The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 669

Chapter 669

With Luna gone, the world started moving again.

With the cloudy sky again, the stopped raindrops pour down onto the earth.

-Shoot it!

Dizzy thunderstorms and explosions are boiling, and battles between monsters and allied forces are taking place on all sides.

its heart.

Covered in heavy rain, the last battlefield.

existence beyond.

It was the only being other than me who noticed the sudden change.

Because Rament and Rapelt suddenly disappeared.

“You are using a strange trick.”

You wouldn’t have sensed the world’s stand still, so you’d think I’d done some trick.

Sun god’s cloak and moon sword.

No wonder Luna, the embodiment of the sun and moon, could take it away from its owner.

It would be the best help she could give without paying a huge price to disappear.

Or, she might have paid some price for this, but since she didn’t tell me, I don’t know.

Luna doesn’t want me to die.



On the subject of saying that he is like a child who does not even become a child.

Since they live in groups, they help in ways other than just disappearing.

If I didn’t know the future, I would have died, so my mother would have gone away, and Luna would have listened to my insistence in the end.

Then I would die, and Ellen would die too.

If she had stayed still, Luna would have solved everything and disappeared, and Ellen would have lost her mother.

I choose option 3.

without accepting the deal.

Luna risked her existence and didn’t even hold her outstretched hand.

I will do it somehow.

So I told him to leave.

As a result.

Luna did not disappear, and the two relics that made Ellen the most powerful being in the world disappeared.

Void Sword’s absolute attack.

Rappelt’s absolute defense.

lost both

And I still have two relics.

It must have confirmed that the two holy objects that suddenly disappeared did not respond to their will.

The warrior lost the holy relic.

So, you might be able to become an opponent now.

And Luna said.

won’t help anymore.

The price of refusing Hwashin’s favor is high.

She really won’t help more than this.

If he loses even after doing this, he would be sincere in saying that he would rather die.

absolute attack.

absolute defense.

Those two are gone.

cannot be said to be on equal terms.

Because I still have two relics.

Now, rather, the conditions on my side are good.

If it goes like this

If you lose even here.


Just like Luna said.

I’d rather die

– rumble

Somewhere on a far-off battlefield, thunderstorms are seething.

-Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

In the huge pit where the rain collects as a puddle, the thing that lost the holy relic looks at me.

“The disappearance of the holy relic must mean that the gods have abandoned us.”

“It must mean that the gods wish you victory.”

“They probably want our deaths to be forgotten like this.”

“okay… … .”

“Then we will reject the gods.”

It does not threaten to return the missing relic.

If you are abandoned by God, you say that you will no longer seek God’s name.

it moves slowly


There was something between the wreckage of a broken building or some unknown trace of destruction.

It picks up something sticking out of the corner.

It was a rusty sword that I couldn’t even tell who it belonged to, even with the blade broken and only half.

It was a clumsy sword that couldn’t have been of such good quality even when it wasn’t rusted.

It’s probably the sword of someone who fought here when the gate incident broke out in Diane a long time ago.

At the corner of its mouth, for the first time, the expression is young.

that’s obviously

It was a smile.

“rather… … . Isn’t it good?”

Ellen smiles as she holds a broken sword.

“It’s not something grandiose like a sacred object.”

“The sword of an unknown person who disappeared due to your stories.”

“The broken weapon of a trampled so-and-so.”

“Rather, aren’t you qualified to pierce your heart?”

The nothing sword of those who were trampled on and disappeared.

The swords, spears, and bows of such people who must be scattered in countless numbers abandoned in the world.

Even if it’s not the most powerful weapon to kill me.

It’s a weapon that deserves to kill me.

A gray energy began to fade from the broken sword.

-Go oh oh

The ominous gray aura that dwells in that weapon begins to flow like smoke in the form of death.

weapon of nothing.

Rather, it was that worn-out sword that seemed like it would break if hit with it.

something in that sword.

Something that is neither magical nor divine.

The totality of hatred, anger, and despair.

That would obviously be resentment.

“Look, Demon King.”

“If our resentment can reach your heart.”

“We are also curious.”

Can we really say that this is a weak weapon?

Rather, because it is the weakest in the world.

the most dangerous in the world

saddest in the world

Isn’t that a weapon?

* * *

There must have been countless moments when he had to fight monsters with nothing but swords and spears, as there were countless deaths after the Gate incident.

There will be as many broken weapons as dead.

How many moments were there when the powerless had to fight with powerless weapons?

How many more were there who fell without even a weapon?

As if he had refined all of his weapons together, the Sword of Resentment was leaking dangerous energy.

The moment the sword collided with Alsbringer.

– Kwakang!

“nice… … Ugh!”

I felt indescribable pain.

Not in the body, but in the soul.

It was exactly the kind of pain I felt when the ghosts entered my soul to devour me.

Just the clash of swords against each other brings spiritual pain and fear that will tear your brain apart.

It smiles as it sees me stepping back in a cold sweat.

Like the Void Sword, it is not a weapon that requires you to be prepared for death in the moment if you spill it incorrectly.

But the grotesque power of that sword gives me terrifying pain even without touching my body.

It was the same kind of pain I felt when my soul was about to be devoured.

The horror and pain I never want to go through again.

It was felt just by splitting the sword attack once.

“her… … 100 million… … .One”

Physical wounds can be regenerated with Tiamata’s divine power.

But the pain inflicted on the soul is cumulative.

can’t heal

If the Voidblade is a weapon that can kill me at any time, it is a weapon that cuts me down.

It’s not sharp, but it attacks other parts.

When that entered my body, I experienced a coma several times.

It’s not as powerful a weapon as the Void Sword, but it creates a huge gap the moment you feel dizzy.

– Quaang!


The broken sword can’t pierce my aura armor, but it pierces my brain with a powerful impact and a deafening cry that seems to tear my soul apart.

– Jjaeok!

“nice… … Ugh!”

And not just the weapon, but Ellen’s body itself is a weapon.

Even without a weapon, you can tear monsters to shreds with your bare hands.

Isn’t this rather that the conditions have deteriorated, but that in addition to physical attacks, you can even perform spiritual attacks?

Rather, didn’t he take away the holy relic and find a more dangerous weapon?

Excuses are lame.

Already now, the future has changed.

Luna helped as much as she could.

The thing is, it found another weapon, but not another shield.

That’s important.

“It’s a flame.”


Along with the words of determination, a huge shockwave of flames erupted from the flames of Hwayo, creating a huge explosion at the feet of Ellen, who was rushing at me.

– Kwakang!

However, as if she already knew before the sparks even occurred, Ellen evaded the seat and charged at me, who bounced off me at the same time.

The stagnant water explosively evaporated and tried to block the view with steam, but the extreme reflexes did not change.

Even if you can’t see it, as if you already know it, it pierces through the steam and rushes right at me.

– Kacan!

“Ugh… … !”

It feels like my mind will be torn apart just by sword facing each other.


The immovable mind was disturbed.

The Aura on Tiamata and the Aura Armor that protects my body get messed up.


“… … !”

– Squeak!

But in that brief gap, the sword was pushed out and half of the nape of my neck was cut by the broken sword.

Fortunately, the distraction was only for a short time.


I managed to distance myself as I kicked Ellen, who was about to land the final blow.

Tiamata heals the bleeding neck.

If it was a little deeper, it would be dead.

No, it’s already deep enough that it seems to have cut an artery.

That sword breaks my will. It’s only for a moment, but it’s to the point of being incapacitated.

If it wasn’t for the special training in Lizaira, the moment I collided with that sword, I might have gone crazy.

No, he couldn’t have come this far in the first place, and he would have been swallowed up by those ghosts.

My fingertips are shaking.

It is dangerous in a different sense from the Void Sword.

That broken sword literally attacks me.

The longer the battle lasts, the more the spirit will be broken.

The moment you faint, everything is over.

-Cards! Kang! Caang!

As the offensive continues, the pain as if the soul will be torn apart invades the whole body.

Going beyond the physical limit of a broken sword, all my attacks are shed and counterattacked.

“omg… … . her… … . Heo-eok… … .”

You realize it only after going through dozens of workshops.

The Void Sword isn’t the problem.

The Cloak of the Sun is no problem either.

A broken sword is not a problem.

I’ve been mixing swords several times.

days, days, months.

There were times when I was up all day.

Even if it’s the ghosts who control Ellen’s body, it’s Ellen that I’m dealing with after all.

Ellen has no will, but fights in Ellen’s way.

That’s the problem.

The fight in the dream is reproduced as it is.

I learned the sword from Ellen.

That’s why, of course, Ellen knew everything about the sword, and was always ahead of me.

How to cut.

How to stab.

How to measure distance. and how to narrow it down.

How to use a square.

How to write articulation.

How to write a counter.

How to count counter in reverse.

I learned everything from Ellen.

Of course, Ellen, who taught me that, did everything incomparably better than I did.

Now, I have to fight the person who taught me everything.

Without surpassing the master, he must fight the master.

Even the master is holding a broken sword.

You can’t win even if you hold a holy relic.

– Kakak!

Ellen, who ran up without realizing it, struck the sword honestly from top to bottom this time.

The moment the sword was raised diagonally and was about to shed.

– Jjaeong!

“big… … omg!”

It wasn’t a sword, but I flew through the sky after being hit by a knee that hit me as fast as I charged.

I rolled several times on the ground in agony that shattered my intestines.

While getting stuck in a puddle, I rolled over several times and managed to get up.

While pretending to strike, he drew his gaze upward, but in reality, he did not put any force on the sword.

read all of me

I know all too well what I’m weak against.

Ellen can’t lose even if she wants to lose to me because she taught me everything.

Ellen Artorius is my nemesis.

In return for learning the sword from Ellen, I quickly became stronger. I learned how to fight, so my skills are second to none.

But because of that, I became someone who could never beat Ellen, even if I didn’t know anyone else.

Similar to the old days.

I keep getting beaten, tripped, and rolled.

But I don’t feel any nostalgia.

The reason I don’t die is because of Tiamata’s divine power.

I should have died several times already.

It was not an absolute fatal wound, so I was able to recover.

And now it is accumulating to the point of unrecoverable mental pain.

My eyes are blurred, and I feel like I’m going to lose my mind.

Even sending mana through the body becomes more and more difficult.

I did it this far

I don’t even have Rament and Rapelt.

Are you still losing?

Can’t win even after this?

Or am I just weak?

then how

What should I do?

I thought I had done everything I could on my own.

The pain accumulated in the mind weakens itself.

Only negative and self-defeating thoughts fill up. Even though I know that these thoughts are forced to rise because of the whispers of those ghosts.

The urge to give up and let go of everything rises.

If it wasn’t for that broken sword.

then what

Are you getting better?

If you’re holding a really normal sword, not that bizarre sword.

No, what difference does it make if you don’t even have a weapon at all?

It’s a fight with someone who knows everything about me.

Now, it seems that Ellen will lose even if she throws down her weapon and fights naked.

No, I think it would be more overwhelming if we fought without the penalty of that broken weapon.

However, there is no reason for the opponent to wait and watch as the loser’s mindset slowly rises.

Lightly, like a leap, Ellen rushes at me.

He raises his sword to block the charge, but he already knows when he holds the sword.

I won’t be able to stop it this time either.

My heart was broken.

Certainty of victory cannot bring victory.


Confidence in defeat.

That will inevitably result in defeat.

The moment Ellen strikes the sword raised helplessly, in the pain of the soul that comes once again.

At the same time that I was completely disarmed, Tiamata left my hand.


The moment Ellen attacks me, the water in the puddle spreads in all directions and creates a rough spray.

are you going to die

I missed the sword, and as it attacked me, Ellen crushed me.

I couldn’t escape because my whole body was crushed like it was entangled.



Happened to this many times.

As he ran, he let go of his sword, throwing his entire body and crushing me.

Looking down at me from above.

With the sword pointed at my throat.


“He is dead.”



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