The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 697

Chapter 697

“To be honest, it’s fun.”

“Are you having fun?”

Tana tilted her head at Bertus’ words.

“This is what you look like.”

“ah… … .”

“You’ve never been treated like this in your life, have you?”

“I see… … . but… … .”

The emotions Saviolin Tana feels in this village are the first things she feels in her life.

She was the one who was mentioned in the emperor’s lower ranks wherever she went.

It was not even obtained through blood ties or anything else, it was a position obtained and maintained through skill.

That’s why she was the one who was the farthest away from incompetence.

Even if there were mistakes in the orders she received, there were never any mistakes in her execution.

In fact, she perfectly carried out even the impossible orders of the last Emperor.

It was a life without failure.

But ever since she arrived in this snowfield village, she was a person who failed no matter what she did.

Now, that failure has become so commonplace that even a four-year-old kid from the neighborhood offers to help Tana when she goes around carrying something heavy.

Tana sighs.

“ha… … . I think the people of this town are more capable, wiser, and more versatile than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I think the same way.”

to sustain life on its own.

Those who have managed the world are amazed to see a community of only 300 households cooperating and living self-sufficiently in this extreme environment.

Each and every villager knows what to do, and does it.

Someone should always be able to replace someone else’s role.

That’s why everyone should know how to do everything.

Tana only had to use the sword.

That is why Tana becomes lethally incompetent in such a small community.

“If even monsters were common, I would have something to do, but that’s not the case. It’s strange to want something like that, but… … .”


“yes… … .”

In fact, monsters are also very rare because they are overdone.

Monsters that appear occasionally are found as corpses buried in nature, or even if found, they are hunted by village hunters.

Others know how to work hard, and there is no reason to stand out.

A pretty lady for children.

A foolish and naive neighbor to the women.

To the elderly, a cute and dumb new wife is Tana’s reality.

“Still, the fact that children much younger than me treat me as a child… … . It’s still hard to bear. Of course, not having anything to say is the hardest.”

In fact, Tana outlived the oldest living man in town.

Everyone is like children, but they treat them as ignorant children.

And I really don’t know anything.

Because of that gap, Tana only sighs every day.

Tana looks out the snowy window holding a glass of water that is cooling down.

“still… … . I am grateful that this place exists.”

I tried to live away from people’s eyes in an extreme remote area.

However, they still live in places with people.

And you can live.

Tana laughed while saying that, and Bertus also laughed.

snowy snowfield.

A town without a name.

-Are you a boy?

-Oh, yes!

There, just now, the news of a new life was resounding.

* * *

A healthy baby boy was born, and the mother is also healthy.

The reason Betton led the hunters to go hunting ahead of his wife’s birth, even though it was snowing, was to hold a party after giving birth safely.

Of course, the mother and child, as well as Betton, were guarding her side, so she could not attend the feast.

At the village center hall, various meat dishes made from reindeer that Bertus had hunted were prepared, as well as various foods to celebrate the village’s celebrations.

It was only natural that Tana and Bertus also attended the feast.

– It should have been a daughter.

– Why do you have to be a daughter?

– If it were a son, wouldn’t Beton be the same as that stubborn guy? Wouldn’t it be better to be a quiet daughter who resembles Ella?

-They say that their daughter looks like their father, so wouldn’t that be a reckless daughter who resembles Betton?

– Oh, that would be a little difficult.

– Heh heh heh!

People were talking about the birth of a new life.

Drinking alcohol made from fermented reindeer milk, people were talking to each other.

It’s not leisurely, but it’s not extremely lacking either.

It’s not a situation where you can get away with a party, and there are many excellent hunters in the village.

So you can eat and drink as much as you like on happy days.

Bertus and Tana were also accustomed to rough food, so they could eat it without any burden.

Of course, Tana’s expression was not so good.

Because on a day like this, there are things you will inevitably hear.

“So, what is my baby’s plan?”

“Yes… … ?”

An old man who worked hard as a midwife today approaches Violet and asks with a benevolent smile.

If you were to ask what was planned on a day like this, what would it be?


The question is, when are you planning to give birth?

Naturally, Tana’s complexion turned white.

“You might be intimidated by what you saw today, but we all have been through it here. It’s not scary. Not only is it great, but it is also sacred.”

“ah… … .”

Tana is older than the old woman.

An old man younger than himself asks when my baby is going to have a baby.

Tana hesitates and opens her mouth.

“That, that… … . I’m doing my best, but… … .”

Of course, I’ve never even tried it before.

“haha… … . How come these handsome men and women who seem to have no problems have children? … .”

The old woman narrowed her eyes and looked towards Bertus this time.

“Hey, are you a dog apricot?”


A good-looking dog apricot.

“no! no! no! Ooh, my husband! Hey, I’m fine! Because it’s healthy! Come on, lots! That’s a lot! every day! membrane!”

In the end, Saviolin Tana cried out with her face red.

It was her nature that she couldn’t let go of that made her more angry at Bertus’ story than her own.

However, once he shouted, his complexion turned pale when he realized what he was talking about.

That’s a lot.

What do you mean by a lot?

“Every, every day… … . uh, awesome… … .”

What is every day, and what is great?

“… … Sit down, honey.”

Unknowingly, Tana jumped up and sat down as if she was about to collapse when Bertus, who couldn’t bear to lift her face, carefully pulled her.

“haha… … . I have more energy this way… … .”

The old woman laughs as well as the others at the banquet table. After all, it’s fun for people to make fun of this stupid and pretty new wife.

I don’t know how to do anything, so what if I’m always lost?

In this town where everything freezes, no matter what I say, he always responds like a live fish.

Mischievous old people have become one of the pleasures of life making fun of this new wife. Her husband’s side is funny, too, but he’s such a decent nobleman that he’ll be polite no matter what he jokes about.

A model student, if you follow me.

No matter what I tell them, they understand and remember right away, do it as it is, and are sincere in everything.

Useful, but no fun.

On the other hand, a wife who is clumsy in whatever she does, and who tries to do well but is not good at it, so she always has a teary face and is restless.

Useless, but fun.

It’s the same thing that both of them have become necessary people in the village in their own way.

-If it’s a lot every day, how much is it?

– Even if that friend looks insincere on the outside, he’s a business man. When did he go out alone and pick up a bear? Even if you catch it, what should you do to bring it back?

– Whole bones?

-That’s natural.

– Then the waist?

-cancer. That friend’s back is not serious.

-haha… … . I haven’t seen that friend… … .

– What you see is not everything.

There were whispers joking around here and there, and Tana’s face turned red. Gentle Bertus also trembled in his hand holding the glass.

“I’m sorry honey… … .”

“are you okay… … .”

That the two of them terribly care for each other has already been proven by coming this far together.

However, the way the two respect each other puts the viewer in a strange mood.

It is said that they live married life like young people dating.

Everyone is talking about this and that, but I wonder if it’s because it looks good. Everyone thinks so.

And so the feast continues.

Bertus soon saw that the village chief, who was sitting at the top of the table, had a conversation with someone who had entered the hall.

The chief of an unnamed village and the leader of the hunters.

He had been in command of the party when they had just gone on a reindeer hunt.

He had a short conversation and then left the hall.

Even though it was possible, the village chief’s expression was a little unusual, so Bertus watched the scene.

“… … .”

“… … .”

And it wasn’t just Bertus, Tana also met Bertus’ eyes like that.

It’s something I don’t know what.

Bertus shrugged slightly, and Tana smiled softly.

The feast continues.

After a long time, Betton showed up at the hall saying that his wife was asleep.

After receiving a lot of congratulations for being the main character of this event, Beton sat down next to Bertus.

“Brother Ladias.”

“Yes, Beton.”

“Take it easy on me… … .”

“I am comfortable with this. Congratulations on this day. It’s a boy.”

At Bertus’ congratulations, Betton scratched his head.

Betton, of course, and Ella, Betton’s wife, were much younger than Bertus.

But because of that, Bertus learned more about the village than from the village elders.

So Bertus always had a lot to thank Betton for.

“Yes, I am healthy. I was a little worried, but Ella seems fine too… … . By the way, is your sister-in-law okay?”

At those words, Tana blushed.

“yes? ah… … . Yes, I am sorry.”

“If he was worried about Ella, he told me to visit his sister-in-law.”

“Please tell me I’m sorry… … .”

The midwife had sent the baby off to rest, as the person helping with it was trembling more than the person giving birth.

“By the way, brother.”

“Yes, Beton.”

“My child, we don’t have a name yet.”

Betton asked Bertus with a serious expression.

“Could you give me a name?”

At those words, Bertus couldn’t help but panic.

“… … me? name?”

“Yes, I would really like my brother to build it. Originally, the village chief gave it to me, but when I asked the village chief, he said it was fine… … .”

It sounded like an idiot to Bertus as well as to Tana who was listening by her side.

It’s because I never thought that I would be asked to name someone after living. And it is still a situation that can only be called a newcomer to this village.

At the same time, is it okay for me to do my own important task of naming the child who will become a villager?

Since he had already obtained permission from the village head, there was nothing that couldn’t be done, but he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“I feel something about you.”

“What… … ?”

“What can I say… … . I can’t express it well, but you look a little different from someone like me. If such an older brother gives my child a name, he will have a bright future… … .”

Hearing that, Bertus seemed to understand why Betton was saying this.

The feeling of being a completely different person.

Even if you can’t make it clear in your tone and behavior, you feel that atmosphere.

Although he seemed to know what Beton was talking about, Bertus still couldn’t help but hesitate.

to give someone a name.

It seems like nothing, but it’s something that decides someone’s whole life.

Do I deserve it?

I who abandoned everything and ran away.

can i do that?

In the midst of worrying that no one knows.

– Suk

A thick hand rested on Bertus’ shoulder.

“I will, however.”

“ah… … . Chief.”

The head of the hunters and the village chief.

When he came back, he put his hand on Bertus’ shoulder and smiled.

“In a town where there is nothing new, is there anything special like a name given by a new person?”

The village chief even recommends it, but refusing it for inexplicable reasons would not be polite to the new home and the new baby.

“Yes, let me think about it.”

“Thank you, brother!”

You can’t give a name carelessly, so you’ll have to think about it.

However, even though he said he would think about a name to give to someone, the village chief’s hand did not back down.

“And come out for a second.”

“yes? ah… … . yes.”

“And, could Violet come out for a moment?”

“… … Ah yes.”

Do you have anything to say?

On the way out of the hall following the village chief, the village chief, who was walking ahead with his back shown, speaks quietly.

“There are guests looking for you.”

Bertus and Tana couldn’t help but feel that their entire bodies froze at those plain words.


who came

Did the pursuers break through the backcountry and come here?

If so, what should I do?

The village chief said it was no big deal, but this is not a common occurrence.

Just as it is a great thing for Tanna and Bertus to arrive at this nameless snowy village, it is not easy for a guest looking for them to reach here.

“Tell me if you need help. I will be watching.”

The village chief seemed to know that it was a serious matter, and said that.

It has to be.

If it’s a business for someone who will come here, you know that neither the person who came nor the person who is trying to find it can be an ordinary person.

can you help

No matter who comes, if these two can’t deal with it directly, no one’s help is meaningless.

Bertus is also Bertus, but Saviolin Tana is treated as half a penny here.

But these two have been living in this nameless village for a long time.

So, I don’t know if it will actually help or not.

I already believed in the huge back of the head hunter and the village chief.

I don’t even know why I believe.

Just like he taught me how to hunt, how to slaughter, how to navigate in the snow and how to survive.

He said he would find a way even in this unknown situation.

Both Tana and Bertus find themselves already believing in the village chief without any reason or basis.

So the village chief, Tana, and Bertus left the hall.

On a snowy night, all the villagers were in the hall, so the quiet village was quiet except for the clamor of the hall.

I follow the village chief walking to the outskirts of the village.

The place we reached through the accumulated snow.

There were two people wearing black robes.

Two black robes covered in snow as if they were slightly hit in the eye.

“Let’s talk.”

After the village chief left those words, he turned around and spoke with only his eyes.

If you ask for help, they will help you in any way.

Waiting like this, not an attack, must have meant that the village didn’t want to cause harm or that there was some business.

Two people in a snowstorm wearing black robes.

The person on the right carefully removes the hood.

“… … !”

“You, you… … ?”

And both Bertus and Tana couldn’t help but be astonished.

Long black hair like darkness.

And a pale face.

“long time no see.”

“Anna… … ?”

The missing warlock, Anna de Guerna, was there.

The person on the left also takes off his hood.

“Louis… … .”

Likewise, the person on the left was Louis Ancton, who had disappeared together.

The remnants of the long-lost Gradias Empire reunited after 5 years on a plateau where civilization had disappeared.

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