The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 66

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“Hey, Cilan. Why on earth do you always get swallowed? “You’re not being manipulative, are you?”

“Philanense always protects me. Hehehe!”

“It’s suspicious… … .”

Smiling, Cilan, Siris, and Tila go off to get ready to sleep out. She was holding dirty dishes and Russ was standing there blankly. She just couldn’t get used to it. Leffenhardt tapped him on the back.

“What are you doing? “I have to go wash the dishes.”

And then, isn’t it really about going down to the small stream on the side of the road with the utensils? He squatted down with his majestic body and thoroughly washed the dishes, but from the looks of it, it wasn’t something he had practiced for a day or two. This strange situation was no joke. I was so dumbfounded that I asked.

“Why are you leaving the slaves to do this yourself, brother?”

The answer at that time was this.

“The world treats them as slaves, but I never want to do that. I treat them as valuable colleagues, and I will continue to do so. “If this bothers you, Russ, I totally understand if you leave me.”

Thanks to this, Russ couldn’t make a noise and we had to wash the dishes together. They tell you to leave if you don’t like it, but what can you say to that? How to treat slaves is entirely up to the owner, so there is nothing he can say about it. I heard that among the martial artists who reached the level of martial arts, there were many who were quite eccentric, and that seemed to be true.

After looking at the carriage for a while and remembering what happened back then, Russ laughed and shook his head.

‘Well, it’s not something I should worry about.’

I still don’t know what kind of person Leffenhardt is. It was also true that he was a difficult person to understand.

But at least one thing was certain. He said he had sworn loyalty to him. Even if it was limited, it was definitely a knight’s oath. Then, no matter who Leffenhardt was, he had to be loyal. As he swore, until the day his sword is perfected.

‘Until that day, you are my master. In that case, I just have to follow my brother’s wishes.’

After calmly organizing his thoughts, Russ pulled out the sword from his waist. Blue light slowly flowed down the blade. With the Blade Auror out, Russ walked along his carriage.

Buzz buzz.

The Blade Aura, which was constant at first, shakes slightly over time and makes irregular noises. It’s also difficult. Russ sweated and continued to focus on the Auror. Talent plays a big role in changing Aurors at will, but maintaining them for a long time does not require any sense. All you have to do is be patient and keep practicing to get used to it.

Russ caught his breath and sighed.

‘I’ve been doing it consistently for three days. ‘It’s not easy, this.’

But Russ soon brightened his expression. Even considering Reppenhardt’s feelings, I couldn’t act this harshly.

The first day he accepted Russ, Reppenhardt taught him in detail how to maintain the Auror uniformly. Although there is a difference between the sword and the sword, this Auror equalization work was just a basic method of dealing with Aurors, so it was fully applicable to Russ.

How impressed was Russ at that time? Of course, this method is not Jim Unbreakable’s secret technique, but just a secret commonly used by Auror users, so it cannot be seen as a leak of the school’s technology. From Leffenhardt’s point of view, there is absolutely no problem in teaching it.

But from Russ’ perspective, it’s completely different. The fact that he immediately passed on his skills just a day after meeting him means that Reppenhardt accepted him wholeheartedly. Teaching is teaching, but even more impressive is the kindness shown by the other person.

This was the first time in his life that Russ, who had always been looked down upon as an outcast and had never been able to learn even basic sword techniques, had to steal them from the corner of his eye.

Even while sweating, Russ smiled cheerfully.

He accepted himself. He believed in himself and showed grace and favor.

That was enough. That was more than enough reason for him to follow him.

‘It doesn’t matter, right? What kind of person is your brother?’

Well, even so, questions still remain.

‘Anyway, brother, what are you really doing in there?’

☆ ☆ ☆

Contrary to Russ’s thoughts, Leffenhardt was actually meditating in the carriage. Of course, the reason he meditated was not to gain enlightenment in some ridiculous martial arts or anything like that.

Inside the dark, curtain-draped stall, Reppenhardt, who had been sitting cross-legged for a long time with his eyes closed, opened them and muttered.

“Whoa… … “I’m almost full of magic again, so I’ll try again.”

Reppenhardt touched the black box at his feet. It was a Silver Age artifact, the voice of Eleusion. Pressing it with his finger, Reppenhardt recited the words he had memorized for three days.

“Switch on.”

As soon as the set words were heard, light began to flow from Eleusion’s voice. The box lights up here and there, emitting light, and spreads an intense magic field around. A round magic field swallows Repenhardt whole and fills the carriage.

Leffenhardt memorized the command again.

“challenge. Level 1. “For beginners.”

At the same time, a bright light filled his eyes. What was clearly a dark stall becomes a room filled with bright light. Reppenhardt looked around and muttered.

“I’m getting tired of this pseudo-reality. “Should I change the background?”

As I raise my finger into the air, a console made of light comes to mind. After pressing the button on the illusion console a few times, the surrounding environment suddenly changed. Instead of a pure white room, a white sandy beach with blue waves lapping fills your view. You can even see blond elf beauties giggling and walking on the white sand beach, barely covering the delicate areas with thin fabric. Leffenhardt smiled.

“After all, it’s better if the background screen is also eye candy, right?”

Leffenhardt had already deciphered the ancient language and knew that this was the attire commonly worn by Silver Age women for swimming. What a blessed era the Silver Age must have been, that women could go out in public wearing only those things!

In any case, I didn’t use Eleusion’s voice just for eye candy. Leffenhardt settled down comfortably on the white sandy beach. Anyway, this beach was a kind of pseudo-reality created by magical power, and no matter how much he moved, his actual body would still be in lotus position and not move a single inch in the carriage.

Reppenhardt took his stance and his complexion hardened. He took a deep breath, tensed, and gestured in the air. Immediately, an ancient fish appeared in the sky above the beach.

Welcome to Magical Beat!

And with loud music, colorful boards began to fall from the air. Reppenhardt gritted his teeth and waved his hands.

“Wind, become a bullet and hit the enemy! Aero Bullet!”

Circle 1 wind field spell, Aero Bullet flies into the air and hits one of the blue boards. The plank disappeared in the air and exploded like a firecracker. Reppenhardt cast the spell again.

“Heat wave, gather together! Fire Arrow!”

A flaming arrow flies and hits the red board. The red board also exploded in the air, creating sparks. Reppenhardt prepared a series of spells and fired them right away. Aero Bullet, Fire Arrow, Magic Missile, and Aqua Ball were all 1st Circle beginner spells. And those spells hit the falling boards one by one. Fireworks explode with each hit. Every time, the music rings out, adding to the rhythm.

The speed at which the planks fell gradually increased. Repenhardt’s complexion also gradually hardens. The magic casting speed began to be unable to keep up with the increasing number of planks falling. Finally, the moment when a board crashes into the white sand beach.


An explosion occurred. Of course, since it is a pseudo-reality, the explosion does not have any effect on Reppenhardt. but… … .

“oh! Oh God!”

“what is this!”

“Do it right!”

“Is this all you can do?”

Every time, the blonde elf beauties were making a fuss and scolding Reppenhardt in ancient language. I know it’s a pseudo-reality, but as a man, it’s really hard to bear it when women are criticizing it. It would be better if you couldn’t understand the ancient language, but Leppenhardt is an unrivaled person in the field of language! Even the hint of criticism in the intonation is completely understandable.


Grinding his teeth, Reppenhardt used magic to intercept the falling boards and make them fall. He’s already missed three boards. And every time, the elf beauties frown arrogantly and scratch the bowl.

“It’s already the third time!”

“oh my god! “You missed it so much!”

“Isn’t a man supposed to be able to do something like this?”

Ah, this really bothers me.

“… … “Should I have just played teen mode without worrying about the eye candy?”


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Reppenhardt tried to ignore the beauties’ criticism and used magic to intercept the falling boards. It was in the meantime.

The last plank hit the aqua ball and exploded in all directions, turning into a huge firework that was completely different from before.

pop! Puff! pop!

Numerous fireworks beautifully decorate the sky above the beach. At the same time, a cheerful tone of ancient language was heard from across the sky.


Reppenhardt breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wow, I finally succeeded.”

The beauties came to Reppenhardt’s side with bright smiles and began to show affection.


“As expected, you are amazing!”

“It worked! “It’s amazing!”

Leffenhardt was impressed. And regardless of whether the beauties were attached to him or not, he immediately made a gesture in the air. Immediately, the beach disappeared and the world turned into a white room again. Clicking his tongue, Reppenhardt tapped the floor.

“This damn Eleusion’s voice is really good… … .”

When I hit the floor twice, the white room suddenly disappeared and darkness covered everything. The pseudo-reality disappeared, and we returned to the carriage covered with curtains. Reppenhardt’s appearance, which was clearly standing, suddenly changed to his cross-legged posture. Reppenhardt opened his eyes and grumbled.

“There are too many useless features.”

But Reppenhardt soon relaxed his expression. Now he has succeeded in casting all 1-circle spells in pseudo-space within almost a second or two. This was the casting speed of a normal wizard. This is a feat that would never be possible with this stone-headed Thesron’s magical calculation ability.

Reppenhardt smiled happily as he picked up the box.

“As expected, there is nothing like this to train your magic calculation skills.”

Artifact, the voice of Eleusion.

This was actually a magic tool developed as a kind of learning game during the Silver Age. The method is to draw the caster into a pseudo-reality with a powerful magic field and earn points by accurately countering the falling magic. There were many options, so you could choose from all kinds of background realities, such as a beach, a casino, a school, a park, etc.

Looking at the system, which included rhythmic music, cheering from beautiful women, and a sense of accomplishment where you get points each time you passed each stage, it seemed like it was developed to increase the user’s motivation and raise the level of magic.

To be honest, from Repenhardt’s point of view, it was a somewhat absurd magic tool.

‘No, in the Silver Age, there were so many people who hated studying that they created all this?’

From the perspective of today’s wizards, it is completely incomprehensible why they need to add such options to learn magic. Knowledge was power and social status. The more you learn, the stronger you become and the more you gain social recognition. Isn’t that why wizards are willing to go through all kinds of servility in order to obtain just one more magic?

It seemed like the people of the Silver Age really hated learning magic, considering that there were magic tools that allowed you to learn magic with all kinds of fun added to it.

‘Is it because I’m lazy, or has knowledge become less valuable because it’s so easy to obtain?’

Well, you can’t know which one it is unless you lived through the Silver Age. In any case, of course, the reason Reppenhardt loved Eleusion’s voice was not because it was fun.

The effectiveness of Eleusion’s voice is not only that it leads the user to a pseudo-reality through a magic field. Along with the magic field, it shoots a unique magic wave, and when this magic wave acts on the brain, brain function improves, speeding up the calculation speed of the spell. Even Leffenhardt could not explain the principle by which this happens. What about neurons, but the word itself was so unfamiliar that I couldn’t decipher it.

Anyway, the important point is that using Eleusion’s voice greatly increases the wizard’s computing power. Even those who cannot become wizards according to common sense are remodeled with the brains of wizards, and wizards can quickly train their computing power. I still vividly remember how all the wizards were shocked and envious of him when he presented this at the conference.

‘Contrary to what is known to the world, I didn’t have much fun with this.’

Because the efficacy of Eleusion’s voice was so miraculous, the rumor spread widely that the reason why Repenhardt rose to the level of the 10th Circle was because of that relic. But in fact, it made no difference whether Leffenhardt used it or not. In his previous life, he already possessed such outstanding computational ability that Eleusion’s voice did not need to be modified.

‘Instead, I used this to train Siris and the Dwarven Magic Corps.’

Immersed in memories, Reppenhardt picked up the black box.

‘I don’t know why this good thing is the only one in the world?’

It was a question I had in my past life as well. No matter how you look at it, there was no reason for there to be only one Eleusion voice. Due to the nature of it as a learning tool, it is normal for a fairly large number to be discovered, like an infinite pocket. But surprisingly, there was nothing. After Repenhardt presented at the conference, other wizards had similar thoughts and searched through relics that had been neglected without knowing their true identity, but they could not find even relics with similar functions.

It seems certain that it was developed for an unspecified number of people, but it is a one-of-a-kind relic. It’s something I can’t understand.

‘Anyway, I’m glad I got this in this life too.’

In a previous life, it was just a toy, but now there is nothing more useful than this. If this were the case, it would be possible to regain a considerable level of magical ability with this Tethron’s brain.

‘Of course, it will still be less than my brain of the past, but how will that amount be covered by my magical understanding and proficiency?’

Reppenhardt gestured in the air. A short starter word flowed from his mouth.

“I am a lamp that brightens the world, lighting!”

A small sphere of light formed at the fingertips and illuminated the inside of the carriage. It’s just a 1-circle light system spell, the most basic lighting magic, but it took him just over 10 seconds to cast it three days ago. However, now the casting speed is comparable to that of a regular wizard.

It was a satisfactory result. Repenhardt smiled happily.

At that time, Cilan’s voice was heard outside.

“Hey! Mr. Leffen!”

“huh? “Is it already time to eat?”

I don’t think you’re hungry yet? Puzzled, Reppenhardt stood up. And he frowned and moved his body here and there.

“Oh my gosh, have you been stuck too much? “I feel dizzy.”

Although it would be nice to get your magic back, there is no reason to ignore the power you currently have. I ended up like this because I was so focused for the past three days, but I felt like I shouldn’t neglect physical training every day from now on. Reflecting slightly, Reppenhardt stepped out of the carriage.

“Why did you call me?”

Silan in the coachman’s seat pointed forward.

“It’s Strathand!”

“uh? already?”

Reppenhardt clicked his tongue and raised his gaze. Indeed, on the other side of the long Western Road, on a hill, a huge city was dyed red under the setting sun.

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