The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 53

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“Because it was such an unanswered question, the final exam was no joke. That’s what brings that artifact. However, it is said that the Count of Tenes stole the relics first. Isn’t it obvious what will happen if you don’t pass that test? “If the practice is that bad, how much punishment will it be?”

“Um, um.”

“So I guess I have to take that relic, even if it means stealing. Anyway, it was originally Jim Unbreakable’s item, and I don’t think even King Kwon knew that the remains would be discovered. It’s a relic on which there is so little information, right? “As proof of that, you haven’t even touched any of the other relics?”

“Um, um.”

Even before the torture began, the other side took care of it and swept it all away. Thanks to this, all Lento said for half an hour was ‘Um, um.’ Well, I have something to say, right? There was no need for interrogation, let alone torture, as he was able to tell me things he didn’t even ask about before I even asked him a question.

“Anyway, I don’t really agree with this either. But after listening to the situation, I understood it, so we just stayed in the village. Ah, I’ve been talking too much and my mouth is dry. “Hey, could you please give me a glass of water?”

“uh? “Yes, that’s right.”

Baras, who was standing there in a daze, was caught up in the atmosphere and even brought me a glass of water.

“Ah, it’s cool. Anyway, so… … .”

Anyway, it blows really well. Moreover, his voice was calm, and it was almost unfair that I got a pitiful impression just by looking at him tied up. What kind of guts can you show when you’re locked up in prison and being interrogated? As I continued to listen, I actually started to worry about Lento.

“Hey, hey. Anyway, it’s just a colleague’s story. Is it okay for you to tell us everything like that? Loyalty is… … .”

“It’s not something worth hiding, so what?”

“Still, if it becomes known that the King’s successor has committed theft, his reputation will be damaged… … .”

“If you were going to have honor, you shouldn’t have stolen in the first place. “Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

In this way, Silan started with personal details such as Reppenhardt’s origins and how he became a priest of Philanense, and then went into detail about how he met Repenhardt and Siris and how he got here. In the meantime, he quietly passed over stories that he thought were unfavorable – for example, the incident that occurred in the Principality of Chatan – and pretended not to know, but he was so well-spoken that Lento and Baras, who were listening, did not feel awkward at all.

Even though he thought something wasn’t right, he kept getting involved and just nodded, but no matter what, he couldn’t avoid interrogating him at all, so he made an effort to cut off Cilan’s conversation and ask.

“Oh, anyway, I understand the situation. However, what is important is the whereabouts of the stolen artifacts. “You mean you don’t know his whereabouts?”

The answer came right away.

“I don’t know. “Did you just decide to return to the inn in the first place?”

I finally caught the pod. Lento shouted in the stern manner of an interrogator.

“what are you talking about! “Wouldn’t you have prepared a separate way to contact me in case of an emergency?”

“What are you doing? The driver knows now, right? That guy is an Auror. Who would imagine that an Auror would just fail at stealing?”

“Yeah, I see.”

Even if I tried to yell, Cilan’s words were so logical that I was left speechless. Finally, after finishing the interrogation, Lento and Baras left the cell with awkward expressions.

“Is this how interrogation is supposed to be done?”

“Something doesn’t seem right… … ?”

Anyway, since I had all the necessary information, I had to report it to Yusus. Tilting their heads repeatedly, the two knights climbed the stairs to the upper floor.


In one of Viscount Kelbern’s drawing rooms, Eusus was looking out the window in silence.

Suddenly, Lord Lott’s voice comes to mind.

‘What are you so worried about? Of course, the reputation of the Knights of Tenness was slightly damaged by this, but since they were not ordinary opponents, it does not seem to be a big problem.’

Lord Lott was not wrong either. It would certainly be dishonorable if the place where the Count of Tenes was sheltering was stolen by a mere thief. However, the Knights of Tenness did not give up and were able to defeat their enemies. Moreover, it is already known that the opponent is not an ordinary thief but an Auror. Even if he didn’t display any Auror skills, he had already proven himself to be an Auror by the time he met Yussus, who was handling Eldrad.

There are countless relics collected from the ruins of Eleusion, and the only thing lost is one relic whose identity is unknown. Moreover, even though he missed, he successfully repelled the intruder. At this level, the honor of the Count Tenes family will not be damaged in any way.

So, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Lord Lott and the other knights were strangely overreacting to Eusus… … .

“No, it can’t be just a coincidence. Otherwise, there is no way I would have taken it among so many relics… … .”

Yusus said to himself as he looked out the window. An incident from a month ago came to mind.

‘Yes, that black-haired young man…’ … .’

A month ago.

Yusus was concentrating on training in the training hall in the mansion as usual. At that time, a young man suddenly appeared in the corner of the training hall.

“Are you Lord Eusus, the Golden Knight of Grime?”

I couldn’t help but be surprised. His training hall was the most closed place within the count’s family. But to break through the count’s strict security and appear? Usually, in cases like this, the first thing that comes to mind is the word assassin.

“Who are you?”

Yeosus shouted and glared at the intruder.

He was a very handsome young man. He had jet-black hair, obsidian-like eyes, and, contrary to his appearance, his entire body was well-proportioned and well-developed, so it was immediately clear that he was a warrior of a considerable level.

It was a seemingly formidable opponent. In particular, Eussus was in training and was not wearing the barding Eldrad. While he was on high alert, the young man took out a small emblem from his arms.

“If you are the heir of the Count of Tenes, you can recognize this token, right?”

A silver emblem with various divine beasts elaborately crafted between the giant trees. At that moment, Yusus asked in surprise.

“Silver Sage?”

It was the day he officially became the successor. That day, Eussus received a secret from his father, the Count of Tenes, that was to be passed down only to the heirs of the family.

A secret among secrets that is only passed down to trustworthy families who are loyal to the Kingdom of Grime.

About the existence of the ‘Silver Sage’.

Those who have the power to destroy even a nation.

Wise men who far surpass the wisdom and knowledge of the present age.

Even though they have the power to control the entire continent, they never reveal themselves, exist only in the dark, and have great power and secrets that protect humanity invisibly and only reveal themselves when humanity is in danger.

The story that there were people who could control the continent despite not being revealed to the world was a shock to Yusus. He also couldn’t believe it. The world is not easy enough to be controlled by a group of just a few people.

However, following Count Tenes’ words, Eusus had to admit that the Silver Sage existed and that he was powerful enough.

-It might be hard to believe. I did the same when I received this secret from his father. But Eusus, one of the Silver Sages is someone you know very well.


-He is the King of the Kingdom of Graeme, Hyde El Graeme II, our lord. From what I heard, His Majesty also holds a mid-level position within Silver Sage. This is a story I heard directly from His Majesty, so there is no room for doubt.

If they say that a few unidentified wise men are controlling the continent, there is no way they can believe it. Because there is no reason for people with that kind of power to hide. However, if it is said that the king of a country belongs to it, it is a completely different story. This means that other silver sages also exist in a different status in the world, that is, as very high-ranking people.

It is honestly questionable whether the king of a country is so sorry that he joins a secret organization, and whether it is true that he is a middle-ranking official. But at least one thing was certain.

The Silver Sage is real, and he has the power to easily trample at least the Count of Tenes.

So Yusus had no choice but to hastily kneel before this unidentified young man. That emblem was a sign that proved that he was the Sage of Silver, and Yusus had to show the same loyalty to the king in front of that sign. Because that is part of the secret passed down to him.

“I meet the Silver Sage.”

Looking at Yusus, who bowed his head politely, the black-haired young man wordlessly held out a piece of parchment.

“What about this?”

Yusus was taken aback as he received the parchment and examined it. It was information about an ancient ruin whose existence had never been known before. It was so detailed, it made me wonder why this ruin had not been explored yet, even though there was this much information.


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The young man spoke in a calm voice.

“I would like to entrust the mission of exploring this ruin, Eleusion, to the Count of Tenes. All the artifacts are yours, there is only one thing I want. “What do you want to do?”

Eusus was excited. If this information was true, he had no reason not to explore the ruins. The conditions were also very good. Take all the artifacts and bring only one thing, an unidentified magic tool whose name, as written on this parchment, is the Voice of Eleusion?

I agreed right away. In any case, it was impossible to refuse what the Silver Sage had asked for, but even if that were not the case, it was a satisfactory enough story.

So, at that time, Yusus didn’t pay much attention to the young man’s backstory.

“If we fail, then the fate of the Count Tenes will not be easy.”

“Whoa… … .”

Eusus sighed again. If the stolen relic, the voice of Eleusion, cannot be recovered, there may be some pressure on the Count of Tenes. The current King, Graeme II, is also a member of the Silver Sages. If so, if you fail to do this, there is a high possibility that you will not simply end up incurring the wrath of the unknown young man.

‘also… … ‘Is this a conspiracy by another family to keep the Count of Tenes in check?’

That was all I could think of. What other reason could there be for an Auror to steal exactly that artifact?

‘A family of that size would have enough power to mobilize Auror abilities.’

Yusus continued to look outside, trying to suppress his frustrated feelings.

It was then. Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

It was Lento and Baras. The two knights entered with an uneasy look on their faces. After Lento gave an example, he hesitated before opening his mouth.

“first… … I finished the interrogation, but… … .”

Baras continued speaking in embarrassment.

“What can I say, the words are perfectly correct, but the feeling is different. It’s a bit like that.”

“What does that mean?”

Yusus looked at the two people in confusion.

☆ ☆ ☆

In a dense forest with a view of Viscount Kelvern Castle, a man and a woman were walking, enjoying the afternoon sunlight shining through the leaves. There was a tall young man with a sturdy build, and a small girl whose height barely reached the young man’s solar plexus. Reppenhardt, who ran out of the dwarven village as soon as he heard the news of Silan and Siris, and Tila, the dwarf girl whom Gelfied had given him as a guide.

Tila, who had been walking ahead, suddenly turned around and asked.

“But Reppenhardt, is it okay for you to walk like this if you say you’re in a hurry?”

Leppenhardt was in such a hurry until he left the village and passed the cave leading to the ground. Tila ran so hurriedly that it was difficult for her short legs to keep up. However, when he entered the forest near the castle, he was no longer in a hurry and was walking slowly.

Reppenhardt smiled and answered Tila’s question.

“No matter how urgent it is, the Golden Knight is not an easy opponent as it attacks you without fully recovering. “Being foolish once is enough.”


I tilted my head, not knowing what it meant, but Tila shrugged her shoulders. Dwarves who can hear the voice of truth do not have the habit of questioning others’ words.

Reppenhardt took another step and spread his energy range widely. He uses the aurors of his entire body to maximize his senses and feel the breathing of the forest. Then, suddenly, Reppenhardt motioned to Tila.

“Could you wait here for a moment? Oh, I would be even more grateful if you could light a fire.”


As soon as Tila answered, Reppenhardt took off. Tila placed her hand on her waist as she watched him run to the other side of the forest in an instant.

“Okay then, let’s get ready to make a decent fire.”

Gather the black firewood that has fallen here and there to make a fire, and break off the branches of old trees to keep the flame alive. Since ancient times, there is no race on the continent as skilled as dwarves in handling fire. Within a few minutes, Tila was able to build a nice bonfire in a clearing in the forest.

Should I have crouched like that and waited for another 5 minutes? Leppenhardt appeared again, wading through the bushes. He didn’t just return, he also held something large in his hand.

“uh? Leffenhardt, what is that?”

“Well, it’s a deer.”

He was holding a large wild deer in his hands. His entire head was blown off, so he must have been hunting. Of course, I didn’t ask because Tilla didn’t know what a deer was. she muttered, mixed with her exclamation.

“How did you manage to find a deer in such a short period of time?”

Although I have never hunted, I know that hunting is not something that can be done so easily. Didn’t an experienced hunter have to figure out the habits of his prey and track him for several days to achieve that level of success? If wild animals could be caught in such a matter of minutes, no one in the world would starve.

“No, how on earth did you catch it? And that in this short period of time?”

While hanging a dead deer on a tree to drain its blood, Reppenhardt responded as if it was no big deal.

“It’s no big deal if you have an Auror. All you have to do is expand your senses and find out the location.”

Once you have spotted your prey, the next problem is how to approach it without being noticed. In fact, this is difficult unless you are a fairly skilled hunter – since you have to take into account the wind position and terrain, etc. – Reppenhardt solved this problem very easily.

‘It’s okay if you don’t approach me.’

The bullet was fired from such a distance that the deer could not even feel a sense of danger, blowing off its head with one shot. After hearing her story, Tila stuck out her tongue.

“It’s so easy to hunt. “If professional hunters hear this, they will feel so unfair and get angry.”

“… … “I didn’t do it that easily.”

In fact, Leffenhardt did not find the deer’s location in just a few minutes. When his sensory sphere is fully used, he can sense up to a radius of approximately 100 meters. So he continued walking through the forest, focusing all his senses on energy. He wandered around the forest like that for about 30 minutes and finally found it, so it definitely wasn’t something he just happened to catch in passing like Tila thought.

“But if there wasn’t much prey, we wouldn’t have been able to find it this quickly. “There are a lot of deer here.”

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