The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 43

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The gates finally opened. Breaking through the rising dust due to explosions, the soldiers of Lawrence ran out.



Hundreds of soldiers—Their faces were full of fear. Flames were burning over the wall, and many enemy troops were rushing toward the gate.

Even though they were called soldiers, they weren’t the kind who had received regular training. However, knowing that Lawrence could collapse if they retreated from here, they all clenched their teeth and ran toward their opponent.




Both sides’ troops clashed. The soldiers at the forefront were pushed back but still kept fighting, and due to that, the soldiers of Barco were pushed back due to the force with which the soldiers of Lawrence were stabbing.

However, the joy of victory left as quickly as it came. Lawrence’s soldiers withdrew their weapons and tried to attack another opponent, but as they weren’t trained to move quickly, the enemies slashed their necks.




The battle had just begun. The faces of the soldiers were in shock, unable to believe their death or the death of others. Early in the battle, Lawrence was dominating the other side. Supported by the arrows being fired from above the wall, they pushed back Barco’s army.


Puak! Puak!

Barco’s soldiers collapsed with arrows hitting them. The knight of Lawrence, who stepped on their corpses, boasted a silver armor that shone in the sun and slaughtered the enemies in front.

Blood was gushing out.

In an instant, mountains of corpses covered the battlefield like weeds, and Lawrence’s soldiers followed the knight and moved to the enemy camp. Even then, they believed they had a chance. While checking the appearance of enemy forces falling by their weapons. They thought the power of Barco wasn’t that great.

However, that was all an illusion. Barco was a bit shocked by the unexpected attack, but as time went on, the situation changed.

“Running wild even though they don’t know their opponent!”

“How dare they?!”



Among the soldiers, a group of people were engaged in a massacre. They were the Berge mercenaries. They made a living by fighting and even showed a prominent performance among soldiers. They helped each other out and slaughtered the soldiers of Lawrence, and even in the midst of the difficult battle where one couldn’t fully understand the situation, they were able to hold their ground. Even if the opponent was a knight, they were able to fight back.The initial posting of this chapter occurred via noovelllbbin

It was the time when the Aura was being perfectly handled that the knight who seemed skilled came. The knight of Lawrence, who was fighting at the forefront, wielded his sword at the mercenaries around, and eventually, was attacked from all sides.



The knight groaned in pain at the sword piercing his flesh and collapsed at the attacks that came from all directions. After that, the atmosphere changed. Lawrence, too, had recruited mercenaries to have a numerical advantage, but they weren’t as skilled as the Berge mercenaries. At some point, they couldn’t push forward any longer. Although they moved 500m from the wall, Lawrence’s soldiers, who had lost their momentum, struggled to survive, looking shocked.

One, then two, and so on, people continued to die. The sight of people around them dying began to spread fear within the soldiers of Lawrence.

“Oh, no. We are finished. We cannot beat them!”

The difference in power was too large. Eventually, the soldiers began stepping back. Facing the ferocious hordes of wild beasts who were causing chaos and destruction, they realized they couldn’t continue it—this fight would bring them to a desperate end.

Due to the variables, Lawrence couldn’t even play the role of a perfect bait.


An arrow flew. Even though her arms were trembling as the same action was repeated several times, Flora kept doing it.

Just then, the soldiers started screaming. They had to fight a little more, but they seemed to retreat back at the helpless sight.

‘We cannot be pushed back already!’

Her heart plummeted. Roman’s plan—It was a two-way plan. If the gates were open and the soldiers of Lawrence attacked, then Barco would focus their forces on the soldiers. And that was the chance Roman was speaking about. With the fight happening in front of the gates, there wouldn’t be many troops behind Barco, so Roman could crush down the Flare. Flares are expensive. As the price is high and they aren’t easily found, Lawrence could secure a higher advantage by destroying it.

“Do not back off! Hold on!”—Flora cried out. Even now, the enemy hadn’t sent out many troops. Many troops remained behind Barco’s camp, and if things continued like this, even Roman would get hurt.

However, despite Flora crying out, Lawrence’s soldiers couldn’t stand it. They were people who had lost their will to fight, and the mercenaries on Barco’s side weren’t people they could stop.

This was the end. Flora stayed up all night studying warfare but faced a reality that books didn’t convey.

‘I should have known our level. Unlike Barco, we weren’t ready to fight.’

Lawrence—They were peace-loving people. They lived a good life with the wealth that came from their fertile lands but failed to have troops to protect them. And due to that, this problem arose.

Because Barco had nothing like that, Lawrence was an easy prey to them. They have always been a force that fought to loot others. The result was obvious from the start. At the sight of two of Lawrence’s soldiers stepping out to deal with one soldier of Barco, Flora lost her mind.

‘We never stood a chance.’

Roman Dmitry—He will not show up.

She didn’t know if Lawrence had acted as the bait he wanted, but now, that man wouldn’t try to help. To make matters worse, the sacrifice they made was meaningless. Now, Lawrence’s only choice was to be self-reliant. Still, if they stood by the wall, they could survive for a day or two, but as they had opened the gates to get help, they lost that chance, too.

What should we do now?

There were so many reasons to give up now, but Flora, who had sworn to steel her resolve and tried her hardest to turn it into a reality within these past few days, was continuously looking for answers.


An arrow that cut through the wind hit the target. Even if this place fell, Flora would not give up. She would not beg the enemy. Just as she had told her maid, it was Flora’s choice to die like this, rather than turn into a concubine for Anthony Barco.

Just then,


A horde moving from a distance could be seen. Their goal seemed clear—The Flare. They were running straight toward the siege weapon.

10 minutes earlier.

Roman’s soldiers awaited orders with nervous faces.


This plan—They couldn’t help but feel nervous. They had no idea that they would enter the battle so quickly, and even more so that they would be attempting to attack Barco’s rear. The time to risk their lives had come. Unlike Chris and Kevin, who accepted it casually, the soldiers who followed Roman were anxious. Their feelings could be understood. However, Roman thought there was no need for consideration beyond understanding.

’From now onward, it is the reality that you will have to face. If you survive as my soldier, you will get to live as a predatorI promised you that in the beginning, but whether or not you survive depends on your own strength, not me.’

Ten days earlier, Roman’s soldiers began their training. They were all trained hard in their own ways with Chris’ whip, but that didn’t catch the eye of Roman. The soldiers’ feelings had changed—Now isn’t the time for empathy.

Ahead of this operation, Roman said, “As explained at the start, this is an operation in which we will aim at the rear of Barco and destroy their siege weapon. Perhaps Lawrence might not even serve as proper bait. The difference in power is too huge for them to even play that role.”

Lawrence was a variable. However, Roman expected it. From the beginning, he didn’t expect them to do their job properly. Moreover, in a sense, it meant this wasn’t going to be easy.

Seeing the gaze of Roman focused on them, the soldiers didn’t avoid it. 30 soldiers—They are going to risk their lives now. Clearly, they were characters with strong hearts, and even though they looked nervous now, they wouldn’t run away from reality. And, honestly, that was enough. Roman had brought a minimum number of people for his plan.

“I don’t expect to give each of you a role. I will take the lead, and when I run ahead to slaughter the enemies ahead of us, you all will follow behind to clear the remaining ones. Keep in mind—Our primary goal is to destroy Barco’s siege weapon. If there is someone who cannot do their role and gets drunk on the bloodshed, I will personally tear their limbs off.”

Roman’s words shocked the soldiers. They were cruel words, but Roman said he would take the lead in such a dangerous situation. This wasn’t from his consideration toward them. As of now, he doesn’t trust these soldiers yet. Thus, Roman wanted to take the role of facing the enemy head-on.



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The time had finally come. At Roman’s command, the soldiers ran out at once. From afar, Roman and his troops could be seen. Barco quickly grasped what was happening but didn’t summon the troops back.

“What is that?”—Viscount Barco asked with a confused expression. Perhaps the opponent had prepared another attack on them, but their number seemed too low, as if it were a joke.

“How will they handle us with that few people? Well, guys who don’t know much about the war always hope for miracles to happen for them. Hey. Get ready to welcome those crazy guests.”


The soldiers moved. They had shields on their body and were ready with spears in their hands. The difference in power was obvious. There were only 30 people who carried out the surprise attack, but there were three times as many people behind Barco.

Moreover, people like the knights’ commander and the mercenaries’ captain were also there. As Viscount Barco thought, there was no reason to be afraid of this small group of people who were attempting something reckless.

And not long after, the enemies arrived. The moment he confirmed the opponent wasn’t from Lawrence, the man in the lead moved.


The soldiers’ world turned upside down in an instant. That man’s movement—They couldn’t keep up with it with their eyes. He definitely seemed to be far away, but instantly, he reached in front of them and hurled toward them. It was a reckless attempt. The soldiers raised their shields to prepare for the reckless attack of the man who was leading the others behind him. The soldiers put their spears ahead to stab that man, as well. The future was evident—The man’s body would turn into a ragged one. However, Viscount Barco, who was observing the situation, was shocked at what happened next.



Blood splattered on the battlefield. He thought the shields would block him, but his soldiers’ heads fell nevertheless. What followed next was a bloody carnage on the battlefield. The defensive formation collapsed instantly. And this was the reality—An unbelievable sight that was beyond common sense.

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