The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 685

Chapter 685

Even if he wants to be nagged all day, the emperor has no time for that.

After the entrance speech, the emperor returned to the imperial palace.

Next to the emperor sitting on the throne was Charlotte.

The ministers lined up each began to report.

“Your Majesty, the news is that the warp gate of the Human Dominion has been destroyed.”

“… … also?”

As if to start again, the emperor tightened his eyes and pressed his temples with both hands.

“I don’t want to starve, but what if I destroy the warp gate, which is the passage of aid? Do you want me to carry it in a wagon? Do you really want to die?”

“It wasn’t the Dominion government that destroyed the gate, as usual… … .”

“Citizens, this is it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty… … .”

The gate crisis is over.

However, warp gate phobia is rampant across all continents. People thought that the warp gate was a huge time bomb.

Since it is reintroducing something that brought humanity to the brink of extinction, people’s vague fear and anxiety are inevitable.

For this reason, warp gates not only in the Dominion but also throughout the continent were often destroyed by the actions of frightened citizens. Therefore, it is not only a problem of the Dominion.

Even so, the advantage of warp gates is not something that people can give up just because they fear it. So, more than in the previous era, the area around the warp gate is protected by strong military power.

“The propaganda that it has nothing to do with all the gates of the previous era continues, but there are many people who do not believe it… … . In particular, the citizens of the Dominion are anxious about the warp gate as the entrance to the invasion.”

In particular, the warp gate phobia is inevitably more serious in the area of ​​the Human Dominion, which can be said to be the gathering place of the anti-demon lord forces who refuse to rule the lord.

“Did we cover the cost of restoring the warp gate during the last destruction?”

“Yes, it was.”

“okay? I guess they thought it would be okay to take care of it since they remade it for free. I need to change my mind.”

The Emperor starts talking in a cold tone.

“From now on, all costs for warp gate restoration will be paid by the Dominion Government. Then I will risk my life to protect it. Report that to the Dominion Government.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

There are many humans in the Dominion.

Those who rejected the rule of the Demon King, and the believers in the cult of warriors.

Rather than killing them, the Demon King made them live together in one place.

So sometimes uprisings do happen, but in the end they are all suppressed.

Also, they cannot survive without the aid of the New Empire.

Only those who hated the Demon King gathered, but the reality of the Dominion is that without the Demon King, they cannot even survive.

That was Charlotte’s plan.

The emperor receives reports of this and that and issues orders.

Listening to the advice of Charlotte, who stood by her side from time to time.

It’s not much different from what he’s been doing in Edina, but the scope to be dealt with is vast, on a different level than before, as well as things involving a different number of lives.

With a bored expression on his face, but without losing his concentration, the emperor makes decisions and judges one by one.

There were some important things, but there were also things that were trivial enough to make me wonder if I should even listen to these things.

However, there were definitely topics that were insignificant and could not be reported to the emperor.

“Your Majesty, we caught the person who damaged the stone statue of Your Majesty installed in the Aligar District last Monday. He is a 67-year-old man who lives nearby and is currently being held by the guards.”

“… … Why did you do that?”

“It doesn’t matter why, Your Majesty. Destroying the stone statue imitating His Majesty was in itself a challenge to the imperial authority. I know you will be sentenced to death.”

“And Monday? I don’t remember well, how did you damage it?”

Instead of reporting to the emperor’s question, his complexion grew tired.

The emperor heard so many things in a day that so many things disappeared from his memory.

“That, that… … . urinate… … .”

“Piss? ah… … . okay. I think I heard.”

“yes… … .”


and the emperor crossed his arms.

The emperor forgot about it, but the ministers all remembered it because it was such a shocking event.

The attitude that he has no idea why he should be upset about it.

Even then, this was the reaction.

“In the first place, I never asked you to install that stone statue.”

The demon king is lost in thought for a moment as if searching for a memory.

“I don’t know who it is, but it was made by a sculptor who said he would dedicate it to me… … .”

“This is Ernak.”

When Charlotte whispered the name instead of the vague demon king, the demon king nodded as if he remembered.

“Yes, it was carved by a nobleman named Ernak as a tribute to me. Aren’t all my statues and statues like that in the first place?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“It’s not like I told you to lay it down, and just because a citizen arbitrarily damaged an object carved by a citizen, why is it a challenge to the imperial authority?”

In fact, there are things like that all over the empire.

in any form.

Artists and groups that praise the demon king arbitrarily create various works of art that they idolize.

“It is because the appearance of His Majesty symbolizes the authority of the emperor in itself.”

“Then shouldn’t we stop making the appearance of the great and dignified emperor? In a way, it is a challenge to the imperial authority… … .”

If it was a problem caused by something that was not ordered, Charlotte cut off the words before the emperor, who was trying to prevent it from happening in the first place, could conclude.

“If you start censorship like that, later it will go to the point where bards are even banned from singing the feats of the Emperor, creating an atmosphere of needless fear. obviously, definitely. You will be more tired of that situation later.”

“that… … . is it?”

“Forbidding idolization for fear of idolization is also a very powerful idolization in another sense, Your Majesty. And if you issue an injunction, then later rescind it because it becomes more of a nuisance, the Imperials will feel needless confusion. If so, inevitably, people will think that the imperial family is inconsistent.”

“That, I guess. Uh, pretend it wasn’t there… … .”

If left alone, they will idolize the emperor as they please, and fight each other over whether that is true or not.

If you tell them not to do so, there is no limit to what should be prohibited, and it only creates an atmosphere of meaningless fear and only increases antipathy.

Eventually, if that gets tired of it and the ban itself is withdrawn, it will put the emperor’s pointless babble to a climax.

So, leaving it alone is the medicine.

“Anyway, the old man is given a fumigation. I guess I did some drugs. When people are desperate, they can pack bad things where they shouldn’t.”

“… … Yes, Your Majesty.”

Knowing that the emperor rarely punished in such cases, the minister finally sighed and nodded.

“Give me a warning. If you do something like that one more time, I’ll let you fight in front of the emperor. I wonder if that’s possible.”

The old man will be released with the emperor’s grotesque warning.

After that, many reports came up.

When the emperor’s judgment came close to a mistake, Charlotte quietly talked with the emperor and made a decision.

Everyone knows that Charlotte is the real power of the new imperial family.

However, the reason why she is respected even though she is a remnant of the Gradias Imperial family is because everyone knows that as the emperor’s empress, she never acts against the emperor’s will or does anything that is not ordered.

And, a topic that always comes up soon came up.

“Your Majesty, there have been sightings of brave men in the Orland region, west of Kernstadt.”

At those words, the quiet atmosphere in the audience room calmed down.

In this throne room, as well as in the entire empire, there are two subjects that are the most sensitive.

one is a warrior. Ellen Artorius.

“Also, there was also a sighting of the deposed Emperor Bertus in the Orland region about two months ago.”

The other, of course, is the subject of the previous emperor, Bertus de Gradias.

“When these two issues are put together, it is not that the emperor and the hero are acting together… … .”

“Can you take responsibility?”

“… … .”

“Can you take responsibility for that?”

After reporting the incident, the minister lowers his head even more in front of the emperor’s cool eyes.

“Until now, whenever I heard eyewitness stories about the hero and the dethroned emperor, I dispatched them. But I remember that the information was never true.”

Since they are the most wanted people, most of them are false eyewitness accounts.

I don’t know if there was real information among them.

However, all traces failed.

And again, the emperor gazed at the reporter at the sighting report that was uploaded this time.

“Your Majesty, God is just… … . I am only reporting the information that has been uploaded.”

“Isn’t it your ‘opinion’, not information, to ‘estimate’ that the Purge Emperor and the Hero are together based on two eyewitness accounts?”

“That, it is… … .”

“How long do we have to spend the power of the Empire on false sightings, most of which were fake? Even among the guys who provided that information, there were even guys who didn’t even know the appearance of the hero or the emperor. Haven’t there been reports of sightings coming up at the same time from the southern and northern ends of the continent?”

However, it was not the reporter who answered, but the other side.

“Your Majesty, the Emperor and the Hero are the biggest threat to the current Empire. The moment the two of them reach the Dominion, humanity will regroup, and the impure elements within the Empire will be seduced as well. We have to keep an eye on even the tiniest bit of information about those two characters.”

Other cabinet members did not hesitate to argue as if the statement was correct.

It’s true that the Dominion is virtually enslaved, but they haven’t been annihilated, and their animosity remains the same.

If the wars so far were just the resistance of those who couldn’t overcome their anger, a real war could break out the moment the emperor or hero who disappeared reappeared.

Those who hate the Demon King who remain in the Empire without leaving for the Dominion may also follow the center.

So, the emperor and the hero are the real threat to the empire.

There are still some who believe that the two are hiding somewhere to save humanity from the oppression of the demon king, and the Dominion’s warriors still believe it.

Therefore, for those who are loyal to the emperor, finding and killing the warriors and deposed emperors is the only way to eliminate the empire’s troubles.

All of their words come out in hopes of the empire’s eternity and well-being.

Although there may be misinformation in their words, there is no reason to doubt their loyalty.

That’s why there was a huge bounty hanging on the heads of Ellen and Pyeje, and the emperor couldn’t deny that it was reasonable.

In order to justify the rule of the demon king, the hero and the deposed emperor had to be turned into demons, and the propaganda continued.

Now, he believes in the demon king as the savior of the world, and hates heroes and deposed emperors.

In fact, civilization has succeeded in rebuilding to some extent, the absolute hunger problem has been almost solved, and humans are expanding their lives by restoring damaged cities and buildings.

It’s not the age of peace, but it’s about time to enter that era.

Most people believe in substance and reality.

After the reign of the Demon King, many people’s lives improved.

So people believe in the devil.

But ironically, after the Gate debacle, things got better no matter who came to power. Only the demon king holds the power.

It is actually a situation that has no choice but to improve, and it is unknown whether it has improved because the demon king came to power.

However, it is getting better, and in fact, the demon king did not commit needless violence against those who calmly accepted the rule.

It cannot be said that all policies worked well, but of course there was no such thing as literal meaningless tyranny or massacre.

The sudden gathering of people and burning them to death has never happened anywhere on the continent. The Demon King was taken aback by the fact that there were so many people who were afraid of imagining such a thing.

Didn’t they even assume the role of guardians of the dominion while creating a dominion for the humans who refused to rule it? Of course, everyone knows that the name Guardian is just a word, and in fact, it is a Watcher.

In the end, unlike the early days of power, a significant number of mankind now support the demon king because of the improved life.

So, I just hated the hero and the emperor who ran away. It is a natural phenomenon.

So it was an unavoidable reality that the entire continent was tracking them even if the emperor did not pursue them.

However, the emperor understands, but still feels uncomfortable.

“Yeah, that would be right. But it’s not just false information. How long do we have to listen to murderers who claim to have killed a deposed emperor or a hero, then kill a stern person and then ask for money?”

Every time such a story came up as a report, the emperor gasped.

“Your Majesty, even if an unavoidable accident occurs, we must not stop trying to find the deposed emperor and the hero. Perhaps they may have sneaked into the Dominion.”

“I know that we need to further strengthen surveillance of the Dominion, prohibit gatherings so that people cannot gather, including a night curfew, and strengthen our vigilance more than now.”

“Your Majesty, the wicked people of the Dominion are simply taking advantage of your benevolence.”

“It is a very serious uneasiness factor to hunt down the ungrateful and ungrateful people who have already been forgiven by Your Majesty several times, as well as the fact that the Dominion’s leadership includes former rebel leaders.”

“It’s not just the Dominion that’s the problem. We need to drastically increase the activities of the intelligence service to find out the disobedient elements within the empire.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty. There are also countless disquieters who deliberately do not belong to the Dominion in order to operate within the Empire.”

When one opens the water, words pour out from here and there, and the emperor looks down at the ministers in silence.

The emperor sees Charlotte standing still by his side.

‘help me.’

It was a gaze that felt that meaning.

Charlotte looks down at the emperor and nods her head quietly with a faint smile.

“From now on, I will receive the government affairs report.”

Eventually, Charlotte takes over.

“Let’s get rid of useless stories and organize reports by department first.”

Always always, this is the flow.

All of them are loyal to the Demon King.

Loyalty is beyond question.

But that expression is just too extreme.

As for how loyal he is, he even said without hesitation that he had to kill his half-brother in front of Charlotte, the half-brother of the emperor.

Some of them are even former imperial figures.

It is because they are irreplaceable manpower that cannot be replaced even after 5 years, or because they have proven their loyalty to the extent that they do not undergo a water change.

That’s why Charlotte doubts their intelligence, but not their loyalty.

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