The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 67

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Strathand is a strategic military and commercial point where the western road of the Kingdom of Grime and the northern trade route of the Settelad Mountains intersect. As a trading city, also known as the northern gateway to the Kingdom of Grime, there are many inns and bars scattered throughout the streets. In the backyard of one of the inns, four men and women were engaged in a sparring match.

“The left side is empty, Russ!”

A young man, one head taller than an adult man, shouts sharply and strikes his right hand. A capital with a faint golden glow rushes in, aiming for the shoulder of Russ, the young man holding the sword. Russ scowled at her, twisted her body to avoid the attack, and stabbed her in the face.

“It’s the heart! older brother!”

The blue-tinged long sword stabbed the large young man, Reppenhardt, precisely in the chest. cried Reppenhardt, swinging his left hand and clearing away his blade.

“Good counterattack! But the aurors are shaken! Even when attacking, the power must not decrease!”

“Yes, brother!”

Leppenhardt made a point and became absorbed in sparring with Russ. I felt sorry for leaving him alone for the past three days, and I also started this because I needed to get my body back on track. Russ was also seriously interacting with Reppenhardt, feeling his movements and the flow of the Aurors.

Meanwhile, in a corner of the yard far away from these two people, two girls were engaged in a fierce sword fight, each holding a wooden sword and an axe. It was Siris and Tila.


Siris let out a short cry as she swung her wooden sword. She had her long sword stolen from Kelbern Castle, and it was made by her Reppenhardt to use as a temporary weapon until he could buy her a nice sword.

Although it is a wooden sword, to make it, Reppenhardt cut down an entire cedar tree that had been growing well for hundreds of years, and he spared no effort in carving the tree trunk with a capital containing an aura to shape it into a scimitar. Cutting down a whole tree to make a wooden sword? Cilan was astonished at the ignorance and opened his mouth wide, and Russ gave his thumbs up, saying that this was indeed the bravado of a warrior. This cold-looking young man had always been mistreated, but when Reppenhardt treated him well, everything he did seemed to be cool.

Anyway, just as he shouted, Siris’ wooden sword flies towards Tila’s head. Tila let out her spirit and kicked the ground.


As soon as she jumped back and dodged the wooden sword aimed at her head, Tila flipped her hips again and rushed forward. She falls backwards and then immediately returns to her original position, so quickly that it makes you think she’s been standing in that same spot all along. Tila shouted and swung her battle axe.

“shoulder! waist!”

Tila, who had the body of a small girl, was swinging a huge battle ax that an average human could barely handle with both hands. Well, she is actually Tila, by dwarven standards she is already a mature virgin, but she only appears to be a young girl on the outside. Showing off her extremely unbalanced figure, Tila pressed her Siris’s shoulders and waist at the same time.

Even if it wasn’t a wooden sword, it would be impossible to fight back if such a serious illness came in succession. Siris took a step and zigzagged to avoid the attack. Every evasion move is in preparation for a counterattack, so Tila cannot make a follow-up hit. After increasing the distance, Tila said with a smile.

“Wow, I’m no match for Siris in terms of technology.”

Siris also smiled brightly and answered.

“But the difference in the destructive power of each blow is so great that I can’t find a way to break through. “I heard about the blood relatives of dwarven warriors when I was young, and it’s amazing.”

Tila di Steelhammer, the only remaining warrior blood relative of the Steelhammer clan. Her skills were surprisingly amazing. Contrary to her appearance, she pushes forward with incredible strength, and even if you recognize her attacks, you cannot block them, and if you dodge them, the window for her counterattack is very narrow. Even Siris, who boasted delicate swordsmanship, had a hard time dealing with her.

The two took a moment to catch their breath and then faced each other again. Since we had rented an entire back house in the spacious back yard of the inn, there were no other people watching, so everyone was having fun sparring. Since it is a sparring match that tells you the attack location in advance, there is not much chance of getting hurt, and even if you make a mistake, there is a top-quality medicine cabinet right next to you. I was able to engage in sparring happily without any pressure.

Of course, that top-of-the-line medicine cabinet was squatting in the corner, pouting.

“I hope the drones don’t get bored… … .”

Silan, who had no partner and was also a priest, was bored and yawning. At first, I thought watching the fight was fun, but after a few tens of minutes, it became quite boring. Cilan slowly stood up while observing Reppenhardt, who had begun dealing with Russ again.

“Then I should also train…” … .”

Reppenhardt recognized it like a ghost and screamed.

“You told me to rest first!”

In fact, Silan was not just playing around. He has already completed a basic muscle training schedule, such as doing 20 push-ups five times, sitting down and standing up 100 times, etc. It was a schedule set by Reppenhardt. Now, Silan is in a state where eggs are spread all over his body. Here, if he overworks his body more, he will only get sick.

However, for Silan, who used to exercise his body rigorously until he got sick whenever he had time, it feels like it is not enough.

“No, I just need to recover with healing arts… … .”

“I did that, right? “Healing arts are prohibited.”

After escaping from Viscount Kelbern Castle, Repenhardt began to look after Silan’s body in earnest. The most important part was the prohibition on using healing techniques after training. He also spoke frankly about the mechanism of the divine spell, but the problem was that Silan was suspicious of his words. Well, if you think about it, it was natural. Silan is also a high-ranking priest, but does he know about sacred spells that even he doesn’t know about? I can’t help but feel suspicious.

“Uhm… … .”

Reppenhardt asked with a serious face towards Cilan, who still had a lingering look on his face.



“Do you like my body better or yours better?”

“Mr. Leffen.”

“Then who will have a better body? “Is it you or me?”

“Mr. Leffen.”

“Then just trust me. “If it hasn’t worked for five years, it’s time to realize something is wrong, right?”

“yes… … .”

I may not trust you about divine spells, but Leppenhardt is definitely an expert when it comes to actually building a body. Silan decided to humbly admit that fact and sat down again. Leffenhardt smiled bitterly, then turned his gaze to look at Russ again.

At that time, a middle-aged man suddenly entered the yard. Everyone was puzzled, but a middle-aged man noticed and asked a question.

“excuse me. “I heard there’s a man named Reppenhardt here?”

☆ ☆ ☆

The middle-aged man looked around the group, immediately recognized Leffenhardt, and approached him. Actually, Reppenhardt is the type that is easy to find just based on impressions.

Silan, who was watching from the side, asked.

“Is this what you meant by waiting?”

“Yes, I have some personal investigation to do.”

After arriving at Strathand, Reppenhardt found an inn and immediately contacted the Taoban Chamber of Commerce. It was a request I had made before, to obtain information about the current young Repenhardt. The Strathand branch of the Taoban Chamber of Commerce said they would immediately contact the head office in Zeppelin, Principality of Chatan, and asked them to wait for about three days.

The rugged Settelad Mountains stand between Strathand and Zeppelin. If you were to send a messenger officially on horseback, the round trip would take a month. The three days mentioned by Taoban Company here were not the time to send people to Zeppelin, but the time to travel to and from the Wizard’s Tower located near Strathand.

Like most merchants, Taoban Chamber of Commerce used to sign long-term contracts with magic towers across the continent and contact them through the wizard’s crystal ball in order to quickly deliver information. To send information from each city, first go to the nearest magic tower and from there contact the magic tower near Zeppelin. Then, another messenger will be sent from the magic tower near Zeppelin to the headquarters. Chatan Trading Company and Rollpain Trading Company, which are competing for first and second place on the continent, used to have wizards stationed at each branch to reduce wastage of time, but Taoban Trading Company is not yet that large of a trading company.

Anyway, with three days to spare, Leffenhardt suggested that we take advantage of this opportunity to stay in Strathand to relieve our travel fatigue, and everyone agreed. After eating and sleeping on the road for nearly ten days, everyone was missing a proper bed.

“Well, I did play for a long time. “It’s time to leave.”

Reppenhardt chuckled as he looked at Cilan’s slightly regretful expression. And he took the middle-aged man to a corner of the yard. The middle-aged man took out a small bundle of letters from her arms and handed it to her.

“This is what you requested. “Please sign here for confirmation.”

After signing a separate document, Reppenhardt accepted the bundle of paper. He wasn’t particularly sealed with a seal or anything. When contacted through a crystal ball, wizards and messengers have no choice but to see the contents, so really important secrets are still often passed on through personal communication. Since there was nothing particularly secret about what Leffenhardt had requested, it seemed to have been sent in the form of an ordinary complete letter.

“Thank you for your hard work coming here.”

After handing over some coins and thanking the messenger, Leffenhardt opened the letter. Reppenhardt’s expression became increasingly hard as he read the war book.

The book contained quite detailed information about the current young Reppenhardt. The first thing that caught my eye was when I was sixteen.

‘There was a time when I lost my sense of self and went wild due to an unknown mental illness… … .’

Even if you look at it, it is the time when you returned to space and time, the time when you came into this body. Moreover, what stood out the most was his own name that he shouted.

‘He insisted that he was Thethron and not Reppenhardt?’

Reppenhardt clicked his tongue. I had expected it, but it was confirmed and my appetite was sour. There is no way that the young Repenhardt of this era would know the name Tethron.


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This made it clear.

King Tethron has been resurrected in this era! Just like yourself! In his own flesh!

‘Tch, I did it by chance, but it happened as expected… … .’

Leffenhardt unconsciously touched his temple. Although this was already expected, it was still quite a shock to see it with my own eyes.

Leffenhardt quickly read the remaining part.

It is quite common for wizards to lose their minds a little. Losing one’s ego or losing one’s mind while using transformation magic or mental magic is quite common among novice magicians, so the case of young Reppenhardt, or Tethron, did not seem to be a big problem.

A few days later, Tethron showed his rational side again and took the path of becoming a wizard. And it was written that he did not do anything particularly remarkable until he was twenty years old. When he turned 20, he became a full-time wizard at an unusually young age for a wizard and left Delphia’s Magic Tower, and it was said that no news of him was heard from him after that.

‘I guess I haven’t figured it out since then. Well, it’s not a professional intelligence agency, and it’s probably just a gathering of rumors in passing at the Chamber of Commerce, so it would be impossible to find out more than this.’

That’s enough, at least we learned the most important facts. As he folded the documents, Reppenhardt thought for a moment. There was one problem.

‘You became a full-time wizard at the age of 20 and left the tower?’

Originally, he became an official wizard in his late 20s. It was only when he turned twenty-six that he finally left the tower. Of course, it wasn’t that strange that at the age of 20 he had taken over the 4th Circle. Because it was like that in his past life too. But wizards do not release their apprentices so easily. There is no reason to let go early on a servant who listens well and does as he is told.

So, in his previous life, Reppenhardt lived trapped in the magic tower until he was in his mid-20s and was finally able to come out into the world. Of course, because of his natural talent, he grew tremendously from then on and was able to become a great mage, but he was not able to become a full-time mage at least at the age of twenty. It’s not because he’s not skilled, it’s because he doesn’t have permission from above.

‘Tesron, what on earth did he do?’

Leffenhardt was impressed. Although I thought that Tethron might have been revived in this era, I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought that I would be trapped in the magic tower of Delphia and not be able to do anything for at least the next 5 to 6 years. But if this information is true, doesn’t it mean that Tethron left the world before him?

‘I guess I need more information… … .’

However, the information provided through the Chamber of Commerce was limited to this extent. To obtain more information than this, you must hire the help of an expert. Coincidentally, there is a separate profession on the continent that tracks people. A tracking expert named bounty hunter.

‘I need to be introduced to a useful bounty hunter through Taoban Trading Company.’

Suddenly, Reppenhardt clicked his tongue.

‘Oh, now that I think about it, my wallet situation… … .’

There was no money. Hiring a bounty hunter privately requires a significant amount of money. To put it simply, a bounty should be placed.

To hire a useful person, you would need at least two hundred gold coins. Currently, Repenhardt is almost penniless, and isn’t all his travel expenses currently being paid by borrowing money from Silan? The amount invested in Taoban Trading Company has to wait until spring, so there are at least three months left.

‘Ugh, I guess I’ll stop by Grand Forge and dig up at least one suitable ruin.’

After roughly organizing his future plans, Reppenhardt gave up his thoughts. Anyway, getting to Grand Forge was the top priority right now.

‘For now, let’s stop worrying and focus on what we have to do.’

Repenhardt raised an aura. A golden aura covered the bundle of paper. The bundle of paper soon charred black and then dispersed into ash. When he turned around after burning the documents, Russ asked him:

“Are you leaving Strathand now?”

Leppenhardt glanced at the sky and nodded.

“Okay, there’s a lot to prepare, so let’s leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, brother.”

After lowering his head, Russ returns to his dorm. Instead of looking at the back, Reppenhardt’s complexion suddenly hardened.

‘Now that I think about it, it’s time to tell them about the real destination.’

☆ ☆ ☆

In the back room of the inn, which had been rented entirely, Reppenhardt and his party were gathered in the living room after dinner.

Everyone was preparing to leave tomorrow morning. Russ was in the process of repairing his sword and weapon, while Tila and Siris were busy organizing the travel supplies they had purchased in the afternoon. It wasn’t something that Reppenhardt had specifically ordered, but since this sort of tidying up would only end up being sloppy if left in the hands of men, the two of them decided to do it themselves.

And Cilan was chatting excitedly next to Russ. Cilan, being the kind-hearted person he is, kept talking to Russ while accompanying him, so they were now quite close.

“When I first met Mr. Leffen, I thought he was just a mountain bachelor. But he suddenly appears with his top down and beats up the devil, wow! “It was really cool!”

“oh! You really are my brother. “You have such strength, yet you hide it humbly.”

“I don’t know if it was because he was humble, but he was hiding his strength anyway. After beating the devil like that… … .”

Cilan was eagerly telling Russ the story of his first meeting with Reppenhardt. Russ also gives a small exclamation of admiration every time, as if the bean pod has already been used securely. Well, when would you have ever seen Russ talk? Although he didn’t show it, he seemed to be secretly having fun.

And Reppenhardt was looking at his companions with a serious face.

‘What should I do… … .’

Currently, Silan, Russ, and Siris know that Reppenhardt is moving to explore the ruins north of the Settelad Mountains. In fact, Reppenhardt had never said such a thing, but he had shown himself to be a great relic explorer, so it was natural that he would visit the relics of the Silver Age this time.

Of course, Leffenhardt’s real reason for heading to the northernmost part of the Settelad Mountains is to find Grand Forge. And the Grand Forge was a sacred place for the dwarves, a secret place that should never be known to humans. There is no problem with Siris and the elves, but since Russ and Cilan are humans, it is not a place to be taken carelessly. Even so, Tilla continued to pay attention to me during the trip. Are you really going to take them to Grand Forge?

It was time to make a decision. About the treatment of Cilan and Russ.

Leffenhardt made up his mind.

‘These are my colleagues too.’

Reppenhardt opened his mouth to the group in a serious voice.

“I have something to say for a moment.”

Everyone looked at him in puzzlement. Leffenhardt took a moment to catch his breath. And he continued speaking.

“The place we’re going from now on isn’t actually the ruins of the Silver Age.”

“to? “Did you?”

Cilan looked slightly surprised at Repenhardt’s words. Russ asked, speaking for him.

“Then you weren’t going to the Setelad Mountains, brother?”

“No, that is the correct destination.”

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