The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 40

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‘It’s not that Siris is great, but that Silan has worked with many different types.’

Siris was clearly a swordsman with genius talent, but he also lacked experience. Now, that exquisite teamwork was entirely at the discretion of Silan, that young boy.

‘Even if you were born with talent, did you have that much experience at that age? ‘At what age did you start fighting, that guy?’

Silan was a greater priest than I thought. Moreover, his divine power is also powerful. It seemed that if he continued to grow like that, he could become a priest even more powerful than his nemesis from his previous life, Saint Elin.

At that moment, a question came to mind.

‘No, but why on earth was a guy like that unknown?’

Leffenhardt had known many famous priests in his previous life. Since the entire continent was hostile to him, it was essential for him as the emperor of the Antares Empire to collect that much information. But Silan’s name was never in it. Even if he is still young now, there is no way he won’t become a great priest in the future, right?

‘Is that guy going to die young? ‘Do you have any chronic illness?’

Should I visit the medical guild when I have some free time? It was a moment when Reppenhardt was thinking about something else.


A demon roared and stabbed with its claws. Because she was caught off guard, her fingernails scratched her shoulder properly.


My clothes tore and I felt a slight pain in my shoulder. Well, at least it was a little swollen. Reppenhardt frowned and swung his hands and feet fiercely.

“You bastard!”

Terrible punches and kicks swirl around and suck up the demons. In that state, Reppenhardt’s head spun rapidly and memories of his past came to mind.

‘This guy’s weak spot is the core of his side, that guy’s weak spot is the sheep’s horn. What was this guy? Oh, I guess I just have to hit it hard.’

The golden aura overflowed and drove away the demons at once. Since I know all of his weaknesses, he is not a very difficult opponent. Well, there were some demons that had magical weaknesses, such as being weak to cold, but you just had to beat them hard and put them to sleep.

After a while, all the demons were crushed and turned into blood cakes. Reppenhardt caught his breath amidst the flying blood and flesh. At that moment, Siris and Silan had also taken care of all the Night Skulls and were approaching him. Reppenhardt turned his head and asked how he was doing.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Nodding his head, Silan looked into the passage.

“Yes, but did you say the name of this ruin is Eleusion? “I think these guys are stronger than the Palton Ruins.”

“But this is a back road so it’s a bit better.”

Fifteen days after leaving the Principality of Chatan, Leppenhardt and his party entered the Kingdom of Grime and headed towards the Settelad Mountains. Those who walked the mountain path straight to this place, the Eleusion Ruins, went straight to the center of the dungeon. Amazingly, Reppenhardt was able to open the secret door to the hidden back road simply by moving a few stones on the floor.

‘I know it’s easy, but there’s no need to go through any trouble, right?’

The place where the relic he was targeting, ‘Voice of Eleusion’, was located was the center of the relics. Through all his hardships in his past life, Leffenhardt had investigated every passage, and he had managed to find out that there was a back road. Of course, relics from the Silver Age are scattered throughout the ruins other than the center, so I have no intention of giving up those lumps of money. However, once you disarm the defense system in the center, exploring the ruins becomes easier.

So the three people advanced along the hidden passage. The powerful demons were dealt with by Reppenhardt, and the relatively weak undead were dealt with by Silan and Siris. They were quickly heading to the center of the ruins.

Has it been about an hour? The passage ended in front of me and a large stone gate appeared. It was a door plated with all kinds of magical metals and covered with complex patterns. Leffenhardt grinned.

“We have arrived.”

Cilan looked at the door and frowned.

“It’s a magically sealed door. “You can’t open it with force, right?”

A door sealed with magic cannot be broken down with simple physical force alone. This is because the Bongma’s spell forcibly scatters the applied physical force in all directions. If you stab it with the same force while holding an awl, it will get stuck deeply, but if you just hit it with your bare hand, the tree will remain intact.

Of course, with the physical power of Reppenhardt, an Auror, he would be able to split a tree with his bare hands. Instead, the beautiful tree will fly away. And here, that tree is the stone chamber. Breaking the Bongma’s spell with force alone is like blowing up this entire stone chamber.

“So I said let’s hire a wizard, right? They keep saying I don’t need it… … .”

Silan continued to grumble. It was a natural reaction since it was right under his nose and he was going to go back. The magic of Opening the Gate is a 3-circle spell, and any decent wizard can use it. This problem could have been easily solved if just one wizard had been brought along.

Of course, Leffenhardt was calm. That doesn’t mean I didn’t know there was a door like this here.

“wait. “I will prepare your order.”

Speaking naturally, Reppenhardt sat cross-legged. Cilan asked, startled.

“for a moment? Mr. Leffen, do you know how to use magic?”

“Yes, I was originally a wizard.”

Even though all the intermediate steps were omitted, it was clear that the answer was not a single lie. However, to Silan, who did not know the inside story, it was an astonishing sound.


In the world, there is definitely a profession called a magic swordsman or magician who uses both magic and martial arts. However, in most cases, magic swordsmen were former mercenaries who felt their skills were limited and strengthened their bodies by using magic tools or learning a few simple spells. Indeed, magic swordsmen with high levels of both abilities are extremely rare. and… … .

“Mr. Leffen, were you a bookmaker?”

A bookmaker is actually another word for a battle wizard. Among wizards, battlefield wizards only specialize in magic for actual combat. It is an extremely common sense choice to learn martial arts in order to cast magic while avoiding flying spear knives. However, this only means that the wizard has learned martial arts, and it does not mean that he is truly walking the path of a warrior.

‘So, Mr. Leffen is smart enough to learn magic and is also talented in martial arts, so he even became an Auror?’

It is unfair! Some people just want a manly body and practice to death without gaining a single bicep, but who else has a good body and a good head? Why is the world so unfair!

Cilan was so angry and looked at Reppenhardt with jealous eyes. Suddenly he tilted his head.

“But what are you doing now?”

The man who was supposed to write a spell has been sitting down for some reason with his eyes closed.

“I am meditating. “I need to gather my magic power.”


I didn’t understand it even more. No, how much magic power does a 3rd circle spell cost for meditation? However, Leffenhardt did not respond any further and was only concentrating on meditation.

So he sat cross-legged in meditation for about 10 minutes. And, as he barely had enough mana to use a 3-circle spell, he slowly began to chant the spell.

“Ralphia… … place… … Lattea… … volt… … .”

It took about 30 seconds to prepare the rune word that converts the body’s magical energy into magic.

“I command you in the ancient name… … The power of sealing… … “Open that closed door.”

The magic word that converted the converted magic into a spell took another 30 seconds.

“… … .”

Cilan opened his mouth wide. It felt like I had never seen magic unfold so slowly in my entire life.

Finally, Leffenhardt spoke the starting words for making it a reality.

“Gate open!”

The stone door vibrated slightly and Bongma’s spell was broken. The stone door creaks and opens slowly. The door to an ancient ruin that had not been moved for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years was opened!

… … Of course, Silan, who was watching it from the side, had no emotion left.

“… … “Mr. Leffen, don’t go and call me a wizard.”

The feelings of resentment that I felt because I was originally a wizard disappeared. No, what kind of wizard is a wizard when it takes close to a minute to cast a 3-circle spell?

“It was noisy, so I opened it anyway.”

Reppenhardt woke up with a sullen look on his face. In his previous life, he became the first 10th circle archmage in history and reigned over the entire continent as a demon lord. Can you hear something like this?

‘Ah, I really need to find Eleusion’s voice first. ‘This is so sad, I wonder if I can live with it.’


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Anyway, the door was opened. Now there must be something in this that he so desperately wanted. Reppenhardt entered inside with an excited face. It was that moment.


A cry full of embarrassment came out of his mouth.

“what? “Why is it empty?”

☆ ☆ ☆

At the foot of the Setelad Mountains in midwinter, three people were walking on a small mountain path in the pure white snow mountains. There was a platinum-blond-haired elf girl who followed silently about a step away, a pretty red-haired boy, and a large young man who walked ahead and sighed repeatedly.

“Whoa, how did this happen?”

As he walks, Reppenhardt sighs again. Silan smiled and comforted him.

“Hey, Mr. Leffen. Don’t be so upset. “That can happen in life, right?”

Reppenhardt, devastated by the empty center of the ruins, immediately began exploring other areas. But it was the same no matter where I went. The only things that existed were various monsters bound by the relics, and all the relics in my memory had completely disappeared. Moreover, signs of fresh destruction were clearly visible throughout the passageways and stone chambers.

It was certain. Someone had robbed the Eleusion ruins before him!

Silan continued, stumbling.

“Those ruins don’t even belong to Mr. Leffen, right? “Someone else might explore it first.”

It is a common story among adventurers that they pay a lot of money to buy information about ancient ruins, only to find that someone else has already stolen it. Therefore, Silan did not find this situation strange at all.

However, from Leffenhardt’s point of view, the situation was completely incomprehensible. The discovery of the Eleusion ruins was originally supposed to take place 17 years later. That too by Reppenhardt himself. This is not something that will end with who hits first.

‘The future has changed… … .’

Repenhardt had a good idea that the future would become increasingly distorted when he returned to this time zone. He was a wizard and, of course, was fully familiar with the concept of causality.

‘Could it be that the effect has already occurred?’

I couldn’t say it was very unlikely. For example, in Reppenhardt’s past, if a person who should have died came back to life because of him, there could be a case where that person accidentally discovered this dungeon.

Of course, Silan, who knew nothing, only understood Reppenhardt’s expression as the pensiveness of someone who had made a fuss, and continued to comfort him.

“And it’s not like you didn’t get anything at all, right? “I think that’s an amazing artifact too.”

As he spoke, Cilan glanced back at Siris. The woman who was walking behind her was holding a small stick about 30 centimeters in her left hand and was fiddling around with it.

On the outside, it is just an ordinary wooden stick with no decoration. But as soon as Siris muttered something, a change occurred.


Light poured from both ends of the stick and formed a shape. It lengthened from side to side, gently curved, and a thread of light appeared, connecting the ends. What was a simple stick became a large bow of light.

Siris placed her hand on the light. An arrow of light materialized and caught in her grasp. She held protests one after another.


Arrows of light were fired in rapid succession, breaking tree branches dozens of meters away one by one. Cilan looked at the figure and asked.

“How about that, Siris?”

“It’s an amazing weapon.”

Even in the cold tone, there is a hint of excitement that cannot be hidden. Siris was completely fascinated by this newly acquired magic bow.

Demon Archer Nihilen.

This magical bow not only requires no separate arrows, but is also unaffected by wind or gravity, and can load and fire multiple shots depending on the user’s concentration. In addition, it has the power of mana gathering, so it automatically recharges magic power just by leaving it alone, and above all, it is incredibly portable. Normally it’s just a stick. Even to Silan, who has seen quite a few Silver Age relics, this is a high-quality artifact.

“You can’t believe you’re just throwing away such an amazing thing, tsk tsk.”

Unlike other relics, it looked like nothing more than a simple piece of wood, so it was probably just left behind. Since I couldn’t feel any magical power, it was highly likely that I didn’t even know it was a relic.

“But Mr. Leffen, how did you know that it was an artifact?”

In fact, that demon bow, Nihilen, was the bow that Siris used as her main weapon in her previous life. At the time, even Reppenhardt had no idea that it was a great artifact. Just because the material of the stick was something I had never seen before, I brought it with me to study it. In the process, I figured out its function and gave it to Siris. It was only later that I realized that the wooden stick was a remnant of the World Tree, Elvenheim.

Of course, I couldn’t tell Silan the whole story, so I just vaguely explained it.

“Oh, I had some information. Anyway, I’m glad you like it.”

Repenhardt smiled weakly as he looked at Siris. As she walked, she kept shooting Nihilen at a nearby tree.

This Nihilen, which shoots arrows of light, has a slightly different aiming sense compared to a normal bow. Above all, since it is not affected by gravity, the arrow flies in a straight line rather than a parabola. So Siris was working hard to control her senses by comparing the archery she had learned with the use of Nihil Ren.

“So don’t be too disappointed. “There isn’t just one ruin in Eleusion on the continent, right?”

“Well, that’s true, but… … .”

Despite Cilan’s comforting voice, Reppenhardt’s expression did not relax.

‘There is only one voice in Eleusion.’

The change in the future was a change, but the fact that I couldn’t get what I needed to get right away was a huge blow. Other artifacts are okay. However, there is no substitute for Eleusion’s voice. It was the only artifact in the world that would return his magical powers.

‘Keu… … .’

As I walked along the mountain path for a while, I saw white smoke rising beyond the forest. And between the trees, a village surrounded by a large wooden fence was revealed. Cilan said with joy.

“Ah, I can see it slowly. Gehaln Village. “It’s been a while since we’ve had a meal prepared by someone else, let’s go.”

Gehaln Village was a fairly large mountain village located on the west side of the Settelad Mountains. Because it was located on a road crossing a mountain range, most of the houses in the village also operated as inns. Reppenhardt and his party found a moderately crowded inn and ordered food.

Soon, a dependable-looking lady set the table, holding a generous amount of bread, soup, and salad in both hands.

“You must eat a lot. “Maybe we should prepare one more serving of this?”

The old lady joked as she looked at the big Leppenhardt. He felt the warm rural hospitality and everyone started eating. It was pumpkin soup with simple black bread, and when I bit into it, it tasted pretty good. Cilan looked a little surprised. Even with crude ingredients, it tastes this good?

“Wow, is it delicious?”

“yes? “Our chefs’ skills are top-notch.”

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