The Indomitable Martial King Chapter 14

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Chapter 13 Sprout of Elvenwood


The bar of memories is pulled. The vision of brightly smiling young girls fills my mind like a panorama.

-Look at this, Serendi!

-Let’s go together, Serendi! Today I’m going to catch a desert scorpion!

The voice that called her.


Her name, the name she received from everyone and was called by everyone.

Serendi el Arelpiana.

“I remember… … .”

As the name came to mind, other things gradually began to appear on the surface of my memories. It was definitely true. This elf maiden in front of her was her sister, Shaylene, whom she followed the most during her childhood.

Siris’ eyes turned red.

To elves, all children are brothers and sisters, and all adults are fathers and mothers. And Shaylene was the one I was particularly close to among the many siblings. The sister I loved the most, who led me with a friendly smile and embraced me with her love… … .

“live… … There was… … .”

Trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to flow, Siris held Shaylene’s hands together.

The last time we parted ways was in the midst of that tragedy and chaos 50 years ago. Of course, I just thought that he would have been captured by humans and sold somewhere like himself. But I never thought he would live so proudly.

A warmth that cannot be described with just the word ‘welcome’ surges from a corner of my heart.

But Shaylene’s reaction was nothing short of cold.

“… … Yes, you are alive too.”

It was a cold voice. Siris looked at her in confusion. It was not the friendly face I remembered. His face was full of contempt, as if he were looking at a dirty bug.

“… … “Sister Shaylene?”

The two elf children who were standing behind Shailene, clutching the hem of her dress as if to hide, looked at Siris and Shailene alternately and asked.

“Oh, do you know each other?”

“Don’t mess around, Laide.”

It was a cold voice. Rai De is startled and hides her body again. She glared at Siris with her sunken eyes and she slowly opened her mouth.

“You became a dirty human’s plaything and are still alive without pride or honor, Serendi.”

For a moment, Siris’ complexion turned pale.

“I-I…” … .”

For a moment, I couldn’t think of anything to retort. Although she thought that she had never surrendered herself to humans, she had lived under humans, eating food from humans, and following their teachings for over 50 years. After that, she was sold around and faced many embarrassing situations. Fortunately, she did not defile her chastity, but there were also shameful instances of exposing her naked body in front of dirty people.

Was he really not the plaything of a dirty human being?

Can you be confident that you maintained your pride and honor even in that life?

Siris’ complexion darkened. She slowly loosened her grip on Shaylene. The criticism of her older sister, whom she loved so much, cut into her heart like a knife.

Siris lowered her head. Shaylene, seeing that expression, tried to avoid her gaze. Her chest hurt slightly.

Honestly, I couldn’t deny that I was shaken by the big human’s words. They might actually have saved themselves. It may just be something done in good faith, without any greed or expecting anything in return.

But even so, the opponent was a human. And he was a human slave.

‘… … You can’t trust humans… … .’

There was silence. The two young elves kept taking turns looking at Shaylen and Siris. At that time, a low, yet angry voice broke the silence.

“She is my colleague. “She is absolutely not a slave or anything like that.”

For a moment, Shaylene turned her head in confusion. Before she knew it, her Reppenhardt had come to her side and was looking down at her with his stern face. She is a young human who appears to be just a random person and ignorant on the outside. A truly accurate elven language flowed from his mouth.

“How can humans speak our language?”

Come to think of it, she and Siris were talking in Elvish the whole time. If she didn’t know Elvish in the first place, she wouldn’t have been able to join in on the conversation.

Shaylene gave an expression of disbelief. But it seemed that Leffenhardt had no time to answer her questions. He blocked Siris’s path like a hen covering her chicks and continued speaking harshly.

“Continuing to treat her as a slave is unacceptable, even if you are her family.”

It was still a calm voice, but it never hid any emotions. Shaylene opened her eyes and looked up at Reppenhardt. Her eyes wavered slightly.

‘no way… … Sincerity?’

Just as dwarves, children of the earth, could hear the sound of truth, elves, descendants of spirits, could smell the scent of emotion. However, unlike dwarves, the elves’ ability to respond to other people’s emotions was an ability that could be awakened through education and training. In other words, it is impossible for elves who live as human slaves. However, Shaylene, who had been trained since childhood, was able to communicate with other people’s emotions to some extent.

As Reppenhardt approached me, I could smell a faint scent of emotion. A feeling of extreme affection mixed with sincere anger, to the point of tickling, lingers at the tip of my nose.

I feel more and more strongly that this person is somehow different from other people.

‘… … but… … .’

Even so, Shaylene couldn’t open her heart. Even though he was able to communicate his feelings, he was not sure whether his sensations were true or not.

Unlike the dwarves who were still held in the arms of the earth even after becoming slaves, the elves lost the World Tree, Elvenheim. This ability to perceive emotions is also a basic step in learning elemental arts. Now that the World Tree has disappeared, the elves have lost most of their elemental skills, and their ability to communicate has also decreased significantly.

Shaylene was looking at the two in confusion. Reppenhardt sighed and looked back at Siris.


It was a slightly grating voice. Siris answered calmly.

“Yes, Mr. Leffenhardt.”

“You’re the problem too.”

Siris tilted her head slightly. Reppenhardt continued as if admonishing.

“Why can’t you speak? “You are not a slave!”

Siris closed her mouth. Her complexion becomes cold and hard. Leffenhardt pounded her chest in frustration.

“I mean, speak clearly. “I am not a slave, I am a free elf!”

“… … .”

There was silence. Siris just bowed her head in silence. Reppenhardt shakes her head with an expression of complete incomprehension. At that moment, Siris’s eyes opened sharply.

“really… … .”

She lifted her chin and looked up at Reppenhardt, a twinkle in her eye. Reppenhardt flinches at her sudden change in attitude. She asked in a cold voice.

“Am I not a slave?”

I don’t know why you’re asking that question. Reppenhardt asked back with an astonished look on his face.

“No, when have I ever treated you like a slave?”

It certainly has never been like that. The attitude that Reppenhardt has shown so far has never been that of treating slaves. Siris also acknowledged it.


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She answered in a cold voice.


“Then when have I ever acted without asking your opinion?”

“There is none.”

“Then why do you keep putting yourself down!”

Reppenhardt is screaming with an expression on his face that he is about to die of frustration. Siris answered softly.

“But Mr. Reppenhardt never once said that I was not a slave… … .”

“huh… … ?”

I realized it at that moment. He dealt with Siris sincerely. He always asked her what she wanted, and always made requests, not orders. He demonstrated his will by sufficient action. So he didn’t realize it. He said he had never said those words out loud.

“Tsk… … .”

Clicking his tongue, Reppenhardt shook his head. He was reminded of how dull he had been. With an awkward expression on his face, Reppenhardt slowly opened his mouth.

“If you want, tell me clearly.”

I don’t know why, but I think I’ll do it if she wants.

“You are not a slave. You and I are equal. “You are a free elf.”

But Siris did not lose his anger at all. If anything, she seemed even angrier. She raised her eyes.

“I’m not a slave?”

“Yes, you are not a slave.”

In response to Repenhardt’s soothing answer, Siris bit her lip. Trying to suppress her rising emotions, she opened her mouth.

“i know. That you don’t treat elves as slaves. You really treat both elves and dwarves like humans. “I know that well.”

“Well, but why… … .”

Confused, Repenhardt looked at Siris. She lifted her head so that her platinum feet shook.

“I don’t know. What on earth is the problem? … But I understand one thing.”

Siris spoke clearly, looking directly at Reppenhardt with clear eyes.

“… … you are… … .”

For a moment, my heart was pounding.

“… … “You’re not looking at me.”

A feeling I swore I would never express. Without realizing it, those feelings became language and moved her tongue.

“Just seeing someone else through me… … .”

☆ ☆ ☆

Reppenhardt was frozen in place like a stone statue.

“uh… … .”

For a moment, I didn’t understand what Siris was saying. She couldn’t figure out why she was talking like that.

But even in the midst of all this, there was a voice in the corner of my mind talking to me independently of the owner’s will.

‘Did I really look at her?’

Was he really looking at that delicate elf girl right now? She looked at her with affectionate eyes, as if she was treating her in her memories as she pleased, but could it really be said that this was her affection for Siris?

My whole body lost all strength. Her head felt dizzy. Complex thoughts wandered through my gray-white brain. Siris’ voice was heard.

“But it didn’t matter. Because I’m a slave anyway. “If you think about it that way, there was no problem.”

Her voice can be heard from far away. Reppenhardt’s legs were shaking.

“But if you’re going to do that, please treat me like a slave.”

I thought I had saved Siris. He felt proud of himself for having saved her from her unfortunate fate.

It was a terrible illusion. Leffenhardt never saved her. All he saved was Siris from her previous life. In this era, he was just a human who bought an elf slave for money.

“Please don’t mean it like that.”

I thought about it from Siris’s perspective. A situation where a man you don’t know at all buys you, treats you kindly, gives you lots of affection, and tells you that you are not a slave… … .

I got goosebumps.

“… … “I can’t receive sincerity that isn’t mine.”

Siris, who finally vented her feelings, bowed her head for a moment with a look of regret and then turned away. Leffenhardt could not follow her.

Hehehe… … .

A dry sand wind blows over the desert. The camels blink, sit down and start muttering something. Reppenhardt stood as hard as a stone.

How much time has passed?

My tangled thoughts began to calm down. Yes, there was nothing wrong with what she said.

She wasn’t wrong at all.

It was I who was wrong.

‘Right… … .’

Leffenhardt closed his eyes.

I decided. It was a decision he never wanted to make, and even though he felt afraid of what would happen, he did not regret this decision. Because this was the only apology he could give her.

Repenhardt approached Siris. And he called her name.


She didn’t move. She stammered before he opened his mouth.

“You are free. “Nothing now binds your actions.”

She raised her head slightly.

“Nothing binds your actions now.”

Weakly lift your head and look up at yourself. He looked like he didn’t know why he was telling this story again. Leffenhardt sighed.

“It has a different meaning than before. It means that it is your will to stay by my side and to leave me. Do whatever you want. “If that is your will, I will fully respect it.”

Siris widened her eyes. Leffenhardt pursed his lips.

“If it were any other place, these words would have been nothing more than pretense… … .”

The continent is already dominated by humans, and there is no place for elves who have been abandoned by their owners to rest. Even if something like this were said to Siris elsewhere, realistically she would not be able to live without Leppenhardt.

“But this is your hometown, this is where your family is.”

The story is different here. As long as she confirmed that the Danheim clan was alive and well, she could return to her family at any time. There is definitely a place for her to stay.

“Do whatever you want. Siris, no, Serendi el Arelpiana.”

Siris looked up in surprise at Reppenhardt, the young man who was no longer her master. The intense light in both eyes was sincere.

“Are you telling me to leave you?”


She frowned slightly. The voice continued.

“I want you to stay by my side.”

It was difficult to understand. She makes a puzzled expression. Repenhardt smiled bitterly.

“I understand why you feel that way. “I can’t explain the situation, but I can fully understand.”

There’s no way they’ll believe me if I say something like I’m talking in my sleep about going back in time. Even the dwarves who could hear the voice of truth, Marceline, who was the wisest among them, could not believe him until he showed evidence. He could endure being abandoned by someone he loved, but he did not have the confidence to endure being treated like a crazy person and despised.

All he can do now is just sincerely… … .

“There is nothing to bind you now. “I’m just pleading.”

All I can do is look straight at this delicate girl who clearly exists before my eyes, not as a memory.

“I hope you will continue to be with me in the future.”

Siris looked up at Reppenhardt with blank eyes.

My heart was pounding.

An unknown pain flowed from a corner of my chest.

I was sure.

This man was now looking only at himself and speaking only to himself. Unlike before, he turned towards himself, a girl who had not yet matured.

After hesitating, Siris quietly answered.

“… … “Please give me time to think.”

☆ ☆ ☆

Shaylene was watching the situation in silence. Any doubts or fears he had felt about Leffenhardt at first were long gone. Looking at their appearance, I was convinced that the large human did not really think of the elves as slaves.

Suddenly Leffenhardt trudged up to her. It was a gait that seemed very lethargic. It was surprising that a man of that size and muscles could walk so weakly. I can painfully feel how heartbroken this young man is.

Repenhardt asked, looking back and forth between Shaylen and the two elf children.

“Can we go back to the village?”

“Oh, if you could just lend me a camel…” … .”

Reppenhardt shook his head with a wry smile.

“It’s not ours anyway, so there’s no reason to get permission. “You can take it all if you want.”

At that moment, Shaylene’s eyes lit up.

The ten camels brought by the slave hunters were still pacing around them, looking leisurely. For the Danheim clan, who lived hard in the harsh desert, ten camels were a huge asset. In addition, the camel’s saddle was full of water and food brought by slave hunters. You couldn’t blame Shaylene for her greedy eyes, which were uncharacteristic of an elf.

“I’m grateful that you saved me, but to this extent… … .”

That was when she stuttered with emotion. Leffenhardt asked with difficulty.

“It’s not necessarily like that, but…” … “Can you please help me meet her family?”

He was pointing at Siris, who was a little distance away with an indifferent expression. Shaylene looked at her sister with renewed curiosity. How was that child able to meet someone who thought this much?

Perhaps reading her eyes as a sign of warning, Reppenhardt hurriedly spoke.

“She is not my slave. It was like that in the past, and it still is like that now. “There will be no need to inform humans of the location of the village.”

Of course, Shaylene had already made up her mind to take Siris to her clan. Having observed the situation up to this point, it is impossible to believe that Repenhardt or Siris would harm them. It’s just a useless worry.

Now that I think about it, it suddenly occurred to me that I myself was excluded from Reppenhardt’s request.

“you… … , Shouldn’t we wait for that child?”

“Yes, I guess I’ll be waiting around here.”

Repenhardt nodded weakly. Shaylene grinned.

“Let’s go together.”


“You’re the one who saved us. “If you don’t repay your benefactor, it will harm your clan’s honor.”

Reppenhardt was rather surprised by Shaylene’s words, which completely opened her heart.

“Is it okay to recklessly reveal the location of the hideout to others?”

“Because you can be trusted.”

Repenhardt clicked his tongue at Shaylene’s calm answer. Still, wouldn’t it be difficult if you were this lacking in vigilance? Shaylene shook her head at his question.

“If I take that child, it’s no different than if I take you.”

If Reppenhardt acted like this with his slave to find out the elf village, whether he takes them both or just Siris, their hideout will be exposed anyway. So, as long as Siris is allowed, there is no reason why Repenhardt cannot go along as well.

“And anyway, even if we both refuse here, you will find our hiding place in no time.”

The Spellat Desert is too harsh a place for people to live. The places where people can live are extremely limited. And, as outsiders might not know, Siris spent his childhood here. If you remember just a little bit, you can quickly think of a place where the Danheim clan could hide out. In the first place, there are few places where elves can gather and hide.

After hearing all the explanations, Reppenhardt nodded with an understanding face.

“That’s a reasonable way of thinking.”

“Elves are always rational.”

Of course, humans still cannot be trusted. However, considering the situation, Shailen concluded that Reppenhardt and Siris could be trusted.

Unlike humans, elves move based on rational judgment rather than emotion. It was not at all strange that Shaylene, having grasped the situation, came to this conclusion.

“Then I guess we should get ready.”

Reppenhardt raised his right hand and gathered the camels. After using a light mind control spell, ten camels naturally lined up at Reppenhardt’s beckoning, as if following their trainer. The children were curious and walked around Leffenhardt.

“Let’s go, Laide, Netina.”

Shylene called the children and put them on the camel. The camel began to walk slowly. The elf children who rode a camel for the first time in their lives cheered. After making sure the children did not fall, Shaylene slowly approached Siris. She was walking silently near the center of the line.

“Serendy… … .”

“Are you acknowledging me now?”

Shaylene comforted her in a slightly strained voice.

“You would have done the same if you were in the same situation as me, right?”

“That’s right.”

Siris smiled softly and nodded. Shaylene apologized again and glanced behind her. She mumbled with a look on her face that showed she was amazed.

“You met a good person.”


Siris answered right away. Although the situation was complicated, there was no denying that I was lucky to have met Reppenhardt.

“He is a really good person.”

“okay… … .”

Shaylene nodded with an understanding expression.

“Because you told me your name.”


For a moment, Siris looked at Shaylene in confusion. Shaylene shrugged her shoulders.

“Is that so? “Did I call you by your real name earlier?”

“ah… … .”

Siris’ complexion hardened. She remembered a conversation she had just had, something she hadn’t even noticed.

Leffenhardt spoke clearly.

-Do whatever you want. Siris, no, Serendi el Arelpiana.

spoke clearly. She was her original name, a name she couldn’t even remember, so she couldn’t have said it out loud.

‘how… … How did this happen… … .’

My mind is confused. Shaylene looked at her dazed and worried as she looked at her face.

“huh? “Why are you doing this, Serendi?”

“… … “Oh, no.”

Siris shook her head and looked away. It was something she couldn’t even explain to herself. She didn’t want to bring up that topic with Shaylene. Siris glanced behind her. Reppenhardt can be seen trudging along from a little distance away. Right now, she desperately wanted to rush over and find out the whole story, but… … .

‘You won’t answer anyway… … .’

After fighting like that, I don’t really feel like talking. Siris buried her doubts in her heart and started walking again. The camel caravan slowly began heading west across the desert.


There is a large valley about 15 kilometers away from Deryu Elde, the village of the Danheim clan. A dry canyon where life is hard to find, like a scar on the earth between the endless wilderness.

The Danheim clan was currently hiding in the canyon.

Having lost most of their clan in a large-scale slave hunt 50 years ago, they realized that they needed a separate hideout to avoid repeating that nightmare, so they prepared a separate hideout in this canyon.

Tents made of animal skins and gumbul are located here and there between the steep cliffs on the left and right sides of the canyon. In various places along the narrow road between them, defensive positions made of shiny bricks have been built. It was a glassy brick made by melting sand. All of this was disguised so that you wouldn’t notice it unless you looked closely.

This canyon, which is completely invisible from a distance and is made up of loose sandstone with steep cliffs, was truly a fortress made of heaven. In fact, if the conditions were right, the village might have been moved here.

The reason it couldn’t be done was simple.

“I’m running out of water, Elder Relhad.”

Inside a crude tent made of animal skins and swords, a white-blond-haired young elf was looking embarrassed at a middle-aged elf. The middle-aged elf, Relhard, closed his eyes and nodded.

“I guess so.”

Relhad, who turned three hundred and forty-three years old this year, was the eldest and head of the Danheim clan. Although he was old enough by long-living elf standards, his appearance did not look much different from that of a human in his early 40s.

A human would be amazed to see Relhad maintaining this appearance even as he becomes an old man, but in fact, elves maintain their youthful appearance after becoming adults until their death, so in reality, there is no such thing as an old person. The fact that an ageless elf now looks middle-aged is a clear example of how difficult it is for them to live in this harsh remote area.

Relhard sighed and asked the elf in front of him.

“How long can you last with the remaining water?”

“Even if you use it sparingly, about a day is the limit.”

This was the reason why this canyon was no more than a hiding place.

There is no water here.

Of course, the Danheim clan also built a separate water storage facility. Just because it’s a desert doesn’t mean it doesn’t rain all year long. Sometimes the desert can pour down frighteningly heavy rain. The problem with so-called sudden downpours is that they occur only a few times a year, and the dry desert cannot retain moisture no matter how much rain falls. It cannot be preserved unless a separate storage facility is created.

Although the amount of water stored in the water storage can’t be used for farming, it was enough to quench one’s thirst while hiding in a hiding place. Of course, since it is stagnant water for a long time, it becomes quite polluted when left unattended, but if you filter the water through desert sand and receive the blessing of the spirits, it can be purified to a level where it can be used as drinking water. However, at most, it was only enough for about 200 people to use for about a week. This means that it is only used for drinking water. It is absolutely not at a level where one can lead a daily life.

“Have those sent as scouts returned?”

“Yes, after looking around carefully, it appears that the humans have given up on further exploration and have gone back.”

The wrinkles of agony that appeared between Relhard’s eyebrows became deeper. he asked again.

“Have the bodies of the clan’s warriors been recovered?”

The noble warriors who stayed in the village and sacrificed their lives to protect their clans cannot allow their bodies to become food for beasts. The young elf nodded with a gloomy face.

“Everyone is sleeping under the desert sand.”

“I hope Ragel takes their souls and places them in the spirit’s arms.”

Repeating the name of Ragel, the spirit of fire, Relhad prayed to the souls of the dead warriors. And he was worried.

“then… … For now, can we consider it to be safe? … .”

“I can’t stay here any longer anyway. “If we have any remaining stamina to return to the village, water is now our limit.”

In order to return to the village from here, you must cross the huge river of quicksand in the middle. Adults may not know this, but it is a very difficult journey for children. If we wait any longer, there may be more children dying.

In the end, Relhard expressed his consent.

“… … Let’s go back this evening when the sun begins to set. “Tell me to get ready.”

“Yes, Elder.”

The young elf bowed his head and walked out of the tent. Relhad was distraught and raised his head to look into space.

‘What should I do?’

I was worried.

‘I can’t live in the village forever with my location discovered… … .’

Since the location of the village became known 50 years ago, the number of raids by slave hunters has already exceeded double digits. Thanks to the usual evacuation training and hiding places, there were no urgent cases like that one, leading to a situation of extinction, but each time, the precious women and children of the clan were lost little by little.

Some kind of solution was needed. Continuing to live like this in a place whose location is already known would be nothing but suicide.

‘But the problem is that there is no other place to live.’

The Danheim clan’s village cannot be the only oasis in the Spellat Desert. However, all of the oases that were worth living in were already occupied by human nomads. However, I couldn’t go any deeper here. Even further west, deep in the Spellat Desert, there is an oasis, but there are formidable monsters that the Danheim clan’s power cannot deal with. Even now, only half of the children already born have reached adulthood, and if you go further into the remote area, the Danheim clan will only gradually die even if there is no human attack.

This hideout was the final limit of the Danheim clan. If you retreat further than this, even survival becomes impossible. But that doesn’t mean there is another way.

“Eldia, please make way… … .”

Lelhad lamented as he called out the name of Eldia, the goddess of the elves. Of course, Eldia did not answer. Eldia, who had already lost the World Tree and Elvenheim, could not provide any helping hand to her children.

It was then that the old elf, Relhad, let out a deep sigh.


Relhad perked up his pointed ears. For some reason, it was noisy outside.

For a moment, his expression became scary.

“no way!”

Has the location of this hideout been discovered by humans? He was surprised and lifted the sword that had been left by his side. And with breakneck speed he ran out of the tent.

☆ ☆ ☆

At the entrance to the canyon, on the narrow mound overlooking the wilderness, dozens of elves were already waiting, armed. Metal was rare in the desert, and there were only about a dozen elves with iron swords, and most of them were holding bone swords or spears made from animal bones.

The High Elves, who once boasted elegance and nobility, are now wearing animal skins and wielding animal bones. Anyone who remembers the old days would find it truly deplorable. Of course, no one in the world lives long enough to remember those long ago times.

Relhad ran quickly along the narrow path and came to the entrance of the canyon. Then he looked down and looked perplexed for a moment.

“What the hell is that?”

In the wilderness below the canyon, there was a group leading ten camels. The one in the lead was a woman of an unmistakable clan, with platinum hair, brown skin, and pointed ears. In addition, there were two children riding on the camel’s back. These are all people that Relhard knows well.

“Shylene? And Netina and Laide too?”

Are they alive? Of course, if that were all there was to be such a fuss, there would be no way. No, there would have been a commotion. A clamor of joy happily welcoming the returning family.

But behind them, standing an elf girl who was clearly a human slave, and a large human youth who seemed a bit too big for a human. I really understood why the other elves were confused. I can’t figure out why something like that happened.

Seeing Relhad’s puzzled appearance, Shaylene walked away with a smile on her face.


At that time, one of the canyon elves screamed.

“Don’t come any closer!”

At the same time, several elves were swinging slings made of animal skin.

Hwii profit!

Something flew one after another and landed near Shaylene. From a considerable distance, it was clear that it was only a threat and not aimed. So even though Siris was on alert, she did not respond right away. She didn’t feel bad or anything. Honestly, I would have been disappointed if they hadn’t been on guard.

Siris suddenly tilted his head as he looked down at the projectile that had flown nearby. She was in a sling and I thought she just threw a rock or something… …

“Not metal, not stone… … .”

The projectile that flew in did not have the characteristic luster of metal. However, it feels too smooth and strangely transparent to be a stone. Reppenhardt spoke to her privately and answered her questions.

“I melted sand and made a sling bullet out of glass.”

“ah… … .”

Now that I think about it, this feels similar to a glass bead. What I didn’t recognize at first was that it was a bead that was neither round nor clean, just melted.

“Well, since I’m just going to throw it and hit it, it doesn’t matter if it’s crude.”

After a moment of awkwardness, Siris quietly asked a question.

“Are you saying there is enough firewood to melt the sand in a place like this?”

After the fight, I felt awkward and avoided talking to him, but it still bothered me that I continued to ignore Reppenhardt. Once I got the word out, I felt a lot more at ease. Repenhardt also responded with a more relaxed expression.

“He must have used elemental magic.”

Usually, what elves are most proficient in is wind elemental magic, followed by water elemental magic. However, the Danheim clan, who have lived in a dry remote area for hundreds of years, despite being high elves, were most skilled in fire elemental arts, perhaps due to the heat of the desert.

“I don’t have the World Tree, so I can’t materialize the spirits enough to use them in battle, but… … .”

Repenhardt continued by explaining that it would be possible to gradually increase the firepower over time after materializing the fire spirit, but it would not be enough to instantly extract high firepower.

“If that were possible, wouldn’t they all have a fireball in their hand? And he wouldn’t have been harmed by slave hunters like that.”

Siris nodded. It dawned on me that this seemingly ignorant young man was much more knowledgeable than I thought. How could she even know this much about her own clan?

A light of admiration appeared in Siris’s eyes, and she seemed excited, even talking about things that Repenhardt had not even asked.

“That’s why your clan has dark skin. In fact, no matter how dark the sun in a remote area has been, if you have been away for nearly 50 years like you, it is normal for your skin to return to its original color. What’s not true is that the Danheim clan, who have lived here for hundreds of years, have already become quite assimilated with the power of the fire spirit, so their skin color itself is fixed. “It means that you, who inherited that blood, have also assimilated with the spirit power of fire.”

Siris frowned. She is also knowledgeable to a degree. At this point, I can’t help but wonder about her.

“… … “You couldn’t have heard that story from Master, right?”

Even if it’s a ruin, it’s still strange to know so much about elves. Well, if you think about it, the strange thing started when we first met. The knowledge about this race in general is so rich that it’s strange. He spoke both Orcish and Dwarven languages ​​naturally, and is now even fluent in Elvish. Isn’t this knowledge completely unrelated to ruin exploration?

Then Reppenhardt made an expression of regret.

“Oh, that’s… … .”

Wow, I started talking too much because I was so excited to have Siris talk to me.

“Wow, my teacher’s friend is very knowledgeable about elves and dwarves… … I also picked up this and that over my shoulder… … .”

Reppenhardt stutters and gives a reason as if it were an excuse. Siris’ eyes lit up.

“Then how did you know my name?”


“Serendi el Arelpiana. “It’s my elf name.”


At that moment, Repenhardt’s complexion turned pale. Now, he realized what mistake he had made.

Siris continues to stare at Reppenhardt with sharp eyes. Repenhardt sweat poured down his back. If nothing else, this was a really big mistake. There is absolutely no excuse!

“Uhm… … .”

Groaning, Reppenhardt secretly avoided Siris’ distrustful gaze. Well, she had felt for a long time that Siris had always had her doubts about him. If this situation continues to increase in the future, it will increase, not decrease. To be honest, hiding it is also reaching its limits.

‘But how should I say it?’

I guess I’ll have to go back to Grand Forge and ask Marceline for some advice on this matter. With that decision in mind, Repenhardt secretly comforted Siris.

“I’ll explain it properly later. “No matter how bad this situation is, isn’t it?”

Certainly, even now, the elves are staring at them with a complex mixture of life and doubt. Not when we are having a leisurely conversation. Nodding her head, Siris turned her gaze back to the canyon.

‘Well then, let me first let you know that there is no hostility… … .’

Reppenhardt stepped forward with his hands raised.


Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Just like at Grand Forge, this time too, the glass bullets started flying first. Of course, there was no way that Reppenhardt, who could easily bounce off an iron arrowhead, would be defeated by this.

Thump! Tudung!

The elves began to panic as they saw all the glass bullets fired from the sling bounce off.

Reppenhardt cleared his throat for a moment, then raised his voice and shouted.

“Descendants of the Great Spirit, although I am a human, I am not your enemy! As someone who knows the history of the elves, I hope for an example of friendship!”

It was a distinct Elvish language. The elves looked at Relhard in confusion.

“W-what is it?”

“Elder Relhad?”

Relhard also looked extremely embarrassed. The correct elven language was Elf Aguni, and that horse was very well versed in elven manners. How can someone who is obviously human speak of manners that even elves have almost lost due to living in remote areas?

‘… … ‘Isn’t it an enemy?’

He looked confused and looked at Shaylene and the two children on the camel. What can reasonably be inferred from this scene is that they saved the family and brought them here. If the other person were not human, there would be no need to be suspicious.

Relhad raised his right hand. Then the elves all lifted the slings they were aiming at. When the attack stopped, Reppenhardt laughed softly. It was a smile full of goodwill that did not feel hostile at all. Reacting to that emotion, Relhad became even more confused.

‘First of all, it seems clear that the other person had goodwill… … .’

However, we cannot ignore the possibility that it is a trap. Humans are indeed creatures of excellent acting, an amazing species that can stab a person in the back while smiling calmly on the outside. First of all, the attack was stopped, but that doesn’t mean you can’t blindly trust the opponent.

Relhard shouted.

“What you say sounds reasonable! But there is not enough evidence to believe you!”

‘Well, I guess so.’

Reppenhardt nodded as if he knew that would happen. Since only dwarves can hear the truth, they were able to gain trust right away with just a few words. But elves are different.

But Reppenhardt already knew how to gain the elves’ trust. Even in my past life, this was the situation when I first met them.

“I completely understand! So now I will show you the basis!”

After shouting in Elvish, Lepehardt suddenly bent his knees slightly. And he raised the aura of his entire body.


The golden aura rises like flames. They are already elves who are sensitive to energy. Everyone was startled by the sudden burst of intense energy of destruction and went back to being on alert.



In that state, Reppenhardt suddenly looked up at the sky. And then he delivered a powerful blow into the air.

“Calamity Horn!”

A dazzling golden light rose through the desert sky. The pillar of light pushed through the atmosphere and scattered enormous energy in all directions. The air rumbled and ripples spread out, leaving clear traces on the sand.


With a thunderous roar, a pillar of light pierced the desert sky. The expressions of the elves completely changed due to the truly tremendous power. Relhard muttered in astonishment.

“… … Auror user?”

The opponent was an Auror! He is a chosen superhuman among superhumans, and possesses tremendous strength that rivals an army in his short stature! Moreover, it seems clear that even if the entire Danheim clan attacked with that incredible energy, they wouldn’t be able to inflict even a single wound!


The Calamity Horn pierced the air and disappeared with a roar. Leffenhardt withdrew his fist again. Siris, who was standing next to her, became thoughtful and asked a question.

“W-what are you doing!”

No matter how you look at it, isn’t this just arguing? How dare you suddenly show force when a peaceful approach is not enough! Repenhardt grinned at Siris’ criticism. She was filled with pride as she continued to look at her fellow countrymen.

“Well, humans would naturally take this as a threat… … .”

As expected, Siris seems to have lived among humans for too long. I see that you have a way of thinking that is not typical of an ‘elf’.

Reppenhardt gently pointed at the elves. Siris inadvertently looked away. And he was embarrassed. The elves, who had been so hostile, were all looking at them with faces full of kindness.

“… … “Huh?”

Relhard put his sword in his belt and shouted in a bright voice.

“If you’re as strong as you, there’s no need to sell traps! “I see that you have truly been gracious!”

“Elves think rationally?”

Reppenhardt shrugged his shoulders as if to look at that. In his original past life, he appealed his existence by demonstrating powerful magic, but even if he showed his abilities as an Auror, the result would not change at all.

Siris muttered as if he didn’t understand.

“No, even so, believing it like this… … .”

Even if Repenhardt has Auror abilities and is strong enough to deal with the entire Danheim clan, it cannot be said that there is absolutely no need to sell traps. Aren’t the slave hunters powerless against the entire Danheim clan? What if Reppenhardt had planned to catch the elves off guard and prevent them from escaping, then secretly bring in his companions and surround them from all sides?

However, the elves had already completely dispelled their suspicions about Reppenhardt, so they relaxed their defensive stance and were coming down the canyon to meet them. Siris shook his head.

“If you think rationally, shouldn’t you be asking more questions like this?”

Repenhardt whispered and answered her question.

“huh? “That’s not why I believed it.”


“It’s a bit hard to say it with my own mouth, but I’m an Auror, right? “It’s also one of the strongest ones among them.”


“But there’s no way you would come all the way to this remote area and do this troublesome work just to catch an elf and sell it, right? “If you are an Auror, there are many easier ways to make money.”


When I thought about it, it was like that. A man as strong as Reppenhardt would have no reason to come to this annoying desert just to catch some wild elves. If you have Auror abilities, you can be treated well wherever you go. Didn’t Lantas just live a good life patting his stomach even after committing such a terrible crime? Have you seen an Auror tearing up a slash-and-burn village?

At the very least, it is extremely unlikely that a great mage or an Auror would come to this remote area just for money and for no other reason. This was the reason that resolved their doubts about Reppenhardt, both in the past life and in the present life.

“I see… … .”

Siris looked at her clan approaching with admiration. How could he have maintained such clear-headedness in such a short situation, and even in this urgent situation?

A proud feeling filled my heart. Even in this harsh life, the Danheim clan never lost their elf-like wisdom. It was still a proud clan. That fact makes me so happy that it’s somehow hard to bear… … .

“I am truly grateful for saving the children of our clan.”

Relhad came closer, placed his right hand on his shoulder and bowed his head. It was the elf’s manner of expressing sincere gratitude. Repenhardt responded, placing his left hand on his shoulder. It is an elven etiquette signifying humility.

“You’re welcome. There is someone else who really deserves my thanks.”

Reppenhardt pointed at Siris.

“It was she who truly saved them.”

Relhard nodded and expressed his gratitude to Siris this time. Siris was embarrassed. She does not know the elf etiquette that Repenhardt knows. Eventually she shrugged her shoulders and waved her hands ‘like a human’.

“Oh, no. It was definitely Mr. Reppenhardt who killed most of them… … .”

Siris sighed inwardly as she responded. Humans also follow elf etiquette, so what kind of shameful situation is it that an elf himself behaves like this?

At that time, Relhad looked at Siris closely and continued speaking.

“But for some reason, the energy in that hair and skin feels familiar.”

Shaylene joined the conversation.

“It’s Serendi, Relhad.”


Shaylene continued speaking in a kind voice as she approached Siris’ side.

“I’m Serendi, the daughter of Arel and Fianna. “Do you remember?”

At that moment, Relhad’s eyes widened. As the head of a clan, he remembered all the clan members who had been born and died. The moment I heard his name, memories of his past clearly emerged from the back of my mind.

“Is this the child we lost on the day of the nightmare?”

The other elves also began to mutter and look at Siris. There was no elf who did not know about the terrible events that took place on the day of nightmares, when the Danheim clan was brought to the brink of destruction.

There was a commotion. Voices of surprise and joy, as well as voices thanking Eldia for the miracle of the return of the child who had been sold as a slave, fill the canyon.

Relhard shook his head.

“This is it, Won, not only have you regained the family you thought you lost, but your old family has also returned. You are truly our noble person. We can’t keep such a noble person standing in this position. Would you please come inside? “It’s shabby, but there’s at least a place to stretch your legs.”

“I feel honored.”

Reppenhardt nodded politely at Relhard’s invitation. Accompanied by Reppenhardt and his party, the elves began to move one by one through the canyon.


That evening, the elves returned to their village, Deryu Elde. Repenhardt and Siris left the canyon and followed them. After arriving at the village, the Danheim clan performed a ritual. It was a ceremony to thank the goddess, Eldia, for safely overcoming another tribulation.

A large flame using fire elemental magic burns on the desert sand without any firewood. A beautiful elf woman sings a song around the fire.

“Rachel Liand Elin Spirana… … .”

It is a requiem song of the elves that has been passed down for a long time. It was a memorial ceremony to honor the souls of warriors who died protecting their clan. A feast was then held to welcome the returning family. Everyone dances and sings around the fire. It was a feast for Shaylene, her two children, and Siris, who returned after 50 years.

A cheerful song began to echo in the middle of the desert. Everyone seemed happy. Back in the village, we can drink water in abundance again, and there is plenty of food. Although the Danheim clan has a difficult food situation, they now have as many as ten camels. Relhard decided to slaughter four of them, and thanks to this, fresh camel meat was being cooked in bonfires throughout the village, dripping with oil.

Reppenhardt, who was standing on one side of the tent, smiled bitterly.

‘It’s a strange feeling watching the elves having fun in front of the whole grill… … .’

In old stories, the elves’ banquet is always depicted as a mysterious and wonderful sight. Compared to the legends of the old elves drinking clear wine and fresh fruits in a noble manner, hanging out with all kinds of animals in a forest full of green, it could be said that their appearance today has truly become corrupted.

But despite that, they were still beautiful.

They were not as mysterious or wondrous as the elves of legend, but that did not diminish their beauty. Even in their primitive life, the elegance of the old elves, who never seemed barbaric, still remained in them.

Well, they haven’t changed from then to now. Their lives, adapting to nature, assimilating with it, and living in maximum harmony with it, did not change whether they were in a rich forest or a barren desert.

Elves were still mysterious and awe-inspiring people.

Reppenhardt grinned, delighted with that fact.

“… … Lel Dry Shahalana… … .”

He gazed at the sights of the village, savoring the elves’ song tickling his ears. You can see the adults having fun and the young elf children going back and forth eagerly. The children were busy eating various meats, dried fruits, and nuts placed around the bonfire.


“delicious! “Sue me!”

“Try one too, Ellie.”

Looking at the noisy children, Reppenhardt felt something again.

‘It’s a good thing you brought the camels.’

That was originally stored food that Bright and his party had prepared to cross the desert. The ten camels brought by Reppenhardt were each saddled with over 40 people’s worth of food and supplies. For the children who always ate only rough food, this stored food seemed like a treat.

On the other side, Siris was meeting old friends from her memories.

“I’m glad you’re back, Serendi! do you remember me?”

“… … Zerain? “Is it Zerain?”

“I remember! I am?”

It seemed awkward at first, but as everyone greeted us warmly, Siris gradually began to have a smile on her face. Leffenhardt looked at her with her complex face.

‘It’s nice to see you, Siris… … .’

Seeing her happy makes him happy too.

However, Leffenhardt’s sadness was that he could not enjoy that joy purely.

The more happy she is, and the more the Danheim clan is happy to see her, the less likely it is that she will be by their side.

‘Will Siris, who is so happy, follow me?’

I am becoming more and more skeptical. After all, was it necessary to encourage them at least a little forcefully? But then he would never win Siris’ heart in his life.

He has no choice anyway. What he wants is his beloved lover named Siris, not an elf slave to satisfy her sexual desires.

Then there is only one conclusion.

All I can do is hope that she chooses him.

A sigh came out inadvertently.

“Whoa… … .”

Then Relhard approached Reppenhardt and looked puzzled.

“Why does your benefactor not look good?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Quickly managing his expression, Repenhardt shook his head. And then he suddenly glanced at Relhad and clicked his tongue.


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