The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 110

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The soldiers above the wall were cheering when they saw Butler pushing back Roman right from the very start.


“Butler! Butler!”

“Please avenge our comrades!”

Roman Dmitry was a name that made their bones tremble. His appearance under the sun reminded them of the death of their comrades, and Hector’s soldiers stood close to the wall with eyes glistening for blood.

They didn’t have the slightest doubt about Butler’s victory. To them, Butler was a symbol of trust. And they believed that even a strong opponent would not be able to defeat Butler.

However, at some point, the atmosphere began to change. As Roman started to gain momentum slowly, the walls that were full of cheers soon cooled down as if someone had poured cold water on them.

“…Does this make sense? Roman Dmitry is a 3-Star Aura Swordsman. How the heck is he competing on equal footing with a 5-Star one? Someone, please… Please explain this situation to me.”

Like that person, the shock soon spread to everyone like wildfire. Edwin Hector was no different. No, from the moment he saw Roman Dmitry blocking the attacks of 5-Star Aura, he couldn’t control his expression.

‘Was he seriously trying to fight with only his skills?’

His eyes trembled. Common sense said that battle was clearly unfavorable to Roman. Everyone knew the difference in their status and power, and that was why they were sure Butler would win. That was why they all thought Roman had set up a trap. They couldn’t think of any way in which Roman defeated Butler normally, and as soon as Roman received the attack with his sword, he suspected Roman might have used magic to enchant his sword. However, that wasn’t it. As Edwin Hector was himself a magician, he understood that the opponent hadn’t used any tricks. From that point onward, his heart began to pound wildly. His mouth became dry, and he remembered the moment he had first met Roman when he had appeared from the darkness.

‘There can be nothing worse than Butler losing to Roman Dmitry. Not only will we lose our most powerful person, but we will have to retreat from the rear position because of defeat. Nevertheless, regardless of victory or defeat, we cannot follow the outcome of the fight. If the war is lost despite putting in such a huge amount of manpower and materials, that will mean the downfall of Hector, and the reputation of the Hector Kingdom will fall in the eyes of other nations.’

He shook his head. He trusted Butler. Butler hadn’t done his best yet. An ominous feeling continued to creep in, but he tried to believe that the winner was, in the end, going to be Butler. And as if to live up to that belief,



The tide of the battle changed again. Butler pushed Roman back with Aura swirling around his sword and touching the sky.

‘This is the end.’

He was convinced there was no way Roman could stop this. Even men stronger than him on the continent had fallen down because of this attack, but at that moment,




Edwin Hector had no choice but to widen his eyes when he saw the situation in front of him.

Before thrusting his sons down the cave, Baek Joong-hyuk’s father had his 12 sons seated in front of him and said, “The existence of a Heavenly Demon is a symbol of blind trust. You must not show any weakness at any moment. It is right to give up your life rather than take a step back. You must overwhelmingly win against your enemy rather than be satisfied with a humble victory. Keep this in mind. The title of the Heavenly Demon is only given to the absolute strongest person. If you truly want to follow me and be at the apex of the sect, you should have no shame in taking those steps.”

That day, the swords of the Heavenly Demon were shocked by his words. Nevertheless, his sons naturally obeyed the orders of their father. Rather than learning a defensive technique, they did their best to press the opponent with an aggressive one. Obviously, there were those who couldn’t avoid death in the process.

As their father had said, they pushed in with everything, but that also led to heads being blown away and the talents of the Demonic Sect, which had developed a little, vanishing.

Nevertheless, there was one who was different. Despite showing the most aggressive moves, Baek Joong-hyuk didn’t neglect to learn the defense techniques.

‘The meaning of what my father said about attacking is when one is solely focused on attacking. To become someone strong, one has to be perfect in both defense and offense. We must push the enemy with overwhelming force but always be able to block them too. Only when one grows into such an existence can they become the Heavenly Demon.’

The sun was setting in front of him, but the moment the blazing Aura filled his vision, Roman understood there was no chance he could win in a head-to-head fight.

‘Is this an ultimate attack?’

Even then, if he had only been allowed half a year to train and use the mid-moves of the Heavenly Demon Sword technique, he would have responded to the battle of strength and power without hesitation. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the case now. If he had the same skills as his previous life, he could blow off Butler’s head at any given moment. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the case now. If he believed that he had the same skills, he would be the one whose head would be blown away.

Therefore, he changed his attitude. He completely excluded his aggressive elements and focused solely on ‘Defense’. He manifested his Aura. Heavenly Demon Sword Technique was the most powerful technique he had. However, the ‘Iron Ingot’ was the strongest shield that Baek Joong-hyuk possessed.

‘Iron Ingot!’



His Aura exploded intensely. Against the powerful force that seemed to completely want to devour his entire existence, Roman condensed his Aura to the highest limit and pushed himself forward to block the attack by making a gap in it.

His arms trembled at the tremendous force of the attack. Blood dripped out of his mouth, but the strong power of Iron Ingot wasn’t pushed back in the slightest.

And at that moment, Butler and Roman’s met in the air. Butler’s eyes, which were confident of victory, were now stained with shock, unable to accept the reality in front of him.

A single defense technique had completely shattered Butler’s common sense.

Any sword technique valued harmony. Defending didn’t only mean defending, but it meant distributing the Qi correctly in the body and making sure that one was ready to counterattack when given the opportunity. Nevertheless, the Iron Ingot excluded that. Rather, one had to switch from a defense form to an attack form when countering while using Iron Ingot.

Even the power around Roman was being immersed in defense, and if Butler had continued to push, he would have continued to stay focused on defense alone.

The time of transitioning from defense to attack was required to be fast.

In a battle between warriors, even a fleeting time was fatal, but Butler made the mistake of wasting that time.


He was shocked. This didn’t make sense. He couldn’t understand how Roman Dmitry had stopped his ultimate attack that even a 5-Star Aura Swordman would have failed to.

And in the short time he expressed his feelings, Roman stabilized himself. He used Mana to support Iron Ingot’s defense while simultaneously changing his stance and redistributing the Mana in the muscles that were solely focused on defense.

In a situation where everyone was sure no type of defense could stop Butler’s attack, they weren’t even sure what was happening when Roman blocked him.

In reality, it was just a fleeting moment, and Roman didn’t miss the change in the situation.


He kicked the ground wildly. He attacked Butler with everything he had for the first time. His Mana exploded aggressively as if it was erupting from an active volcano, and Butler was pushed back without even being able to catch his breath.



The reaction strength of Butler was weak. Obviously, there was a huge difference between Roman and Butler. However, Butler had now exhausted his strength because of relentless attacks and Roman’s perfect defense. Noticeably, his Aura had become weak now. When he had enough Mana, he displayed strong explosive strength, but he was now showing heavy expressions while only countering Roman’s attacks.

Nevertheless, Roman was different. His martial arts consisted of techniques that exerted extreme power without even using that much power.

The one who was dominant in the battle was now Roman. He relentlessly attacked Butler and moved fiercely as if he was going to end Butler right now, and Butler could only clench his teeth and try to counter Roman.


Butler’s sword flew past right in front of him. Yet, Roman’s eyes didn’t waver. Instead of stepping back and countering, in order to not slow down his momentum, he stepped forward and continued his attacks.

Butler’s heart sank to the bottom. He couldn’t have known that in order to rise to the throne of Heavenly Demon, Baek Joong-hyuk had to be more aggressive than anyone else, and from now on, he was in the world of Baek Joong-hyuk. He was a person who was accustomed to being overwhelmed.

Butler’s complexion gradually began to turn pale as he was getting pushed back, and he exploded his Aura while grasping for straws. If it defended him against the attacks, that was good, and if he managed to counterattack, that was good as well.

Roman stepped forward fiercely. It seemed like he wasn’t afraid of losing his life, and even if Butler’s sword was on his neck, he wasn’t going to allow him any leeway.

Butler felt out of breath and became dizzy. He had used a lot of strength in his ultimate attack. Nevertheless, he wasn’t getting any time to stabilize his breathing. The moment when Butler began to struggle with a pale face, Roman’s eyes turned cold.

‘This is the end.’

At that moment,


Butler chose to take Roman Dmitry down with him.

It was the end. Butler knew that a lot better than the others. Roman Dmitry was a beast, and it was clear that he would never miss the chance to take his life.

‘How did this happen?’

It was still clear that he had the advantage when he looked back on the duel. Roman was constantly being pushed back, but when Butler came back to his senses, he was the one being pushed back.

There was a huge difference in their experience. Butler was a veteran swordsman in his fifties who had experienced all kinds of battles and people, but losing a war because of an opponent who was in his twenties was something he had never experienced in the world.


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He felt disappointed. Roman Dmitry was clearly a monster, and if he died here, the Hector Kingdom would never be able to deal with him.

‘Even if I die, the Hector Kingdom cannot retreat. We are already pushed to the brink, and the only way to survive is to fight till the end. And this monster will still somehow appear in front of the Prince and kill him too. I need to take him down with me.’

He decided his end. He was the Captain of the Royal Knights of Hector.

Butler noticed the sword falling toward his head, but he clenched his teeth and jumped ahead. It was obvious that Roman’s sword would cut off his head. Nevertheless, he would take either one or both of Roman’s arms in exchange.


“Butler. I will remember you.”

He felt goosebumps rise on his body. Roman had predicted his movements. The moment their eyes had met in the air, he concluded what the enemy had decided to do and stepped back when he saw Butler rushing toward him wildly.


Butler’s attack only cut through the air. However, that wasn’t the case for Roman’s attack. He moved like lightning and cut the chest of Butler.



The scream was what marked the end of the fierce battle. Butler knelt down as his eyes lost focus, and Roman’s sword, once again, headed toward his head.

Just then,

“Stop! Rune Flare!”



Flames exploded from above the wall. As Roman stepped back to avoid the attack that aimed for him, he saw the gates opening and troops rushing out.

“Rescue Knights’ Captain Butler!”

“You bastards! Do not touch our Captain!”

The soldiers rushed in crazily. The Hector Kingdom had seemingly been abandoned by God. They gave up the reputation of the Hector Kingdom that was left internationally and chose to save Butler. Nevertheless, Roman Dmitry was waiting for Edwin Hector to show humanity right from the start.

Editor’s Thoughts: The war is in full swing! Butler has been officially defeated by Roman! Roman has been confirmed to be at least a 5-Star Aura Swordsman as well! Will the Hector Kingdom die here? Will they survive? This is getting more and more interesting.

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