The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 662

Chapter 662

the outskirts of the ecliptic.

– Flash!

“omg… … . Heo-eok… … .”

Christina was breaking out in a cold sweat from a certain border she had reached through a mass teleport scroll.

I was about to be murdered.

Saviolin Tana tried to kill herself without hesitation.

Cristina rubbed her heart when she saw the state of Louis and Anna, who were still unconscious after collapsing.

“crazy… … .”

He knew he was spoiled, but he never thought that Saviolin Tana would do something like that.

Did you even say you had the confidence to handle it?

But Christina’s expression couldn’t help but harden.

Christina, who has to give numerous instructions remotely, is connected to many facilities and immortals for control.

Among them, there is no response from the laboratory.

Saviolin Tana was not crazy.

As soon as he disappeared, the entire basement laboratory of the Magic University was blown away.

“In the first place… … ?”

Cristina muttered blankly, distraught.

Immortals can no longer be restored if damaged.

It was a facility that could not have been built without the enormous support of the Empire in the first place.

Immortals are alive and well, but they cannot be restored once they are gone.

Christina stared blankly at the two unconscious friends, with a hard expression on their faces.

Now we have to see the end with the remaining Immortals.

No matter what.

how much time has passed

“eww… … huh… … .”

“Ugh… … .”

Cristina was still watching her friends as they gradually regained consciousness.

“what… … hey? This is… … ?”

Since it was clear that Cristina would be against what she was doing in the first place, Cristina had put the two of them to sleep before the battle of Diane began.

However, after falling asleep in the lab, it was natural to be embarrassed when he suddenly woke up outdoors.

Where should I begin to explain?

Cristina bit her lip, watching the two slowly rise.

* * *


All that remained after the blinding flash swept away was a huge pit.

It was such a huge explosion that one of the temple magic university research buildings was completely blown away, and even the surrounding buildings were caught up in the aftermath of the explosion and collapsed.

There was a person in the middle and on the edge of the pit, as if everything on it had evaporated entirely.

The place where Saviolin Tana and Tana spread out the aura field were fine as if the explosion hadn’t reached them.

‘I buried the explosives in the basement of the Magic College.’

‘Explosives… … . Are you talking?’

‘Explode the Immortal when it returns to the battlefield. Instead, you must not kill those three.’

That was the emperor’s order.

‘After this fight, Immortals have no reason to exist anyway.’

Immortals are only needed until today.

So facilities that restore Immortals are meaningless after today.

No, it is dangerous to go beyond meaningless things.

The problems that arise from killing Christina are not the problems that arise from blowing up the laboratory.

As if Saviolin Tana was fine, the explosives she had buried couldn’t kill the Immortal, but rather she could have responded to the explosion.

That’s why the laboratory could be blown up only when all the immortals disappeared.

‘but… … . According to His Majesty, the Immortal… … .’

‘He must be trying to kill Reinhardt.’

Obviously it will.

Immortals will hunt monsters again the moment they return to the battlefield, but if the forces of Reinhardt and the Demon King appear on the battlefield, they will try to fight against them as well.

The Emperor’s answer to that concern was simple.

‘Reinhardt should take care of that.’

‘… … ah.’

‘Aren’t we doing everything we need to do just to prevent the restoration of the destroyed Immortals?’

Even if Saviolin Tana hadn’t come in the first place, Christina would have sent the Immortal back to the battlefield.

However, if Saviolin Tana hadn’t come, the demon army and allied forces would have had to fight against the Immortals who returned after being restored.

Immortals no longer respawn.

The rest of this should now be solved by the people on the battlefield.

Saviolin Tana can return to the battlefield and fight again.

The Emperor did not issue further orders.

live as you wish

Said so.

That’s why she doesn’t go to the battlefield.

Didn’t die in the last fight.

She heads somewhere to do the last thing she has to do.

It’s not because of someone’s order.

To do what one decides for one’s own will.

* * *

On the battlefield, there are countless unpredictable people.

However, in this last battle, the Battle of Diane, such unexpected and unexpected situations occurred too frequently.

The first is the evaporation of Immortals, who were believed to annihilate the monsters in the vanguard.

The second is the sudden appearance of the Demon King.

The third appearance of unknown magic.

And Titan’s sortie ahead of schedule is the fourth.

The fifth is the appearance of the Dragoons, who show the miracle of great healing and death at the same time.

and sixth.

The immortals that disappeared suddenly began to return to the battlefield.

I don’t know why, but the immortal disappeared and came back.

Then, they rejoin the battlefield and advance while annihilating the monsters.

Morale, which had fallen to the brink of collapse, began to rise slowly, then skyrocketed from the moment Immortal returned.

The unstoppable advance toward Diane began.

In the end, it is impossible to know everything about what is happening anywhere on the battlefield, unless the soldiers who can only see the monsters in front of them, as well as those who can see the entire battlefield.

It seems that the advance of the Immortals, breaking through the battlefield, is advancing through waves of monsters.


I couldn’t tell just by looking at the fact that I was chasing after the demon king who was breaking through the road beyond.


Immortals don’t go through monsters to Diane.

He is going to kill the demon king heading to Diane.

-That’s it!

But apparently even that road is covered with monsters, so it’s true that they’re clearly breaking through the road. It’s just that their destination is different from their actual destination.

The Demon King jumped into the middle of the monster and was heading forward, Immortal followed him, killed the monsters, and the allied forces advanced towards the path the Immortal had pierced.

The demon king and the hero work together to clear the road to Diane.

Immortals follow behind him.

The allied forces follow the path thus opened. It seems so to those who don’t know the truth.

However, it is a completely different situation for the person concerned.

The Demon King does not break through the monsters. He was on the run from the Immortal.

* * *

Even in the place where Harriet and Riana were, the Immortals could be seen returning.

“Immortal… … . Are you back?”

And, I could see all of them gathering at the place where the demon king was.

The Immortals will definitely kill the monsters, but they will try to attack the Demon King’s forces as well as Liana and Harriet.

And the distance between Reinhardt and Heriot was too far to support them.

too far.

Harriet was in the middle of the Allies, pushing through the magic star the waves of monsters that were tightening from all sides.

Can’t help it.

And more and more immortals rush to kill the demon king first.

Too many.

At this rate, even Reinhardt would collapse.

It was too far away, and Reinhardt might be swept away if he recklessly activated large-scale destructive magic.

However, the immortal wizards summoned throughout the battlefield had already started firing magic at Reinhardt.

I don’t care about immortals being swept along.

The pursuers are a problem, but the wizards are also a problem.


What is the best in this situation.

Harriet raises her head.

Although everywhere is filled with explosions, screams, and screams.

An overly clear sky.

Harriet’s eyes widen.

“liana! rain!”


“It has to rain!”


Even without a lengthy explanation, Liana, who noticed that something unusual was happening, used her ability straight away without questioning.

Reinhardt, who was too far away, couldn’t be of much help, but even the magic of the wizards had to be prevented from reaching it properly.

And Olivia Ranze, who sprinkles healing light all over the battlefield, also stands out too much.

Both Reinhardt and Olivia would be shot by large-scale magic at this rate.

I had to block the mage’s view as much as possible to secure a little bit of their safety.


In the sky that had been clear in an instant, dark clouds ebbed away at a bizarre speed.

– Took, toduk


Rain that seemed to fall one drop or two.

-Shoot it!

It starts pouring like crazy rain.

It’s not magical, but it’s the most effective way to block sight.

With this, we should hope that Reinhardt can hold out a little longer.

However, the problem is that although Immortal’s vision is also blocked, everyone’s vision is also extremely limited due to the pouring rain.

There is no problem in grasping Pia.

But now, what was going on in the deepest part of the battlefield was unknown.

This might cause a bad situation for the allied forces, but the worst of Reinhardt’s death was to be avoided.

-Shoot it!

– Kurleung

As the heavy rain pours down, at the same time, blue lightning strikes are fired through the dark clouds, and meteorites still fall.

There was no other road to hell.

It is a sight as if the destruction of the world had come.

But I can’t stop.

Reinhardt alone couldn’t be bothered.

I succeeded in invoking great magic, but it’s a magic I’m not familiar with.

That moment when you think you have to do the best you can and refocus your mind.

Harriet saw something running through the rain, near the line of sight.

Not in the direction of the monsters, but a soldier wearing a helmet with a faceplate running towards the allies.

A chill runs through Harriet’s body.

Immortals aren’t the only ones attacking the demon king.

Rather, their vision was blocked, and some of the Immortals, who were unable to locate the demon king, began to hunt the visible demon king’s forces.

Of course, Harriet and Lianna were among them.

There is no such thing as a screaming bird.

As much as the immortals’ eyes were diverted, the burden of Reinhardt, who was being pursued by the most immortals, would be lightened that much.

“liana… … .”

“I am watching.”

Obviously, Liana was also watching the rush of one immortal.

– Flash!

Dozens of lightning bolts rained down from the sky in an instant hit the charging immortals.


Along with the shock wave that tore the air due to thermal expansion, the charging Immortal rolled several times across the ground in heavy rain.

However, if it was a normal monster or human, it will come running again even with a lightning strike that should have exploded to death.

It is a rush of monsters who have reached the master class.

Its speed is more than that of a course horse that runs on full power, not the main power of an ordinary human being.

-Kureung! Kurung!

The Immortal, charging again, is hit by Liana’s lightning strike, but it runs in disbelief, deflecting the lightning strike with his sword.

don’t fall

“Huh… … !”


If you can’t block it with an attack, put pressure on the ground and slam it into the ground.

However, as if the power that crushes the ground could not affect it at all, the immortal only slowed down a little and ran without hesitation.

Most knights receive anti-horse training.

And immortals are war heroes or ancient heroes who are stronger than when they were alive.

Of course, those who went to the master class have a tremendous level of exorcism.

Physical force as well as lightning strikes are blocked by the Aura Armor.

“Oh, no… … .”

Harriet avoids dangerous things during the fire from the magic star, receives lightning strikes, and resists the magic that interferes, and opens her mouth in a daze while watching the immortals running.

is a single object

I can’t even stop the rush of an individual at the level of a master class immortal.

A fact that everyone had forgotten implicitly because the number suddenly exploded when Immortals were created.

In the master class, even if only one person exists, it is treated as a strategic weapon.

The Master Class, which was equipped with extreme exorcism to become a strategic weapon, was no exception to Heriot, who completed the strongest magic.

If only I had been a little more familiar with this magic.

Can’t stop just one.

And now Reinhardt is being pursued by thousands of strategic weapons like that.

It would be foolish to worry about Reinhardt in this situation.

have to live

Here’s what you need to survive:

Liana and Heriot both tried to block the Immortal’s charge with all their might, but it was not coming through the monsters, it was coming through the allied forces.

If it was magic that overturned and destroyed the land, it could be stopped, but then it would kill a huge number of allied forces together.

That is why it is impossible to stop a single immortal.

There are countless ways to do it alone, but the Immortals use humans as bait, making Harriot unable to use his powerful magic and rushing forward.


The moment you think you need a decision.

The Immortal soldier, who ran at breakneck speed, stabbed Liana, who was standing in front of Harriet, with her aura blade, holding her sword high.

“liana… … !”

The moment when Harriet, having reached the idea that she can’t let her die, reaches out to cast a spell.

– Jjaeong!

Someone flew in from somewhere and hit the immortal’s side fiercely.

“Cliffman… … ?”

Only Cliff appeared from where he had come running.

Neither Liana nor Harriet had time to panic.

There is no time to share long stories.

Liana leaps towards the fallen Immortal.

And, before it can reposition itself, it grabs the scruff of its neck.


Fierce lightning strikes from the sky begin to rain down on Liana’s body.

And it pours into the Immortal’s body as it flows through Liana’s body.

As if trying to force lightning into it.


It was to such an extent that Harriet had to cast the magic of lightning resistance on everyone in close proximity.


If it doesn’t collapse even after dozens of lightning strikes, you can shoot it hundreds of times.

Beyond the limit of the limit, the immortal was already convulsing its limbs without even getting up.

“Duh… … lose!”

– Kkwaga River!

With a fierce flash that could no longer be called a thunderbolt, the Immortal turned to ashes.

“omg… … . Heo-eok… … .”

Concentrated lightning strikes at very close range.

Cliffman created a gap, and Liana closed it.

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