The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 679

Chapter 679

Terrace on the 3rd floor of Central Palace Tetra.

Even though the chaotic political situation will begin, the turmoil does not reach the central palace.

Harriet and I had been drinking tea for the first time in a long time.

“ha… … . I still can’t believe it. I don’t even know what’s going on… … .”

Just as Olivia felt floating, Harriet let out a deep sigh as well.

Having said that, Harriet reduced the cost and time astronomically by using some magic.

In fact, with that magic, he not only annihilated a huge number of monsters, but also protected countless people.

If we were to line up the greatest wizards in history, Harriet would be number one.

It will become that way as time goes on.

Virtually all judgments from now on will be made by Charlotte. I’m in the position to decide whether to approve them or not.

We were the busiest during the war, but Charlotte will be the busiest now.

Harriet is also brilliant, but lacks the knowledge when it comes to politics.

Neither I nor Harriet’s powers should be put to good use. Of course, when the political situation is stable, a new warp gate will have to be constructed, so Harriet will have to step in again.

In many ways, Harriet has become indispensable.

Harriet looks out the window with her arms crossed.

Where did the arrogance and contempt in those eyes disappear?

Now I am full of worries and sorrow. There is a glimpse of worry and fear about what will happen in the future and what has already happened.

How long has it been since you drank tea like that?

Harriet’s eyes seemed to gradually sink.

I don’t even know what you’re thinking


Suddenly Harriet called me.

“… … uh?”

“Let’s talk.”

in that single word.

Unknowingly, goose bumps ran down my spine.

“Uh, uh… … . Yes… … .”

I got up from my seat as I watched Harriet get up.



That said, let’s talk… … .

I’m so fucking scared!

We were talking about it in the first place, but I think I’m going crazy when I ask to talk!

Are we talking about something other than this? Right?

Trembling with unknown fear, I followed Harriet as she walked somewhere.

* * *

Wasn’t it okay to talk at the place where we were sitting?

Harriet opened a door somewhere with me, looked around, and gestured for me to come in.

I don’t know whose it belonged to, but it was a bedroom.

It wasn’t the emperor’s bedroom, where I’d been staying ever since I entered Tetra.

It was one of those rooms that were as empty as countless other rooms.

– Click

Then, when I entered, Harriet closed the door and locked it.

excuse me… … .

excuse me?

why do you sleep

Perhaps to prevent me from escaping, Harriet blocks the doorway and leans her back against it, looking at me.

“… … .”

And Harriet looks at me silently and terrified.

Let’s talk.

I realized the new truth that those short words are more terrifying than any declaration of war in the world.

Any problem?

What did you do wrong?

what to do

I tried to figure out if I had done something sad or not, but I couldn’t figure it out.

When you think about it, there are endlessly many things that made you sad.

I should have taken care of it, but I didn’t take care of it.

It’s not because I didn’t do anything wrong, but I can’t guess because there are so many things I did wrong.

My heart is pounding.

“… … scared?”

“uh… … ?”

Harriet asked if she could read that expression in my expression.

Are you scared

of course.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been scared in my life.

I think it’s the first time I’ve felt the unknown fear like today.

I don’t even know why I should be scared, I’m just scared.

No, something more than scary.


scared to fall behind

If I did something wrong, can’t you tell me what I did wrong?

I’m confident to kneel!

First of all, if you kneel down for doing something wrong, you’ll get a counter saying what you did wrong!

In terms of the history of mistakes, it’s almost like building a castle, so when sad words start to come out of that mouth, I don’t know what to say first!

“Aren’t you going to answer me?”

Harriet asks quietly.

what’s the matter… … .

Why are you suddenly like this?

Isn’t this what I used to do when I was talking to other kids in my Temple days?

“No, I’m afraid… … . It’s scary… … .”

In response to Harriet’s question, which was eager to answer, I had no choice but to nod my head with a bewildered expression.

Harriet tilted her head at my words, which she admits are scary.

“Why are you scared?”

I’m going crazy.

I think I’m going crazy!

“That, you… … . Because it’s not like this… … .”

At some point, it became impossible to go harder than normal on him!

There are many things I am sorry for, and many things I am grateful for.


so… … .

“Can I not do this?”

“no… … . It’s not okay… … .”

Harriet approaches me with a coy smile.

As I approached, I had no choice but to step back and sit down on the bed.

Harriet looked down at me from above.

with a soft smile.

“Are you afraid of getting scolded by me?”

I’m scolded

The words are cute, but thinking about the sight really scared me.

Except for the beginning of the first semester, when Harriet had not yet become close with me, there was really not a single time when Harriet hated her, and although she was astonished, she was straight-faced and angry with me.

It’s not to the point where I’m not angry.

From some point on, he always understood me, always accepted me, always did something for me.

When I think of such a Harriet with a straight face and pointing out the wrong things I have done so far and getting angry, my eyes widen.

I don’t know what to apologize for.

“uh… … . scared.”

So, I had no choice but to nod my head.

If he comes out like that, he might bite his tongue and die.

Harriet asks again.

“There’s nothing wrong with scolding me, so why are you scared?”

It seems like I’m serious on my own right now.

What do you mean?

Of course, nothing happened to me because I was scolded.

but… … .

It’s scary.

Or that someone who wasn’t angry is getting angry.

something like that

It doesn’t matter if someone who is absolutely nothing gets mad at me, but… … .

“Because you are.”

Because I am not a nobody

Because it can’t be.

Of course, isn’t it scary that such a person gets angry?

Did you like the words that came out of the ice?

Harriet sits on top of me on the bed.

He leans close to me, looking into my eyes from a distance where their noses almost touch each other.

no why… … !

But actions and words were very different.

“I’ve been away from my family for too long.”

“Yes… … ji… … .”

“So, now that I’m almost done with my work… … .”

Harriet casts her gaze out the window for a moment.

“I want to go back to the duchy for a few years. You don’t even need me right now.”

Those words felt like a stone fell to my heart.

I understand.

Obviously, you know what I mean.

I can’t help but feel that way.

I know that Harriet really loves and misses her family.

so suddenly?

How many years?

Harriet asks.

“Can I do that?”

“… … .”

You’ve already done enough.

It has done so much that it can’t be more than this.

And what Harriet did for me was something no one else could have done for me.

Asking for more than this.

Isn’t that too much?

It’s not that I want to go forever.

I’ll come back whenever you need me.

As if it were natural, he would not be next to me, like now when he was closest to me.

It was always within reach.

He was always in a place where he could talk, as if it were natural.

He was the first to listen to my story and watched my troubles from the closest.

I don’t want to live like I used to.

Will it be okay?

I’m not trying to embarrass myself.

to ask for permission

Harriet was so close that we could feel each other’s breath, saying goodbye.

Harriet asks.


Of course I don’t like it.


I hate it.

Wouldn’t it be too much to ask for something more than this, and ask me to stay by my side as if it were natural?

But in the end.

“No… … ji. of course.”

It’s pathetic that that’s the only answer that came out after all.

It was an acknowledgment of something.

Harriet smiled at my answer.

It was the first time in my life that I thought he could have laughed like this.

Harriet pulls herself closer to me.

And, before I can answer anything more, Harriet kisses me.

How long did they kiss in a situation where they seemed to lose their temper?

Harriet walks away from me.

The guy looks at me and smiles.

“I actually knew.”

“what… … ?”

He laughs and quietly whispers in my ear.

“If I do this… … . That you can’t push it.”

“At some point, I knew it while watching you get restless when I spoke a little too hard.”

“There are times when I wonder if I’m doing this because I’m sorry.”

“It’s not like I’m sorry. At some point, I knew.”

“I already knew how to do it.”

“however… … . Because it is cowardly.”

“Because it’s gross.”

“So I didn’t.”

“however… … . How long are you going to stay like that?”

“Now I want to become cowardly and mean.”

“I’m going to do it my way too.”

I can’t understand what Harriet is talking about.

“Marry me.”

Harriet whispers in my ear.

“Otherwise, I will never see you.”

If you know what to say, is that what you mean?


Rather, when that word comes out, I feel strange.

If you don’t tell me you’re getting married, you’ll leave.

that is… … . Is this guy’s threat?

“Yeah, but… … .”

“No way, don’t you like it?”

Harriet’s expression begins to change.

no, that’s not it

It’s not like I don’t like it or not.

“… … So you weren’t going to do it?”

“… … uh?”

Harriet is clearly taken aback by my words.

“No, then… … . Were you not going to do it?”

For a while, I was afraid to leave.

Rather, I am embarrassed.

“Of course I should.”

At my words, Harriet’s face starts to redden, as if she didn’t understand the situation.


Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

“That, like that… … . that that… … . that… … . It was like that… … ?”

I don’t know what he was thinking. Was she thinking that maybe she wouldn’t?

Harriet’s lips trembled as she listened to this answer rather than what she said with a big heart.

As if he had forgotten about the reckless action of the moment.

“Of course not. I have to.”

“uh, ah… … . Yes… … .”

Harriet’s face finally turned red at my assertion.

our mess.

Gear nose.


This kid gearko.

In addition to making me say these words with my mouth.

You even make me talk more like a dog.

“and… … . It’s a little bit like this, but… … .”

“… … uh?”

“I did that… … . I’ll do it only with you… … ?”

Only then did he realize that it was a little different from what he imagined, and his expression hardened.

“You and you too… … . that… … . And with Charlotte… … . With Olivia noona… … . What are you going to do?”

Of course!

It’s the emperor!

It’s a board to create power even if you don’t have it through marriage.

Maybe we should do more than that!

It’s not that I do or don’t do it on my own will. Of course it’s meant to be!

If you don’t do it now, that’s even weirder!

“ah… … . that, that… … . that… … . I’m talking… … . That’s right… … . I should… … .”

Harriet nodded blankly.

After that, the expression gradually cools down.

In the end, it doesn’t change that it sounds like dog crap.

In front of a guy who wants to get married with a big heart.

Yes, I will do it with you and with others.

that’s what you said

In the end, Harriet, who was riding on top of me, ended up with an expression full of resentment.

And eventually.

– Knock!

“to… … oh… … .”

starts to choke me

“Yeah, also… … ! you you! I hate it!”

Tears eventually form in the boy’s eyes.

“I really hate you the most in the world!”

Even with ten mouths, there was nothing to say, so I had no choice but to strangle myself in silence.

“then! Then do it with me first! You should talk to me first, you scumbag!”

Harriet screamed loudly that if she didn’t do that, she would die right here.

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