The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 46

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The atmosphere turned cold instantly.

Battle of Great Warriors—Three swordsmen representing the families would fight each other, and the family that won two times would obtain all the glory.

At first, reducing the damage an estate would take might look acceptable. However, those who knew the truth about it would never entrust the fate of an estate like that.

Thus, Lawrence’s vassals said, “Battle of Great Warriors—That’s good. As long as we are certain that we will win, there is no simpler method other than that. The problem is that we need three people to fight, and they should at least be strong enough to obtain two victories. The opponent is Barco. They have connections with the Central Government and have even borrowed money from the Golden Bank, so they might have invited some skilled people with their personal connections and wealth. The Battle of Great Warriors is ultimately a battle of personal relationships, and their intention will be to lead the situation from the start to gain power on their side. Also, one needs to have trust to make it work.”

There was no law that the ones participating had to be from the family. Usually, outside experts were often invited. Thus, Lawrence had no choice but to worry about such variables.

In the first place, the difference in power was too high. Like Dmitry, Barco had a 3-Star Knight, but Lawrence had only one 2-Star Knight. Moreover, they hadn’t even revealed their full power yet, so how can they accept the battle?


“Roman, Thank you for your help. Barco’s siege weapon has been destroyed, thanks to you. For Barco, it is a situation in which they have no choice but to wait longer to capture us, and as time goes on, the situation turns more favorable for us. It is only a matter of time. Even if it is difficult, Lawrence will be able to survive if we choose to sit down, but we cannot know how the situation will turn if we accept your proposal. The Battle of Great Warriors is a disaster. If Barco wins the battle and wants Lawrence’s land as a reward, we will have to give it up without even saying anything.”

The other vassals nodded their heads in agreement. What they were concerned about was the variable. They finally had a chance in this war, so they didn’t want to ruin the situation by accepting the battle for nothing. It was understandable. The judgment Lawrence came to was right. However, this was also why they were the docile prey, and despite their fertile lands, they never lived as predators.

Roman said, “I understand what you mean. However, as I said, there is no better way than to opt for it, as long as we are sure we will win. From now on, I will give you that assurance.”

3 fights, 3 wins—Although it is a fight that emphasizes the existence of three people, the Battle of the Great Warriors is actually decided by two powerful people.

“Barco and Lawrence—Let’s think of the opponent and the number of cases we can choose from. First, Barco. I can think of a 3-Star swordsman and an expert from outside as their winning card. As Barco, who spent a lot of money for the Flare, they cannot possibly acquire 3 skilled people from outside now. Then, on the contrary, who is there for us to choose?”

People thought, and only one name came to their mind—Roman Dmitry.

“I will represent Lawrence in the first match. Whether the opponent is a knight of Barco or an outside expert, I am sure I can win. Then, the other side will surely begin to get antsy, and in the second confrontation, they will have no choice but to send out their best warrior. Also, the Battle of Great Warriors is a battle many witness. No matter how great one is, if they win one battle and lose two instead, it is meaningless to continue any further. Furthermore, my man, Chris, will finish it off. Even if his opponent is a 3-Star Knight, Chris is strong enough to bring us victory.”

Roman’s words felt reasonable. However, it wasn’t a perfect operation. If Roman lost to an unknown man, the fight would end without a second thought.

“Do you think that I will lose?”

Nevertheless, no one could object to Roman’s words.

Roman’s appearance when he attacked Barco’s rear and cut off the head of Berge Mercenaries’ captain left everyone overwhelmed in his mighty presence.

He will win.—They were certain of it because of Roman’s skills.

“Then, in that case, we will have one win. Isn’t that a pretty nice result? Given the situation, if we can tackle them in the right way, we can restore the reputation of Lawrence, which has fallen to the ground, by winning the Battle of Great Warriors. I will not try to convince you anymore. This is all I can do to help; now, you have to decide.”

At that moment, everyone’s gaze turned to one person—Flora. The previous incidents had given her a voice in the room.

Roman had only spoken after he grasped the situation logically. He boldly pointed out the reality, and drew the other party’s consent. It was the same today, as well.

As all of the vassals went silent, Flora suddenly remembered her conversation with Roman.

[It’s simple—Sacrifice for my plan. If the Lawrence family shows their willingness to be the first to bleed and lays down the plates, I will do my best to help you. This is a promise in the name of Roman Dmitry. In order for our conversation to go forward, this promise needs to be made.]

What he said back then—Roman wished for Lawrence to sacrifice for his plans. For his personal revenge, he hoped for the Lawrence estate to bleed. And, honestly, it hadn’t changed even now. On the surface, it looked like he was doing something for Lawrence, but this time, as well, he was forcing Lawrence to sacrifice themselves.

‘He is a dangerous person.’

Roman’s plan has loopholes in it. What if—Barco hires a person strong enough to defeat Roman, or if all three warriors are experts from outside? Obviously, Lawrence will be defeated. That is the worst case, and Lawrence will be unable to fix themselves if that happens. Of course, the chances of it happening are slim. Barco not bringing out the Flare from the start thoroughly proved the fact that the financial consumption was massive, and they were also putting their everything into this war.

Just two warriors—Barco’s best bet is to prepare two strong warriors.

Actually, if what Roman said is true, then as he said, it is possible to defeat Barco without much damage through a Battle of Great Warriors.

The problem is…

’Roman is whispering sweet words to us now. An expert like him who defeated Berge will become the Great Warrior, so Lawrence should take care of any unforeseen variables. How do I do this? If we choose to sit down, we will eventually survive, even if it takes a long time, but it is clear that it will be a choice that will set Lawrence a step back. Barco and Lawrenceboth families are bound to become unhappy. However, if we accept Roman’s proposal and win, the glory of victory will come to Roman, and not Lawrence, even if we take minimal damage.’

It tasted bitter to her—Roman was a sly fox. Knowing that Lawrence wasn’t in a situation where they could make another choice, he was using that to his advantage—To get maximum benefit in any situation. Moreover, he wasn’t even trying to hide that.

‘Rather, it is ironic that we can trust him because we can see his dark nature. Seriously, Roman Dmitry, you damned bastard.’

Being thankful that he helped?—That was only for a moment. As Roman said, this was a deal. For the benefit of Roman and Lawrence, this was a direct negotiation.

Flora said, “I am in favor of the Battle of Great Warriors. If there is a way to end this war quickly, I think it is necessary for us to take a gamble.”

She turned her gaze from Roman, knowing his intentions. That was the only thing Flora could give Roman now.

At the same time, somewhere else, the Barco family was in an uproar.

“That f*cking Roman Dmitry showed up! What the hell was he thinking while interfering with our work? Aahhh!”


Viscount Barco, whose face was flushed red in anger, smashed everything around him. He flipped the desk and kicked the chairs. Although he revealed his violent nature, Viscount Barco’s anger didn’t subside even a single bit.

“Ughhhh!” He exhaled harshly.

As he sat down on the chair and looked at the grey ceiling of the barrack, he could see the reality of Barco.

‘How do I resolve this situation? As the Flare was destroyed, we lost our method to end this war in a short time. The Berge mercenaries have lost their will to fight due to the death of their captain, and the risk is too great if we try to rent a Flare again. The money borrowed from the Golden Blank is for emergencies. If I use it and the plan doesn’t work, then the Barco family will be over for real.’

It looked bleak.

Roman Dmitry—Every time he remembered the moment that man had cut off the head of Berge, he felt overwhelmed. At first, it looked like a barbaric plan as they approached from afar, but when Roman’s sword flashed, dozens of soldiers died without even getting a chance to scream.

Also, at the appearance of Berge, who rushed with enthusiasm—Viscount Barco, who had put his hopes on the A-class mercenary recognized by the entire kingdom, felt everything change.

Just how? Why did this happen?

’There is only one way to resolve this situationThe Battle of Great Warriors. However, there is no reason for Lawrence to accept that. Obviously, there is no need for them to gamble when they can get a sure victory.’

His mouth felt dry. It felt like his head was clogged up. He didn’t know how to change the situation.

However, just then, the barrack’s door opened, and a soldier came in with an urgent expression.

“Lord! Lawrence has sent a messenger!”

Viscount Barco thought—Lawrence must have sent the messenger to show off their lead as this is the end. Thus, he decided to cut off the messenger’s head.

It is widely known that a messenger must be spared, not killed. However, Viscount Barco was blinded by his anger. Nevertheless, hearing the messenger’s words, he was stunned.

“Lawrence proposes Barco to hold a Battle of Great Warriors.”

Battle of Great Warriors—Hearing that, instantly, he almost laughed. Still, he managed to suppress it.

He has been thinking of how to propose the Battle of Great Warriors to Lawrence until now. However, he would never have imagined, even in his wildest dreams, that Lawrence would make the proposal first.

‘Lawrence is digging their own grave!’

The opponent didn’t know about Barco’s plans. The Golden Bank had lent them much more money than they had expected. Thus, the remaining money was reserved for situations like the current one.

If—Even if Lawrence had chosen to reject the Battle of Great Warriors, Viscount Barco would have considered renting the Flare again. However, there was no need to do that now. The opponent had dug their own grave. Even Roman’s presence wasn’t a concern anymore. Roman’s strength was truly overwhelming, but Viscount Barco’s plan to win was something beyond common sense.

Thus, he sent back the messenger saying he would think about it and immediately summoned his people and gave orders.

“Go and call ‘him’ right now! I will send a down payment, so ask him to join as our great warrior.”

His mind was at peace. The end of the war was already in his sight. In a nutshell, the Battle of Great Warriors will be won by his side within two matches.

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