The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life Chapter 109

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People said that from the time one reached the 5-Star Aura level, they had strength that could be discussed on the entire continent, and they could change the tide of battle by themselves.



Butler’s Aura exploded frenziedly.

This fight wasn’t a flashy one for honor. The fate of the entire Hector Kingdom was at stake, and Butler had no intention of prolonging the fight.

All the nobles of Cairo looked with wide eyes at the attacks that were raising up sparks in the air. Even if Roman Dmitry was stronger than what the rumors said, they didn’t think that he could stop Butler.




Roman and Butler’s swords collided. The Aura that seemed to devour Roman at any moment couldn’t get past his sword, and when their swords clashed, a powerful shock wave swept around the entire battlefield.

For a moment, even Butler couldn’t hide his surprise. Roman Dmitry was, at best, a 4-Star Aura Swordsman, but he showed absurd ability when it came to blocking Aura. It was an unexpected situation. Nevertheless, he put his doubts aside. Even if Roman was stronger than he had expected, he still had an advantage in a battle of strength and power.

‘It’ll be over at once.’


His Aura exploded once again. Butler didn’t care about the defense of his opponent. If his head-on attack got blocked, he would take a step forward and attack him from the right side, and if Roman turned to block the attack on the right side, he would attack him from the other side.

The attacks were so fast that it was hard to see them with the naked eye.

The Mana in the body constantly circulated and gave Butler explosive power whenever he made a move.


His thighs swelled greatly. As Roman saw him exploding his Aura and slamming the ground, the space in his field of view looked like it was being folded.



Butler had certainly lived up to his name, and he certainly didn’t have a title that was all about fame. It was an achievement he had gained after living as a swordsman for several decades, and when he reached the level of 5-Star, the people of Hector recognized him as the Sword of Hector. Ordinary swordsmen felt suffocated just from watching him.

Roman was pushed back by the storm-like attack, and before he even realized it, wounds appeared on his body, one after another.


Blood splattered in the air. Even though the sword had only scratched him, his skin, which was protected with Aura, was torn as if it was paper. Yet, Roman didn’t even frown. Rather, the nobles of Cairo were the ones losing it.


“Isn’t this how we lose?

Roman had shown absolute confidence and asked them to believe in him when he told them of his plan. They all had thought that Roman could not defeat Butler, but they still nodded.

Actually, just being able to withstand Butler’s attacks was amazing. That affirmed the fact that Roman had a talent that would make him famous throughout the entire continent in the future, but that future was meaningless if Butler’s sword blew his head off here.


Butler’s sword vanished before their eyes. After steadily driving him into the corner, he aimed for the blind spot of his opponent.



The speed of Roman’s reaction was marvelous. Everyone had thought that the attack would really work this time, but, this time as well, Roman Dmitry had managed to block Butler’s attack.

After that attack, doubts began to rise within him. He was clearly convinced that he would win this fight. The repulsive force that was transmitted from the sword wasn’t bad, and it was evident that Roman Dmitry was struggling to defend his attacks from his movements.

Nevertheless, the more they exchanged blows, the more the situation changed.The inaugural upload of this chapter took place via N0v3l-B1n.

‘It is getting faster.’

In the beginning, after blocking his attack, he would aim to block the next attack again. However, now that Butler was pushing him even more strongly than before, Roman’s defense was getting even faster.



It was fast. Nevertheless, no matter how Butler attacked him, Roman still responded.

Him being able to block his 5-Star Aura was not everything. When Butler looked into the eyes of Roman, he felt goosebumps rise on his body. Finally, he realized where his doubts began to come from.

‘Is he slowly adapting and searching for gaps in my sword technique?’

That was correct. Even against a 5-Star Aura Swordsman, Roman Dmitry was not doing his best.

Butler was strong. He had strength that couldn’t be handled by someone who had only trained for half a year. It was the first time Roman felt like he was being pushed back in a battle of strength and power. Finally, he saw a new mountain in this world. He had slashed Homer, who was a 4-Star Aura Swordsman, yet no one trusted him to win against Butler, who was a 5-Star Aura Swordsman.

He had met a wall and an opponent he could look up at. He was certain that he could surpass Butler over time, but because he had met him now, Roman’s love for victory began to rise up again.

‘I will be able to go one step further if I take down Butler here.’

He risked his life. The Aura that was getting closer to his body,



Had tremendous power.

It was normal for attacks that distorted the space to not be stopped unless one was on the same level as that of the opponent, but strangely, Roman’s Aura still did not disappear when he faced such an attack.

It was something that people like Butler could never understand. They believed and followed the way of using Aura everyone else did, but Roman had realized that there was a fatal flaw in that way of using Aura.

‘Aura Explosion—The indiscriminate usage of qi has a clear weakness.’

Roman’s world was different. These so-called Aura Swordsmen didn’t deal with Mana carefully but always exploded them out. It was a reckless method of throwing power. Although it was a method that could be used to unleash an explosion instantly, the power that exploded in all directions could not strengthen the parts of the sword uniformly.

It was a simple theory. In Murim, the condensed power could inflict a certain shock in any situation, but in Roman’s world, the impact was different for each hit.

If Butler’s sword was showing 120% of the Aura that he had, it only had 80% of the power. That was Roman’s goal. Although he hadn’t reached a point where he could win against him head-on, he read the flow of Mana and attacked the weak spot precisely.



Auras clashed. It was a close encounter that was unbelievable even when one saw them with the naked eye. It was never easy to grasp the ever-changing eruption of Aura and attack the weak spot, but Roman’s incredible senses made such nonsense a reality. That was why he was taking time to adapt to Butler’s sword technique.

He read the pattern when his opponent attacked and recalled the imaginary battles he had in his head. In the imaginary world, he had died countless times to Butler. Butler, who appeared in reality, was a stronger being than him, but the possibilities he had thought of in his head helped him read the future.


He aimed for his head. It was a direct flank attack. It was a pattern that he had seen only once while fighting in the mountains, but Roman had a clear memory of how that attack worked. It wasn’t just that. He even thought of the various attacks that could come out after that. Even though Butler hadn’t shown him any such attacks yet, the simulation he had run earlier in his head was helping him grasp the intentions of Butler.

The life of Heavenly Demon Baek Joon-hyuk was not smooth. He had met enemies much stronger than Butler, but he had always managed to win in his own way. The current situation was no different.

‘The analysis is finished.’

His movements changed instantly. He dug into his opponent’s arms, and as Butler retrieved his sword and raised an Aura, Roman’s eyes caught on to an area that had much less Aura.

‘Heavenly Demon Sword Technique; Third Move.’




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He did his best in that one attack. The Mana in his dantian exploded. Butler, who naturally thought that he could stop Roman’s attack, let the Auras collide, and his expression changed instantly. He had felt a huge shock all over his body. It felt like his insides were twisting, and as soon as he showed a slight tilt in balance, Roman did not miss.



It was an overwhelming attack. It was only a small mistake, yet as soon as Roman Dmitry had caught onto that, he did not allow him even the slightest leeway.

Butler felt like he was being choked. He was busy blocking the attack hurriedly, and as the Aura was uneven, Roman took advantage of the gap and attacked him once again.

Butler, a 5-Star Aura Swordsman, was now being pushed back. When they saw Roman pushing him back, the people on both sides were more shocked than surprised. It was because that made no sense. It was far beyond their common sense for Roman Dmitry, a man in his mid-twenties, to push Butler back.

And at that moment, Butler’s patience reached its limit.

Butler thought, ‘This guy is really f*cking crazy.’

Before he had accepted the Battle of Great Warriors, Edwin Hector had said that there would be a trap. It was because he thought that Roman Dmitry could not win head-on, so he assumed there would be a plan he was hiding. Nevertheless, the reality was different.

Roman did not seriously prepare any traps. He showed his intention to defeat his opponent purely by force, and in reality, that pressure made Butler shake.

It was quite disappointing. Butler had faced numerous swordsmen in his life. Some of them were called geniuses, but Butler was equally gifted. In his decades of experience, the presence of Roman Dmitry felt overwhelming. Not just that, he also admired the boldness of Roman competing even in situations where the pressure was so bad.

‘We prepared for a year to attack the Cairo Kingdom. The plan that was supposed to be perfect started to go awry because such a nonsensical existence was there on the Southern Front. As long as Roman Dmitry lives and breathes, we cannot achieve our goals. If I let Roman Dmitry continue to live like this, he will become a monster that the Hector Kingdom will never be able to handle.’

Butler acknowledged his opponent. Even when he was in his twenties, he wasn’t like this. Not only did he not possess as great an ability as Roman when he was in his twenties, but he also wasn’t brave enough to risk his life even when he knew the opponent was far stronger than him.

To be precise, it was hard to show courage in a world of common sense.

Butler had obviously lived the life of a fighter, but he was nothing when compared to Roman Dmitry standing in front of him.


‘I have to kill Roman Dmitry right here.’

It did not change the fact that he was currently stronger than Roman. Roman was certainly showing skills that were amazing, but Butler felt confident when they exchanged blows.

He was stronger, and he exploded his Aura. He completely used his Mana to push the opponent to one side.



There was no way to stop it. It was an Extreme Aura Eruption. As he was now exerting everything there was in his body, Roman decided to avoid his attacks with movement rather than blocking them head-on. It was quite a clever move, and he was moving quickly with no hesitation.

Nonetheless, at that moment, Butler bet the odds.

‘If you accept this, I will admit that you are equal to me.’

He prepared one attack. It was his ultimate attack. The Mana in his body was boiling wildly and moving frantically. It soon erupted like an active volcano, and as it was concentrated in only one place, it soared high enough to touch the sky and filled Roman’s entire vision.

While Butler was traveling throughout the continent, there were only two people who were able to stop this attack. The first one was the first sword of the Hector Kingdom. And the other one was one who had climbed the Continent Rankings.

Butler was currently using such an attack on Roman.

“It is the end now.”



The attack headed for Roman Dmitry without caring about anything else, and as the Sun was setting, the exploding Aura engulfed Roman Dmitry’s entire existence at once.

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