The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 31

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Chapter 30 The Signal of Freedom


Zeppelin, the continent’s largest commercial city with a population of 200,000.

Three people were passing through the north gate of Zeppelin, where all kinds of vendors and merchants came and went. There was a large man with a hood over his head, and two large and small people with their faces covered as well.

People who go around with their faces covered in broad daylight are bound to be stinking people. However, the guards at the Zeppelin North Gate did not bother to determine their identities. There wasn’t even an ID check. As befits the capital security force of a country where money is a must, we were able to pass through with only five silver coins per person.

After passing through the north gate, Russ clicked his tongue as he glanced behind him.

“No, can I do this? Anyway, they must be the ones responsible for the security of the capital… … .”

Then, Silan, a small boy following behind, smiled and answered.

“That’s what I said. “Money is everything in this country.”

Repenhardt, the large man in front, smiled bitterly.

“Thanks to you, I passed without being caught, so isn’t that a good thing?”

Soon, not only Reppenhardt, but also Silan and Russ became quite famous. Everyone covered their faces to see if anyone would recognize them. Considering what they had to do from now on, hiding their identities was essential.

Of course, if everyone else is showing their faces and they are the only ones hiding their faces, they will be more noticeable… … .

“… … I was against it because I thought it would look more suspicious, but it wasn’t really suspicious… … .”

Russ, who was walking through the crowd and looking around, suddenly sighed.

Leffenhardt and his group, with their heads covered with hoods, were completely unnoticed in this crowd. I don’t know how many people were so screwed up, but anyway, half of the crowd was covering their faces with hoods or bushy beards. Of course, everyone passed through the North Gate using bribes instead of ID cards.

“No, even if I do that, I won’t be fired from the security guard?”

Silan responded as if it was no big deal.

“So this is what the country is originally like?”

Repenhardt and Siland, perhaps because they saw so many things they couldn’t see during their last visit to Zeppelin, now take this for granted. Russman, who visited the Principality of Chatan for the first time, was unable to overcome the culture shock and was still amazed.

As they walked down the street, Reppenhardt spoke calmly to Russ.

“Anyway, most of them are mercenaries or smugglers with criminal backgrounds. “You can’t enter the really important commercial districts with your face covered like this.”

As it is a place with a wide gap between the rich and the poor, Zeppelin faces serious differences in security even within the same castle. Currently, the North Gate district where Reppenhardt and his party entered was treated as a slum even by Zeppelin, and was an area where cheap prostitutes, bars, and poor peddlers frequented. On the other hand, the commercial district near the west gate is where wealthy merchants’ mansions and stores are located.

“There is a stricter guard there than at the gates of other countries. Of course, bribery doesn’t work.”

The rich are protected more thoroughly than anyone else, but the poor are not guaranteed even the most basic safety. This was the reality of Zeppelin, which flourished as the continent’s largest commercial city.

“It doesn’t matter since we don’t have any business going there anyway.”

After slightly lifting the hood and looking at the position of the sun, Reppenhardt spoke softly.

“Anyway, I’ve successfully infiltrated, so now I just have to wait for the sun to set.”

The three crossed the street like that. They were heading to their destination, ‘Sand Dust’, an inn in the North Gate district. Like most of the inns in the North Gate district, Sand Dust was shabby, cheap to stay, and there were no background checks, making it the perfect place to stay for criminals. It is a very suitable place for Leppenhardt and his group who need to hide their identities.

Silan muttered as he walked.

“You said the others were already infiltrated, right? “Is everyone going to be safe?”

The humans Silan, Russ, and Reppenhardt have now joined Zeppelin, but the other races have already infiltrated various parts of Zeppelin in advance according to Carol’s plan.

Russ, who was following Silan, smiled and responded.

“Seeing as Zeppelin hasn’t become a sea of ​​fire yet, I guess everyone is safe, right?”

☆ ☆ ☆

Elvenheim, the oldest slave auction house for elves in Zeppelin and the most prosperous on the entire continent, was where pitch-black smoke was rising.

An angry cry broke out through the smoke.

“also! I burned it again! “What on earth can you do?”

The source of the graphite was Elvenheim’s spacious kitchen, especially the bread oven. There, what was once dough had turned into pitch-black charcoal, and he was fiercely declaring, ‘I am no longer food for people.’

“sorry… … do… … .”

In front of the oven, an elf woman bows her head, trembling in humiliation. She was a woman with purple hair, pure white skin, and a slim body with ample breasts.

Clara, a middle-aged human woman who was an instructor in Elvenheim and taught cooking to elf slaves, clicked her tongue.

“Damn, she has unusually large breasts for an elf and can be sold for a high price. Why on earth do she make so many mistakes?”

It was fifteen days ago that that big-breasted elf girl came to Elvenheim. It is said that she was bought by a passing peddler who almost beat her up, and the auctioneer Lark was quite pleased with her because she had rare value thanks to her unique body.

So, as usual, I started training slaves to sell them as products, but this elf girl didn’t know how to do anything.

If you ask them to cook, you make them with charcoal, if you ask them to do laundry, they make you into rags, if you ask them to sew, they break needles, and if you ask them to massage, they make bruises. Since she can’t even handle basic education properly, she hasn’t even been given nighttime education to please men yet.

“What’s on your arm is not a hand, but a front paw? “Are you sure you’re not going to come to your senses?”

“… … .”

Looking at Clara getting angry, the young instructor asked quietly.

“Shall we put it in the punishment room?”

The punishment room is a place to provide ‘mental education’ to disobedient elves. For reference, the gist of that ‘mental education’ was ‘There is no business in selling.’

“Uhm… … .”

Clara frowned. The punishment room is a place to make rebellious elves obedient. However, as an elf instructor with thick bones, she knew right away. This purple-haired elf would never rebel and make a mistake like that. He really, really doesn’t have the slightest talent for housekeeping.

Unless they do it on purpose, putting them in a punishment room won’t make them much better. If you are unlucky, scars will form and the value of the product will decrease.

“Hmph, just starve. “Once you’re hungry, you’ll come to your senses.”

Clara huffed and turned away. The young instructor screamed at the elf woman.

“Follow me, number 323!”

A purple-haired elf woman called number 323 follows helplessly. She put the elf woman in her quarters and locked her cage. Her number 323 headed to her own bed without a word. In the bed opposite her, she saw a brown-skinned elf girl squatting there with a similar expression.

I was able to understand the situation right away just by looking at it. That brown-skinned elf girl is just as clumsy with her hands as number 323, and has been getting scolded for several days.

The young instructor clicked his tongue.

“Like that year and number 324, the ones sold that day were strangely clumsy.”

Grunting, the instructor went upstairs again along the stairs. As soon as the eyes disappeared, number 324, the brown-skinned elf girl who was squatting, raised her head. The glum expression from a moment ago is gone, and a cold, strong look hovers over the silver eyes.

She smiled coldly at the other person and spoke.

“Today’s training failed spectacularly, Mr. Iniya.”

Iniya smiled awkwardly and nodded.

“I see, Miss Siris.”

It was fifteen days ago that Siris and Iniya infiltrated this place, Elvenheim. He was sold as a slave to lead other elf slaves from within. Of course, it is quite dangerous because you don’t know what will happen if you are sold as a slave with a female body. Naturally, Leffenhardt also cried out against the decision in the beginning.

However, with the elemental magic of Auror users Iniya and Siris, it has enough power to protect one’s body even with bare hands. Reppenhardt, who was opposed at first, eventually had no choice but to allow the plan due to Siris’ strong will.


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The only problem was that, as an elf female slave, she would of course be trained to work at night, but this was solved by Siris.

She spent her childhood in Elvenheim. This is a rumor about Elvenheim’s slave education system. She knew that if she continued to do basic slave training from the beginning, she would be able to make it in time before she had to teach the night shift.

“The only thing I was worried about was whether Iniya would be able to ‘act awkward’ without being caught… … “You’re better than I thought.”

Elvenheim’s instructors are so attentive that they can postpone training simply by pretending to be poor. They are veterans of veterans who have trained elf slaves for decades. You can tell right away whether you are showing signs of rebellion or not.

“I already received the same training here, so I know how to avoid getting caught… … I didn’t know Iniya could do it… … .”

Siris shook her head and muttered as if she was talking to herself. Every time, Iniya’s complexion becomes a little pale. Suddenly, Siris looked at Iniya with a suspicious expression.

“Well, you were really just ‘acting clumsy’, right? Mr. Iniya? “You’re really not ‘clumsy’?”

Iniya’s complexion became increasingly hard. Siris leaned on the bed and spoke in a skeptical tone.

“Well, that can’t be possible. There is only one person who cooks such amazing dishes. It can’t be possible… … .”

Iniya turned her head. And he was sure.

‘That bitch, you noticed!’

Iniya quickly changed the topic.

“Well, now that I think about it, the date has come. “Today, right?”

Siris also changed her expression to serious and looked out the barred window. She thought quietly.

“Yes, today.”

Then, one by one, the other elf women in the dorm stood up. The elf women approached Siris and Iniya with earnest expressions.

“Um, can we really be free?”

“Are you really going to save us from the Kingdom of Antares?”

“Do I not have to live like this as a slave?”

Iniya nodded confidently.

“Of course, compatriots. “You will be saved soon.”

Although it has been ruined a lot recently, Iniya is the leader who has led the Styria clan for several decades. Her voice definitely has the authority of a leader.

A light of hope flashes across the faces of the elf women. Everyone tries not to show their joy and looks excited.

Seeing that, Siris was once again amazed.

It is completely different from the people she has saved so far. She is completely different from those who did not understand that she was not a slave even after arriving in the country of Antares.

Although they were living as slaves, they were already dreaming of freedom.

‘That’s amazing. Is it really as you said, Carol?’

☆ ☆ ☆

Carol explained.

“Those currently living as slaves are so accustomed to the system. “In order to get their cooperation, we first need to awaken their consciousness.”

Thanks to past experience, Leffenhardt and his party now knew it well. Simply destroying the auction house, breaking the shackles, and shouting, ‘Now you are free!’ does not mean that the slaves will immediately respond.

In order to infiltrate the interior and cause the slaves to revolt, they must first be able to question their current lives and feel freedom.

“In the case of dwarves, we can expect an internal response. Due to the nature of dwarves, who only have value as slaves in a village, they have relatively preserved their culture intact. There are also many traditions passed down by word of mouth. “The dwarves are at least aware that they should be free people to begin with, and that although they are currently slaves, they should one day find freedom.”

The same was true for the trolls held captive by the Alchemist’s Guild. Since they had been living freely from the beginning but were now captured, they naturally could not have realized that they were slaves.

“The problem is still the orcs and elves.”

It is no exaggeration to call the slave traders of the Chatan Principality experts in the slave trade. This means that they are masters of turning non-slaves into slaves. Their training methods and mental education are harsh enough to make even freely living humans who are not members of a different race think that they were originally slaves.

“The orc gladiators still had the pride of warriors, so they followed Sir Tashid’s words. And to the extent that its wildness has been preserved, it also knows how to be angry. But agricultural orcs and elves are very different.”

They took it for granted that they were slaves. People are governed by their environment. The whole world around them claims that they are slaves, so they cannot even imagine themselves as non-slaves.

“So, I did some preliminary work.”

That method was a bit absurd to Repenhardt and Siris. Siris couldn’t believe his ears and asked again.

“A children’s book?”

“Yes, Miss Siris. “It’s a children’s book.”

“That storybook that children read?”

Carol smiled triumphantly.

“Of course, it’s not just a children’s book. “The old tales and stories that have now been corrupted were converted into original versions as we heard them from other tribes and distributed.”

Siris was already well aware that existing folk tales and fairy tales had become human-centered. But I’m not sure what it means to change it to the original.

Carol continued, looking at Siris who looked puzzled.

“It may not seem like a big deal, but it actually has quite an impact.”

What Carol distributed was the source of all fairy tales, the original story in which different races were active.

“It’s a story we all already know, but in fact, there was something awkward about the fairy tale books of the past. “I also had doubts when I heard the story when I was young.”

The seven children who guarded the sleeping princess became dwarves. To be honest, it doesn’t make sense for young children to dig rocks in mines and live among themselves. However, if you turn her into a human adult, it doesn’t make sense for the princess to sleep in seven beds close together.

However, if you are a dwarf, the whole story becomes more understandable. It makes sense if a beautiful spiritist also becomes an elf. There would be nothing awkward about a story about a brave warrior who recovers after a single night’s sleep after suffering an injury that resulted in the amputation of a limb, if the main character were a troll. The story of barbarians who only worship muscles becomes much easier to understand when you become an orc.

“Nobody cares about children’s books. Actually, you didn’t even care, did you? “Fairy tales are only for children.”

“But does it work?”

“It works for elves. “It’s adults who tell children fairy tales.”

Most elves are used as maids or wraths. They are also used as nannies to look after children.

That is why elves must work hard to memorize fairy tales to tell to children. This is because you can soothe the children and put them to sleep.

“These children’s books have already been distributed throughout Zeppelin’s elf slave auction house. Of course, in case people thought it was suspicious, I inserted it into children’s books with cows singing and donkeys playing the violin.”

There is no difference between personifying livestock or slaves. As expected, it is considered childish as it is a children’s book. This is the modern human mindset.

“Of course, humans won’t feel anything if they read it, but… … .”

Carol smiled in remorse.

“It will feel quite different for the parties involved.”


Zeppelin, the continent’s largest commercial city, even called the Night City.

But even if it’s Zeppelin, it’s not like there’s really no night.

Unlike other cities where city functions stop as soon as the sun sets, Zeppelin is bustling with all kinds of merchants and floating people all night long. But even so, after midnight, darkness will definitely cover Zeppelin.

In particular, the narrow alleys between buildings were immersed in pitch-black darkness, so much so that it was impossible to see an inch in front without a torch. Street lights or moonlight are not enough to navigate between the buildings of this complex city.

Between the shadows of complex buildings is a complete blind spot, and even if you only take a few steps, you cannot see what you are doing there. The darkness is so thick that even if someone dies right next to you, you would not notice it unless you heard a scream.

In the deep dawn, Repenhardt, Russ, and Silan were quickly crossing the Zeppelin through the darkness of the alley. A night guard came and went along the main street, and several peddlers who had not yet fallen asleep were wandering around looking for lodgings, but no one could spot them moving about in the dark. Because they were navigating the darkness without the help of any light source.

Repenhardt and Russ have the aura of Auror users, so moving in the dark is not that difficult. But now, even Silan was running naturally through the dark alley as if it were broad daylight, without losing a single step.

Silan suddenly touched the corner of his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

“This magic is really amazing. “I can’t believe you can distinguish things so clearly without turning on the light.”

Reppenhardt had cast a special spell on Silan, who had dark night vision – rather than normal human night vision. Usually, the magic used to illuminate the darkness is limited to the lighting type, but unusually, the magic cast by Repenhardt allows one to see through the darkness itself.

“I know a lot of wizards, but I’ve never heard of magic like this.”

“Infravision originally belonged to the elves, so the concept is not known to human wizards.”

Leppenhardt responded quietly as he ran ahead. Cilan glanced around.

“I think it’s definitely the best magic for secretive actions. “But it’s a bit uncomfortable to see the world all in red.”

“Infrared vision is like that, right? So, I try not to use it during battle as much as possible.”

“… … infrared ray?”

“Understand that you just look at the temperature of the object. “You used an ancient language again.”

“… … “Look at the temperature?”

“Ah, let’s just say it’s good magic, then.”

Laughing slightly, Reppenhardt interrupted. This is not the time to leisurely lecture on magic.

The steps of Reppenhardt and his party, who had been running for a while while hiding in the darkness, gradually slowed down. After passing through the block, we arrived at the main street of Zeppelin.

Hidden in the darkness of the alley, Russ scanned the main street.

“There are limits to moving secretly, brother.”

The large palace vaguely visible on the other side of the street was the Chatan Royal Palace. We left Beukmun Street, crossed the commercial street, and arrived at Noble Street.

Unlike the North Gate or the commercial street, which was littered with complex buildings, the area near the royal palace was thoroughly planned.

There are no narrow alleys in the streets of large, luxurious mansions. All streets are clearly at street level. There is no darkness to hide in. All views are clearly visible and blind spots are never tolerated.

Reppenhardt carefully looked around the palace street.

“As expected, security is strict from here on.”

As it was the place where the capital of a country was located, security and security were not even comparable to the North Gate Street they passed through. Heavily armed soldiers were patrolling the perimeter in pairs of three on each road, and guards were standing guard at fixed locations at each intersection, as if they were determined to prevent any possible miscreants from entering the area.

Although they were all equipped with heavy equipment, they seemed to be equipped with some degree of magic equipment as well. Only elite troops were deployed to guard the area near the royal castle.

When I compare it to the North Gate security guard just 5 minutes before the opening, I can feel the gap is quite serious.

Silan suddenly clicked his tongue.

“If only one-tenth of those troops had been taken out and deployed to another area, Zeppelin security would have been twice as good.”

“Instead, the security of this area would have been a little compromised. “Isn’t it natural for those who have money to do something to increase the security of their own homes rather than double the security of those who don’t?”

Reppenhardt responded in a calm tone and winked at Russ.

The sneaking approach ends here.

From now on, the use of force is necessary.

Russ nodded and relaxed his hands.

“Shall we go right away, brother?”

Reppenhardt shook his head to dissuade him.

“yet. “When they fall, a signal is automatically sent.”

Among the magic tools they were wearing, there was one that linked with the guard’s consciousness to send a signal if something went wrong, in case they collapsed before the guard could contact them. Russ was able to understand right away because castles in other countries had similar security systems in place.

“It’s a modified alarm spell. “Then how?”

“I will handle it.”

Reppenhardt raised his right hand and slowly began to make a hand sign. Cilan asked, puzzled.

“You want to use magic? If it were the capital of a country, there would have been a search barrier set up for the use of magic, right? “Wouldn’t it get caught?”

To prevent assassinations by magic, it is essential to install a barrier in every castle to detect the use of magic. As a high-ranking priest, Silan knew this very well. Chatan Royal Palace is no exception.

But Reppenhardt didn’t look worried at all.

“I won’t get caught.”

After completing the hand-sign signing, Reppenhardt quietly prepared a speech. Cilan pouted his lips.

“You feel confident.”

Cilan now knows well that Repenhardt has as much knowledge of magic as he does an Auror, so it doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe it. but… … .

“Aren’t you just pretending to be proud and causing trouble again?”

It must have been once or twice that something happened while that person was showing off? Reppenhardt was moved to tears for a moment when he saw Silan giving him a suspicious look.

‘After all this, I was once a 10th circle archmage who shook the continent!’

At the same time, I quietly review the situation.

‘… … But aside from that, there have actually been a lot of mistakes along the way, right? Well, let’s take a look again.’

After a moment, Reppenhardt nodded again.

“Yes, I’m sure. “It won’t get caught.”

An invisible magic field began to rise secretly like fog over Reppenhardt’s whole body. It was an interference magic field that disrupted the flow of magic power.

If the method is to blatantly block the flow, something will be noticed when communication is cut off. However, the method used by Reppenhardt now was to insert a junk signal in the middle, strictly in line with the magic style of the Chatan Royal Palace. This is a technique that can only be done by knowing the magic barrier installed in this area, so it would be impossible even for a decent archmage… … .

‘Even though it’s a continent, there’s no magic barrier that I don’t know about.’

He had already collected information about all royal castles in his previous life. Besides, it was something he had done once in his previous life.

‘Of course, at that time, the entire Zeppelin was covered with an interference magic field, but now magic power is useless.’

Still, covering a radius of about 10 meters was not a problem.

The magic field is slowly encroaching on the main road in front of the castle. The guards standing guard did not feel anything and just looked at their guard area with stern faces. They were clearly elite soldiers and had solid military discipline, but they were not wizards and only used magic tools. Interfering magic fields cannot be detected.

Leffenhardt winked.

“Let’s go, Russ.”

“Yes, brother!”

The two men ran out of the alley like leopards. Two men covered in black robes cross the street in one fell swoop. Watching them narrow the distance by about 10 meters with each step, the guards and sentries turned their faces and pointed their spears.

“W-Who are you?”

“Reveal your identity!”

Even though they were surprised, the three-person security team responded quickly. The two immediately went on the offensive toward the attacker, and as practiced, the remaining one reached into his chest to set off a communication firework.

But the two of them were much faster than him.


With a short breath, Russ had already reached the guard’s nose and threw a light punch. It was a punch closer to a simple jab, but if it was the regime of an Auror user, it would be a different story. With one blow, the guard’s consciousness was blown away.

‘Turn it off… … .’

Afterwards, Russ silenced the rest of the guards with a series of elbow strikes and kicks. And when I looked to the side, I saw that Reppenhardt was already politely laying the unconscious sentries down on the wall of the guard post. In that short period of time, all six guards and sentries fell.

Clearly, these guards were the elite of the elite. We were alert, never let our guard down, and reacted quickly to sudden surprise attacks. Compared to the local security guards who sleep with spears on a bad day, it can be said that they are truly professional.

But even so, it is of no use in the face of absolute skill difference. Because there is such a wall between Auror users and ordinary soldiers.

Neutralizing the surveillance, Leppenhardt and his party advanced toward the capital. After repeating similar actions a couple of times, I was able to reach the foot of the walls of the large Chatan Royal Palace.

Russ muttered as he looked up at the high castle walls.

“You managed to get here according to plan.”

Silan likewise raised his head and answered.

“The problem starts here.”

From here, head to Chatan Wangseong Main Station.

From here on, the strength of the border takes on a different level. Not only is there a powerful magic protection net installed with various magic tools to prepare for Auror users, but the famous Auror user of the Chatan Principality, Sir Clatt, the Commander of the Royal Knights, also resides here.

Russ frowned with a stern look on his face.

“No matter how much you or I do, it is impossible for us to enter here without using aurors.”

Russ and Cilan looked at Reppenhardt at the same time. That was all they heard about the operation. I was told that if I progressed to this point, the rest would be on my own.

Reppenhardt smiled, looking directly at the curious eyes.

“I have no intention of entering. “After all, all I want is chaos.”

Reppenhardt took out three fist-sized stone statues from his arms. He holds it in his hand and smiles.

“No matter how powerful the barrier or the spirit of an Auror user is, there’s no way to stop them from just throwing stones, right?”

After aiming beyond the castle wall, Reppenhardt threw the statue.

Whi profit!

With the sound of the wind blowing, the stone statue easily climbed over the high castle wall. With Jim Unbreakable’s formidable body, throwing this much would be no problem.

“It flies well.”

Smirking, Reppenhardt threw the remaining two statues. As expected, the stone statue, cutting through the wind, climbs over the castle wall and disappears beyond the darkness.

Cilan asked, his eyes shining.

“What on earth is that?”

There was no need for Leffenhardt to give an answer. Because I was able to get an answer right away. Not in Reppenhardt, but in the grand garden of the royal palace beyond the castle walls.


A loud shout is heard along with heavy drinking.

“Kra la la la!”

Thanks to their previous experience, both Russ and Silan understood it right away. It was a cry I had heard so familiarly in places like dungeons, so I couldn’t recognize it.

That was the cry of an angry demon.

☆ ☆ ☆

The Chatan Royal Palace, which had been engulfed in silence, was turned upside down.

In the spacious, beautiful palace garden, a terrible roar erupts from there.


The main character of the roar was Sepiatan, an archdemon who looked like a black lion with the upper body of a giant. Sepia Bullet spits out flames in anger as he swings his huge blade left and right. A river of flames cuts through the garden, casting a thick wall of smoke.

It was like a lightning strike to the Royal Guards, who had been asleep for a while.

“What is going on?”

“Ah, it’s the devil!”

No matter how well-trained the soldiers were, they could not help but be embarrassed by such a sudden situation as they were human. The commanders were hurriedly trying to command their troops, but it was shocking that even the commanders themselves were not even properly armed.

Moreover, it was not just a metaphor, but real lightning was falling.


Near the garden where Sepiatan appeared, another demon was rampaging there. Jetharel, an otherworldly demon in the shape of a giant blue lizard, was enjoying a feast of destruction by spraying thunderbolts everywhere.



Every time there is a roar, there is a thunder. And every time, blue lightning passes through the air and strikes various parts of the castle.

Through the flashing lights, Fiend, a red-bodied demon with bat-like wings, was attacking people with a great sword. Every time the sword was swung, red blood splashed out.


Bursting with joyous laughter, the three demons trampled the Chatan Palace to their heart’s content.

As demons from another world, they had to experience the humiliation of being sealed in a small stone statue. Because he has been trapped for so long, his intelligence and reason as a high-ranking devil have long since disappeared. Their anger at being alive is the only driving force that drives them. It targets all humans in sight and wields its power of destruction mercilessly.


“Save people!”

The royal servants screamed and ran away, and among them, the soldiers screamed. Flames soar and the earth shakes.

The Chatan Royal Palace Knights, who belatedly appeared armed, and their leader, Lord Klatt, looked at the three demons and was trembled with indignation.

“Where on earth do such devils come from?”

Sir Claat frowned as he drew his sword. I couldn’t understand the situation at all.

The method of summoning a demon can only be done by a high-ranking wizard of at least the 7th circle. Especially if it’s a great evil of that level, you have to be an archmage to be able to summon it.

‘But even three entities?’

Moreover, if a magic circle capable of summoning a demon was formed in this place protected by a strong barrier, there was no way an alarm would not go off.

‘What on earth did they do?’

Anyway, I can’t just sit still like this. Sir Claat soared his sword into the air.


A dazzling red aura tears through the darkness of the night.

Sir Klatt jumped.

“go away! “You shameless devil!”

The afterglow of the auror lights up the night sky. Sir Claat’s entire body narrowed the space and rushed towards the large red demon, Fiend.

Fiend, who had just been throwing sword strikes left and right, turned his head as if he felt alarmed.


Fiend let out a cry. The devil’s greatsword extended towards Klatt, engulfed in flames.

Clat stretched out his hand in the air and sent out a shock wave. He condensed the aura and exploded it, releasing the ripples.


With an explosion, all the flames engulfed in the sword were blown away. At the same time, Klat twisted his body in the air due to the recoil of the shock wave. The devil’s great sword misses Klatt and flies out into the air.

At that moment, Klatt adjusted his grip on his sword and unleashed a secret attack.

“Blood Rain!”

Dozens of slashes spread out across Fiend’s entire body. As the name Rain of Blood suggests, red aura turns into a shower and hits hard. The rough red skin was torn and blue blood spurted out, proving that it belonged to the devil.


Feeling the pain, Fiend stepped back frantically. The other two demons seemed to be startled by Fiend’s scream, so they stopped killing for a moment and turned to look at Klatt. Taking advantage of the momentary lull, Clatt shouted.

“Royal Guard! Get in line! The 1st Battalion evacuates the royal family, and the 2nd Battalion leads the soldiers! “The 3rd Battalion, follow me!”

The movements of the knights and soldiers, who had been shaking due to Sir Klatt’s firm shout, stabilized. Even though everyone was frantic, they started moving according to the command.

☆ ☆ ☆

Reppenhardt and his party were hiding on top of the castle wall, watching the situation in the garden. Silan muttered as he looked at the rampaging demons.

“oh my god… … “Where did you get that again?”

Silan had also heard rumors that sometimes, among ancient objects, there were artifacts in which demons from the other world were sealed. However, it is so incredibly rare that even professional dungeon explorers can hardly come across it once in their lifetime.

“Where? Do we have one or two dungeons to turn?”

“Oh, well… … .”

Silan was immediately convinced. When I thought about it, the number of dungeons I had cleared out with Reppenhardt so far was in the dozens. This is actually more than the number of dungeons that a dozen professional dungeon explorers will run in their lifetime. It was so ignorant that it wasn’t there, so it was strange that it wasn’t there.

“It was uncontrollable and too dangerous to be sold, but it was put to good use.”

Muttering under his breath, Reppenhardt continued to observe the situation.

In the beginning, the royal knights were being trampled like crazy, but after Lord Klatt entered the war, they quickly reorganized their ranks and steadily blocked the demons.

‘Phew, but Sir Clatt’s reputation was not in vain.’

Leffenhardt sighed.

Even though it was a devastation caused by his own hands, he did not wish for unnecessary sacrifices. All he wants is to keep them in the palace for a while.

In that sense, Lord Klatt fully lived up to Leffenhardt’s expectations.

‘As expected, Chatan’s only knight.’

There is a saying that proper knights do not go to the Principality of Chatan. This means that the knights of the Principality of Chatan are a mess.

There is a widespread prejudice in the world that the knights of Chatan are those who prioritize practicality over knightly pride or honor, and only seek out better magic swords or barding than their own skills. In fact, this was not a prejudice, but 100% true. In the first place, the national character of the Principality of Chatan itself is like that, so what difference is there in being a knight?

But Lord Clatt was different.

He knew the honor and pride of being a knight, and was a person who reached the level of an Auror user with pure skill without borrowing the power of magic tools. Is this living proof that no matter how rotten a country is, people are born?

Because of his refusal to use magic tools, he could not belong to the magic knights’ Zeppelin Knights and was only the leader of the Chatan Knights. Sir Clatt was acknowledged by everyone as the strongest knight in the principality.

Anyway, thanks to Sir Clatt’s command, the Chatan Knights were calmly dealing with the demons. Of course, the power of the three demons was also formidable, so the battle did not look like it would end easily.

A long game, exactly as Leppenhardt expected.

‘Okay, this will keep me occupied for a while.’

Fiend, who was dealing with the Chatan Knights, trembled with anger and unleashed his entire body’s magic.


The released magical energy became a huge pillar of fire, coloring the sky above the Chatan Royal Palace red. It was a huge pillar of fire that anyone who opened their eyes could not help but see, no matter where they were in Zeppelin city.

Leffenhardt winked at Russ and Cilan.

“The signal flare went up. “Let’s move quickly.”

Russ let out a laugh.

“A signal flare can be flashy.”

Leppenhardt grinned as he jumped off the castle wall.

“It’s good. I’m sure no one would think that something so grandiose is a signal.”


It is clear that slaves are goods of considerable value.

Nevertheless, it is also true that the object of theft that is most avoided by thieves and robbers is slaves.

It is not as small in volume as gold or jewels, and because it has feet, it is much more difficult to transport and store it because you never know when it might run away. Moreover, even if you manage to capture it properly and sell it for the full price, since it has a mouth, your information can be leaked right away.

For example, ‘I was originally a slave somewhere, but those people stole it.’

If you’re going to take the risk of stealing, there’s no way anyone would think of stealing slaves from a slave auction house when there are easier targets out there.

Thanks to this, the security posture of ‘Odran’, an Orc specialized slave auction house located in the western district of Zeppelin, was truly succinct.

No, in fact, Odran’s security posture was ironclad. Odran’s treasury and the residence of his master’s family.

However, the auction house owner of Odran did not invest labor costs, including the cost of the lodgings where the orc slaves were stored. It is unthinkable that agricultural orcs, who are not fierce orc gladiators, would dare to run away.

So Dinod, a young man in his 20s who was in charge of security at the Orc slave quarters, felt no warning until the door to the quarters opened right in front of him.


The wooden door, which had apparently been locked with a thick lock, slid open and several orc slaves peeked out. Dinod clicked his tongue and gestured with his hands.

“Oh my, is the lock broken? You guys! Why are you snooping outside? Why don’t you just go in and sleep? “What did you see?”

When I thought about it, it was nice to see the sights. The sky over Zeppelin City, which should have been dark, was shining hazyly above.

‘It’s near the royal palace… … ‘What’s going on?’

While I was absentmindedly thinking about something else, instead of going in, the orcs started approaching Dinod. Dinod frowned as he looked at the orcs that were slowly approaching.

“Ah, you idiots. Can’t you understand what I’m saying? They turn a blind eye because it’s me, but if someone else sees it, it’ll be a big problem! “Go in!”

Dinod waved his hand and signaled the slaves to go inside. Then, Dinod suddenly felt awkward.


One of the orc slaves leading the way was smiling. No, not only do you smile, but you even open your mouth calmly.

“This guy still has a good heart.”

Another orc man standing behind nodded.

“He was a good friend. “It was a lot.”

The conversation was in Orcish, so I couldn’t understand it, but at least it wasn’t the attitude the slaves would show. Only then did Dinod become alert and adjust his spear.

“uh? “What is it?”

At that moment, Dinod lost consciousness as he felt something covering his eyes. It was the thick fist of the orc who took the lead.


Zalkato, the orc who took the lead, quickly helped the guard who fell down with a nosebleed accompanied by a dull sound.

“Young car! “This guy has a good mentality, so you can just let him pass out like this.”

Another orc standing behind made a gesture.

“Everyone come out!”

A group of orcs quietly appeared from the lodgings, keeping an eye on me. They were all Orcs with clearly frightened expressions on their faces.

Similar situations were happening not only in these places but also in other accommodations. Breaking down the door from inside the inn, taking down the clumsy security guard, numerous orcs cautiously walk out of the inn, looking around.

“Can I go out?” … .”

“If I keep doing this, I’m going to get scolded…” … .”

“It hurts to be scolded… … .”

“I don’t like being sick… … .”

Most of them were scared and cowering, and their faces did not show much desire to escape. But the orcs leading them were different. The orcs in the lead shouted, their eyes wide with ferocious expressions.

“Follow me!”

“What are you afraid of!”

“Are you going to keep living here like this?”

When the leading Orcs shouted, only then did anger appear on their faces instead of fear. As they recall the abuse and pain they have endured, a strong will appears on their once simple faces.

“I-I’m going!”

“I’m coming too!”

“I can’t live like this!”

Although the other groups are afraid, they calmly begin to follow the lead.

Zalkato smiled bitterly.

‘It is indeed as Lord Carl said.’

☆ ☆ ☆

Carol explained.

“It is said that preliminary work was done with children’s books, etc., but it is better not to expect that all slaves will be aware of their situation. Especially the orcs.”

Elves are basically smart. Moreover, due to their use as slaves, their heads tend to be bald compared to agricultural orcs.

Elves are mainly used as maids or servants, and are used to interact directly with humans and assist them. Although they may not be as good as the dwarves gathered in tribes, they have received some basic education compared to the orcs who simply do repetitive tasks.

“So I’ve done other work as well.”

Carol touched the document and continued speaking.

“The atmosphere in the Principality of Chatan has changed a lot because of the rumors about the County of Antares. I guess it was because the slaves were worried that they would be fooled. That’s why they say they are treating slaves even harsher.”

Leffenhardt asked with a laugh.

“Wouldn’t that only increase antipathy?”

“Yes. However, that does not mean that slave owners can treat their slaves gently. “Being gentle doesn’t make slaves more loyal.”

If you treat slaves gently, pay more attention to their welfare, and make their lives better, will their loyalty increase?

The answer is no.

Of course, some slaves may be thrilled and loyal. However, the judgment that all slaves would be like that is too naive and ignorant of the world.

“If that had been the case, the Principality of Chatan would not have reigned as the mecca of the slave trade market until now.”

Slaves are creatures that cannot help but be treated unreasonably. No matter how gentle and merciful they are, a slave cannot be truly grateful and loyal to his master. Rather, when he questioned his situation as a slave, he harbored doubts.

“It’s a bit different from the mindset that the better you do, the better you will rise. Since the life of a slave is unreasonable in the first place, there is no use in trying to loosen the shackles. And the Principality of Chatan is well aware of that fact.”

I’m not doing this because I don’t know that being harsh about the Principality of Chatan will cause resentment. But since slavery itself is contradictory, they have no choice.

Pursuing a free life is the nature of life, and the only way to maintain slavery is to make people feel fear by threatening their larger nature, ‘survival’.

“Thanks to this, the slaves of the Principality of Chatan are now quite antipathetic.”

Humans are beings that adapt to their environment.

It is also a being that has difficulty adapting to a changed environment.

This fact is not much different whether you are a human or a different race.

“The current slaves have already adapted to their lives. To us, it seems like a very harsh life, but to them, it’s just an ordinary day. But what if that ordinary day becomes even harsher? “From our perspective, it may seem like a harsh life, but for slaves, the pain they feel in life is completely different.”

Surviving each day on three loaves of hard bread is a life that is too harsh for the average person. So they think simply. Even if they give you two instead of three loaves of hard bread, it’s still harsh anyway.

However, it is different from the perspective of the victim.

For them, losing a loaf of hard bread means invading their normal daily lives. And only then do I think.

I can’t live like this!

“If everything goes on like this, the slaves will eventually adapt to their changed daily lives again. And you will think that it is your life. But not now. “Even ordinary slaves would be dissatisfied with their lives by now.”

Reppenhardt clicked his tongue as he looked at Carol, who was grinning. So what I mean is… … .

“You deliberately manipulated Zeppelin slaves into being harsh?”

“It wasn’t that difficult. In the first place, that was the only option for slave owners. I was just manipulating people to slightly inflame the slave owners’ anxiety. If it’s going to happen anyway, wouldn’t it be better to happen when the timing is favorable for this side?”

In other words, doesn’t this mean that thanks to Carol’s actions, Zeppelin’s slaves were treated more harshly than usual? Well, ultimately, it’s to rescue them, so I can’t really say anything about it.

“… … I didn’t see it that way, but you, Carol, are secretly vicious… … .”

Karl scratched the back of his head when he heard Reppenhardt say he was shocked.

“This is just the level of royal culture… … .”

Yes. Clearly, Karl possesses a good and just character, but he is also someone who was born into royalty and has learned the art of kings. It wasn’t that Carol had any bad feelings, it was just that behind-the-scenes work like that wasn’t much of a trick from Carol’s perspective.

“Anyway, at this time, even Orc slaves who have lost their wild nature will respond to our movement to some extent. “Unlike before.”

After calculating something for a moment, Carol came up with a number.

“It is expected that at least 10 percent will actively participate in the uprising.”

“Even after doing that, only 10%?”

Carol chuckled as she looked at Reppenhardt’s disappointment.

“There is no way that people who have been brainwashed their whole lives can have the determination to get rid of everything just because their lives have become difficult for a few months, right? And the 10 percent I mentioned is only positive response. If you passively respond and do not come forward or actively oppose it, you will easily get a majority. “Because the life of a slave cannot be active in the first place.”

“At least we can create an atmosphere of following the trend.”

“Yes, ultimately what matters is the leader. When people gather, they are naturally divided into those who lead and those who follow. Until now, the leader was the slave owner. “But now it’s a little different.”

Carol concluded her words firmly.

“If the 90 percent respond passively, the remaining 10 percent will definitely follow suit.”

☆ ☆ ☆

Hundreds of orcs were running through the square in front of the hotel. Most of them were powerless orcs who lived as slaves, but those who led them were different.

“Do you want to become a true orc!”

“Do you want to become a true warrior?”

“Then run!”

These orcs, who encouraged and shouted like shepherds herding sheep, were not all slaves. They were warriors from the Blue Bear tribe who had infiltrated the auction house in advance according to Carol’s strategy.

No matter how deep the night is, there is no way that such a large number of people are moving around without being noticed. The troops inside the auction house who were standing guard elsewhere were startled and came running towards them, heavily armed.


“Are these guys crazy as a group? “Why are they like that?”

“Have you got a stroke?”

About 30 soldiers heavily armed with swords, shields, and armor looked at each other in confusion when they spotted the orcs running from the other side of the front yard. A middle-aged man who appeared to be a captain shouted.

“You guys! “Why can’t I stand there right now?”

No matter how outnumbered they were, those orcs were just a bunch of slaves who were always treated as insignificant. Moreover, while they were heavily armed from head to toe, weren’t they in a situation where their private parts were barely covered with old cloth? So the captain had no doubt that they would obey his orders.

However, somehow the orcs’ advance did not stop.

Those guys with bare hands, bare feet, and not even carrying a toothpick, let alone a weapon, keep running towards them without any sign of fear.

“If you don’t stop right now, you’ll get a taste of my sword!”

To scare them, the captain pulled out his long sword. At that moment, the leading orc, Zalkato, stretched out his hands in the air and shouted.

“Come, my ally!”


A cold sound split the night sky.

A dazzling silver circle flies in an arc over the high wall of the auction house. A flash of silver was instantly caught in Zalkato’s grasp.

They were two brilliantly shining white swords. The soldiers shouted in astonishment.


“Did the weapon fly by itself?”

“Is it even glowing?”

That strange phenomenon is no longer unfamiliar to humans on the continent. Although I haven’t seen it in person, I’ve heard enough about it through rumors.

The captain shouted in astonishment.

“What about that hex? “It’s Antares Orc!”

The Crovence Civil War and the County of Antares are now so widely known that rumors have spread even among slaves of other races.

“Ugh… … .”

A look of fear appeared on the soldiers’ faces.

Those new breed(?) orcs named Antares orcs are such formidable monsters that one can easily take on five or six famous knights. A completely different entity from the commonly known orcs. Zeppelin was not an opponent of the gangsters or gangsters in the city.

Still, as befits a commander, the captain was the first to come to his senses.

“Calm down! Even the Antares Orc is just one guy! “Nothing!”

It was then.

The dozen orcs who followed Zalkato raised their hands in unison.


“My ally!”

“My sword, my friend!”

More than a dozen flashes of light flew over the fence again. A wave of soft flashes of light illuminated the night sky, and in the midst of it, Zalkato raised his sword and shouted loudly.

“Cut them all down!”


The orcs of the Blue Bear tribe, who were at the forefront, attacked the troops like wild beasts.

The sword and shield clashed and sparks flew. Blood and screams burst out one after another amidst the loud metal sounds.

Although they were only carrying weapons and still not wearing any armor, their movements were not at a level that soldiers could dare to follow. The best of the Blue Bear Clan, sword and ??


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