The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 41

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The old lady smiled proudly. Then she suddenly frowned.

“But those arrogant people say so much about being gourmets.”

“huh? “Are you an arrogant brat?”

“There are knights from a noble family who came here about a week ago. “What kind of ruins are you exploring?”

At that moment, Repenhardt’s eyes glowed fiercely.

“Could you tell me more about that?”

“huh? “Why do you ask that, young man?”

The woman tilts her head in confusion. Reppenhardt secretly handed her one of his silver coins. Her aunt frowned and threw up her hand.

“Hey, do you give me all this just because it costs money for the story?”

In the end, it was only after listening to the young man’s speech that he would be punished for spending money carelessly, that Leffenhardt was finally able to hear the story he wanted.

“therefore… … This is a story from a week ago… … .”

It is said that a group of knights stopped by Gehaln Village with the purpose of exploring new ruins in the Setalad Mountains. They stayed here for a while and did some maintenance, but there were a lot of complaints, like the bed was uncomfortable and the food wasn’t even edible.

“Didn’t you hear who it was?”

“Viscount Kebeln brought us here, but somehow everyone seemed higher than him.”

Gehaln Village here is one of the autonomous villages of the Viscounty of Kebeln. So, Viscount Kebeln might have recognized him, but it seemed that the others could not.

‘Maybe I should go see Viscount Kebeln first?’

While Reppenhardt was lost in thought, the woman clapped her hands and continued speaking.

“ah! Now that I think about it, there was one knight among them who was shining in gold. He was a really good guy. He was kind and considerate to villagers like us. But it’s a bit funny because it’s all gold, right? “Even the sword was golden?”

At that moment, Reppenhardt realized the identity of his opponent. If there is a golden armor and a golden sword, there is only one, even if the continent is large.

‘… … The golden knight of grime! Was it the Count of Tenes?’

☆ ☆ ☆

The Viscounty of Kelbern was a small fiefdom located near the southwest of the Settelad Mountains. Most of the territory was mountainous, so it was barely self-sufficient in terms of agriculture, but it had three iron ore and copper mines with abundant reserves, so the lives of the people of the territory were quite prosperous. Thanks to this, Viscount Kelbern was one of the richest men in the Kingdom of Grime, although his title was low.

At the Viscount’s castle, a man who looked to be in his mid-30s was having a meal facing the Viscount. In front of a splendid feast, Viscount Kelbern, who was over 50 years old, was praising his man in a heartfelt manner.

“As expected, you are amazing, Sir Eusus!”

The man humbly shook his head.

“It’s thanks to Viscount Kelbern’s help.”

The Viscount waved his hand and continued.

“Even so, wasn’t it Sir Eussus who killed the monsters in those ruins? As expected, I clearly saw that the golden knight of grime, his reputation was not in vain.”

It was a month ago that Viscount Kelbern received a call from the man in front of him, Eusus. He briefly wondered if it was a dream when he heard that there were great ancient ruins buried within his territory. He said that once an ancient ruin is explored, the amount of wealth that comes from it is unusual, so it was news that any lord would not be happy about.

However, what the Viscount was truly happy about was not the existence of the ruins, but the fact that he was able to become acquainted with the Golden Knight, Sir Eussus. There is almost no chance for this country nobleman, who has nothing special and all he has is money, to become acquainted with a knight of high reputation within the Kingdom of Grime.

Immediately following Eusus’ request, he made the necessary preparations for the expedition and welcomed the Knights of Tenes. And to deepen our friendship, he even joined the expedition team himself. From his youth, he never neglected his training as a knight. Although he was over 50 years old, he was a mountain man and had a sturdy body like a young man. No matter how dangerous the ruins were, he was confident that he could at least protect his body.

In the journey that began to build friendship, Viscount Kelvern became truly fascinated by Lord Eussus. He was strong and kind, cool-headed in any situation, and kind to his subordinates. It was truly a knight among knights that only exists in stories.

Although he lost many of his subordinates during the difficult exploration process, Eusus eventually succeeded in exploring the ancient ruins of Eleusion. And he returned with a huge treasure.

Viscount Kelbern glanced out the window. Currently, in the castle garden, about a dozen wizards were working with orc slaves to examine and classify artifacts obtained from the ruins.

Yusus noticed his attitude and spoke seriously.

“Don’t worry, Viscount Kelvern. As agreed in advance, one-third of the relics are yours.”

“no. I had the honor of fighting alongside the Golden Knight of Grime, but what is that relic worth? “I don’t mind if you take them all.”

The Viscount made a straight face. In fact, he had no greed for those relics at all. There is enough money to rot anyway. Rather, it was an even greater benefit to form a good relationship with the man in front of me. Even if he lived in this small estate, he wanted to show his descendants a bigger world.

Eussus’s expression brightened as if he felt the sincerity.

“I am humbled that you are not greedy in front of such a treasure. Oh, by the way, what will you do with the adamant and orichalcon ores found in the ruins?”

Most of the relics found in ancient ruins are finished products, but sometimes rare magic metals in raw material form are found. This time they were also able to find significant amounts of Adamant and Orichalcon in Eleusion. However, no matter how great the magic metal is, if it is not processed, it is no different from a stone.

“Hahaha, I already told the ground dogs I am using to smelt them and make armor and weapons. “Good items will be available in about 15 days.”

“The Kelbern family is famous for its mining industry. “You have many capable dwarves.”

Eusus grinned. It was as expected. Viscount Kelbern’s wealth was not accumulated simply because he owned a mine. For generations, Viscount Kelbern has used dwarven slaves to mine ore, smelt it himself, and make and sell various weapons. So, there will be great products coming out this time too.

Viscount Kelbern took out a bottle of wine with a nice label and poured it for Eussus.

“Just drink in peace. “It’s a 21 year old made by Norgan.”

“Wow, such a precious wine?”

“No matter how precious it is, it is nothing but shabby in front of the Golden Knight of Grime.”

“You’re giving me too much credit. “There are many knights in the Kingdom of Grime who are better than me.”

“You are truly an example of a knight, as you are both excellent at dancing and humble. Please take it.”

“thank you.”

After tilting the wine glass and smelling the scent, Eussus exclaimed in admiration.

“It’s a wonderful scent.”

They enjoyed the evening meal in a warm atmosphere. Once the atmosphere had warmed up to a certain degree, Viscount Kelbern clapped his hands. The butler nodded and reappeared a moment later, accompanied by two girls wearing fancy dresses.

The Viscount said with a grin.

“These children are my daughters. Please raise your greetings. “This is Sir Eusus Tennes, the renowned Golden Knight of Grime.”

The girls slightly lift the hem of their skirts and give a noble bow. Both girls had considerable beauty. Kelbern spoke softly.

“I know you are married. Just wanted to make good friends… … .”

The Viscount was now secretly trying to connect his daughters with Eusus. Even if they were married, it was common for high-ranking nobles to have concubines. Especially when it comes to fame like Yussus, even though it is a heroic aspect, it is by no means a flaw. Therefore, Viscount Kelbern’s current attitude could not be said to be in any way against noble courtesy. Moreover, both of his daughters are renowned beauties in the neighborhood.

However, surprisingly, Yussus’s expression became stiff. It was a face that clearly showed that he was very unpleasant.

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of having any other woman than my ex-wife.”

It was a resolute attitude. Viscount Kelbern was momentarily taken aback. Didn’t she like her daughters? However, rather than saying that the daughters did not like it, it was rather that they were displeased with the situation itself.

‘What did I do wrong?’

At that time, Viscount Kelvern was finally able to recall another rumor about the Golden Knight’s family, the Counts of Tenes. He muttered inadvertently.

“Ah, that younger brother… … .”

Cheer up!

The wine glass Yusus was holding was smashed. His expression, which had been so gentlemanly until now, had turned into that of a demon. Yusus scolded in a voice as cold as the north wind in the frozen land.

“I don’t have a younger brother.”


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A terrifying, deadly presence filled the area around the table. Viscount Kelbern, his butler, and his two daughters were all frozen and trembling. Only then did Yusus realize his mistake and immediately apologized.

“sorry. “I was rude.”

The life seemed to have disappeared as if washed away. Only then did Viscount Kelbern breathe. I was deeply surprised. I had no idea that the golden knight who seemed so perfect would show such a human side. But that didn’t hurt the Viscount’s reverence. In fact, I was even more fascinated.

The guilt I felt for offending the hero was indescribable. The Viscount hung his head hungrily.

“S-sorry. I made this mistake… … .”

The Viscount waved his hand at the butler and motioned for him to take his daughter. Eusus smiled bitterly as he looked at the viscount daughters who were turning blue. If you think about it, what crime are those girls guilty of? I came here as my father told me to do and ended up in trouble.

He got up and escorted the two girls out.

“A pretty lady like this would have a better partner than a married man like me, so how dare I covet this fresh flower? Just looking at it and smelling its scent is an honor. Would you please join us, Lady?”

“yes? Ah, yes… … .”

The girls’ complexions, which had been blue a moment ago, turned rosy. As expected, Sir Eusus was a knight among knights, as his reputation suggests. Even if he made a mistake for a moment, he changed the mood brilliantly. It was time to raise a glass again.


A scream was heard outside the window. Eussus jumped out of his seat in surprise and ran to the window.

“What’s going on?”

There was a red glow outside the window. A fire spreads throughout the garden, and wizards, servants, and slaves are frantically looking for a place to escape. Eusus suddenly spotted a servant passing below and shouted.

“What! Report!”

The servant looked up and answered in a panicked voice.

“A demon came out of one of the artifacts!”

For a moment, Yussus’s expression crumpled.

“shit! Was there a summoning artifact involved?”


The garden of Kelbern Castle had turned into a fiery hell. Dried garden trees turn to ashes in the blazing flames, and a thick cloud of acrid gray smoke rises. At the center of the destruction, a huge black monster was howling.


It was Sepiatan, a large demon with a black lion’s body and a giant’s torso. Among the relics brought from the Eleusion ruins was a stone statue with a spell that summoned demons from the other world. It seemed like the spell had been activated while the wizards were channeling their magic power to investigate the artifact.

“Cra la la la la!”

With all four feet on the ground, Sepiatan swung the broadsword in both hands left and right repeatedly, spraying flames in all directions. He was nearly 3 meters tall at the shoulder, and his one-handed broadsword was bigger than most swords. Wherever the blade passed, people were cut in half and blood spewed out.


“Save people!”

The castle’s servants and slaves ran away in fear and were burned to death screaming. The wizards each countered with their own spells, but they barely worked. One of the wizards was evil.

“shit! “Why was something like that there?”

Summoning artifacts are so rare that even if you spend a lifetime exploring ruins, it is difficult to come across them even once. So it could not be said that the wizards made a mistake while investigating. It was just a case of bad luck.

Belatedly, the Knights of Tenness came armed and rushed to the garden. Vice-captain Sir Lot, a middle-aged knight accompanied by twenty knights, shouted out an order.

“Evacuate people and line up! Rearguard the wizards! All knights, raise your shields! God bless you, priests!”

Under the command of Sir Lot, the knights quickly spread out. As they covered themselves with shields and surrounded the devil, sepia bullets continued to spit out flames, covering the knights. When the flame hit the shield, blue holy light shimmered and pushed away the flames. It was the power of divine protection granted by the priests of Areas, the goddess of the sky that followed.

“Aerius! Your humble servant petitions! “Give those with courage the strength to destroy the evil demon!”

The wizards in the rear quickly created a wall of cold to prevent the fire from spreading.

“Cold frozen wind! Follow my hand and come to this position! Wall of Ice!”

It was an urgent situation, but once the order was given, everyone regained their cool and began to deal with the situation calmly. Sir Lot sighed in relief. Once the siege was formed, even that evil devil lost his momentum.

“Okay, let’s tie our feet like this and wait for the leader.”

Sir Lot continued as he stepped forward with his sword and shield. Although the momentum was broken, Sepia Tan was a top-level demon that even a decent Auror could deal with. If you want to push ahead with numbers, you have to be prepared for significant casualties. It was best to wait for Grime’s golden knight like this.

It was then. One of the knights forming the siege suddenly disobeyed orders and started running toward Sepiatan.


The driver who ran was a young man in his late 20s. exclaimed Lord Lott, perplexed.

“What are you doing, Russ?”

As if he couldn’t hear the shout, the young knight came right in front of Sepia Tan. After throwing down his shield, the young man named Russ grabbed the bastard sword with both hands. A scream full of life erupted.

“You evil devil! There is no enemy before the sword of Tenes!”

Russ lunged and slashed Sepia Tan’s upper body with a long slash.


It was like a flash of light. In an instant, the devil’s chest split open and black blood spurted out. Only one young man was able to properly injure Sepia Tan, who was said to be capable of dealing with only an Auror. That’s how close Russ’ swordsmanship was to perfection. It was an artistic slash that could be considered a master’s swordsmanship.

But that was it.


In pain, Sepia Tan immediately launched a counterattack. The broadsword filled with flames struck straight at Russ. Russ also tried his best to avoid it, but his movements were clumsy. Although he was a master at slashing, his other skills were mediocre. I couldn’t dodge it and was hit head-on.


The armor shattered and Russ was thrown into the air. Blood burst out from all over the body. Sir Lot clicked her tongue as she watched Russ sink to her dirt floor.

“Such a fool!”

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