that truth. And it was something I was afraid to mention in front of others, even in front of people who knew about space-time regression. So he couldn’t ask right away while drinking.

At that moment, Carol showed an eerily cold expression.

“Your Majesty has clearly moved from that era to this era. “Then what happened to the world in the original era when your Majesty lived?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Carol asked.

“Is it just that Master Reppenhard disappears, the Antares Empire collapses, and humanity continues its history of victory?

Leffenhardt shook his head.

He has a habit of saying that he has gone back in time. However, this expression was actually wrong.

To be precise, he turned back the world’s time and returned to this era. So, haven’t you inadvertently used other expressions?

Everything turned out to be nothing.

“no. That time zone is gone. “History has been erased and today’s history is being rewritten.”

The space-time regression spell is a dangerous magic that, if failed, could cause the dimension to collapse and the world itself to disappear. However, it was not just for that reason that ancient people were wary of space-time regression spells.

The countless lives born and lived over a period of 30 years, the countless lives they have built, and the countless events that have occurred in between. It constitutes the world and creates its era.

And, if you turn back time and space, all of that will become nothing.

In other words, even if the space-time regression spell succeeds, it will still cause the world to disappear!

Carol muttered in a hard voice.

“In a way… … “Your Majesty has already destroyed a world.”

Leffenhardt made no reply.

Until now, he had not been aware of that fact. Maybe he ignored it on purpose. He just tried to think that he had come to this time and that because of that he was living his life anew.

But the truth is, I already knew it in my past life.

What does turning back time mean?

‘okay. ‘I knew it.’

Nevertheless, I turned back time.

Because I lost everyone I loved, everyone I protected, and everything I had built up. Since I no longer had any regrets about that time period, I dared to commit it.

‘Well, Tethron used to make people angry.’

Leffenhardt sighed.

‘I really did everything a demon lord would do.’

I ask Carol with a stern face.

“Do you want to blame me?”

Carol shook her head.

“That’s not it. only… … .”

It is not your business, your time zone, or your world’s business. Carol is not sensitive enough to even argue about such ‘useless’ issues.

He was a realistic person and was troubled by realistic problems.

Carol expressed her concerns.

“Can Sayer use that magic too?”

At that moment, Repenhardt’s complexion hardened.

“that… … I hadn’t thought about it… … .”

turn back time Makes everything happen like nothing happened.

People of this age are not aware of that fear. This is not the time zone that Reppenhardt eliminated, and they are not the parties.

But Carol could feel the fear that that fact gave her.

-What if Sayer could do the same thing?

He handles the 10th circle just like Reppenhardt and even has the power of a god. Is what is possible for Lepehardt impossible for Sayer?

“If that were possible, wouldn’t we be able to do nothing and disappear? “Without even realizing that it was disappearing.”

“Maybe so… … .”

But Reppenhardt quickly shook his head.

“But it would be impossible.”

Carol was slightly surprised. The king he knows is like a wizard, and he doesn’t make assertions like that unless he’s quite certain.

“Is there a reason you are sure?”

“I’m not sure, but… … .”

Contrary to his expression, Leffenhardt continued his explanation quite confidently.

Although there were many parts of the space-time regression spell that could not be deciphered, there were still phrases that were common in many parts.

-This is a forbidden law that is not permitted even by God… … .

-This is impossible even for God, so it is an area that even humans should not touch… … .

“And he is God.”

Rather than simply calling it an idiom for vigilance, that phrase was written in a more straightforward explanatory tone. It was clear that it was not a literary expression, but a hard fact.

“I don’t know why. However, it seems that the Silver Age was convinced that it was impossible to turn back time, at least with divine nature.”

“But isn’t that assuming that he really is God?”

Leffenhardt shrugged his shoulders.

“If he is not a true god, there is no way he could use a space-time regression spell so easily.”

Of course, there is no guarantee that if you can’t do it, Sayer can’t either. However, Leffenhardt also had quite a basis for this part.

“He’s definitely amazing, but he’s not a much better wizard than I was in my past life, right?”

There is no significant difference in magic processing power, calculation power, or magic power allowance. The level of magic they possess is also similar. What makes Sayer superior to Reppenhardt in his previous life is the destructive power and output of his magic?

“And your magic sensing ability is definitely below mine.”

However, the most important part of the space-time regression spell was the detection of magic power. The flow of horsepower, which changes in microns, must be controlled according to the changes from time to time… … .

‘It was a really annoying technique.’

Even Reppenhardt in his previous life couldn’t detect half of it, so he just activated the magic with the message, ‘If you succeed, it’s good, if you fail, you can die.’

“You probably don’t know much about magic, so I’ll explain it to you using an analogy, Carol. A space-time regression spell is no different from closing your eyes and throwing a rock at a place where thousands of children are running wild and playing and hitting only one child. Moreover… … .”

For a moment, Reppenhardt chuckled.

“The problem is that even if you activate the spell properly, it is not even a magic that is guaranteed to be effective.”

“Eh? “What do you mean by that?”

“To put it metaphorically, this method only works properly when the child, who is the target, makes the exact sound ‘Ugh!’ when hit by a rock. ‘Ouch!’ or ‘Mommy!’ “If it sounds the same, it’s a failure.”

Carol opened her mouth in bewilderment.

“What is that? So no matter how well you throw a rock, isn’t there a very high chance of failure?”

“yes. Individual skill is a skill, but it is only possible if an astronomical coincidence occurs. “I can never do it twice.”

As someone who has reached the pinnacle of magic, Reppenhardt declared:

“If there is no unpredictable part of divinity, we can be sure. A wizard would never cross such a dangerous bridge.”

Only then did Carol’s expression brighten a little.

“That’s a good thing.”

At least I think I can avoid the worst.

“Well, that doesn’t mean our situation has really improved.”

“That’s right, isn’t it?”

Repenhardt scolded in a serious tone.

“Even without all that, the god of mankind is scary enough.”

No matter how successful Antares is, no matter how much he conquers the continent and shows great power, it is meaningless in front of him. In fact, when he first appeared, didn’t Antares have the greatest national power?

So, currently, the strong players of Antares, including Reppenhardt, were concentrating on increasing their strength by reducing their sleep. Now that they have achieved successive victories, there was some dissuasion from those around them that they should take a break, but the Antares leadership was still maintaining a tense atmosphere.

After saying what she really wanted to say, Carol got up and left the room.

“Then I’ll just go. “I wish you success in your research, Your Majesty.”

“Please go away, Prime Minister.”

Carol left the lab. As he walked in front of the Baphomet suit and activated his magic detection, Reppenhardt suddenly became curious.

‘But why hasn’t he moved yet? ‘Has the situation come to this point?’

☆ ☆ ☆

A virtual reality creation artifact, Sayre Temple.

This ancient artifact, which allows the Guardian of Silver to freely communicate and hold meetings wherever they are on the continent, was actually modeled after a real place.

Even if a god exists in this world in human flesh, he needs a place to live like a human. Sayre, the god of mankind, used his mighty power to create his own sanctuary in a part of the earth.

The northernmost tip of the continent. Frozen Land, a frozen land where only the distant cold exists.

At the end of this frozen land where only white exists, there was an unrealistic landscape with a completely different scenery. Regardless of the driving snowstorm and bitter cold, it was a place where warm spring breezes blew all year round and Gihwayocho was in full bloom.

A towering pure white temple amidst the green land, it was the true Sayre Temple.

In the central hall inside the temple, thirteen silver guardians were gathered and looking at the surroundings with moved eyes.

“Oh, this place… … .”

“The true temple of Sayre… … .”

If the definition of the word temple comes from the meaning of ‘a place where gods reside,’ this would be the only true temple that exists on the continent. Because it is actually where God resides!

Guardian Taseral, known in the world as Pope Taserad of Sayre, trembled with excitement.

“It is truly glorious to be able to come here during my lifetime… … .”

This was the first time that even those who held the powerful title of Guardians of Silver had set foot in this sacred sanctuary. It was a place allowed only to Serella, those who once had the god of humanity within them. The emotion was indescribable.

However, they were not in a position to express their emotions openly. The reason they are currently given this honor is because of the great failure committed by the Sage of Silver.

“What a shame. I can’t believe I’m looking for sanctuary because of something like this… … .”

“I agree. “But is Sayer there yet?”

“It seems like it’s been a while since Guardian Sereline disappeared… … .”

It has already been three hours since the Guardians gathered here. That much time has passed since Sereline went to deliver a message to Sayre. However, Sayer showed no signs of appearing.

“I wonder if he is very angry… … .”

Well, they are in no position to dare criticize God. Just waiting and waiting in fear.

How much time has passed? The long wait is over.

“My children.”

In the central hall where the guardians were gathered, a throne of steel appeared with light from the throne room.

The throne, made of complex metal shapes, actually feels too mechanical to be called the throne of God. However, to the guardians of this era, it was a form that was truly unheard of, and was sufficiently sacred to be felt.

The guardians all bowed their heads.

“Our God.”

Sayer sat on the iron throne and looked down at the silver guardians. He muttered with an indifferent expression.

“Your facial expressions are not good.”

It couldn’t have been good.

A huge number of forbidden artifacts have been taken away, half of the continent has turned away from Sayre’s teachings, many powerful allies have been lost, the war is on a losing streak, and most of Antares’ territory has been taken away again. If things continued like this, there was even a possibility that Antares would invade the Vastalon Empire.

The biggest problem above all else was that there was no real countermeasure if Antares really attacked.

Guardian Taseral grumbled countless times in his previous life, and did the same in this life.

“No, what on earth is that magic… … .”

As long as Reppenhardt’s AMP Shock Wave and that unidentified magic exist, the Silver Sage cannot mobilize any artifacts. Even after revealing the existence of the Silver Sage, they were driven to this level. It was safe to say that it was the biggest crisis in the history of the Silver Sage.

Sereline, who was kneeling next to Sayer, hastily made an excuse.

“It was our foolishness and inadequacy that led to this situation… … .”

Sayer interrupted her.

“Children, you are inherently foolish and inadequate. How could that be a sin? It is solely my responsibility that the situation has come to this point. “You have done nothing wrong, and you have no reason to fear my wrath.”

The guardians looked thrilled.

But, in fact, what Sayer said was not wrong. There really wasn’t anything wrong with the Sages of Silver.

The defeat in the war was due to the return of Reppenhardt, who was said to be dead, and the reason half of the continent turned against Sayre’s teachings was due to the miracle of destruction he committed and the overspread of the word of God throughout the entire continent.

Anyway, thanks to this, the guardians’ expressions became much lighter. Guardian Arklight cautiously expressed his doubts.

“Then why have you gathered us all together?”

“Because I felt the need to move.”

Guardian Arclight’s eyes shone. He asked in an expectant voice.

“Are you going to punish him again?”

Sayer asked the opposite question.

“Do you wish to display the majesty of God once again? So do you want to punish him with death?”

The guardians were perplexed. Do you want him dead? Isn’t it obvious!

Sayer continued with the question.

“Then will he remain dead?”

In an instant, the guardians became completely dumb.

He had already been killed by God once. Nevertheless, he was the one who resurrected from death alone.

Sayer muttered indifferently, but with a faint tinge of agony.

“I thought I knew about him. Even after it changed, I thought I figured it out. But one thing is still unknown.”

God’s voice echoed quietly throughout the hall.

“Is he the one from whom death escapes? Is he or is he the one who resurrects from the dead? Or, was he someone who could not die from the beginning?”

One of the guardians responded in astonishment.

“There is no way such a person exists in the world.”

“But he deceived death, deceived my eyes, and deceived the eyes of omniscience. “Isn’t he alive now?”

This was the reason Sayer did not move during this time. Punishing him was not difficult at all. However, the fact that we were unable to grasp that uncertain element is still a turn-off.

‘Besides, there are other problems. That headache seems to have stopped now, but… … .’

Sayer frowned as he pressed his temples.

Suddenly he rose from his throne.

“That’s why I called you guys.”

As he came down from the stage, Sayer looked at the gathered guardians one by one.

“You have seen him since I was asleep. So maybe you know something I don’t know.”

Guardian Arklight said in fear.

“Sayre, we have all told you everything we know. “No one can lie and hide something from God.”

“Know. I’m not doubting you guys. Human beings are foolish beings who cannot fully understand even what they know. There may be information in your subconscious that you may not have noticed. “I want to see it.”

In order to understand the flow of unconsciousness, it was not enough to encounter an illusion. There is a need to face each other directly in physical space. The guardians must have been very thrilled to set foot in the sanctuary, but from Sayer’s point of view, it was simply something he did out of necessity.

Sayer’s eyes scanned the guardians. Every time his gaze touched the guardians, they felt naked and trembled.

Finally, Sayer spoke.

“Now I understand.”

The guardians looked curiously. Sayer smiled bitterly.

“You really don’t know anything.”

The guardians bowed their heads in shame.

Sayer thought for a moment and returned to the throne. said the God of Mankind, as he sat upon the Iron Throne.

“Anyway, I guess I should meet him one more time.”

Guardian Taseral asked hastily.

“Who will help me?”

When Sayre moved in the past, the people who accompanied him were Sereline and an unknown female mage named Filena. It is truly humiliating for the Silver Sage, who has served Sayer all his life, and expects to take on the role of God’s throne this time.

But Sayer defied his expectations.

“The strongest swordsman is enough. Guardian Vashtal, prepare him.”

“I understand, Sayer.”

The worldly emperor bowed deeply like a slave. Sayer threw up his hand.

“Go away now. “You are no longer needed.”

Before I had time to say anything, the guardians disappeared from the central hall. I was forced into a spatial transfer. The only remaining guardian is Serella.

She asked Sayer.

“Father, will he receive a proper death this time?”

Sayer looked at Sereline with a cute expression.

“My daughter, is it his death that you really want? Or is it about restoring order to the world?”

Sayer rested his chin and buried himself deep into the throne.

“What I want is ‘confirmation.’ His life or death is not an important issue.”


Deep at night, Reppenhardt was lying in his bed.

It was almost time to go to bed, but he couldn’t sleep. He had too much to think about.

Research on the Baphomet suit was also in progress, and there were still ambiguities about the immortality artifact. Above all, the most urgent thing was to study the unidentified power used by Sayer, the divinity.

“Of course, if you want to find out about him, it’s best to jump in directly… … .”

There is a clue. A strange phenomenon that occurred when he returned to this world from a virtual dimension, a side effect of Dream Dive accidentally discovered through magic that opened a portal, and through this, he was able to glimpse some of Sayer’s memories, even if only for a moment.

‘Ultra long range, limited to a specific target, dream dive spell? I think it could be possible by applying the 10th circle dimensional barrier technique… … .’

In fact, the ritual was roughly completed.

The problem was horsepower.

As he does not know when Sayer will appear, Repenhardt cannot currently waste the magical power of the Four Directions God’s relic by using the 10-circle magic carelessly. Since we can’t actually test it, we just link the technique through simulation within the brain, but there are too many uncertainties with this.

“Tsk, that doesn’t mean you can’t just activate the 10-circle magic without preliminary testing… … .”

My mind is so busy that I just can’t sleep. Just like that, Reppenhardt was tossing and turning.

Suddenly, something caught his breath.

‘uh? Is it ini? ‘What’s going on this late at night?’

At the same time, a knock was heard.

Knock knock.

“Leffenhardt? may I come in?”

Leppenhardt answered without thinking.

“Yes, come in.”

Iniya entered the room. In that moment, Reppenhardt’s complicated mind was blown away!


Iniya was in front of me, wearing only thin silk clothes all over her body. The smooth body is clearly revealed through the slightly see-through silk clothes. Even the black underwear is vaguely visible.

She covered her curved breasts with one hand as if she were embarrassed and lightly licked her lips with her tongue. Her red lips turn even redder under the moonlight.

“Is this Ini?”

It is a blatant outfit whose intention is clearly visible just by looking at it!

Well, it seemed like Iniya wearing that outfit wasn’t embarrassed. Because her face was bright red.

However, he reflects on Silan’s advice and strengthens his resolve again.

‘A seductress at night! A seductress at night!’

Iniya shamelessly approached Reppenhardt.

“It looks like you can’t sleep. “I came here because I wanted to talk to you.”

… … Isn’t this the outfit for talking? No matter how you look at it, it is an outfit that wants to share something other than a story.

However, to Iniya’s dismay, despite this bewitching appearance, Reppenhardt reacted calmly.

“Oh, yes. okay… … .”

Even though he looks like a lively man in his late 20s, in his head he is a man in his 50s. Even if a beautiful woman looks like that, she is too old to be excited… … .

… … How can this be possible? Basically, men are servants who want to do that even if they only have the strength to lift a spoon! Of course my heart is racing!

The reason why Leffenhardt didn’t turn a blind eye here was simply because the situation was so unexpected. If you think about it, honestly, it’s a bit scary.

Iniya sat on one side of the bed. Reppenhardt spoke carefully as he prepared a seat for him.

“… … “Your outfit is a bit unusual today.”

After choosing all kinds of expressions, the word that finally came out was ‘extraordinary’. Iniya seemed prepared for this, so she answered naturally.

“The queen of a country is heading to the king’s bedroom, but it would be difficult if she didn’t wear natural clothes, right? So her maids chose it.”

It wasn’t wrong. In fact, the maids chose it.

Sitting on the bed side by side, Reppenhardt and Iniya talked a lot.

“I suddenly became curious. Did Mr. Reppenhardt have children with you in his past life?”

Iniya deliberately avoided the word Siris. Of course, the dull Leppenhardt felt nothing and answered seriously.

“I don’t know if you know, but originally humans and elves don’t have children.”

I have been thinking for a while about wanting to leave behind the fruits of my love with Siris in my past life. But the conclusion was impossible.

Because the growth rates of elves and humans are so different, fertilization was impossible in the first place, and even if fertilization was successful through magic, the baby could not grow in the womb. Of course, there was an attempt to solve the child’s growth speed with magic, but if the fetus was modified to that point, it would no longer be a child of two but a homunculus. In the end, Leffenhardt also gave up.

Iniya nodded.

“Yes, under normal circumstances, yes. Still, if it’s like Repenhardt… … .”

Leppenhardt asked after a moment of pause.

“for a moment? Ordinary case? So, are you saying there is a way for things that are out of the ordinary?”

With his eyes burning, he urgently asks questions.

“Does this mean that Iniya knows how?”

Iniya looked at Reppenhardt for a moment. Originally, I was just trying to catch the mood, but why is this guy’s eyes completely burning with a passion for learning?

‘uh? Isn’t this what it is?’

Anyway, since you asked, I have to answer.

“Eh, don’t you know? “I heard this from a previous human. This?”

I didn’t know that Leppenhardt, a human, wouldn’t know. Reppenhardt helped Iniya, who was embarrassed.

“What is it?”

‘Ah, I’ve gone back to wizard mode~.’

Iniya also calmed her voice, feeling disappointed inside. From a seductress seducing her man to an Auror user pursuing martial arts.

“Originally, the reason why humans and elves do not have children is because each other’s wombs cannot conceive a baby from another person with a different lifespan. That’s why it wasn’t conceived in the first place.”

“I know that.”

“But there is a way if women can handle Aurors.”

If the woman in charge of pregnancy is an Auror user, the uterus is surrounded by Aurors to protect the child. By doing so, the mother’s vital energy would be communicated with the child, and the baby would be conceived without any problems and develop naturally within the womb.

“Of course, there is the problem that the woman must maintain Auror operation throughout the pregnancy. “Not only when I’m awake, but also when I’m sleeping.”

Repenhardt blinked.

“This is my first time hearing this.”

When I heard it, it seemed quite plausible. No, it was quite possible. I also thought I knew why I didn’t notice it in my past life.

‘It would be impossible to implement it using magic in that way. It’s a method that relies entirely on the characteristics of the life force called Auror.’

Iniya laughed bitterly.

“Well, it was something I heard by chance.”

In fact, the reason Iniya knew this was thanks to an Auror user she met while wandering around the human world.

Coming from the Teikan Kingdom, he had a particularly strange wall. He had a strange, perverted delusion that he would sow his seeds not only to humans but also to his entire species.

Leppenhardt clicked his tongue after listening to the story.

‘Are you from Teikan Kingdom again?’

The famous pedophile pervert Auror user Lantas was also from the Teikan Kingdom.

‘Is the Teikan Kingdom a bad place?’

Anyway, the man seemed to have finally figured out a method after some research.

“They realized that it was only possible for the woman, not the man, to be an Auror user, so they targeted me. He said he would rape me and then brainwash me into getting pregnant… … .”

Repenhardt raised his eyes in anger.

“Such a rotten bastard! “Did you just leave him alone?”

“They killed him and buried him? “I don’t remember where it was buried.”

“… … .”

He responded so calmly that Repenhardt instantly thought, ‘Oh my! I almost replied, ‘I can’t believe you forgive a guy like that!’

‘You say such creepy things so naturally.’

Well, when I think about it, Winis was like that too. Iniya and Winis appear to overlap, and a strange feeling of longing fills my heart.

“Uhm… … .”

Iniya’s eyes lit up as she saw Reppenhardt’s expression change.


I don’t know why, but the atmosphere suddenly changed?

Opportunities are there to seize. Iniya let out a coquettish voice as she twisted her body.

“Then would you like to try an experiment, Mr. Reppenhardt?”

Reppenhardt, embarrassed, blinked even harder.

Experiment? What experiment?

“… … yes?”

Embarrassed, Reppenhardt picked up the words and passed them on.

“No, but now that I think about it, that method also has quite a few problems. Didn’t they say that women should maintain and operate their auras, whether asleep or awake, to protect their wombs? “If the Auror operation is that advanced, it would be difficult even for a fairly strong Auror user, right?”

Iniya’s smile became even deeper.

“Oh my, I can do that.”

“… … .”

Leffenhardt was silent. Come to think of it, when Iniya was Winnis, he lived all winter with his face shape fixed with Auror. Even when he sleeps, he never loses his shape. For her, maintaining that level of Aura wasn’t that hard of a task.

“No, but still… … .”

“… … Mr. Leffenhardt?”

Iniya slowly crawled on the bed and headed to Reppenhardt’s side.

She approaches, stealthily, straightening her back like a cat stalking its prey. Her mysterious eyes shine like a morning star in the night sky.

The man, who was as big as a mountain, slowly took a step back.

“No, over there… … .”

Repenhardt broke into a cold sweat.

I feel like something shouldn’t be like this, but at the same time, I’m also wondering why it shouldn’t be like this. It was when Reppenhardt unconsciously tried to reach out in the midst of chaos.


The door burst open and Siris barged in carrying a tea set.


Iniya was startled and quickly jumped to the other side of the bed.

“Oh, Siris?”

Leffenhardt looked at her in surprise. He was so nervous that he didn’t even feel Siris approaching.

“what’s the matter?”

“It seemed like you couldn’t sleep, so I took the car. “It’s the tea that clears her head.”

He smiles brightly, but for some reason his eyes aren’t smiling. Iniya opened her eyes fiercely as she watched Siris pouring her tea.

‘This bitch has been quiet for the past few days, and then she did this to land a critical hit!’

Siris snorted as she elegantly poured the tea and brought it to Reppenhardt.

‘I know I’m qualified, and I’ll admit it, but… … .’

Siris had already confirmed her feelings.

It was Siris who had already acknowledged Iniya.

‘But this isn’t it, is it? ‘I can’t admit this yet!’

I let him out for a moment, and then he crawled up to the bed wearing clothes like that? Siris lit up her eyes. At least not yet, she has no intention of allowing it there!



The two beautiful elves glare at each other, then look away and pout.

Repenhardt scratched his eyes at that sight.

‘Is it because of my mood? Why does it seem like the sister-in-law is mistreating her daughter-in-law?

Just because someone is dull doesn’t mean they really don’t notice anything. It’s just that he doesn’t realize what he notices.

Siris pretended not to know anything and calmly handed me the teacup.

“Mr. Leffenhardt, please have some tea.”

“Ah, thank you.”

Anyway, thanks to this, the delicate atmosphere calmed down. Relieved, Reppenhardt lifted his teacup.

“I’ll drink well, Siris.”

I take a sip and let out a sigh of regret.

“Tsk… … .”

And I was embarrassed again.

‘Wait a minute, what am I regretting?’

Reppenhardt shook his head to shake off his thoughts. I don’t know. Let’s have some tea and go to sleep.

It was the moment to take another sip of tea.

Suddenly Reppenhardt raised his head.


The other side of space is shaking. It is southwest of Katala Guard.

‘The distance… … ‘Is it about 4 kilometers?’

A little later, Iniya and Siris’ expressions also hardened.



I suddenly felt a strong energy. The energy did not even hide its existence. Any Auror user or archmage level would be able to feel that energy.

Siris stuck out her tongue.

“You’re not hiding your identity at all?”

Iniya asked with a serious face.

“Is this him?”

Leffenhardt jumped up from his seat.

“You’ve finally appeared, Sayer!”

☆ ☆ ☆

The first to move was, of course, the muscular old man who had been grinding his teeth day and night.


A frenzied voice rings out throughout the Catalan Guard. A golden meteor quickly crosses a distance of several kilometers.

Gerrard’s large body pierced the night sky and struck the ground at once. A huge pit was dug along with the explosion.

In front of Gerard’s eyes as he landed, a handsome young man was smiling bitterly.

“Is it you again?”

Gerard took a fighting stance, raising his aurors to the extreme.

“Let’s stick together one more time, Innoom!”

The young man, Sayer, shook his head towards Gerard, who was aiming his fist.

“I don’t enjoy battle like you do. I came here just to confirm… … .”

Sayer snapped his fingers in the air.

“I guess I’ll have to postpone this annoying battle.”

A black hole appeared in the sky above the ground where they were standing. The hole soon vomited out a person. It was Sword Saint Vanatel, an old man holding a sword with a stubborn look.

“Hehe, this is truly a miracle of God.”

Vanatel muttered as he looked around. Apparently, just a moment ago, he was in the imperial capital, and also in the imperial palace. But as soon as I take one step, I find myself on the other side of the continent.

Gerard’s complexion hardened.


Vanatel grinned as he drew his sword.

“It’s been a while, Gerard?”

Gerard frowned as he looked back and forth between Sayre and Vanatel. How could it be that an old enemy appears here? No, looking at the situation, it appears that Sayer was brought here on purpose in the first place.

“Descendant of sin, your existence poses quite a threat to me as well. “So this place was prepared.”

Sayer motioned calmly.

“Banatel. “Let me shake off my annoyance.”

“I will do as you command, Sayer.”

After bowing politely, Vanatel immediately stood in front of Gerard. A terrifying red aura enveloped Vanatel’s entire body. Gerard’s eyes burned with even more excitement.

“Okay, this isn’t bad either! Shall we stick here?”

Vanatel shook his head.

“It is the throne room of the great God. “I want to change places.”

“Who lets you choose a place according to your taste?”

Gerard snorted. He had no intention of heading to another place to avoid Sayer.

Then Banatel pointed his finger awkwardly.

“If you don’t want to, should we fight over there? “It looks like there’s a lot to break.”

The place he pointed to was the Catalan Guard, the center of which was densely built with buildings and towers. It was also a place where numerous troops and civilians gathered. Gerard’s face distorted.

“Ugh… … .”

Without waiting for Gerard’s reaction, Vanatel launched himself.

“come! Gerard!”

Banatel flew toward the Catalan guard, leaving a red trail. To be precise, it is a jump using the propulsion of emitting aura, but if you can go hundreds of meters without stepping on your feet, that is already flight. Gerard was taken aback as he watched Vanatel heading towards the fortress.

“Hey, that bastard!”

Sayer smiled and waved his hand.

“Go. Or will you leave your archenemy behind and compete with me?”

Gerard gritted his teeth as he looked at Katala Guard and Sayer alternately.

“Damn it, you can’t do something stupid like that.”

There is also the option of leaving Banatel to others in the Catalan Guard and allowing Gerrard himself to deal with Sayre. Currently, most of Antares’ elite are gathered in the Catalan Guard. If Atilka, Russ, Stala, etc. join hands, even Gerrard himself cannot be sure of victory. They will be able to deal with Banatel on their own.

‘Yes, the other person can do it. The opponent… … .’

However, in that case, it was obvious that Vanatel would deliberately go through the Catalan Guard and try to destroy the fortress as much as possible. What Banatel is waiting for is Gerard.

Here, Gerard must go directly so the two of them can fight without collateral damage.

After coming to a conclusion, Gerard turned his back with regret.

“I can’t help it. But I am not the only one who will seek revenge on Jim Unbreakable.”

At that moment, another golden meteor was flying from the sky.


Reppenhardt was crossing the air with a flight spell, holding Iniya and Siris in his arms. Gerard shouted at the sky.

“Disciple, let’s deal with it quickly and come back. “Hold on tight!”

Gerard kicked off the ground and flew up. Two golden shooting stars intersected in the air. Instead of Gerrard moving away, Reppenhardt landed lightly holding the two women.

As soon as they landed on the ground, Iniya and Siris drew their swords and aimed them at Sayer. The two women stood as if guarding Reppenhardt’s left and right, raising the Aurors and Elements.

Sayer smiled coldly as he looked at Leffenhardt.

“You are still alive, space-time returner.”

☆ ☆ ☆

A vast field in front of the Catalan Guard where tens of thousands of troops clashed and suffered countless casualties.

Although it was a deep night, it was quite bright due to the full moon. There were corpses scattered all over the fields that had not yet been disposed of. In that deathly space, Sayer and Reppenhardt looked at each other.

Reppenhardt asked, glancing at the place where Gerrard flew.

“Did you bring the Sword Saint with you? Still, Master seems to be afraid?”

Surprisingly, Sayer readily admitted it.

“He is definitely a strong man. “If it is fear to acknowledge his strength, then he is right to be afraid.”

However, unlike the content, there is no feeling beyond ‘annoying’ in the tone of speech. Still arrogant, but he deserved it.

Just by standing there, you can feel an overwhelming energy throughout your body. Iniya, who encountered Sayer for the first time, was nervous without even realizing it.

‘My God, how can such a monster exist in this world?’

Sayer, who was watching Leffenhardt closely, suddenly asked.

“How did you survive?”

Repenhardt replied roughly.

“Ah, I’m not a person who sells porridge easily.”

There is no need to give information to the other person, no matter how trivial it may be. Both Iniya and Siris kept their mouths shut.

Sayer looked at the two elf women and frowned. Even if those who do not have faith in Sayre actually face it,


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