The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 665

Chapter 665

Titan fell.

And in one breath, part of Diane was erased.

I know.

That doesn’t work on attacks made with weapons other than holy objects.

Even in the original story, only Ellen and Ludwig could fight. Others had to annihilate the monsters, leaving the dragon to the two.

Others can’t even attack it in the first place.

At that time, Ellen did not have the Sun Cloak, and Rament did not have the Void Sword.

In the end, no one could be an opponent.

Ludwig uses Alsbringer to summon an incarnation, and destroys it together with that dragon.

I was thinking about what to do.

Things are very different from the original. So, as much as the situation is different, new things can happen.

The fact that Ellen’s rament has changed, or that she has obtained the cloak of the sun, is a situation that does not exist in the original work.

So, I thought that I might be able to deal with the Void Dragon in a different way from the original.

I thought I might be able to get past this last situation without using Alsbringer.

But it was a funny idea.

The moment I saw part of my army wiped out with a single breath, other possibilities disappeared from my mind.

you can fight

Obviously, me or Ellen could fight that one.

But even if you could kill it without using Alsbringer, nothing would remain after that.


It is overwhelming violence.

dragon of the other world.

This situation will be the last absurdity I have to face.

What I suffer from the irrationality I made.

What I pay for.

What had to be done was decided from the beginning.

To use Alsbringer to kill that last monster right here.

From the moment Alsbringer was in my hands, that was my destiny.

A few doubts run through my head, but it’s not the time to think about them.

If you have to do something, you have to do it.

because it has been so far

It’s just that what you have to do now is the last thing you have to do.

In order to survive, everything I had done because I did not want to die ended up disappearing.

When the violence I had described in writing became a reality and came before my eyes, all other thoughts disappeared.

However, the immortal army is still chasing me from behind.

All warp gates are gone.

There are still huge numbers of monsters that have already been vomited, but no more monsters appear.

You just have to deal with that dragon.

I look back.

An army of immortals following me, suffering heavy losses but still powerful and intent on killing me.

back hurts

It doesn’t matter if that follows, but that also has to be finished now.

Immortals won’t be of any help in fighting that one.

The remaining monsters can only be dealt with by the Allies.

Then Immortals are now just a threat.


You don’t have to run away anymore.

No one has to risk their lives against an immortal.

“now… … .”

Take something out of your arms.

– Click

Scary to press the button on the artifact.

– Phat!

Two people appear before my eyes.

“I don’t need an immortal.”

and in an instant.

The immortals who had followed me while slaughtering monsters until now.

– Crispy!

It turns into dust and disappears.

disabling wave.

As if the immortals had collided with an intangible wall, they were all crumbling.

Two people showed up following my signal.

“Can I just deal with all the Immortals now?”


One is Scarlett.

“Let’s go, Lindt.”

The other is Kono Lint.

These two were waiting for my signal.

Scarlett was holding her breath for this most important moment.

And after Kono Lint brought Scarlett from confinement here, he watched the situation and waited for me to send a signal.

It’s obvious that the Immortals will attack me, so I’ve been waiting for this moment.

I just ran away until the moment the immortal disappeared.

Somewhere on the battlefield, my people will be fighting the Immortals too.

That too is over.

From the moment I give the signal, Kono Lint will take Scarlett and move across the battlefield in an instant, neutralizing all Immortals.

Scarlett can turn Immortals to dust with just a little bit of power, and Kono Lint can quickly move such Scarlett across the battlefield.

Immortals couldn’t kill me as long as Scarlett was there.

Of course, there were a lot of dangerous moments to see that.

We need to wipe them all out before the Immortals do anything more strange here.

“hey… … . That, how can… … . Is it right?”

Kono Lint murmured blankly as he looked at the huge dark shape visible in the rain in the distance with anxious eyes.

“I can.”

Yeah, that’s not a lie.

“There won’t be time for a long talk.”

Scarlett said with a firm expression, but with a determined expression.


I’m not asking you to save humanity.

I’m not saying to save everyone.

Those words to survive.

I think that’s harder than saving everyone.

Hell, I couldn’t say that.

Erase all other thoughts.

How absurd it was to not want to use Alsbringer.

You can fight it to the death, but what’s the point if everyone gets caught up in the fight and everyone dies?

If I dodge that attack, that’s how many people die.

The screams of the dragon and its body are getting closer and closer.

The moment I got close to the dragon of the other world running amok through the rain.

I could see someone running in the opposite direction from me.

It was Ellen.

– Kurleung!

Ellen arrived before me.

Ellen, clad in the cloak of the sun, jumped high, a long veil of night.

Swing the void sword toward the dragon’s head.



The dragon’s head was cut off.

Frustratingly easy.

next moment.

It went away with a roar.

“what… … hey?”


what did i see?

* * *

Some may not even know what happened because of the heavy rain.

Those who are too far away may not even know that a dragon from another world has appeared.

However, those who saw this sight from afar would be in awe of joy as they watched the dragon, which incapacitated the Titan in one blow, be sliced ​​away in one blow.

The final boss has appeared.

Then, he was sliced ​​up by Ellen and disappeared.

But no one in the world would be more surprised than me.

That’s not a monster that dies like that.

so stupidly

It’s not a monster that disappears so easily that it’s futile.

It wasn’t even a fight.

Ellen simply swung her void sword like any other monster.

A void sword that cuts through anything.

If the power of the dragon of the other world and the power of Rament are essentially the same, can even the dragon of the other world be cut down?

I’m the only one who knows how absurd it is right now.

Tried to use Alsbringer.

However, Ellen so easily blew away the enemy I had been trying to deal with with a single blade.

Whatever it was, I didn’t use Alsbringer.

Ever since Ellen’s Rament took on the shape of the void, was that last monster destined to vanish like this?

However, I wasn’t sure if the Void Sword would work on that too.

I knew that the void sword could cut ‘anything’ but not the holy relic.

However, the Dragon of the Other World was not an exception to the Void Sword.

Should I be happy


You should be happy.

I know that’s not the case.

the dragon is gone

The Gate Avalanche is over when the remaining monsters around here are cleaned up.

Immortals can be handled by Scarlett.


All I have to do is start now.

That’s why I can’t be happy.


Ellen, who almost flew through the sky, landed lightly on the ground.

-Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

In the place where the dragon of the other world appeared, which had become a huge clearing, Ellen was looking straight at me while wet with rain.

“… … .”

about a hundred meters

The distance is not too far.

The dragon of the other world disappeared too easily.

Anyway, I have to deal with something in this place.

It just changed from a dragon in another world to a different being.

You have to face the warrior.

no wonder.

The moment I saw the dragon of the other world, I thought I had to use Alsbringer.

And, I actually tried to write it.

But then, what the hell will the future look like?

The future where I die and Ellen die.

what was that

I thought for a moment.

It was like this.

It was impossible in the first place to use Alsbringer to hunt dragons in the other world.

Ellen looks at me in the rain.

No, that’s not Ellen.

A collection of souls that rule Ellen’s body.

An assembly of certain ghosts that were probably bigger and bigger than before.

It obviously has a will.

When I first encountered it, I definitely had a conversation with that one.

can i win

I fought countless times in my dreams.

died countless times

But can I win in this fight that has become a reality?

It was scheduled.

As long as I am the son of the demon king and Ellen is the younger sister of the hero.

It was something that would happen someday.

I knew from the moment I got close to Ellen that a moment like this would come someday.

Even knowing that one day it would happen, he did not hesitate to get close to Ellen.

this is the price

If you had turned away from Ellen from the beginning.

Maybe if you didn’t get any help and put your distance between nothing.

Nothing like this would have happened.

We got closer even though we knew we would regret it.

I wanted to avoid this moment somehow, but I knew it deep down.

The moment will come when you will have to fight to the death with Ellen in any way.

It is a scheduled sequence.

The last hurdle was easily passed.

With that, other people will no longer be sacrificed to dragons from another world.

Instead, the ordeal falls only on me.

A harsh ordeal only for me.

You have to beat Ellen.

No, winning is not enough.

We have to get Ellen back without killing her.

Should I somehow not kill Ellen, who is trying to kill me, subdue it, and even get it back?

Even if you fight with the determination to kill, the odds of winning are slim, should you fight without even being prepared to kill?

is that going to be

I do know one thing though.

If the future I saw is correct.

If I lose, I’m not the only one dying.

Ellen, who killed me, takes her own life.

Against the dragon of the other world, I could kill it even at the cost of my own life, but I couldn’t let it die this time.

I can’t fight with the determination to kill.

If that’s the case, if he dies, Ellen will die too.

The gate avalanche is over, the last monster is dead.

But, will there be a day as bad as today?

The pouring rain runs down its face and eyes.

It looks like it’s crying endlessly, without any expression.

No, an existence that is sure to be actually crying.

‘It’ quietly aims a sword at me.

“Demon King… … .”

A voice that sounds like multiple voices overlapping.

It was a grotesque echo that seemed to tear not only the eardrum, but the soul as well.

Just hearing that voice seemed to recreate the pain and horror I felt as it engulfed my body.

How long did Ellen endure it?

Total hate for me.

A collection of all the anger and sorrow of those who had to lose so much without sin.

Apparently, it had promised me the other day that it would take everything I love.

‘It’ says.

“Now, let’s see the end.”

It slowly walks towards me with a short and simple declaration of war.

In the deepest part of Diane, where everything has evaporated, it is only Ellen and I.

The roar of the battlefield and the screams of monsters faded away.

-Shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


So much so that I could hear the sound of stepping on puddles in the rain.

This place, which has become a huge pit, will not be watched by anyone.

– slap

– rumble

Not in a hurry, but not in a hurry.

Calm footsteps that surely close the distance.

The atmosphere is different.

Ellen, who had reached the master class, was not only wearing a blue aura armor all over her body, but unknown gray-white smoke was rising from all over her body.

It must be that numerous ghosts are exerting their power.

Their true purpose is to kill me, not end the gate debacle.

So, it will be the most powerful.

They will try to kill me by doing everything they can.

-Go oh oh

An unknown bizarre echo and faint ear-cries flowed from Ellen’s body.


Perhaps, the current Ellen could be said to be the strongest among mankind.

Such a being is wearing the sharpest sword in the world and the hardest armor in the world.

The vessel named Hero contained the anger of all those who died because of the demon king.

Rather, the last enemy that the demon king must face in order to rule the world is strange if it is not that right in front of his eyes.

Fortunately, even in countless adverse conditions, I am different from the otherworldly dragon that Ellen cut down with a single sword.

I’ve confirmed before that the Voidblade can’t cut through relics.


With the light sound of spurring a puddle, Ellen comes close to me and lightly swings her void sword.

That light and calm but sharp leap, and the trajectory of the void sword approaching in an arc, at first glance, looked beautiful.

The Void Sword obviously cannot cut holy objects.

– Jjaeong!

“ugh… … Ugh!”

However, it was never something that could be endured without being cut.

A single combination of Void Swords.

blocked it

The wrist is broken.

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