The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 66

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The sword being made by Roman was something Hendrick couldn’t believe. No, it was something he couldn’t even imagine.

“Do you seriously want me to believe that, Roman? The person you are talking to right now is the Master of Dmitry’s Blacksmiths. As I have also dealt with iron all my life, I can instantly know if the other person smelt it or not without even having to check things. Still, you want to make fun of me? I guess the rumors about you changing were, in the end, all lies.”

His voice clearly exhibited his anger. He didn’t even want to confirm the truth with Roman anymore.

Long ago, Roman had visited the blacksmith as he was going to be the successor of Dmitry. Everything was a mess then, from the hammering to the learning attitude he portrayed, and it all drove Hendrick insane. From that day onward, Roman never set foot in the forge again.

Even though there was a different forge for the Dmitry family, he didn’t think that Roman Dmitry, who had already lost the fight to become the successor, would touch the forge again.

Also, the sword in front of him was clearly extraordinary. Even ignoring how good the skill of handling iron was, in the area that dealt with mana, the skill of the craftsman who created this sword was much superior to Hendrick. Thus, it couldn’t have been forged by Roman. And seeing him blatantly lying, Hendrick’s anger rose even more. However, just then,

“Master Hendrick,” said Roman calmly, as if he understood his reaction. And looking straight into his eyes, he continued in an unshaken voice, “I fully understand why the Master reacts that way. A blacksmith’s skill, just as Aura, cannot be created in a mere day or two, and if I had shown my hard work in the forge, certainly, you would have believed me. Nevertheless, what I said is the truth. This sword, named Salamander after the continent, is the only sword that has been made by me.”

“This brat is really….! Hendrick’s face glowed red. And just as he was about to hit Roman, who was making fun of him, he was stunned by Roman’s following words.

“I will show you how I made the sword. From the perspective of the Master Blacksmith, who represents the Dmitry family, wouldn’t one action convey the truth rather than a hundred words?”


A hundred words are useless when it’s you—That was what Roman was saying.

Hendrick’s face was flushed with embarrassment; however, he eventually moved toward the forge with Roman.

While going to the forge, Roman said, “I forged a sword for myself that I would entrust my life to whenever there was a significant battle. It was a sword that could fully utilize my abilities considering my current physical strength and matched the Aura I manifested. That was how Salamander was born. While preparing for the war with Barco, I decided that I needed a new sword, and I faced the furnace’s flames and struck steel and iron countless times. At that time, the forge felt like a sanctuary. I could not stop striking it until the story between me and the iron had come to a conclusion. I think Master Hendrick knows that feeling very well.”


Nevertheless, the silence was the only answer he got along with a face full of dissatisfaction. Hendrick followed him along to see him work in the forge, but he didn’t like how Roman was empathizing with the feelings of a blacksmith. To Hendrick, he wasn’t a blacksmith. He never showed any hard work, so how could he trust him with just a single result?

Nevertheless, not caring how Hendrick reacted, Roman didn’t stop speaking.

“I need to carry out my military duty soon in the future. I, Roman Dmitry, have constantly been improving, so I recently started making a sword to replace the Salamander. What I want to now show master Hendrick is the process of making the sword. If you do not believe me even after seeing it for yourself, then even if you report to my father and impose a punishment, I will accept it.”


After he arrived at the smithy, Roman prepared to work. Actually, there was nothing special to prepare. It was because he lived in the smithy every evening. Thus, the environment was quite natural for Roman.


After he took his top off, he embraced the hearth.

Hendrick’s expression was distorted for a moment after he saw Roman’s actions.

‘He doesn’t even know the basics of being a blacksmith.’

He wanted to turn away right now. There was no need to see anymore. It was safe to say he wasn’t a blacksmith because Roman wasn’t even equipped with safety equipment, and even though he was going to work with iron, he was showing such a careless attitude.

However, just then, a fire broke out.

And with just one action—Exactly at the moment Roman struck the iron with his hammer, Hendrick’s expression changed completely.


It was a strong sound. The muscles in Roman’s body had suddenly swelled up. And while Roman struck the iron earnestly with his hammer, Hendrick couldn’t help but keep gazing at him.

‘The way blacksmiths handle iron in this world and the way Murim’s blacksmiths handle iron are quite different. This world’s blacksmiths aim to handle the mana, which isn’t always perfect, and invest a lot in the sword. On the other hand, Murim’s blacksmiths only prioritize the smooth operation of qi. A sword that amplifies the efficiency of the qi to the maximumThat is what a named sword was in Murim, and I made countless of them, which helped me while I was living in a life of hardships.’

The point Hendrick admired in Roman’s sword was the high mana reactivity, which was a technique of Murim. Also, even in Murim, Baek Joon-hyuk was considered a master craftsman. Baek Joon-hyuk’s swords were the most precious treasures of Murim, and such a person had made ‘Salamander’ in this new world.



The iron was being struck constantly. The fire burned, and it turned the skin red. Nevertheless, Roman accepted the fire as it was. He considered the process of making a sword as a part of training. He thought assimilating the sword and self is how one accepts themselves.

From now onward, as he told Hendrick, he would have to go into various battles, and he didn’t have much time. He couldn’t know what all would happen on the battlefield, but there was one thing Roman was sure of in his life.

‘Even there, I will reign and live.’

There were only 3 months left now. In that time, Roman was going to put a lot of effort into making a new sword, and when the sword was complete, he would head for the battlefield on behalf of the family.

Roman fell in love with his work. Forgetting the clutter around him, he focused just on his sword. It was as if he was in a state of trance. Roman was completely absorbed in the sword.

Is this what it feels like to be out of breath?

Looking at Roman’s face, Hendrick was stunned.



’…This cannot be.’

As he was the Master Blacksmith, Hendrick had an eye for recognizing the talent of others, and that is why he talked to Roman that way. However, now, seeing Roman striking the steel without a single hint of a distraction made his common sense collapse.

‘Is this truly Roman Dmitry?’

He couldn’t believe it despite seeing it with his own eyes.

Roman, who Hendrick had seen until now, clearly did not have even the slightest bit of interest in the forge, but his current attitude of hammering the iron proved that he was a skilled craftsman. And his admiration didn’t end with just that. The thing that blew away Hendrick’s mind was Roman’s unshakable posture even when he was facing the fire from the pit with his bare body. Even his skin was now glowing red. Obviously, it must be unbearable heat for any normal human, but Roman wasn’t taking his eyes off the metal as if he had fallen in love with it.

And then, he hit the iron once, then twice, and so on. He kept hitting it again and again. His muscles were trembling as if they would explode at any given moment. He was striking the hammer along with a rhyme, and the constant speed resembled a maestro who performed their music.

“This is it.”

Roman was a craftsman. Clearly, it felt impossible to believe, but the sight in front of him proved the undeniable reality.

If such a person isn’t a craftsman, then who is?

At first, he showed an attitude of denying Roman, but now he accepted the reality before him.

‘With this skill level, there is no doubt Roman made that amazing sword. Everything from the attitude towards the iron and the speed at which he hits it to the sound of the hammer and iron clashing is perfect. And unlike me, he embraces the heat fully. That reminds me of Baron Romero in his heyday. After all, he is of the same bloodline. Not Rodwell Dmitry, but it seems it is Roman Dmitry who is born with the blood of a blacksmith.’


Thirst arose from within him.

In Roman’s work, there has to be something that increases the reactivity to mana.

Hendrick had changed his position to one of a spectator and was now taking in the performance. He set aside his doubts and just enjoyed seeing Roman working on the sword.Discover, Devour, Delight: N♡vεlB¡n.

Even though quite a lot of time passed and he thought of stopping, he couldn’t do it. Until the sun set, Roman was immersed in his work, and Hendrick just gazed at the scene carefully.

They both knew the true reason for Hendrick coming here, to find proof that Roman had indeed made that sword, had already been achieved. Now, Hendrick believed Roman’s words of forging Salamander to be true as he saw him working in the smithy.


The work was finally finished.

Hendrick had an expression as if he had committed treason as he gazed at Roman, who was drenched in sweat.

“…I apologize. You truly were the master of that sword.”

It was a quick and straightforward apology.

Hendrick was a craftsman. He had great pride because he devoted his life to being a blacksmith, and of course, he thought Roman was mocking him earlier when he talked with him as if he was a blacksmith. Nevertheless, when he realized the truth, his attitude changed. As Roman was truly a craftsman of Salamander, Hendrick had no choice but to love him no matter what their past relations were.

Roman smiled. He had brought Hendrick here to clear up their bad past relationship. In order to fully settle down as one of Dmitry’s heirs, he decided it was necessary to improve his relationship with Hendrick.

Then, Roman said, “I will give you Salamander as a present.”


“As you saw today, I am forging a new sword to suit my current physical abilities. In the past, I sold the sword made by you, Master Hendrick, and I don’t know if this can compensate for that, but I would like you to take Salamander as a present.”


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Hearing Roman’s words, Hendrick’s hand trembled in awe. Honestly, from the first time he saw Salamander, he desired to have the sword to himself. It was a new type of sword, and he had a burning desire to analyze the Salamander and make it his own. And now Roman wants to give the sword himself?

Hendrick coughed.

He couldn’t like this as he should have been angry with Roman, but he couldn’t refuse it either.

“…Ahem. T-thank you.”

Hendrick stuttered. He didn’t even bother refusing it.

Seeing Hendrick holding Salamander in the hands, Roman knew he wasn’t all bad.

The relationship between Hendrick and Roman was originally ruined by Roman himself. Although he was a child of Dmitry, he neglected the smithy and even went so far as to sell Hendrick’s best piece of work yet. That was what called for the hostile attitude. However, fundamentally, Hendrick wasn’t a bad person. His temper melted as soon as he confirmed that Roman was of the same kind as him. It was like that in his previous life as well.

People too immersed in one field cannot stick to one mentality. And to make them allies, all one had to do was respect their territory.

“And you are welcome to come and see my work anytime you want to.”

“…If you say so.”

Hendrick smiled. Once Roman said he could come and see him working, his face elated in happiness. He was such a simple person. And that day, their feud came to an end.

Also, at the same time, the servants of Baron Romero were looking for Hendrick.

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