The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 27

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Chapter 26 Silver Assassin


Hundargad, a fortress castle in the central part of the Cetas Barony.

A handsome middle-aged man was slamming the table and venting his anger.

“After all, they even passed through Nedas Canyon!”

Lord Garland, who was prostrate in front, bowed his head and answered.

“I’m sorry, Baron Chetas. Because we don’t have enough strength… … .”

Unable to control his anger, Baron Chetas clenched his fists. And he became angry and swore.

“Leppenhardt! That damn bastard! “This was a regular tactic in the first place!”

If you think about it, it was like this during the Crovence Civil War. He suddenly appeared in Yubel’s army, which was being pushed back, and imposed coercive conditions without giving him any choice, eventually establishing his own country. He is doing the same thing this time too.

“Taking advantage of other people’s misfortune for one’s own gain, doesn’t the King of Powers even know the duties of a knight?”

It may not seem like something Baron Chetas, the ’cause’ of the misfortune, would say, but it was truly infuriating for him, who had almost won anyway.

The situation was completely changed due to the participation of the Kingdom of Antares in the war. The army of Baron Chetas, who had been on a roll, was destroyed and most of his territory was invaded, forcing them to reach Hundargad.

The Auror user he trusted, Lord Grandiard, was also of no use. When he found out that his opponent was Reppenhardt, he made one excuse or another to buy his body.

Although they were related, Baron Cetas and Sir Grandiard were only second cousins ​​at most. If he was going to deal with the King, he would also have to risk his life, so there was absolutely no reason to go to such lengths to help Baron Chetas.

There were urgent attempts to negotiate, but it was Baron Chetas who first refused to negotiate. Of course he didn’t get eaten either.

“Is he the only one I can trust now…?” … .”

Baron Chetas stood up. He was going to find the only hope he had left.

A gorgeous bedroom located in Hundargad.

A handsome blonde young man was harassing a woman. Her young man let out a lewd voice as he slipped his hand under the hem of her dress and buried his nose in the crook of her neck.

“Your skin is soft, hehehe.”

“Don’t do this.”

The woman cried and tried to push the young man’s hand away. But she stopped gesturing at the words that followed.

“Hehe, your family won’t be safe if you offend my feelings, Lady Baron Guilleette?”

The woman’s resistance quieted down. She bit her lip with a humiliated look on her face. The young man’s hands began to move closer and closer to the woman’s private parts.

“Huh… … .”

Feeling miserable, Guillenette closed her eyes. She was born as the daughter of a noble family and maintained her modesty. The thought of her chastity, which she had cherished so dearly, being taken away by such a scoundrel, brought tears to her eyes.

It was three days ago that this blond-haired young man appeared at Chetas Baron.

Introducing himself as the wizard of the Tower of the Sun, the young man surprisingly boasted that he would defeat King Reppenhardt if he was paid 10,000 gold coins.

Naturally, Baron Chetas did not believe it at first. A man you’ve never heard of suddenly appears and treats the famous King of Power like a bastard and demands a large sum of money. There’s no way you can trust him.

However, this unidentified young man possessed truly terrifying power.

With a simple gesture, thirty knights of Chetas fell at the same time, and the ensuing magic power cut down the huge stone tower of Hundargad like cheese.

Baron Chetas, seeing that enormous power, immediately changed his face. He greeted the young man politely and treated him as the most honored guest.

But this young man was truly an asshole.

Demanding huge compensation, he sat in the throne of Baron Chetas and behaved as he pleased, harassing the maids and manipulating the servants. The servants were beaten to death even if they spoke back, and the maids with fair faces were dragged straight to the bed.

Since the family’s safety was at stake, there was no one who could stop him as Anhamuinro. And now even his Baroness, Guilleette, has started to get involved.

“Tsk tsk tsk, well-bred bitches smell different from lowly things.”

The young man, smiling sinisterly, was about to undo Guillenette’s clothes.

Someone knocked on the door outside. Next, the servant’s voice was heard.

“Jade, Baron Chetas has arrived.”

“Tch, the atmosphere is so good, but you’re hitting the candles… … .”

Soon the door opened and Baron Chetas came inside. Guilleette hurried out of the room, covering his chest. The Baron’s expression hardened as he saw his daughter running away sobbing.

‘Did you dare to attack my daughter?’

But what’s disappointing now is the Baron. He clenched his fists, holding back the scream that was about to escape. And he shouted in an urgent voice.

“Wizard Jade! “King Gwon is finally coming here!”

Jade looked away, twisting her golden hair with her fingers.

“is it? “Then I guess we should hurry up and collect 30,000 gold coins?”

Seeing his calm attitude, Baron Chetas gritted his teeth and gestured behind his back. Two servants entered the room, whining and carrying two wooden chests.

cried the Baron, pointing to the chest.

“Now, this is the gold you wanted!”

The chest was full of yellow gold coins. Jade brightened her eyes.

“Hoo? Have you already collected it? They say Baron Chetas is a wealthy man… … .”

The Baron asked as if he wanted to receive a promise.

“Is it really possible to defeat King Reppenhardt?”

Thirty thousand gold coins was not a small amount of money even for the famously wealthy Baron Chetas. This is a huge amount of money, equivalent to several years’ worth of budget. I was able to raise money by mobilizing all my cash and selling my art and jewelry.

But if I could really kill the King with this, it wouldn’t be a waste. If we lose this war anyway, won’t we lose everything?

“of course.”

Nodding calmly, Jade answered confidently.

“He is nothing before the great power of magic.”

Two servants placed the chest next to Jade and stepped back. Baron Chetas spoke again as he left the room.

“The enemy will reach Hundargad by tomorrow. “Except for King Kwon and Shinwol’s swordsman, the rest are a ragtag bunch, so I hope you take care of them!”

“Leave it to me.”

Then, as if relieved, Baron Chetas left the room. When the Baron’s appearance disappeared, Jade took out a small emblem. He shrugged his shoulders as he touched the silver emblem with various divine beasts elaborately crafted between the giant trees.

“He’s a bastard who has to be killed anyway because of orders… … .”

I put the emblem back in my pocket and this time took out a small pouch. It was a relic of the Silver Age, an infinite pouch. Jade laughed as she put all the gold coins in the chest into it.

“Now that you have identified your weaknesses, enjoy what you enjoy and take care of what you need to take care of. “Hehehe.”

☆ ☆ ☆

The Antares-Galin combined forces crossed the Nedas Gorge and reached Hundargad, the capital of Baron Chetas, in one day. The Allied forces, who had established a position, immediately surrounded the castle and launched an all-out offensive. Archers fired arrows at the castle one after another, and catapults fired rocks at the castle walls one after another.


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“First round, fire!”

Hehehe… … .


A huge rock struck the walls of Hundargad, shaking the earth. The commander, Gallin’s knight, Grosten, shouted again.

“Second round, fire!”

This time, perhaps because the angle was a little high, the catapulted rock hit the troops above the castle wall. The soldiers crushed by the rocks screamed and died.

In the meantime, soldiers carrying ladders and hook ropes rushed to the bottom of the castle wall and prepared to climb up. Hundargaard’s soldiers also counterattacked hard, cutting ropes and pouring boiling oil on them.

It was truly a full-scale siege that had already surpassed the level of a territory battle.

In the first place, territory wars do not go to extreme situations like this. When the outcome is somewhat divided, the king or a high-ranking noble will intervene, and the losing side will pay an appropriate amount of compensation and end the battle.

But this time things were different.

It was a war that was started from the beginning, ignoring even the king’s mediation. There is a troubling sin, and there is no way that Yubel II will intervene now.

And Baron Chetas launched an all-out war with the intention of completely annihilating Baron Galin. He cruelly trampled not only the knights but also the citizens of Galin’s territory. The stage for mediation has already passed.

Now that we’ve come this far, this war will never end before one of the two families disappears from the map.

Sir Grosten shouted, encouraging the soldiers.

“attack! Attack!”


A rain of arrows continued to cover the sky of Hundargad. Catapults continuously hurled rocks at the castle walls.

Reppenhardt nodded, standing next to the catapult and looking at the battlefield.

“Hmm, everyone is doing well.”

Unlike usual, where he was always at the forefront, he was now just watching the situation from behind.

No matter how much of an alliance it is, the subject of this war is clearly the Baron. At least they should drive in the final wedge. If Reppenhardt takes the lead up to this point, it is truly a battle between the protagonists and Baron Galin’s reputation.

So this time, only the Siris and Antares knights participated and stayed back like this. Victory was already decided anyway, so I was watching leisurely.

“let’s go! “Knights of Antares!”

In the distance, Lord Asreil was seen climbing the castle wall on a rope, encouraging his subordinates. Other knights followed suit with lights in their eyes.

“The opportunity has finally arrived!”

“This time, let’s show our lord our bravery!”

Since Repenhardt had been at the forefront, the Knights of Antares could only take care of the rear. Everyone was so excited that they were climbing ladders and ropes to attack the castle walls.

A dark object appeared above Asreil’s head as he climbed the castle wall, pulling the rope one after another. It was a pot filled with boiling oil.

Siris, who had just arrived under the castle wall, urgently issued a warning.

“Be careful, Lord Asreil!”

Asleil raised his head and his complexion hardened. Boiling oil was about to pour down on his head. It was time for Asrail to quickly raise his shield to cover his body, risking being burned.

Siris shouted in a sonorous voice.

“My friend, Nymphia! Let it flow for me!”

The water droplets condensed and turned into the shape of a blue woman. When Nymphia, the water spirit, made a gesture with her hand, boiling oil poured into the air and hit the castle walls.

Soldiers covered in oil were shouting evil words.


“Why is this like this?”

“Oh, it’s hot!”

Taking advantage of the lull in the offensive, the knights furiously climbed up the castle wall.

After getting Nymphia, Siris also started climbing the ladder. Although the attack was concentrated, he summoned Sarana, took refuge in the air, and took the lead in traversing the castle wall. As the platinum-haired elf girl appeared on the castle wall, the soldiers cried out in fear.

“I am Shinwol’s swordsman!”

Siris, who was on top of the castle wall, pulled out two scimitars and swung them fiercely. Silver sword light sweeps through the soldiers, forming a whirlpool.

There was no one who did not lose morale in front of the swordsman who cut down the spear knife like a piece of corn. The soldiers started screaming and running in all directions.

“Whoa… … .”

After taking control of the castle wall, it was time for Siris to catch his breath for a moment. Suddenly, a deep voice came from behind me.

“Dem Pir Astarna, bright, come into my hand and become a punisher against the enemy! Luminous Punishment!”

A bold flash of light tore through the air and engulfed her. Surprised, Siris did her somersaults into the air.


A flash of light ripped through the castle walls, leaving a long trail of destruction. The destructive force was so great that part of the castle wall collapsed.

Siris, who had narrowly avoided the attack by launching herself three times in succession, raised her head in surprise. Luminous Punishment is a 7th circle light spell.

‘High-ranking mage of the 7th Circle? Was there anyone of this caliber under Baron Chetas?’

On the other side of the castle wall, a blonde young man who appeared to be in his mid to late 20s smiled at her.

“Shinwol’s swordsman… … “It’s a fitting name for a female elf.”

Siris frowned without realizing it. I don’t know why, but the moment I saw that young man, I instinctively felt uncomfortable and got goosebumps.

“The contract is only with Reppenhardt and him… … .”

The young man raised his right hand and muttered.

“I’ll take care of that as a bonus.”

☆ ☆ ☆

The young man, Jade, lowered his raised right hand and shouted a starter word.

“Mass photon ray!”

Dozens of yellow flashes occupied all sides of Siris and poured down like rain. There is absolutely no place to escape. She shouted urgently, throwing her body behind her.

“Teratus! “Stand up for me!”

A huge earthen giant rose from the shattered castle wall. The summoned Terratus surrounded Siris and received all the flash of light instead. Photon Ray began ruthlessly digging into the Earth Giant’s entire body.

Jade looked slightly surprised.

“What? Stop this? “Is that what elemental magic is?”

In the end, the earth giant blocked all attacks. But in return, his entire body was on the verge of being shattered. This is proof that the destructive power contained in magic is not ordinary. Terratus, losing its strength, eventually collapsed and returned to dust.

Siris, who had barely survived the crisis, stuck out his tongue.

‘It was close. I can’t believe there was such a high-ranking wizard… … .’

Siris raised his awareness and kicked the ground. The best way to deal with a wizard is to not give him time to memorize magic at all!


Charge at the opponent with a burst of spirit. Jade frowned as she watched her rush towards her like a whirlwind.


His hands quickly made a hand sign.

“Air Bomb! Weight distortion!”

The air is compressed and then explodes violently, creating a gust of wind. A gust of wind pushed the charging Siris forward.

Just as Siris, pushed by the wind pressure, was trying to straighten her posture, the weight distortion that followed distorted her sense of weight.


Siris fell to her knees, groaning. It felt like an invisible giant was pressing hard on both of her shoulders. Jade started, pointing at her.

“Ray bind!”

A rope of light is created, entangling Siris’ limbs. Jade had a cruel smile on her lips.

“A bitch who runs wild on her own should be shackled.”

He makes a leisurely hand sign and prepares for the final blow.

“All things, turn to ashes… … .”

It was then. In an instant, Siris straightened her knees and raised her body. She then threw up her arms and broke the rope of her light.


After wrapping his entire body with the elemental power of the earth and regaining his senses, he summoned a sylph and cut the magical rope. Siris, who broke her spell, took her stance and lunged at Jade again.


Embarrassed, Jade hurriedly completed the spell.


A burning red flame filled Siris’s eyes. Her firepower was so strong that her vision seemed distorted.

She also shouted as she crossed her scimitar forward.


The fire giant caught his breath of flame and dispersed heat. A pillar of fire rose high above the castle wall. Due to the high temperature, the surrounding stone melted like butter and took on strange shapes.


The craze blew in all directions. Siris took a step back, covering her face. Jade gritted her teeth as she threw up a barrier to block her wake.

“Do you even block this?”

How can magic be blocked one after another by something like an elf? Jade, her pride hurt, raised her hands and raised her magic power.

“Wind of the North Wind! Become a sword wind and strike my enemy! Prison Blade Storm!”

A blizzard erupted around Jade, and dozens of ice blades appeared. Blades of eerie cold spin and swirl. The surrounding castle walls began to turn white and frozen.

Siris also counterattacked with elemental magic.

“good! Salamander!”

A dozen fire lizards flew through the air and struck a whirlwind of ice blades. A series of loud sounds rang out. For a moment, Siris’ complexion hardened.

‘It doesn’t work?’

The Salamanders were scattering in all directions as they approached the blade. The coldness contained in the ice blade is so strong that it cannot be stopped with the firepower of a Salamander. Siris stepped back, biting her lower lip.

‘damn… … .’

It might work if it’s Ignasis, but Ignasis has exhausted his power trying to block the author’s magic, so he can’t be resummoned right now.


With an eerie cutting sound, a whirlpool of blades rushed towards her entire body. In her haste, Siris swung the scimitar in both her hands and struck down her blade.


Every time, ice congealed on the scimitar. The scimitar’s anticipation disappears and it suddenly becomes heavier. Jade giggled as she looked at Siris who was embarrassed.

“Hehe, this method works really well against swordsmen.”


Siris frowned while holding the heavier scimitar. The ice had stuck so much that it no longer even had the shape of a sword anymore.

‘What should I do?’

She rolled her head in urgency. The tactic of embedding sylphs into the sword and increasing cutting power that had always been used was of no use in the current situation.

The elemental power of fire must be imbued into the sword. However, her spirit control skills are still limited to allowing sylphs to reside.

Siris, who was contemplating, suddenly gritted his teeth.

“Err! “As long as the result is the same, it’s okay!”

she shouted.

“come out! Salamander!”

Once again, a fire lizard was created in the air. Two salamanders, summoned at the call of her spirit friend, the elf, stay by her side, waiting for her commands. Siris suddenly lowered her head towards Salamander.

“Sorry! I’m really sorry!”


It was a time when the fire lizards blinked in confusion. Siris raised her head and stabbed her Salamander’s tail with the scimitars in both hands!


The fire lizards opened their eyes wide. Well, he didn’t actually make a sound, but his expression was so intense. Both Salamanders asked ‘What? ‘What is this?’ With a look on his face, he started to thrash around on the scimitar.

Siris smiled brightly even though she felt sorry.


He skewered the Salamander with a scimitar and forcibly turned it into flames. Holding the fiery scimitar in both her hands, she slashed at the approaching blade of cold.

bang! bang! Quang!

A series of explosions rang out, and the blade of cold shattered and melted. As expected, the Salamander’s firepower was added to the Scimitar, providing sufficient power even in the face of that formidable cold air.

Siris swung his sword one after another and destroyed the ice storm. Of course, in the meantime, I tried to ignore the pitiful struggle of the Salamander who was stuck in the scimitar. Jade opened her mouth wide.

“… … They say elves are friends of spirits? “So he uses elemental magic?”

Even though I don’t know much about elemental magic, it didn’t seem like it was a good idea. Still, you’re friends with spirits? Even if they were slaves, I don’t think they would treat them like that.

“Can you still use spirit magic like that?”

In fact, it was possible because Siris was favored by the World Tree – although it was a bit fraudulent. If an ordinary elf did something like that, their spirit affinity would immediately drop.

While Jade was dumbfounded, Siris crushed all the ice blades. She leapt forward again, holding her fiery scimitar in both her hands. Jade tried to block her approach by using her magic one after another, but each time, the twin swords imbued with the spirit of fire destroyed all the magic.

‘Hey, this is trickier than I thought, isn’t it?’

He continued to step back and use magic. Something touched Jade’s back. It was the embankment of the castle wall.

Siris rushed towards Jade, who had no place to retreat, with a smile of remorse. She raises her scimitar high and unleashes powerful sword strikes.


Flames flicker and two slashes rush overhead. Jade’s complexion hardened. It was then that Siris’ eyes lit up, confident of her victory.



Suddenly, Jade’s figure disappeared before my eyes. Two slashes split the air in vain.


Siris blinked in surprise. Her opponent, who was clearly right in front of her, suddenly disappeared?

A cold voice came from behind me.

“Damn it, you even used Blink boots on something like an elf… … .”

☆ ☆ ☆

Siris turned his head. A few feet away from her, Jade was glaring at her with a frown. The boots he was wearing showed a pattern of light floating on the surface, blinking faintly.

‘That can’t be… … An artifact that moves through space?’

If it was truly an object with power beyond space, it would be an artifact renowned throughout the continent like the Barding Eldrad. With an expression of disbelief on her face, she struck down her scimitar.

“good! Salamander!”

The Salamander stuck in the sword fell out and flew away. Salamander threw her body towards Jade, who had fallen a short distance away. Just as the Salamander is about to hit… … .


Jade disappeared again and the Salamander crashed to the floor and exploded. He suddenly appeared on the left, smiling wryly.

“It’s no use, elf girl.”

It was definitely true.

It was an artifact from the Silver Age that was capable of moving through space, or even through object space.

Siris’ complexion turned pale. How on earth can she stop a high-ranking wizard who can freely move through space and shoot powerful magic?

Moreover, those Blink boots were not the only artifact that Jade had.

“It would be a waste to use it on an elf, but… … .”

Jade held out her hand towards her.

“Now that it’s like this, there’s no reason to save.”

I could see a faint light coming out of the gloves on my hands. Suddenly, an eerie premonition passed through my spine. Her instincts took precedence over her reason, and Siris jumped backwards without realizing it.


Accompanied by an eerie sound, a sharp disc of light flew and passed by the spot where she was standing. At the same time, the top of the thick castle wall was cut and slid down.

Siris looked at the severed castle wall with an astonished face. The cut surface was so smooth that the face could be seen through it. This much cutting power?

‘Magic? ‘Auror?’

Either way, it has tremendous power.

Jade muttered proudly, holding up the glove on her right hand.

“Sword of severance.”


A flash of light erupted from the armor and took the shape of a sword. Siris swallowed her saliva. It was a simple sword-shaped light, but the energy contained within was so strong that cold sweat naturally ran down my back just by looking at it.

“Try to block it with all your might.”

With a cold voice, Jade’s figure disappeared from sight again. After jumping through space and going behind Siris’ back, he immediately swung the sword of light. Siris also quickly turned her body to avoid it, but it was a little late. The hem of her clothes tore and blood splattered.


With a groan, she counterattacked with a slash. But Jade was no longer there. Before she knows it, she turns to the side and swings her sword for her follow-up blow. She’s bleeding again.

Jumping through space continuously, Jade put pressure on Siris without mercy. As she was being pushed around like crazy, more and more wounds appeared all over her body.


Siris’s expression was distorted with pain and humiliation.

The opponent’s swordsmanship or movement itself was nothing special. He is just a wizard who has learned ordinary martial arts. But with that damn space movement, I just can’t catch it. Barely avoiding a fatal blow was the best she could do at the moment.

“Tch, you’re good at avoiding it.”

Jade clicked her tongue as she watched Siris, who was staggering around like a reed, but still managed to protect the vital area. Then she snapped her fingers and activated the magic.

“Hold slow!”

Although it was a low-circle spell, it was enough to suppress movement, even if only briefly. Siris’ movements stopped for a moment.

“It was a bit awkward, but it’s over now.”

Jade fired a disk of light at Siris, who was unable to move. It was the light from the cutting that had split the castle wall just moments ago.


A disk of light flies in, making a strange noise. Siris became impatient and crossed her scimitar to block her path.


The two scimitars shattered with a loud metallic sound. Scattered fragments of flash passed through her entire body. Siris screamed as pain coursed through her body.


The delicate body becomes covered in blood and falls miserably. Siris fell, crawling on the floor and letting out her moans.

I couldn’t move my body. The blood flowing from the entire body dyed the castle walls red.

“Uh, uh… … .”

“Hahaha! “Seeing you crawl like a dog, you look like an elf bitch now!”

Jade, smiling cheerfully, raised her hand and prepared a spell. I wanted to deal with her final blow myself with my own magic. She burst into flames and soon she turned into a huge fireball.

“You thought you had the audacity to block my magic?”

The fireball grows bigger and emits magical heat. The compressed and condensed power of the heat wave trembles as if it might explode at any moment.

A light of fear appeared in Siris’ eyes. Without realizing it, a person’s name burst out of my mind.




Leppenhardt’s eyes widened as he looked at the castle walls. Siris was being pushed around mercilessly by an unidentified wizard. At first, they seemed to be dealing well, but as soon as the wizard started swinging the sword of light, they were immediately cornered and the defeat became more severe.

‘I thought there wouldn’t be much danger, but where did this guy come out?’

Leffenhardt stamped his feet impatiently.

If I had known this would happen, I would not have sent Siris into battle alone. In her heart, she wants to run to her place right now and help her… … .

‘shit! ‘The distance is too far!’

The former Reppenhardt, a great mage of the 10th circle, would have been able to just fly through the air and cover the castle walls in a single bound. However, Fly, the magic of flying in the sky at high speed, was a high-level spell of the 8th circle. All Repenhardt can use now is the simple floating spell of the 5th circle, Levitation.

However, it is obvious that even if you run hard from now on, you will not be able to make it on time.

“Well, it’s urgent… … .”

Reppenhardt urgently looked around. I was wondering if there was some way.

At that time, a huge catapult appeared in his eyes.

“That’s it!”

With his eyes shining, Reppenhardt rushed to the catapult. The knight who was just loading the rock looked puzzled.

“King Kwon?”

“I’ll borrow it for a while!”

Yelling, Reppenhardt jumped onto the catapult. With just a light kick, the loaded rock flew up and flew to the side. The soldiers asked in confusion as they saw him land on the spot where the rock was.


“King, what are you doing now… … .”

“Seo, really?”

Without replying, Reppenhardt extended his capital towards the taut rope. The golden auror’s blade shot out and cut deep into the rope.


The rope broke and the catapult fired a loaded bullet into the air with great force. Of course, the bullet here is none other than Reppenhardt himself.


Cutting through the wind, Repenhardt’s large figure began to fly all the way to the walls of Hundargarde. At that moment, both enemies and allies were terrified and shouted.

“Uh, that!”

“What are you doing!”

“That’s crazy!”

☆ ☆ ☆

“Magma flare!”

Jade’s magic was activated. The fired fireball turned into a torrent of heat waves and surged violently. A blazing river of flames was clearly reflected in Siris’ blurred eyes.

A terrible heat pierces my whole body. My limbs are already paralyzed and I cannot move. I didn’t even have the strength left to call the spirits.

Siris closed his eyes, preparing for death.

“… … .”

Just before a river of flames flows down the castle walls and hits her… … .

Hwii profit!

A sound sounded and a golden meteor fell from the sky.


A meteor struck the castle wall and shook the earth. Surprised, Siris opened her eyes. Before she knew it, a giant like a steel tower was standing in front of her.

“Re, Mr. Reppenhardt?”

For a moment she couldn’t believe her eyes. How could he, who must be so far away, be here? He even thought that he was hallucinating as he neared death.

At the same time, a river of flames engulfed the two men.


“Come here, Siris!”

Leppenhardt quickly hugged Siris in his arms and turned around. He raises his entire body’s aura and blocks all the heat with his back.


A scorching fire engulfed Reppenhardt and Siris and filled the castle walls. The intense heat made the walls of the castle red.

After a while, the flames died down and Reppenhardt stood up, holding Siris in his arms. Even that powerful flame could not pierce Jim Unbreakable’s aura.

He used his aura to stop the bleeding all over Siris’ body and asked with a worried expression.

“are you okay?”

Siris nodded blankly. She knew she was going to die, so she couldn’t be sane yet. Her heart was still pounding like crazy.

Then suddenly she realized where she was being held. In an instant, Siris’ face turned red like blush.

“… … !”

Although Siris had suffered various humiliations during her time as a slave, she had never actually met a man because she was always returned in the beginning. This was her first time being held so deeply in a man’s arms.

Is that just a man’s arms? Today too, Reppenhardt was bare-chested. To put it simply, it means that the heat of the bare skin and muscles reaches you. It can’t be anything but a burdensome hug for an adolescent girl.

“Please put me down… … !”

“huh? “Uh, okay.”

With a wriggle, Siris escaped from Reppenhardt’s arms. Perhaps thanks to the Auror’s healing power, he was able to stand on his own two legs. She rolled her eyes, her face flushed.

‘I came naked again! also!’

“… … ?”

Repenhardt tilts his head at Siris’ suddenly glaring attitude. But she soon relaxed her expression. She was embarrassed, so she showed her attitude for a while, but didn’t she come and save her anyway at the moment of her crisis? She was honestly impressive.

“Thank you, Mr. Leffenhardt… … .”

“What can we do with something that is taken for granted…” … .”

Feeling embarrassed, Reppenhardt sat her down inside the castle wall. And from a place far away, they had been looking for an opportunity to join forces – but because Jade and Siris were fighting so fiercely, they did not dare to intervene and called Asrail, who was just worried.

“Lord Arthreil! “I’m asking for Siris!”

“yes! White King!”

As soon as he ran, Asrail took out a healing potion and handed it to Siris. Reppenhardt spoke soothingly as she treated her wounds.

“Then just rest for a moment, I’ll take care of it and come back soon.”

Repenhardt’s gaze turned to the blonde young man. The young man glared at him, his eyes shining.

“You’ve finally appeared, King Repenhardt!”

☆ ☆ ☆

“It can be a bit noisy once you appear. “I’ve heard many times that previous kings were ignorant, but I never thought it would be to this extent.”

Reppenhardt frowned as he looked at the young wizard in front of him who was mumbling something absurd. I didn’t notice it at first, but when I looked closer, the face seemed somehow familiar.

‘what? ‘You look strangely familiar?’

On the outside, he has a smooth appearance that appears extremely kind, but when he makes an expression, his impression completely changes and he looks cold-hearted and even sinister. He had seen that dual-faced person in a previous life.

I didn’t notice it because of its youthful appearance, but now that I recognize it, I know for sure. It’s definitely him.

A mage of light who is said to have been blessed with mana.

The one who was the strongest wizard on the continent except Reppenhardt.

One of his archenemies from his past life who led all the magic corps on the continent and tormented him tirelessly.

‘Jade Arclight?’

For a moment, a look of bewilderment appeared on Reppenhardt’s face.

‘Why is he here?’

It looks like he was hired by Baron Chetas, but I couldn’t understand why. If it was the Jade he knew, there would be no reason at all to come all the way to the distant Kingdom of Crovence and act as a mercenary.

Although she was not known to the general public as she rarely left the Sun Tower, Jade of this era was quite famous among wizards.

As the second son of the Arkwright family, a prestigious family of the Holy Vastalon Empire, who have produced great wizards for generations, he is an elite who received gifted education from an early age. He is a genius wizard who has already reached the level of the 7th circle in his mid-20s and is the envy of all wizards on the continent. It was him.

In fact, at the same time, there was a rare monster called Reppenhardt, and it was completely buried after the age of 30, but even at this time, Jade was receiving high expectations from the Tower of the Sun with her outstanding talent. He had a rich family and was very talented, so there was no reason for him to go to the battlefield just for money.

‘Did you trust your body for a while while traveling?’

But Reppenhardt soon put aside his thoughts.

Whatever the situation, it is an unmistakable fact that Jade is right in front of you. And it’s true that that guy tried to kill Siris.

I thought it was truly a strange coincidence. The person who killed Siris in her previous life has attempted to take her life again.

Reppenhardt clenched his fists. A creepy murderous spirit began to appear in the cold eyes staring at Jade.

Jade shouted in a cold voice.

“I don’t have any personal grudges, but a contract is a contract, and I have to die! “King of power!”

And waved his hand in the air. A gust of wind rose, accompanied by flames.

“Fire cannon!”

A dozen flaming bullets flew in, leaving a trail of flames. Reppenhardt frowned. The fire cannon was only a 4-circle heat wave spell, and at this level, he didn’t even need to use spiral guard.


With a simple cheer, the golden aura enveloped the entire body and deflected all the flame bullets. Leffenhardt scoffed and glared at Jade.

“This is ridiculous. “Did you think you could deal with someone with Auror abilities like this?”

It is common knowledge on the continent that only archmages of the 8th circle or higher can compete with auror users. In her past life, she would have been the strongest wizard next to Reppenhardt, but now Jade is only a high-ranking wizard of the 7th Circle. Although his level is superior for his age, he is inadequate to deal with the King of Powers, who ranks first among Auror users.

Of course, Jade was not unaware of that fact.

“Sword of severance!”

Jade immediately stretched out her right hand and launched a disk of light. The fire cannon was a gimmick from the beginning to increase the distance.

Oh my god!

The disk of light hits Reppenhardt directly, leaving a trail of flashes of light. Repenhardt was momentarily frightened by the formidable energy within it. He twists his body to the left and pulls up the golden aura with all his might, spinning it around.

“Spiral Guard!”


The golden swirl and the disk of light split into each other, and blood splattered. The disk of light passed by Reppenhardt’s shoulder and cut the castle wall like cheese.

‘omg? ‘Is the spiral guard broken?’

Reppenhardt looked at the wound on his shoulder with startled eyes. This was the first time since I came down the mountain that I had been hurt so easily. Repenhardt looked at Jade’s hand while using Auror to stop the bleeding.

‘… … Silver Age artifact? Is this the sword of light that Siris suffered?’

It’s power is comparable to the light of Eldril, the strongest skill of Eldran, the magic sword used by Yusus. Even though the activation time was almost instantaneous, that simple-looking armor was an artifact of a higher rank than Eldran.

“Oh my god, where did you get that?”

Jade shouted triumphantly at Reppenhardt’s surprised expression.

“No matter how powerful a king may be, he is nothing before the great ancient power!”

Jade shot out disks of light one after another. Not daring to confront him, Reppenhardt frantically flailed his body to avoid the attack. Leppenhardt’s expression scrunched up in embarrassment.

‘I’ve never heard of Jade having such an incredible artifact?’

But we can’t just be surprised. He soon comes to his senses and starts a counterattack. To avoid the disk’s attack, she flings her body and extends her fist strongly.

“Series of surprise bombs!”

The Auror’s bullets flew one after another, aiming at Jade. Jade made a hand sign with her left hand and shouted her starting words.

“Become the curtain of power, the shield that protects me! Antiak Barrier!”

A curtain of dark blue light surrounded Jade and blocked all of the bullets. A loud bang rang out. As expected, Auror users tend to have weaker long-distance attacks compared to wizards, so surprise bullets could not penetrate the barrier.

Still, thanks to this, the attack was delayed a bit. In this gap, Reppenhardt narrowed the distance.

“Eat! Gastrigen!”

Leppenhardt, desperate to kill, stretched out his right foot straight towards Jade. The golden aura was fired like a cannonball, creating a terrible shock wave.


The barrier was instantly broken and the Auror was about to hit Jade directly.



Jade’s appearance disappeared along with the smoke. At the same time, I sensed someone behind me. Leffenhardt looked back. Before I knew it, Jade was located more than 10 meters away.

Reppenhardt was once again surprised to see his shoes emitting a faint light. He may not have known the Sword of Disconnection, but those shoes were an artifact he knew well.

“… … Blink boots?”

It was from a past life. One day, an unidentified assassin appeared to Reppenhardt, who, along with Siris and Tashid, was pioneering the 10th Circle by encountering different races living in remote areas of the continent.

The assassin’s skills themselves were not that great. However, both Siris and Tashid were helplessly defeated by the assassin. This was because all of the relics he had from the Silver Age were incredible and unprecedented items.

One of the artifacts used by the assassin at that time was the Blink Boots, which had the power of short-distance spatial movement.

‘How is Jade wearing those?’

Even though he was embarrassed, Reppenhardt immediately ran away. He shoots out like a cannonball and rushes right in front of Jade’s nose, hitting the powerful capital.

But it was again a waste of time. Again, Jade ran away by moving through space. I tried firing a surprise bomb right at him who was far away, but it was soon blocked by the barrier.

Repenhardt’s expression hardened. I didn’t realize it earlier because it was so far away… … .

‘This is why Siris suffered.’

With her current skills, she should be able to handle even a 7th circle wizard, but now I understand why she was so helplessly pushed back.

“Hehe, once the distance is widened, a warrior or something can’t be a match for a wizard… … .”

Jade, who widened the distance, began to leisurely chant the spell. She smiles wryly as she finishes casting.

“Prison Blade Storm!”

A storm of ice blades covered Repenhardt in a blizzard. With Aura wrapped around his entire body, Reppenhardt struck his fists one after another, shattering the blade.

However, although his aura blocked the blade, it could not block the cold. Pieces of ice stuck to his entire body, and little by little his entire body began to freeze. Reppenhardt’s movements gradually became slower.

New love!

Disks of light flew out one after another again. Twisting his body, Reppenhardt barely escaped the attack. All I could do was avoid it, and it was impossible to counterattack. Jade taunted.

“How long can I escape with such a frozen body?”

Open the distance with Blink Boots, block their movements with magic, and suffocate them with the Sword of Severance. It was a sure-fire way for him to deal with Auror users. With this, the number of Auror users assassinated was as many as three, and Jade was confident of victory.

‘That elf girl’s magic is blocked due to elemental magic, but there’s no way she can escape this pattern if she’s an auror user.’

It was then. Suddenly Reppenhardt clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, I tried not to use it if possible… … .”

He brought his hands together to his chest and chanted softly.

“This is my territory, I will not allow any flow. Dispel Area.”

An invisible magic field unfolded and interfered with Jade’s magic. Soon the snowstorm subsided and the cold began to noticeably subside. Repenhardt’s frozen whole body soon became free.

Jade opened her mouth in shock.


☆ ☆ ☆

Jade blinked. She couldn’t believe the reality before her eyes.

An invisible magic field is blooming thickly from the entire body of the unbreakable heir, who is ruggedly muscular and ignorant but is said to be the best on the continent. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be inferior at all compared to yourself in the 7th circle.

‘Nonsense! ‘The King of Powers also uses magic?’

I also wondered if it was the power of some Silver Age relic that I did not know about.

However, Jade is also a promising genius wizard, and it is not to the point where she cannot tell whether the opponent is a wizard or an artifact user. Clearly, the dispel area just now was implemented by the author, Reppenhardt himself.

Repenhardt smiled coldly, looking at Jade with a blank expression. Since he was pretending to be the King of Power, of course he had no intention of using magic openly. but… … .

“Well, as long as you don’t show it, it’s okay.”

I do not use loud magic that is overtly like flames or lightning. It is enough to moderately interfere with the opponent’s magic. So how can you tell from a distance whether Repenhardt is using magic or aurors?


Reppenhardt leapt forward and charged at Jade. Only then did Jade come to her senses and prepare her magic again.

“Sir, Thurman Webb!”

A magical spider web spreads above your head. Reppenhardt shouted, pointing at the spider web.


The magic spider web instantly disappeared in thin air. Jade, horrified, continued the magic.

“Light bind! Liquid with viscosity liquid with viscosity!”

A rope of light stretched out and a highly viscous liquid was thrown at Reppenhardt’s feet. However, it was canceled as soon as it was activated. Jade became desperate and swung the sword of severance.


Four disks of light split the air. Reppenhardt spread his hands wide towards the flying disk of light.

“Reflect mirror!”

A magic mirror appeared and all the disks of light bounced to the other side. Repenhardt smiled triumphantly.

“The power is enormous, but the attribute is light anyway, right? “Then you can reflect it.”

It’s the first artifact I’ve seen, but it’s Reppenhardt, a demon lord in name. The activating principle of the Sword of Disconnection was immediately recognizable as soon as I saw it.

A method of splitting a target by generating a flash of extremely high heat, but the medium that delivers the destructive power is ultimately light. In other words, if you respond by scattering or reflecting the light, you can defend yourself with this cheap(?) magic.

“… … .”

Jade was shocked and couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Even the sword of severance can be blocked? That rugged monk is showing more sophisticated magic than he is, a magician of the 7th circle. His head was dizzy.

‘Am I crazy, or is the world crazy? … .’

Reppenhardt rushed towards Jade with terrifying force. Activating Blink Boots in succession to increase the distance, Jade continued to shoot magic and swing the Sword of Severance. Sparks, electricity, cold air, and disks of light were shot out one after another.

However, Reppenhardt continued to block the magic and persistently tracked Jade by reflecting it with the black reflect mirror of disconnection. Later on, he didn’t hesitate to do strange things, probably because he got tired of destroying them one by one.

“Hey, dispel punch!”

For whatever reason, he casts dispel magic on his fist and begins to pummel the magic activated with it one by one. It was a magic I had never heard of before.

‘No, where on earth do they teach something like that?’

In fact, Repenhardt, who was very excited about using magic, had inadvertently developed a new spell, but Jade could not have known about it.

Anyway, Jade was running away like crazy. Neither magic nor the sword of severance worked, so there was only one thing he could trust now. I was breaking out in a cold sweat and kept activating my Blink boots.

pop! pop! pop!

Reppenhardt frowned as he watched Jade pull away as soon as she got caught.

‘Ah, those Blink boots are a pain in the ass. It wasn’t a big deal before.’

There was no problem when dealing with those Blink boots in my past life.

The assassin who used blink boots at that time was fully armed with more artifacts than Jade is now, but he was not a difficult opponent at all for Repenhardt, who was already a 10th circle wizard.

‘I can easily deal with it with just one AMP shockwave, but I can’t use it… … Tsk.’

Circle 10 ultimate spell, AMP Shockwave (Arcane Magic Pulse Shockwave).

This spell, created by Reppenhardt himself, had the power to stop all magic weapons within a set radius by interfering with the flow of the world’s mana, its source.

Although it had the disadvantage of not being able to distinguish between enemy and enemy, no matter whether it was an ordinary magic tool, a Silver Age relic, or an ultra-advanced artifact, it could not escape the influence of this spell. It was a magic so powerful that it even caused Magrim, the Underworld Sun, to pause. Afterwards, a horrified Reppenhardt immediately restarted it.

No matter how many incredible Silver Age artifacts you are armed with, one hit of that magic will just sink you. So at the time, it was really easy to take out the assassin. Although I was unable to find out who was behind the captured assassin’s suicide, I remember happily retrieving the artifacts he had and handing them out to Siris and Tashid.

‘Oh, by the way, when Siris used it, she complained that it had a lot of weaknesses, but when I actually deal with it, it’s really annoying… … huh?’

Reppenhardt’s expression, which had been grumbling, suddenly brightened. Now that I think about it, those Blink boots definitely had a weakness. No, there were a lot!


With a repentant smile, Reppenhardt launched himself into the air. Aiming for Jade’s head, he delivers a long kick. This time, using Blink Boots, Jade jumped over the space 20 meters backwards.

At that moment, Reppenhardt stabbed the ground deeply with his foot outstretched.

“Avalanche Kick!”


The castle wall was half destroyed and the earthen piles vibrated all at once and spread out in a large circle. A merciless wave of the earth, just three meters high, began to cover the southern wall of Hundargad, raising dust. Jade, who had just moved to a new location, opened her eyes.


A huge tsunami of dirt surges across the field of vision. I didn’t even have time to use Blink again. In an instant, a pile of dirt swept past Jade.


Reppenhardt, standing at the center of the ripples, grinned.

“If they show up here and there, they’ll be wiped out completely, right?”


“Ugh… … .”

Jade, buried in a pile of dirt, wriggled and tried to get up.

It was truly a miserable sight. His clothes were torn to shreds and he was covered in dirt from head to toe, making him literally look like a beggar.

Of course, that doesn’t give me any sympathy. Reppenhardt quickly approached and immediately swung the capital.

The golden auror’s blade severed both of Jade’s ankles. A desperate scream erupted.


Jade rolled around on the floor, bleeding. Although he was in truly cruel hands, Reppenhardt remained calm.

“I need to stop using these annoying boots first.”

Jade raised her head, sweating profusely from the pain. She said as he stuttered with an incredulous look on his face.

“Ugh, ugh! I never thought I would use this method… … .”

I’ve used Blink boots several times, but I never knew they had this weakness. Until now, when dealing with Auror users, victory or defeat was almost decided once the distance was widened and magic was fired.

Although their power is strong, Auror users have a lower ability to respond to various situations compared to wizards. When multiple magics are applied in combination, it is difficult to escape with aura alone. In fact, wasn’t Leffenhardt at a loss for a solution until he started using magic?

Of course, if that’s all it takes, as time goes by, the Auror user will somehow find an opportunity to counterattack. However, what flies towards the stranded opponent is the flash of inability to defend, the sword of severance.

All of the Auror users Jade faced had to fall helplessly in front of the deceptive performance of the two artifacts that allowed movement and attack without delay. As a result, no one had fought long enough to realize Blink Boots’ weakness.

Reppenhardt made a shocked expression.

‘No, actually, this is a method you often used with Siris… … .’

Jade in her past life was Siri


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