The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 702

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Chapter 702

Empress Heriot was walking around the Imperial Palace after leaving the Spring Palace with Priscilla.

Certainly, Princela is polar, but the cause was Amelia’s persistent bullying from a very young age.

“It’s weird in the first place. If her mom and I hate her so much, shouldn’t she be put in the Temple Dormitory or stay with her mom in the Holy Empire?”

Just like Prinscilla said.

It is Amelia’s choice to stay in the Spring Palace while always saying that she doesn’t want to look at her.

If you don’t want to see it, there are many ways to stay in a place where you can’t see it.

That’s why Priscilla only thinks that Amelia is staying in the Spring Palace to torment her, nothing more and nothing less.

At the daughter’s grumbling, the Archmage gazes at the distant sky.



“Do you remember when Rune first came?”

“… … huh.”

Prince Lun is the daughter of the Archmage, but in fact he is an illegitimate child brought in by the emperor.

However, the Archmage accepted the rune without asking or questioning anything.

At the time, Princela was seven years old.

“I’m glad that Princela likes Rune, but haven’t you ever been really sad?”

“… … .”

While Princilla was surprised by her sudden appearance, she was very cute from the beginning.

Because you were too lovely to hate.

But have you ever been really sad?

Watching my mother always follow Rune, take care of her, take care of her, and take care of her.

Can you really say that I’ve never felt anything out of the ordinary?

“… … I think it was a bit like that.”


Priscilla quietly looks up at her mother.

I don’t want to admit it, but I have no choice but to admit it.

something like sadness.

“Something… … . She thought her mother was taken away from her.”

“I see.”

Empress Harriet patted her daughter’s hair with a faint smile.

“Thank you for being so patient with me.”

Princilla’s face turns red at the sudden praise.

“… … But what does that have to do with Amelia?”

What does the jealous rune have to do with Amelia? As Prinscilla pursed her lips, Harriet carefully knelt down to bring her to eye level with Prinscilla.

“Sunghu-nim is right. When Amelia was born, she was too busy and had a lot to do, so she couldn’t raise her.”

“… … .”

“So for a while Mama raised Amelia.”

It was only then that Priscilla realized what her mother was saying and couldn’t help but open her eyes wide.

With the prosperity of the Holy Empire, Olivia had so many things to do.

Not only did she feel a threat to her personal safety, she was also suffering from the heavy workload of not being able to properly raise her child.

That’s why Heriot raised Amelia in the safest imperial palace, not in the Great Hall of the Holy Empire.

“So, in fact, Amelia has two mothers. With Seonghu and this mother.”

“… … .”

“When Amelia was three years old, I had you.”

Harriet sadly strokes Princela’s cheek.

“And after giving birth to you… … . The Holy Queen also took Amelia to the Holy Empire because she had time to spare.”

Seeing her mother look very sad, perhaps thinking of that time, Priscilla felt an unknown dejection.

“It’s not Princelat’s fault, but Amelia… … . She must have felt like her mother had been taken away by Prinscilla.”

Olivia wanted to be with the daughter she couldn’t raise.

After giving birth, Harriet couldn’t let Princilla go.

However, from Amelia’s point of view, she was suddenly separated from her mother who raised her.

That’s why I can’t help but think that my mother was taken away by Prince.

There was such a reason why Amelia had been bullying Priscilla since long ago that she couldn’t even remember.

It’s not Priscilla’s fault, but I can’t help but resent it.

Amelia was young, and she’s still young enough.

You can’t let go of that longing.

“Then, why are you calling your mother a witch?”

“I do it because I am sad. It’s not because I hate you… … . I do it because I love it.”

If you do that, I will look at you.

because you’re interested

It was only then that Priscilla seemed to understand to some extent why Amelia had been crying so hard in her arms as her mother pretended to hate her so much.

“So don’t think too much about what Amelia says about her mother. Amelia doesn’t hate her mother.”

In the end, he finds out why Amelia is staying at the Spring Palace.

I have no choice but to know why I am not staying in the Holy Empire, and why I am staying in the Palace of Spring instead of the Temple Dormitory.

It doesn’t want to fall.

“I don’t know, even if I want to get along well, that side comes first, so I don’t know what to do either.”

“… … .”


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Knowing the reason for hatred does not solve hatred.

So, Harriet couldn’t help but laugh sadly.

“And when it comes to my mother, whenever I meet Seonghu-nim, they fight.”

Harriet’s expression was bizarrely contorted at Priscilla’s scathing point.


Even if the two of them respect each other when they are not together, they still quarrel when they meet.

It doesn’t go as far as fighting like Amelia and Priscilla, but it’s like they inherited the same relationship.

“That, like that… … . is it… … .”

“You’re saying we should get along when mom can’t get along too?”

“Oh, mom will take care of you too! Well, that’s fine… … ! He and I want to get along, but what can we do when the Queen always appears like that!”

“That’s what I just said. I hope you’re doing well.”

“this person… … .”

“How are you going to get along with the Holy Spirit? Do you know mom?”

Harriet’s face turns bright red and she begins to tremble.

“You really look like my dad and don’t say a word?!”


In the end, the mother also looked like her daughter and exploded with a bang.

* * *

same time.

Saint Olivia and her daughter were sitting side by side in the garden of the Spring Palace.

“How are you, are you okay?”

“… … yes.”

Amelia sat beside her mother, fidgeting. She looks at her daughter, where Olivia can’t stand still.

“Are you still fighting these days?”

It is natural to say who.

“that… … . He’s first… … .”

“… … okay?”

“… … .”

In the end, Amelia lowers her head at Seonghu’s question as if she knows everything.

“Why do you hate Priscilla so much?”

“… … .”

Amelia doesn’t answer.

But even if you don’t say it, you already know.

why do you hate it so much

However, he can’t even blame his daughter because he knows that it’s his own fault for not being together when he needed it most.

In fact, after returning to the Holy Empire, Amelia cried every day.

I want to see my mother.

ask your mother to take you

So, reluctantly, the castle had to take Amelia to the Palace of Spring from time to time.

Then again, that kind of thing happens.

He said he didn’t want to go back to the Holy Empire.

Empress Harriet couldn’t help but feel at a loss for what to do while holding Prinscilla, who was a newborn baby, and Olivia was also devastated.

Repeating such unwanted breakups, Amelia came to think that the cause of everything was because of Princilla.

I began to believe that none of this would have happened had it not been for Priscilla.

“Princeilla is your family. Even if you don’t treat them with respect, you shouldn’t bully them.”

“… … He is not my family.”

“… … .”

“Only the father is the same, why is he in my family?”

“okay. You think so… … .”

Olivia laughs bitterly at Amelia’s words.

I don’t even think of it as family.

No, he was envious of Priscilla.

Because Princela is the real daughter of the Archmage.

that’s embarrassing

‘Is it because I’m not really my mother’s daughter? So now that I have a real daughter, do you hate me?’

‘That’s not it, Amelia… … . no… … . Sorry. I’m sorry… … . But if you do… … . If I do this… … . The Holy Queen will be sad… … . Amelia… … .’

Olivia had seen her screaming and crying in the arms of Harriet from afar.

Olivia had no choice but to watch from afar as Harriet was sobbing, not knowing what to do.

And still.

Amelia never calls Olivia her mother.

It’s like the words just can’t get out of your mouth.

When he manages to utter that word, his expression distorts as if he himself feels awkward.

There was a part that Olivia couldn’t fill, having spent too much time apart.

So even though she is a daughter, she finds herself difficult, and Olivia also finds her daughter difficult.

Even though I didn’t want this, it happened that way.

So in the end, I reluctantly agreed to the words of my daughter who said that she would go to the temple and that she wanted to stay in the imperial city from now on.

Even knowing that his true intention was not to want to go to the temple, but to stay in the Palace of Spring.

Still, now that she knows why it happened, Amelia feels apologetic and guilty towards Olivia.

That’s why when Olivia visits from time to time, she freezes like this.

It is a relationship where there is nothing but guilt and sorry for each other.

Olivia didn’t particularly scold or scold Amelia.

Olivia looks at her daughter’s hardened face and smiles sadly.

“Actually, even if you had been with me in the Holy Empire all along, I don’t think it would have been better than now.”

“… … yes?”

“Just, yes.”

Olivia calmly looked up at the sky.

Circumstances forced Olivia to leave her daughter in the care of Harriet.

But would everything have been fine if it hadn’t been for that?

Olivia sometimes thinks of that, but now it’s rather negative.

“You know that the Archmage is from the Grand Duchess of the Duchy of Saint-Ouan, right?”

“ah… … . yes. I heard you come from a famous aristocratic family… … .”

“Then what about your mother’s origins?”

“… … .”

Amelia couldn’t answer her mother’s question.

I don’t know.

I couldn’t bear to speak with my own mouth.

“You know, but my mother was an orphan.”

“… … .”

“I was adopted by my adoptive father when I was young, but he wasn’t such a nice person. He’s using me because he’s trying to do something great. He should always have lived up to his expectations. He always had to be nice, kind, and excellent.”

“… … .”

“What can I say… … . I felt like I was living a forced life for no reason.”

Amelia doesn’t know why her mother is talking about this.

“That’s why I don’t really know what a warm family is or what parents should do to their children.”

Olivia smiles like an immature child.

“So there’s no guarantee it would have been nice if you had a childhood with me. Rather, it was because I was being very mean or not doing what I was supposed to do. You may have come to hate me more than you do now.”

“I-I… … . Seonghu… … . I don’t hate… … .”

“okay? that’s a thank you Was it at least this much because I lived apart?”

hee hee hee.

while doing. Olivia smiles mischievously.

Amelia is stunned when she sees the face of such a saint.

I am the most difficult person in the world.

Amelia often thought that the most beautiful person in the world might not be her mother.

“by the way. Unlike me, who was an orphan, Archmage was the youngest daughter of a great and great aristocratic family.”

“Good father, kind mother.”

“And he had three older brothers who were fond of him.”

“So they say that he used to be a very arrogant, arrogant, and arrogant kid… … .”

“Well, after all, he knows.”

“What makes a good parent?”

“I know how good parents act and what a good mother is.”

“I didn’t know what it was, so I studied and looked into it, but in the end I couldn’t figure it out, because he knows.”

“So he must have been a much better mother than me, Archmage.”

“That’s why you cried and cried and cried for days and days because you wanted to go back.”

Olivia’s sad words finally fill Amelia’s eyes with tears.

“sorry… … .”

I know my mother did nothing wrong.

That’s why, when you look back at what you’ve said and done, you can’t help but feel guilty.

“no. That’s because the Archmage cared for and loved you. If I was grateful, I was grateful. Why would I resent you or him?”

“Are you the only one who cried?”

“He cried a lot too.”

“Seeing her cry, did you really feel like you were forcibly taking away someone else’s daughter?”

“Anyway, that much… … .”

“He must have loved you like his own daughter.”

“He’s a very grateful guy.”

“Because she loved her so much, my daughter treats my real mother worse than anyone else. huh?”

At the joke, Amelia eventually starts to shed tears.

If I had raised it from scratch.

I’ve thought about it countless times, but now it’s funny.

If I had raised myself, who didn’t even know what a good parent was, it might have been more wrong.

I have come to the point where I think so.

“sorry. I am… … . I was wrong… … .”

Amelia started to cry because she felt that she was hurting her mother the most, and Olivia looked at her like that.

At the point where you’re sorry, you already know what’s wrong.

Olivia knew that that was already enough.

Talking about someone’s tears.

Than you are lucky.

Than Archmage cried.

That I cried more

I do not say that I cried alone in a place where no one could see.

Because words like that can’t make anyone happy.

“I’m not blaming you, Amelia.”

“… … .”

“I don’t even want to say I’m sad. Me too, I’m not particularly good at you.”

Olivia looks up at the sky.

“Are you thankful to the Archmage?”

“… … .”

“You should be grateful.”

“Thank you… … . there is… … .”

Even when she complains, or even calls her a witch and denounces her, Harriet smiles embarrassedly and sadly, unable to do anything about it.

On days when Amelia exploded, she would visit in the middle of the night without Princila’s knowledge and stroke her hair until she fell asleep.

still not enough

I’m still sad

He had never scolded or scolded Amelia, who always complained and even bullied her daughter.

I know you should be grateful for that alone.

It’s just that it doesn’t come out through actions and words.

“Archmage loved you so much even though you weren’t even her own daughter. yes?”

“… … yes.”

“According to what you said, that’s why I loved you so much, not my family.”

If Priscilla, who only shares the same father, is not a family member, naturally, Harriet is not Amelia’s family either.

Not really a mother either.

Even so, I loved her like a real daughter.

“Then, Amelia.”

“… … .”

“You have to return the love you received to Priscilla.”

Because I was loved like that.

Do not try to repay the love to the Archmage, but love the daughter of the Archmage like a real sister is the only way to reciprocate.

“Then, that person will love you even more than now.”

“… … .”

Then you will love me more.

I am grateful and happy, not grudgingly smiling with a sad expression like I always did. I’ll be really happy and smile, and that’s why I’ll love you even more.

However, in the end, the sad words to the person himself, Seong-hoo said with his own mouth.

Olivia smiles mischievously while stroking her daughter’s hair, hiding her feelings.

“I’m not asking you to love your mother, but if you want to be loved by your fake mother, I’m asking you to do that. Will you say no?”

In the end, Amelia steals her eyes at Olivia’s mischievous and sad question.

I’m not forcing you to love me.

That if you want to be loved by someone you consider your mother, you should.

After all, Amelia knows.

Even if we didn’t spend a lot of time together, my mother loved me very much.

“sorry… … . sorry… … . I will… … .”

So, Amelia forced her mouth to move and spoke.

“Oh, mother… … . I will do as you say.”

At those words, Olivia smiles brightly as if she is satisfied.

“Okay, so this is my daughter.”

“… … .”

Olivia carefully hugs Amelia.



“If I don’t lose my temper now, I might climb up later, right?”

“Just like anyone.”

“So, don’t loosen up too much.”

“Because you are my sister.”

“Should I be treated like a sister? Understand?”

Amelia couldn’t help but be stunned at the words of the surname with a bashful smile.

“yes… … ?”

“I’m usually pretty, but if I mess around, I’ll lose. You have to be sure up and down.”

I couldn’t tell if I was going to hit or not.


“Ah yes… … .”

I know I’m a bit of a weird person myself.

My mother seems to be a very strange person.

Amelia couldn’t help but think so.

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