The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 52

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“That’s the temple where the Gelphid priest resides.”


It’s a temple, but it was just a cave. Of course, like a dwarf cave, the walls were straight and there were rooms, but even so, there wasn’t a single decent piece of furniture to be seen. At most, it’s just a bed, table, and wardrobe. The only thing that proved it was a temple was Al Port’s token hanging on the wall.

As I entered the room, Gelphid offered me a seat and said hello.

“You seem to be much better, savior. “Thank goodness.”

“Thanks to you, I have improved a lot. thank you.”

Because of the height difference, when you sit on a chair like dwarves, your eye level does not match. So Reppenhardt refused the offered chair and just sat down on the floor.

“And just call me Leffenhardt. The title savior is a bit burdensome… … .”

Gelfied nodded.

“I understand. You probably have no idea why you, a human, should be the dwarves’ savior. “Isn’t that right?”

‘No, actually, I don’t know, but… … .’

But I did it once and it failed so I’m going to try again. I can’t answer that. Reppenhardt just scratched his head without answering. Gelfied continued as if he knew that would happen.

“To be honest, we don’t know why you are the savior. Once I look into your eyes, I know for sure that you don’t see us as slaves… … .”

For a moment, Gelfied stroked his beard. Reppenhardt looked at Gelfied in silence. This old dwarf saves humans by believing only in oracles, praises him as a savior, and openly says dangerous things.

he asked casually.

“You didn’t even ask who I was or what I did. It is true that I have feelings for dwarves, but having feelings for them and saving the fate of a race are two completely different things. Why on earth do you think I will save you? “Honestly, isn’t this situation strange enough?”

It was a question that a young human being who knew nothing could ask if he were faced with this situation without knowing anything. So how will this old dwarf who knows nothing respond? Reppenhardt waited with slight anticipation for Gelfied’s answer.

After being lost in thought for a moment, Gelphid slowly opened his mouth.

“Actually, we don’t know why Alport chose humans as the saviors of our species. But how can we know everything that God does? “We just have to hold on to the hope that God has given us and do our best.”

It’s not that Gelphid wasn’t embarrassed when he first heard about that oracle. It was an oracle that said that humans would be the saviors of the dwarves, something that made no sense to common sense. Perhaps, if he were human, he would have doubts and questions no matter how deep his faith was.

But he was a dwarf. Dwarves who can hear the sounds of the earth can instinctively distinguish between true and false sounds. For them, lying is impossible. It’s not for nothing that dwarves have honest personalities.

To put it in a good way, it is simple, and in a bad way, it is a simple society of dwarves. Therefore, even if dwarves hear something they don’t understand, they don’t bother to argue if they know it’s true. I just think, “Oh, that’s right,” and move on.

This was also the reason why dwarves were mainly in the spotlight only in material fields. They can create sturdy structures, excellent weapons, and detailed workmanship based on amazing dexterity, but they cannot create artistic buildings, beautiful weapons, or imaginary workmanship that does not exist in reality. The field of art is nothing more than a lie to dwarves. Well, since there is such a difference in technology, humans can feel the functionality and admire the beauty of the dwarves’ items.

“The oracle was not a lie. The words of the person who delivered it were not lies. Then you are definitely the savior of our clan. Of course, we don’t know how you will save us, and you probably don’t know either. But isn’t that what fate is all about? My job now is simply to cooperate with you as best as I can. After that, it is none of my concern whether fate leads you on the path to salvation.”

Gelphid finished his explanation calmly. If you look at it by human standards, it seems to be a defeatism of the type of defeatism, but when you say this with the confidence of a dwarf, the nuance is subtly different.

‘Anyway, dwarves are the same now as ever.’

Recalling his past life, Reppenhardt laughed to himself. In conclusion, since we saved the right person, there is no particular problem, right? If you live that way, it’s easy to get scammed. This doesn’t apply to dwarves.

Suddenly, Gelphid spoke with a playful smile.

“And if you think about it that way, you’re quite strange too, young human. When you came to the dwarven village out of the blue and received an awkward welcome, and even when you heard that you were a savior, you looked like you knew that. “Looking at the situation, I don’t really understand it.”

Repenhardt made a stinging expression. Gelfied chuckled. Reppenhardt asked puzzledly while scratching his head.

“Well, I roughly understand. “Then why did you call me?”

According to Gelfide’s words, they could be seen as having done all they had to do when they rescued Reppenhardt. There is no reason to call him, as he says the rest will take care of itself.

“Oh, of course, according to the oracle, there is nothing more for us to do. This is just business that has nothing to do with the trust. No, if you think about it, does it really matter?”

“what… … ?”

“The High Priest said he would like to meet you.”

Inadvertently, Marceline? I almost asked back. Reppenhardt asked, trying hard to swallow his words and pretending not to notice.

“Speaking of high priests… … ?”

“This is Marqueline, High Priest of Al Port. “He is the spiritual leader of all dwarven clans.”

‘Hmm, that gentleman was a High Priest 30 years ago as well.’

Well, dwarves have a lifespan that rivals that of elves, so 30 years would be equivalent to about 7 or 8 years by human standards.

For a moment, a nostalgic face comes to mind. Marceline was always strict and strict, but she faithfully assisted him. Her memories of him came back to her and she felt a strong desire to meet him again.

“I see, I guess I should meet him… … .”

Then Gelfied began to look at Reppenhardt with curious eyes.

“Why are you doing that?”

“No, once I heard it, I told it to you, but I thought there was no way you, a human being, could understand such an unexpected story. So I thought very hard about how to explain it. Because, unlike us, humans cannot hear the voice of truth. But what I said was that if I just told them the story, they would understand right away. “I knew that was true, but it was still amazing that it really happened like this.”

“Umm… … .”

Reppenhardt let out a faint groan and closed his mouth.

He definitely wanted to meet Marceline.

Of course, his determination to build a new Antares Empire once again and change the world without failure this time remains unchanged. But he still didn’t have a clear vision. Even if he regains his magic, it would be no different from his previous life if he used that power to suppress other humans and forcibly create a nation of different races like in his previous life. He will eventually be called the Demon King, and will eventually become the enemy of the entire continent.

Of course, if you don’t deal with the world as softly as you did in your past life and trample on the continent properly like a demon lord, the Antares Empire won’t be destroyed so easily. If the Antares Empire conquers the entire continent and becomes the only empire, it might be considered a success.

But in that case, human blood would only cover the continent instead of other races. Defeating an invading enemy is a completely different matter than attacking the opponent. And Reppenhardt did not hate humanity that much. What he wants is a world where people of different races are treated like people, not a world where people are not treated like people.

‘Makeline is a wise dwarf. If we talk about it, we might be able to come up with a solution.’

In her previous life, it was mostly Marceline who actually set up the Antares Empire. Among the different races, the dwarves were the only ones who maintained society, and the one who mentally ruled over all the dwarves was Alport’s High Priest Marceline. It is worth listening to the words of someone with such knowledge and wisdom.

‘Makeline at this time would be in Grand Forge, and the location of Grand Forge is the northernmost part of the Setelad Mountains. ‘It won’t be that far.’

Anyway, when Reppenhardt readily agreed, Gelfied also became excited. He continued speaking in a lively voice.

“Makeline is in the Grand Forge, the main temple of Al Port. Of course, its location is a top secret, and only a very small number of dwarves know about it. So, let me give you a guide. He is the only remaining warrior blood relative of our clan. Even if I face off against a decent human knight, I will never be defeated.”

‘Ugh, now I can’t actually say I know all the locations.’

I know the location and don’t need a guide, but I can’t think of any excuses to refuse. Well, there is no harm in having a guide to find the dwarves. I was grateful that they took care of me like this.

Leffenhardt simply accepted and honestly expressed his gratitude.

“thank you.”

“What kind of gratitude is this to please us dwarves?”

Gelfied waved his hand and expressed humility. No, but when I thought about it, it didn’t seem like humility at all. Isn’t it really right to say that dwarves are good?

While Reppenhardt was smiling bitterly, Gelfied suddenly changed his expression and his complexion hardened.

“But you are a savior.”


“I know the truth. “At least you didn’t tell us the truth.”

Repenhardt also hardened his expression. Come to think of it, dwarves can instinctively hear the sound of truth.

“I’m not sure, but you seem to know us well. Moreover, it sounded like he knew the High Priest and even the location of the Grand Forge.”


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It was a moment when Reppenhardt was embarrassed. Gelphid relaxed his expression and smiled warmly.

“But what you thought of us was also true. So I don’t doubt you. “I know there’s something to hide, but unlike us, humans habitually hide the truth, so it’s not something we can’t understand.”

“Oh, yeah… … .”

Not having anything to say, Reppenhardt just smiled awkwardly. Gelphid got up from his seat.

“The reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to understand us better. We dwarves can hear the voice of truth. So it’s not easy to hide something from us. “When people find out about this, most humans are reluctant to talk to dwarves.”

“that… … “I know it well.”

Leffenhardt scratched his head. Gelfied grinned.

“But we also hear the truth, not the truth. So, I wanted to tell you that as long as you are kind to us, there is no need to be reluctant in dealing with us. “Because we don’t know lies, there are no misunderstandings.”

“Yes, I know that too.”

Leffenhardt also smiled. Gelphid showed a curious expression again.

“You truly know that. It’s amazing, how you, who seem so young, understand us so well. Of course, you can’t tell me that, right?”

“yes. “I’m sorry, but it’s not time yet.”

Leffenhardt also stood up. Gelfied called Tila outside.

“Then calm down a little more. In the meantime, we will also prepare our guide.”

The two were just about to leave the room. A loud shout was heard from far away.

“Look! “Savior!”

At the same time, an old dwarf ran into the room. Gelfied asked, frowning his eyebrows.

“What’s going on, Hethos?”

Ignoring Gelfide’s question, Hetos made a fuss and asked Reppenhardt.

“Didn’t you have company when you came here? “An elf and a young human boy?”

Repenhardt’s complexion hardened.

“Of course. This is my group. Is something happening?”

Hethos sighed and stroked his beard.

“It seems that the companions are being held in Viscount Kelbern’s castle.”

☆ ☆ ☆

After capturing the bandit’s companions and returning to Kelbern Castle, Eussus summoned two of his knights and gave them strict orders.

“Be sure to tell everything! Forget chivalry for a moment. I don’t mind any torture! We must find out where the thief from last night is hiding. Do you understand?”

It was a strict and even bloody order. The two subordinate knights who received the order, Rento and Baras, looked at each other in confusion. Torture? For a moment, I blinked, wondering if I had heard something wrong. Their leader, Eusus, was truly a man who was nothing short of a model of chivalry. This is not someone who would ever say dishonorable words like torture.

But Yusus did not give them any room to question. He just waved his hand with a stiff face.

“Just leave now.”

In the end, the two knights bowed and left the room. And thinking about it, I went down to the dungeon. Looking at the leader’s expression, I understood that this matter was very important. To that extent, I could understand that everything had to be found out, even if it meant torture.

The problem was that since they were both members of the honorable Knights of Tenness, they had zero tolerance for things like torture. Of course, as a knight, I’ve cut down a lot of people, but isn’t torture another story?

“What should we do with torture? Can I just roughly hit him?”

“And what if you die? “You shouldn’t kill someone, but making them hurt to the point of death is torture.”

“Oh, that’s difficult. that.”

Rento and Baras looked at each other in confusion. After going down to the castle basement, the two stood in front of the cell door. It was a cell where the captured elf girl and pilgrim boy were tied up.

“Whew, anyway, it’s an order, so I have no choice but to follow it faithfully.”

“yes. “Then I will interrogate you first, Baras.”

“I understand, Lento.”

Sighing, the two went inside. When I opened the prison door, I saw a pretty boy with long red hair tied up in chains. What was drawn on the floor was a sealing barrier, a barrier specially installed by the priests of Area, the goddess of the sky, to suppress the sacred power of this pilgrim boy.

Lento opened his mouth in a cold voice while looking at the boy, Cilan.

“This is Lento of the Knights of Tenness.”

The boy weakly raised his head and looked at Rento. Lento swallowed for a moment.

“Umm… … .”

She had arms and legs so thin that one could suspect she was a girl, a face with fine lines, and a truly pitiful appearance. How on earth can they torture this delicate boy? If I hit it, I think I’ll die.

Feeling gloomy, Lento began his interrogation.

And half an hour later.

“… … “Umm.”

The two knights were moaning as they looked at Silan who was tied up.

“So, the martial arts practiced by Mr. Leffen is a bit extreme. You’ve heard of it, right? King Gerard’s Unbreakable, Jim Unbreakable. As for how to do it… … .”

“Um, um.”

“… … They say it’s done like this. Doesn’t it seem like something a real person would do? Honestly, you haven’t trained that much, have you?”

“Um, um.”

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