The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 703

Chapter 703

that evening.

Central Palace Tetra.

There was an emperor who had returned from a long-awaited inspection of the continent.

The emperor, who has been very active outside these days, was wandering around the outside, leaving most of the state affairs to Empress Charlotte.

On the way back, the emperor called all his children together for dinner.

It was a simple meal with the three children, without the empresses.

In the dining room, there is a quiet silence.

Prince Rune originally didn’t say anything, and Amelia and Priscilla were just staring at each other because they heard something today.

The emperor cuts several pieces of steak and puts them in his mouth, then gazes at the atmosphere of silence.

“My golden children… … .”

“You can see how bad the atmosphere is today.”

“Again, it looks like you hit it backwards.”

Amelia, is it you again?

“… … joy.”

At that gaze, Amelia pursed her lips.

The Emperor looks at Priscilla’s hair.

“Princeilla, you’ve been torn apart again.”

“No, not many were chosen… … .”

For some reason, when Priscilla reduced her words, the emperor widened his eyes in embarrassment.

“Wasn’t it my turn to say that my hair was almost torn off… … ?”

“That, not to that extent… … .”

Somehow, seeing Prinscilla, who has become a pure child today, not only the Emperor is embarrassed, but Amelia also looks at Prinscilla in embarrassment.

It’s not that kind of year.

In normal times, it was a daily routine to run to the crotch of the emperor’s trousers and cry out loud.

It used to be a routine to exaggerate that that wild boar bitch would break my foot if I stepped on my toe.

But today, somehow, it’s quiet.

The emperor calmly plays with a fork and knife and looks at Rune who is eating.

The youngest son, the only one who doesn’t have an accident among his children.

However, the son is very worried about the future.

Since a guy who doesn’t normally have accidents is bound to have a major accident late on, the emperor was most worried about his calm and quiet son rather than his two daughters who already showed a roguelike temperament.

A rogue’s temperament can be corrected as one lives, but he is afraid of stealing, which he learned late.

Somehow, even if an accident happens, it seems like it will happen big.

Literally, the youngest son who is so pretty.

“… … ?”

Seeing his father’s penetrating gaze, the prince looked at the emperor and tilted his head.

It is the feeling of the emperor that he is lovely and cute, and in many ways it is crazy.

“ha… … .”

Not knowing what to worry about, the emperor who is extremely worried about something sighs.

The prince eats his own food, but cuts the meat into small pieces and feeds the cat little by little.

But later things are later things, and the emperor looks at his two daughters.

“Anyway, golden daughters. I called because I had a request that you guys would please listen to.”

“… … ask?”

“… … What is it?”

“Even my father knows that you guys are leaky gourds. Whose daughters are they, of course they are birds, it can’t be helped. Isn’t that because it resembles me? I know that they are leaky guys even if you leave them alone, but don’t you know very well that when you meet them, they don’t leak, but rather break apart.”

Amelia because of the life separation she experienced as a child.

Priscilla is because of Amelia.

Both of them were seriously twisted in character.

“It is possible for the princesses to hold each other’s hair and fight.”

“Because kids grow up fighting.”

“It seems like we’re fighting a little too hard for something like that… … . I mean, it’s okay.”

“If you’re inside the imperial palace, you can even sign up. It’s because everyone seems to be saying that now.”

“however… … .”

“please. a little.”

“Can we not fight at the temple…? … ?”

“It’s not that we ask each other to hold hands and act well.”

“Can’t we just ignore each other like cows and chickens…?” … ?”

“During the school year, on a different topic, where do you guys run into each other and fight at the temple? I hear it every few days.”

“The fact that the two of you are not good enough to fight holding each other by the hair is said to have spread beyond the temple and throughout the ecliptic.”

“There are rumors that the first princess, Amelia, is a crazy bitch who beats her sister like a mouse.”

“There are rumors that the 2nd Princess, Priscilla, is a bad-mouthed idiot who speaks rudely to her sister.”

“Now they are spreading across the continent beyond the ecliptic… … !”

“There are many rumors that say hello to anyone you meet, but your majesty is okay?”

“Everybody says this… … !”

“I can’t live with shame on this poor father!”

“This father and His Majesty the Emperor.”

“A precious and noble princess, my daughters have a request!”

“please… … . Don’t fight outside… … !”

“If you want to fight, fight inside!”

The emperor trembles. The two princesses kept their mouths shut at the emperor’s words and were silent.

In fact, anyone could see the two of them going head-to-head and then moving on to actual combat whenever they happened to run into each other at the Temple.

“It’s not even just the two of you, Amelia, you say you’re messing with kids… … ?”

“… … It must have been right because it was right.”

“Anyway, it’s okay… … ! and Princela. I hear you keep forcing your classmates on strange drugs?”

“… … Is it good for you?”

“How can you be sure of that! You can’t eat that… … ! Illegal is illegal!”

“My dad didn’t have one in the past, and he ordered his friends to make one.”

“that… … . That’s right… … .”

The emperor looks at his troubled daughters with a soul sucked expression.

He has committed many sins, so even if he says the right thing, he cannot be persuaded.

“… … Anyway, I don’t ask for anything else, so please stay only inside the palace. I mean, let’s not advertise that the imperial family is bean flour at the temple. Is this such a difficult request?”

Even the emperor knows that talking hurts his mouth.

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this.

Priscilla licks her lips.

“… … It’s not even her mother, how dare her dad say such a thing?”

“… … !”

It’s the same for Amelia, who laughs as if she’s dumbfounded.

“I heard that Dad used to beat the kids when he was at Temple. They say you can’t even compare me.”

“… … !”

The perfect exception is the prince.

The emperor is no exception.

No, it was more serious.

“It was, but… … ! This dad had a reason for everything back then… … !”

“Is it because I had a reason to hit you too? Why do you think I won’t be there?”

“That, that… … .”

“I’m saying I ate something that wasn’t bad for me too?”

“… … .”

The daughters are aware that it is an admonition that does not even understand the subject itself.

“So, why did you beat the kids like that when you were at Temple? And I heard that the people who were hit by my father at that time are now going somewhere and taking one big seat at a time.”

“that’s right. curious. How long did it take you to become a Temple legend? On the subject of not even graduating. I heard you even hit your seniors?”

When they crave the emperor, the bad sisters are the only ones who are in harmony.

“Yes, my mother said. I heard she tried to hit her mom too when she was at Temple? She heard it all.”

It was not only the emperor, but also Amelia who turned pale at those words.

“what? witch… … . No, Archmage-sama… … . You tried to hit me?”

“uh. Really. go ask later He tried to slap me.”

Amelia’s jaw dropped in surprise.

“Such a nice person… … . Where to hit… … ?”

“I didn’t hit you! I didn’t hit you!”

“It’s true that I tried to hit you… … ?”

“Well, you know what, Amelia… … . that’s the case… … . It was a period of stormy rage… … . At that age… … .”

“Looks real. How come… … . too bad… … . No, why are you married… … ?”

Amelia muttered blankly, her eyes unfocused.

Actually, it’s not even a lie.

He had actually threatened to have his fingerprints tattooed on his cheek if he said the wrong thing.

“Hey, guys… … ? That’s not what we’re talking about… … .”

“You’re not good at it, what the hell are you saying?”

“… … therefore.”

The emperor began to verbally beat his daughters while trying to admonish them.

Actually, the emperor is not easy, but what can I do?

Reinhard the Great is not treated properly as a father.


The white cat was eating the meat that Rune sliced ​​up.

Its gently wagging tail seemed to be enjoying something very much.

* * *

The emperor tried to teach his daughters without knowing the subject, but then left.

It always happens.

That said, I can’t let my daughters go crazy, so I mention it every time, but every time I get back the karma, and I can only say that I have to take care of myself.

On the way back after dinner.

The emperor’s three children were riding the tram to the Spring Palace.

As always, Priscilla had Prince Rune sitting on her lap and hugging her tightly, and Rune was likewise hugging the cat.

Amelia sat across from me, staring out the window.

They bicker whenever they run into each other and eventually move on to a fist fight, but today neither of them has any intention of doing that.

Hearing what Amelia had been through as a child, she knew that even if she couldn’t fully understand Amelia, there was a reason for all that bullshit.

Same with Amelia. She knew that what she had been doing would only make things worse.

I even received such a request from my mother, but I know that no one can be happy if I make the situation worse than this.

In the end, Amelia knows she was wrong.

That’s why Amelia tries to do something she’s never done before in her life.


“… … why.”

“I thought you were going to tell me right away, but you didn’t?”

“… … Didn’t it really hurt that much? Do you know that I am always rude?”

Amelia suppresses the natural answer of yes.

“what… … . So thank you.”

“… … ?”

Priscilla’s eyes widened at Amelia’s words.

It was because I heard words I never imagined would come out of my mouth in my life.

“Gee, what now?”

“You don’t want to say it twice?”

Amelia averts her gaze.

Amelia’s slightly blushed face convinced Priscilla that she hadn’t heard wrong.

However, the emotional goal accumulated for a long time rather causes misunderstanding in this situation.

Did he take medicine?

If not, why are you doing that? I can’t help but think about what I want to do.

“… … What are you thinking?”

“I have no idea.”

In the vague silence, the tram was moving slowly.

Priscilla gave up thinking.

He’s as fickle as he is with his damned personality, so today I’m just wondering if he wants to do that.

I don’t think it’ll be that hard to get along well if you’re like this in the future.

In that thought, Priscilla looked at the rune that was being held.

Amelia, too, is forced to look out the window to avert her gaze, but this is the first time in her life she has said it.

Curious about Priscilla’s reaction, I had no choice but to glance at him.

And of course you see.

The expression of Priscilla smirking while looking at the rune.

Obviously, it is clear that he is imagining something like a pervert.

It’s certainly cute and pretty, but there are times when Amelia’s heart skips a beat when she sees her wearing runes like that.

But Princela, who does it herself, is a crazy bitch.

It’s because Rune is so reticent and timid, isn’t it clear that he doesn’t like Priscilla’s behavior?


“… … well, again.”

“I like all of you, but can’t you stop dressing the kid in weird clothes?”

At Amelia’s words, Priscilla’s eyebrows narrowed.

“What, why are you pretending to care all of a sudden after pretending not to know?”

“No, kids hate it.”

Cute is cute, but when Amelia tried to fall in love with Princilla, seeing her do such a thing made her arrogance run out.

“How do you know that?”

As if telling her not to interfere, Priscilla pulled Rune closer and hugged her.

how do you know that Can’t you tell just by looking at it?

“Hey Kid.”

“… … .”

“If you don’t like it, you have to say no. I’m not mistaken that you like me because you don’t say anything.”

“What! Why are you suddenly talking to Rune and not me! Do not talk to me!”

Amelia asks, looking at Rune, ignoring Princela, who is about to explode.

There is clearly something wrong with this.

Because she always behaves calmly, Prinscilla is forcing her to do such nonsense.

“Little boy, if you don’t like it, I hate it. If it’s good, just say it’s good. what?”

Priscilla swallows.

It’s true that Rune doesn’t like that kind of thing, but he’s never openly told Priscilla that he doesn’t like that kind of thing.

Rune cautiously opens his mouth at Amelia’s tension.

“… … Not good.”

“Yeah, did you hear that? You hate it.”

“… … .”

At Rune’s small reply, Priscilla had no choice but to bite her lip.

But Rune’s answer didn’t end there.

“but… … . Because my little sister likes it… … . Then I like it too.”

“… … uh?”

Amelia couldn’t help but be taken aback by Rune’s answer.

Priscilla couldn’t help but be surprised.

I hate it.

He obviously hates it, but the reason he kept quiet wasn’t because he didn’t speak much and expressed himself.

It is said that he was quiet because his younger sister liked it.

No, if my younger sister likes it, then I like it too.

Amelia and Priscilla were both taken aback by the unexpected answer.

What a deep and loving child this is.

Amelia’s face flushed and her lips trembled.

Like I can’t bear to hug you right now.

On the other hand, Princela was elated.

“Joe, that’s good! Anyway, that’s good! Did you understand?”

“This crazy bitch… … . Even after hearing this answer, you’re still going to do that?”

I don’t like it, but my sister likes it, so it’s okay.

Shouldn’t it be quit then?

Anyway, Amelia’s expression couldn’t help but distort at Princeilla’s reply that she would continue because she liked it.

Humans themselves are disgusting.

Also, I wasn’t wrong.

I couldn’t help but think that the 2nd princess, Priscilla, was a spoiled brat.

“What! won’t do it in the future That’s it. It’s funny how you pretend to know when you don’t even know.”

Of course, it was true that even Prince was moved by Rune’s words, so he had no intention of forcing him to do so in the future.

In fact, Priscilla wasn’t just harassing her while wearing runes.

Since he was an illegitimate child, it was significant that he always wore a rune, which was bound to be somewhat poor in perception.

He taught them about life in the imperial palace and even played with them all the time.

After Empress Heriot, it was Prinscilla who helped Rune adapt well to the imperial palace.

So it’s absurd to do this now.

When Rune was in trouble because he was unfamiliar and afraid of the imperial palace, he did nothing.

It’s not good.

That attitude of Amelia, who had never cared about it until now, but now pretends to care about Rune by helping out with a few words.

Humans themselves are disgusting.

Also, I wasn’t wrong.

No matter what the circumstances of 1st Princess Amelia were, she was the kind of person who would always live like that.

“In the first place, Rune has no interest in you. She’s late now she has to come and pretend she cares.”

“what… … ?”

“Am I wrong?”

The two’s promise to get along is bound to collapse after a few words of conversation.

“Rune, isn’t it funny? What is she saying, she must be trying to pretend to be an older sister. joy.”

In response to Priscilla’s question, which seemed to be seeking an answer, Rune hesitated and opened his mouth.

“I am… … . older sister… … . Good… … .”

in that word.

Priscilla’s eyes lost focus.

“what… … ?”

What has it done to you so far?

Of course, the only time Amelia expressed affection for Rune was when the two of them were alone, so there was no way that Priscilla would know that.

Amelia laughs at Prinscilla’s reaction.

It’s good to be out of my mind.

Very good.

“Where does the certainty that a kid will only like you come from? huh? On what grounds? The subject that bothered me while wearing a strange dress. You’ve endured it all this time because the little boy is kind, but in reality, he probably doesn’t like you very much, right?”

“I-it’s true, Rune… … ?”

Priscilla looked at Rune with a bleached complexion.

“Yes, actually… … . do you hate me than me… … . Do you like that better?”

I’m just being nice, so I’ve endured it until now.

Were you thinking about it?

“both… … . good… … .”

At Rune’s words, Priscilla felt as though her heart had been reattached.

but it’s also annoying

do you like that too

Amelia laughs intrigued by that statement.

Then, get up, come in front of Rune and sit in front of him.

As if I came up with a very vicious question.

The corners of Amelia’s mouth curl up wickedly.

“Yes. kid.”

“… … huh?”

“Do you like me or do you like that?”

“What, what question are you asking!”

What nonsense questions are you asking?

Of course it must be me, isn’t it?

How much have you taken care of so far?

But in the end, the fact that Rune was forcing her to do something she didn’t like doesn’t change.

That’s why Amelia came to think that it was a worthy match.

If Rune prefers me who did nothing, you will see Priscilla’s soul disappear into powder.

how refreshing would that be?

“All, of course I am!”

“Well, don’t you know what the kid will answer?”

In all honesty, Amelia has nothing to lose even if she prefers Princila.

Because it feels so good that Rune told me that he likes me, even though I’ve only hugged him once in a while. Because she just can’t bear to hug her.

Amelia’s deep blue eyes stare at Rune.

“Quickly, who is it?”

“… … .”

Just like that, Amelia looks at Rune with a mischievous smile, and Priscilla looks at Rune with an earnest gaze asking that she be me.

at last.

As is always the case with these questions.

“… … Black.”


“Lu, Rune… … ?”

The little prince can’t stand this situation and bursts into tears.

“Black… … . Hehe… … .”

Seeing the maknae shed beads of tears, the two older sisters were stunned in a different way.

Priscilla’s brow narrowed.

“hey! Rune is crying because you asked me something like a dog!”

“Oh, no. me, i… … .”

Amelia can’t do this or that because she never imagined that the child would cry.

While Priscilla and Amelia are restless, not knowing how to soothe the youngest child who is dripping with tears.

The youngest whimpers and mutters in a voice mixed with tears.

“I like all my sisters… … . black… … . Why can’t the older sisters get along… … ?”

“… … ah?”

“… … .”

“You can’t fight without sisters… … ?”

Both Amelia and Prinscilla stare blankly at each other at those earnest, sincere words.

What are you doing right now with a child in front of you?

The young youngest telling his sisters not to fight.

Even asking the young maknae who he likes better and making him cry.

Is it right?

Is this what people do

I think of Amelia and Prince.

I don’t know the opponent.

First of all, I don’t think I’m human.

Both end up thinking the same thing.

“Oh, no fight. don’t fight… … . huh.”

Priscilla spoke hastily and glared at Amelia.

“Uh, uh… … . kid. i won’t fight You should get along well.”

“Then join hands… … .”

At Rune’s words, the two hold hands without a moment to think.

While clumsily holding hands, they waved wildly as if asking Rune to look at them.

“Ooh, between us? Joe, I’ll be fine. So, is that okay?”

“Well, then! Everything, of course! No, I’ll try! huh! Rune, I’m sorry.”

As the two forced their hands together and smiled awkwardly, Rune wiped his eyes with his sleeve.

And then he smiles brightly as if he never cried.

“It will continue like this. Should we be friends?”

The sisters who saw that smile would think.

I don’t know anything else.

If only we could see the maknae’s smile every day just by being close.


“of course!”

He said he could get along well with Cheolcheon’s supporter.

* * *

A tram arrives at the Spring Palace, and Rune walks away from her sisters, who walk a little slower ahead.

The two walked towards the palace, still holding hands.

While trembling as if they couldn’t stand it, the two glanced back.

It is to look into the eyes of the youngest.

At the gaze of the youngest, who tries to keep an eye on them holding hands until they enter the palace, the two eventually give up and walk hand in hand.

As soon as they finally entered the palace, Rune watched until the end as they let go of each other’s hands and went their own way.

Rune smiles quietly while hugging the white cat.

“That’s right. mom.”


“It is very easy.”

– Ayeeng

As if to give praise, the cat licked Rune’s cheek a few times.

Why can’t we get along well?

In response to that question, the cat returned to her mother and carefully hugged her son and whispered.


‘Yes, Mom.’

‘If the two fight in front of you from now on, just cry.’

‘… … ?’

‘Then everything will be resolved.’

Rune didn’t know why crying would solve everything.

‘Why should I cry?’

To Rune’s question she didn’t understand, her mother answered.

‘The older sisters of Rune are very different from each other, but they still have one thing in common.’

‘Same thing… … ?’

‘That I really love runes.’

‘… … .’

‘Even if it hurts to see Rune cry, neither of us will fight from now on.’

It was a fairly simple answer, and Rune couldn’t understand her mother’s words.

‘And runes are cute.’

‘Why is that… … ?’

In response to Rune’s question, the mother cat stroked Rune’s head and said,

‘Sometimes, there are things that can be solved with just that.’

Rune didn’t know what her mother was talking about.

However, as my mother said, I just cried and the situation was resolved.

Then, in the future, if you think things will get worse, you will just have to cry.

understand each other or not.

The youngest child’s one tear solved everything, and it will be solved in the future.

“It’s cute, that’s good.”

However, I realized that the youngest prince could use cuteness as a weapon.


The white cat is startled as it seems that something ominous shadow is swaying from the prince’s smile.

“yes? mom.”

– uhh

Perhaps you have taught your son something he should never have taught you.

The white cat couldn’t help but tremble in fear in her son’s arms.

What will happen later, no one knows.


It was certain that peace would come for a while in the Spring Palace, where the sounds of sisters fighting each other by holding their hair could be heard every day.

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