The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 54

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“Of course, it’s Viscount Kelbern’s hunting ground, so hunting is prohibited for anyone else…” … .”

Suddenly, Tila frowned. I hadn’t thought about it, but now I see that hunting in this forest is prohibited by law.

“Now that I think about it, this is the lord’s hunting ground, so if you catch a deer carelessly… … .”

“Ah, I decided not to worry about such trivial things from now on.”

“… … ?”

Repenhardt smiled bitterly as he looked at Tila, who had an expression of not understanding. Okay, you don’t have to worry about the little things. Is there no way that we can liberate different races while following all the laws one by one?

‘The liberation of slaves itself is clearly illegal according to continental customs.’

Anyway, there is no time to laze around now. Reppenhardt said no more and began beating the hung deer. It was to drain his blood more quickly. Tila may have looked relaxed, but in fact, Reppenhardt was in a hurry.

‘I need to recover my stamina quickly.’

After draining enough blood, Reppenhardt sharpened his hand. A golden aura sparkles sharply along his capital. As the capital of the Aurors, Reppenhardt drew a deer. The skin of a wild deer splits in an instant, as if it had been cut with a legendary sword.

After peeling off the skin, Reppenhardt immediately removed the intestines and used his aura to scrape off the dirt on the meat. Since there is no salt water to wash the internal organs, we do not waste any effort and cut the dirty parts into large pieces, then select only the clean meat, cut it into pieces of wood, and place it on a bonfire.

Tila clicked her tongue as she watched the sight of a deer being dismembered in an instant.

“Are you good at it? “I guess you used to catch and eat a lot of deer, right?”

“Ah, I learned it a long time ago.”

Leffenhardt scratched his cheek. In his previous life, he was wandering around the continent as a wandering mage. While searching for the ruins, he happened to meet a master level hunter and learned from him how to survive in the forest.

“He was a great person. “It’s amazing how you can make a living on bare ground with only a knife and a flint.”

When there is nothing to eat, you just eat bugs and mice, and find a place to sleep in the middle of nowhere… … Anyway, he was a human being whose ability to survive was amazing. Isn’t it the nickname ‘Bear Griller’ that was given to a person who would roast a bear if he met one?

‘Thanks to you, I learned a lot of things. Well, I don’t want to live by eating spiders like that guy.’

Meanwhile, the deer meat began to cook and give off a fragrant smell. Tila swallowed her saliva without thinking. She lived as a slave and her meals consisted of only potatoes and porridge. I can’t even remember the last time I saw something called meat.

‘… … gulp!’

The question of why I was sitting around grilling meat in such an urgent situation had already disappeared into the back of my mind. Reppenhardt grinned as he looked at Teela drooling and found her strangely cute.

“Would you like some Tilla too?”

“thank you for this food!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tila sat down next to him and picked up a piece of meat. After grinning again as he watched her carefully eating one of her large front legs, Reppenhardt also began to eat her meat.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The two people ate the deer meat, their mouths full of soot.

After a while, Tila, who was reasonably full, let go of her hand with a satisfied expression. Since it was my first time eating meat for a long time, there was a high chance of stomach upset if I ate too much. No matter how much she looks like a girl, she is clearly an adult dwarf, not young enough to ruin her body with her gluttony.

however… … .

“Re, Leffenhardt? “Aren’t you eating too much?”

Leffenhardt was so vicious that he was constantly eating meat. While Tila was eating a small piece of meat from the deer’s shoulder, he had already eaten the two hind legs and even ripped off the ribs, and was now reaching for the front legs.

‘It’s not like I can’t eat meat normally, so why is this happening?’

In awe, Tila looked at Reppenhardt. It’s surprising that a person can eat so quickly, and it’s also surprising that so much food can fit into the stomach. It was literally ready to eat a whole deer. No, it’s not just about momentum, but if this trend continues, I think it’s really going to eat up everything.

Meanwhile, Tila noticed something unusual and opened her eyes.


Repenhardt’s whole body was shining in a faint golden light. Every time I put meat in my stomach, my bloated stomach deflates after a while, my rough skin comes back to life, my muscles wake up again, and my whole body feels energized.

‘Oh my god, can something like that work?’

Tila was amazed. I’ve heard of auror users using auras to restore their bodies after eating a lot of food, but this is the first time I’ve seen eating and recovery happening at the same time.

As he chewed the meat non-stop, Reppenhardt remembered his master, Gerard’s famous words.

-You can’t become strong if you don’t eat meat!

‘Ah, it’s a really ignorant idea, but the problem is that it’s not wrong.’

At least as far as Jim Unbreakable is concerned, that idea is the truth. Even with his tongue licking his insides, Reppenhardt ate every single deer he caught.

Chew the last morsel and swallow it. Then close your eyes and sense the vitality of your entire body. Although he was much healed, his body was not perfect when he left the dwarven village. About 60% of normal condition?

But now his body was full of vitality. The muscles of his entire body are full of strength and he is shouting that he wants to run away at any moment.

“Okay, shall we try it?”

After catching his breath, Reppenhardt suddenly stretched out his fist in the air.


A storm broke out with a roar that tore through the air. At the same time, the bonfire under my feet went out with a bang. Teela opened her mouth wide.


Aren’t there usually performances where deacons light a candle and punch it to blow it out? Leffenhardt presented it through a bonfire. It really wasn’t something a person would do.

“Okay, 100 percent.”

Repenhardt withdrew his fist and smiled in satisfaction.

☆ ☆ ☆

“Okay… … .”

Eussus was struggling with his chin resting on the ornately crafted table.

After hearing the report from Lento and Baras, Yusus immediately shouted. The report itself was quite plausible, but Yusus knew the inside story that other knights did not.

‘No, there’s no way the Silver Sage would want Jim Unbreakable’s items!’

However, it was impossible to tell them about the existence of the Silver Sage, which was a secret among secrets. In the end, Eusus went down directly to the dungeon. He intended to interrogate the person himself, despite his reputation. In the worst case scenario, he was even determined to make them confess everything, even through torture.

But Yussus was in the same situation as Rento and Baras. I couldn’t even find fault with him, let alone torture him.

-Hey, do you want me to repeat what I said? Well, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Silan repeated the same thing in front of Yusus without any hesitation. So Yusus was even more embarrassed. It didn’t seem to him that Silan was lying.

No matter how good you are at lying, if you ask questions multiple times, contradictions are bound to arise. But Cilan did not even look away or equivocate with his words. Of course, a spy who received formal espionage training could easily make such false statements, but that boy named Cilan was a pilgrim. They say he is a priest.

This does not mean that priests cannot lie. In fact, there are many spies who use the guise of pilgrims to dig up information about other countries. but… … .

‘There is no way a high-ranking priest with bishop-level divine power would have received intelligence training. Besides, he’s that young.’

To become that skilled at lying at such a young age is impossible without significant training. You receive that kind of education and at the same time become a bishop-level priest? This is realistically impossible.

This was the reason why Yussus was troubled. No matter how you look at it, that boy named Cilan was not lying. Whether it is torture or interrogation, there must be some questionable part to make it meaningful. However, looking at Silan’s attitude, the fact was so clear that it was meaningless.

‘That means the boy believes that to be true.’

Since I believe it to be the truth, there is no way I am at a loss for words. If Yuseo had not known the inside story, the story was so plausible that he would have been deceived, so he himself would not have suspected it.

‘In other words, these kids are completely bridesmaids… … .’


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Originally, the reason Eusus captured Cilan and Siris was because he expected the thief from last night to come to rescue his colleagues. Otherwise, the opportunity to catch it again will be far away. However, if what I said is true, it is extremely unlikely that the thief from last night will come back to save those children.

‘He’s probably going to treat the wounds somewhere and then abandon those children without any regrets.’

I briefly wondered if that slayer elf girl might be so precious that she would come to rescue her. Slayer’s price is too high to give up.

But Yusus soon smiled bitterly and shook his head. Is it really possible that he is that stupid? If it were a request from another family, even if it meant dealing with a golden knight, the amount would not be a joke. The reward would be more than enough to save two or three Slayers like that. I could just get a new Slayer, but there’s absolutely no way I would take the risk.

“Okay… … .”

How on earth are you supposed to catch someone you once let go of? Well, if we mobilize the power of the Tenness family, we can catch it someday… … .

‘Even if we are lucky enough to catch the thief, the voice of Eleusion will have already passed into the hands of another family by then.’

We must catch the thief. Relics must also be recovered. Everything must be resolved before the thief passes the relics to another family.

There was no way. No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way.

Yusus was holding his head and whimpering.



I felt an enormous energy rising from the other side of the castle. Eusus was startled and jumped up from his seat.

“What, what? This!”

He is not currently wearing the barding Eldrad. Despite this, the energy is so great that you can feel it? Moreover, this energy was not unfamiliar.

‘This energy… … .’

It felt familiar. It was the same energy that I had been hitting so excitedly last night.

‘That thief with Auror abilities?’

At that moment, what Yusus felt was not relief or joy, but bewilderment.

‘No, are you really back? why? Did you miss that Slayer that much?’

Chapter 9 Horn of Destruction


Drain was standing guard on the castle wall with a much more tense expression than usual.

In fact, his job, guarding the outer castle of Kelbern Castle, was a job that could be said to be paid while having fun. Although the Viscounty of Kelbern is adjacent to the Settelad Mountains, the appearance of monsters was surprisingly low, and the relationship with the surrounding territories was not bad. Moreover, since the lord does not exploit heavily, there is no need for the lord to revolt or anything. It was no exaggeration to say that there was no case of someone attacking this castle.

But that was until yesterday. Drain trembled as he remembered the unknown thief who attacked him last night. Kaltan, a soldier who was guarding with him, looked at him and asked.

“What’s wrong, Drain? “Have you caught a cold?”

“No, I just remembered what happened yesterday.”

“Ah, of course. “It was a truly scary sight.”

To be honest, I couldn’t remember either of them very well. All I remember is that something that looked like a dark cloud closed in front of my eyes and I passed out. (These were the unlucky guards that Reppenhardt knocked out first.)

When I woke up again, the castle was already in chaos. The famous Tenness Knights were swayed by just one person, and in the end, it was only when the Golden Knights came forward that they were finally able to control the situation. Because of just one intruder.

Viscount Kelbern, who had lost face, naturally went on a rampage. He shouted that if the thief appeared again, he would have to catch him only with the power of Kelbern territory to regain his honor as a knight.

Thanks to this, even the guard captain Hotern, who was so excited, went on a rampage. So now, all of Kelbern Castle’s defense forces had taken off duty and were on high alert. Even Viscount Kelbern himself went about his daily business wearing armor.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Uncle Hotern so angry.”

“me too.”

Drain and Kaltan stood with their backs straight and rolled their eyes as they looked at the others. Although it was still afternoon, more than fifty soldiers were standing around the walls, holding spears and swords and glaring. He looked very disciplined.

However, the inner thoughts of those razor-sharp soldiers were, ‘The border was breached through our negligence. What a shame! Rather than saying, ‘We will never allow foreign enemies to invade Kelbern Castle again!’, it means, ‘We are staying so alert! Please at least take a pay cut!’ It will be closer to the side. Actually, Drain and Kaltan felt the same way.

Drain sighed, recalling the scene from last night. Well, Viscount Kelbern shouted that he would catch the thief with only the strength of his soldiers… … .

“No, there’s no way that mere soldiers like us could come to our senses against a guy who uses his armor and shield with his bare hands, right?”

Kaltan nodded discreetly.

“I really wish we never met again… … “Is this some kind of homemade monster?”

“From what I heard, the items were already stolen. Then, wouldn’t that thief not come back like this?”

“No, instead, Lord Eusus captured the thief’s companions this morning. So they say he might show up again to save his comrades.”

“Ugh, I just wish I could knock you out cleanly like last night… … .”

On the surface, the soldiers were on high alert, but the conversation that took place was like this. Drain and Kaltan, as well as other soldiers, were telling similar stories. If Viscount Kelbern heard that he was begging people by giving them expensive salaries, it would be a real disaster.

That was when Drain and Kaltan were having a dissolute conversation, full of discipline. Suddenly, Caltan turned his head in surprise.


A strange sensation that I had never felt before pricked my skin. She turned her head in the same way as if not only Kaltan but also Drain felt the same thing.

“What is this creepy feeling?”

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