The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 39

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“I want them to be educated.”


Siebold was a little embarrassed.

“No, you must have already been trained in most things under Terik, right?”

“I don’t mean that kind of simple slave education.”

Repenhardt’s expression became serious. This was really his plan.

“I want to teach them letters and numbers, and depending on their level, things like accounting, history, and philosophy. If possible, something like medicine or pharmacy.”

“yes? To a slave?”

Siebold opened his eyes wide. If you just do what you’re told, he’ll teach those things to his slaves?

“No, for what purpose?”

It sounded so ridiculous that I even thought that this big young man had turned around a bit. Well, now that I think about it, I could see the craziness from the moment I started to boast about investing in the Kingdom of Crovence. Looking at Siebold in confusion, Reppenhardt continued.

“It doesn’t sound that strange. “Isn’t it true that the more things a slave knows how to do, the more comfortable it is for the master?”

“But there’s no way a slave could do that, right? No matter how I think about it, it just seems like a waste of money… … .”

“If successful, the slaves’ performance will increase considerably, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea, right? Even if I fail, won’t it be my money?”

“That’s true, but… … .”

Siebold relented. Although his idea was extraordinary and it was obvious that it would fail, there was no reason to stop him from using his own money.

“Well, whatever you want, I’d like to do it for you, but… … Realistically speaking, it must be difficult, right? If you’re just teaching simple letters and numbers, it’s too much of an academic field. Even among the scholars at Chatan Academy, no one would want to teach slaves.”

Chatan Academy was a prestigious academic hall where all the principal scholars gathered. It is a popular place among young people because if you graduate properly, you can immediately get a high-ranking job in the principality.

“I know very well how high the standards of academics at the academy are. I have no expectations from them either.”

“Then how?”

“There are students studying there, right?”

Although Chatan Academy is mostly attended by children of rich people or nobles, there are also many former commoners who earn money on their own through hard work to learn. Why not bring them in, give them some money, and have them teach the slaves?

“No, how can students who have not completed their studies teach others?”

“You’re not going to teach the slaves anything special, are you? “It doesn’t matter if I teach it poorly.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Besides, it’s cheaper here. “It would be nice for students to be able to earn some money.”

It was a lot more plausible than I thought. Only accomplished scholars would be qualified to teach proper learning, but if the people being taught were slaves, ordinary students would suffice. If you are a student from the common people, you probably don’t have much pride.

But all of this starts from the premise that slaves have the ability to learn properly. Siebold made a sour expression.

“If you want, I will do it for you, but I don’t think slaves will understand science like humans do.”

Leffenhardt laughed silently.

The idea of ​​teaching slaves was actually not a very unique idea. Of all the countless humans on the continent, it is absurd to say that Reppenhardt was the only one who first thought of this.

However, there is never a case where a person who has reached the level of being at least a slave would accept such an idea. If you say that to slave owners, it will sound no different from giving a dog a brush and teaching it art. The belief that other races are inferior to humans has been a value that has been established for hundreds of years.

‘It uses those values ​​against them.’

The paradigm that bothered Reppenhardt so much is now a weapon.

Originally, the reason slaves were not given education was to eliminate any room for rebellion. When different races were just enslaved, the human authorities knew this and deliberately banned the education of slaves. And they instilled in all humans the firm value that other races are nothing but slaves.

For hundreds of years, humans could no longer even think that other races, who were already slaves, could dare to rebel.

‘And I even forgot why I shouldn’t teach other races.’

Once Reppenhardt’s slaves are educated and begin to come to their senses, even if only slightly, Siebold will be surprised at the effectiveness. And he will begin to teach his own slaves as well. As the slave’s performance improves, it becomes easier for the owner.

And, if done well, the trend may spread to others.

If slaves of different races, like humans, are properly educated, there will definitely be some among them who will question their status as slaves. As time passes, a revolt led by slaves clearly breaks out. Of course, the likelihood of the rebellion being successful is low. Because humans are still the rulers of all races. But at least he will realize that if you educate a slave carelessly, he will become rebellious.

This part is important. Humans naturally come to recognize that slaves rebel, that is, they can have their own will.

What he had not done in his previous life was a change in perception.

‘It starts now.’

Leffenhardt laughed to himself. What he sowed now was a very small seed of change. However, over time, it will grow into a large tree and cast a shadow over the entire continent.

☆ ☆ ☆

So Reppenhardt entrusted all the slaves to Siebold. All of these races obediently followed his words. Talcata asked them to take him with them, but he was the only one among the slaves with fighting skills, so they couldn’t let him go. Someone has to protect them, just in case. Even though Talcata himself was disappointed because it was a reasonable reason, he put his promise to the sword.

“My lord, the one who offered my sword. “I will protect them with my life on this sword until you return.”

It was a noble line worthy of a warrior, but since it was spoken in Orcish, Siebold only clicked his tongue. Because to him it just seemed like he was losing his temper and growling.

‘Oh my, what’s the point of educating those ignorant people?’

In any case, he intended to faithfully attend the training as requested. He didn’t deal as a merchant, but he still dealt. Being faithful to customers’ needs is the attitude of a good merchant.

After finishing work, Reppenhardt left Taoban Trading Company. Cilan and Siris were waiting outside.

It was cold, so I told them to stay inside, but Siris was steadfastly watching the outside border, saying they had to be prepared for possible pursuers. Cilan stayed with Siris because he needed to back him up. Cilan approached and urged Reppenhardt.

“Once we’re done, let’s go to the inn, pack our bags, and leave.”

We had a very serious accident, so we need to get out of here as quickly as possible. Leffenhardt agreed. No matter how much I manipulated my memories to remove as many traces as possible, it would not be wise to continue to stay in this city.

“We have nothing to do anyway, so let’s leave right away. “The gates are probably still open, right?”

“It’s far from midnight, so we have plenty of time. “I also need to buy some food for the trip.”

Reppenhardt and his party immediately rushed to the Golden Rest, checked out, and purchased supplies needed for the trip at a nearby general store. It was just as I was about to take out my wallet and pay.

Repenhardt’s expression suddenly turned pale.

“ah… … .”

Then he looks very embarrassed. Repenhardt, who was proud even against ancient demons and Auror users, has a face like that! Cilan asked, seriously surprised.

“why? “What’s going on?”

Did you make any mistake at Rolfain Mansion? Cilan had a nervous look on her face. Leffenhardt looks down at him and stutters his words.

“Ah, hey Cilan. That’s me… … .”

“What’s wrong, what on earth?”

After sighing deeply, Reppenhardt whispered in a husky voice.

“Do, lend me some money.”


He spent a lot of gold coins to make himself feel better, and even handed over the minimum necessary expenses to Siebold! Cilan laughed out loud in shock, then took out his wallet and paid the bill for him. Siris looked at the scene with an indifferent expression and asked.


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“Shall I return these clothes?”

Siris said that he thought of Reppenhardt in his own way. It looks like he’s out of money, but he manages to make some cash by returning these needlessly expensive clothes. Due to what happened at Rolfain Manor, she had slightly opened her heart to Reppenhardt.

‘A pervert is a pervert, but he’s still a good pervert… … .’

Of course, listening to Leppenhardt’s feelings is just painful. The feelings of a man who has lost his money in front of the woman he loves are always the same throughout time and place. Be it the devil or anyone else!

“Okay… … .”

With ten mouths to say, Reppenhardt just kept his head down. He was so big that he was so downcast that he was secretly cute. Siris giggled inadvertently.

“Ahaha… … .”

Although Leffenhardt was too confused to notice, it was her first laugh since becoming a slave.

The next morning, downtown Zeppelin was in chaos.

The famous caravan, Rolfain’s leader, Terik, was found with a gruesome body. Even Beret, the successor to the Catan Company, was dead next to him. Zeppelin City was naturally shaken up as two powerful figures from the Chatan Principality were brutally murdered. An investigation team was immediately formed and worked hard to find the culprit.

However, the identity of the culprit was not revealed. Strangely enough, the employees of Rolpaine Manor could not remember anything. This was the testimony of the only person who remembered.

“It was a large elf as beautiful as a woman.”

When the memories of Silan, Siris, and Reppenhardt were mixed, a truly bizarre monster was born. Everyone who heard it was astonished, but because it was so absurd, it sounded plausible.

A rumor circulated around Zeppelin City that a high-ranking wizard had created a new chimera-type monster and murdered two young men. The disappearance of both elf and orc slaves from the mansion added credibility to the rumor. The wizard must have captured them as chimera material.

Of course, all this mayhem had nothing to do with Leppenhardt and his party. After running all night, they were already walking on a mountain path far away from Zeppelin City.

Cilan asked as he walked along the withered path in the forest.

“Where are we going now?”

Repenhardt answered briefly.

“Settelad Mountains.”

The Setelad Mountains are a large mountain range located in the central part of the Kingdom of Greim, located in the northwest of the continent.

“It’s quite far, isn’t it?”

There are many undiscovered dungeons around here, but Reppenhardt chose the distant Setelad Mountains as his destination. Silan asked again.

“What’s there?”

“There is a forgotten ancient ruin, Eleusion.”

Repenhardt responded in a meaningful tone. And I added a word in my mind.

‘To restore magic, what you need is there.’

Chapter 7 The Voice of Eleusion


In a huge passage made of gray rock, lights were constantly flashing in the darkness on all sides.


Blue flames are flying, filled with evil energy. In an instant, the sword light split the flame in two. A beautiful elf girl rushed through the cracked flames, her white-blonde hair flowing. The blade of the long sword struck sharply on the head of the Knight Skull, who was spitting out magical flames.


The blackened skull was shattered, and the human illusion overlaid on it wavered and scattered like a candle. With a scream, the torn apart Knight Skull collapsed.


Cilan shouted from behind.

“Siris! be careful!”

Another Knight Skull was stabbing with his sword, his blue eyes glowing. Although it was a rusty sword, it had a mysterious energy in its body, so it was not a force to be trifled with. Siris quickly turned her body and deflected her sword.


Siris stepped on the ground and momentarily increased her weight, striking her sword and pushing the Knight Skulls back. In the meantime, Silan prayed.

“Philanense! “Send the light of purification to the cursed!”

A pink holy light stretched out from Silan’s fingertips and swept away the Night Skulls. The aura of fraud surrounding the so-called Turn Undead skeletons shook violently as if a storm had hit them. However, as expected among the Night Skull and Skeleton type undead, it was not completely purified as it is the highest level monster.

Silan clicked his tongue.

‘Tch! ‘Is this not enough?’

The Knight Skulls, who were briefly pushed back, attacked Siris again. I tried my best to stop them, but since numbers are numbers, I started to fall behind. Cilan stretched out his hand to Siris and prayed again. As his mind became more anxious, his prayers naturally became shorter.

“Pilanense! Full service to him!”

It doesn’t seem like a prayer anymore, but divine protection has somehow been activated. Indeed, she has the insight of a goddess, and she understands even when I pray for things like that.

Siris’ whole body glowed pink as various body enhancement techniques were applied. The pink elf girl rushed towards the blue skeletons, swinging her sword.


Meanwhile, Reppenhardt was fighting five demons on the other side of the hallway, glancing back.

‘Hmm, they’re breathing well, guys.’

It is quite common for warriors and clerics to team up, but it still requires considerable experience to properly support each other in battle. However, they were showing exquisite teamwork, like a team that had been together for several years.

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