The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 661

Chapter 661

Just as a desperate fight was taking place in Diane, a desperate fight was also taking place in the basement of Temple Magic College.

It’s just that no one remembers the fight.

It’s obviously a fierce fight.

However, it was not Saviolin Tana who was desperate.

“… … .”

Saviolin Tana watched silently as the immortal swordsman was pierced by an aura spear and exploded.

She hasn’t moved a single step since the battle started.

Every immortal approaching was being intercepted.

“this… … . monster… … .”

Cristina gritted her teeth and muttered blankly.

obviously human

It’s not an immortal that has been revived and become more powerful, it just has a human body.

However, Saviolin Tana remained in the same position as the beginning, unwaveringly blocking all the Immortals’ attacks.

Even, the sword hadn’t been drawn yet.

Even among the most elite immortals who had risen to the ranks of grandmasters, it was impossible to get Saviolin Tana to draw the sword.

Even so, it is a battle of thousands to one.

Even if thousands cannot attack at once because of the confined space, is this possible?

Ellen Artorius at least has the power of holy things.

But Saviolin Tana was completely blocking the Immortal’s offensive without even that.

Rather, isn’t this a more ridiculous monster?

Although the nickname of the continent’s strongest is attached to her, Saviolin Tana’s prestige is weak compared to that nickname.

Prior to the Pandemonium War, there was Larken Simonstait, the former leader of Chanapell and her teacher.

Right before and during the Pandemonium War, there was a hero, Lagann Artorius.

Now, after the Great War, there is Ellen Artorius.

She always had someone mentioned ahead of her.

Those characters disappeared and were called the continent’s strongest for a short time.

That’s why, before the next strongest man in the world appeared, Saviolin Tana was evaluated by some as the strongest of Muju Gongsan.

But that’s a public story.

She’s always been the second person mentioned, but no one knows if she’s really second or not.

Power is not subject to public opinion.

Power is just power.

Only those who have seen and experienced it can know how powerful it is.

Ellen Artorius is also powerful, but it is Saviolin Tana who has reached that level without even a sacred object.

That Saviolin Tana, who has risen to that position with the strength she has accumulated over a long period of time, is a great being.

But that great being is blocking his way.

It was a shield that would break if you tried to pierce it.

Extending the fight will destroy the laboratory, and if that happens, the Immortal will be unable to regenerate. Then, rather, do as the other person wills.

The entire laboratory is destroyed while trying to launch a large-scale offensive to kill Saviolin Tana.

Saviolin Tana would want that.

‘for a moment… … .’

However, as soon as the thought reached that point, Christina began to wonder.

Just as Christina withdrew the Immortals by predicting the self-destruction of the allied and demonic forces, Saviolin Tana had the same intention.

The whole research center collapses while launching an all-out offensive to break the unbreakable shield. you will want that

‘no… … . Not even that.’

Of course you know that Cristina would not make that choice.

Blowing up the entire laboratory to kill one Saviolin Tana is a choice that Christina has no reason to make.

Saviolin Tana has not moved a bit since the battle began.

Cristina thought it was a kind of show off.

It felt like a show off of a strong man who could block all of Immortal’s attacks without moving.


It wasn’t a show off, it was that he had absolutely no intention of actively attacking Immortals.

In fact, Saviolin Tana continues to incapacitate the immortals, but Christina, let alone the immortals she doesn’t approach, didn’t use her hands at all.

Despite the fact that all of the immortals in the research institute were actually in the range of that magic spear.

She doesn’t attack at all, and doesn’t even move unless she comes within about thirty meters around her.

It focuses on defense and seems to be measuring distance, but it doesn’t deliberately attack Immortals.


If you start attacking everything in sight, the Immortals will launch an all-out assault.

Saviolin Tana knows that dealing with all the Immortals is an impossible task for her.

That’s why I’m only confronting and dealing with immortals approaching.

One reason.

“Time… … . Did you turn it off?”

Because Cristina knows what she’s up to when she puts the Immortals back in.

This is to prevent Immortals from being reintroduced to hunt the demon king and his forces.

That’s why Saviolin Tana doesn’t actively attack.

It was to maintain only the confrontation situation, and to maintain this situation in which neither one nor the other could be chosen while Christina tied Immortal to this position.

Saviolin Tana did not come to annihilate the Immortals in the first place.

I’m not here to kill Cristina.

I just came here to keep Immortals tied up.

To prevent the Immortal from returning to Diane.

“ha ha ha… … . ha ha ha… … . Just thinking about doing it… … . that was it… … ?”

“… … .”

“Are you guys no different from me?”

If the Immortals don’t return, Allied casualties will be higher.

If the immortal returns, the demon king will die, but Saviolin Tana and the emperor are the same who made up their minds to let others die because they did not want the demon king to die.

At Cristina’s mocking words, saying, “What’s the difference between you guys and me?” Saviolin Tana quietly opens her mouth.

“It was originally like that.”

“… … what?”

Saviolin Tana said quietly, looking at the alchemist, who had gone mad in the madness and despair of war, with a hard expression on her face.

“You kill the people of the empire while protecting the empire.”

“You say you protect people, but you kill the same people who are only different in appearance.”

“The only thing I do on the pretext of protecting something is killing and destroying it.”

“You say you want to serve everyone, but in the end you end up serving no one.”

“I forgot all about my original purpose and intentions. In the end, knowing that there is no longer a way to go, but going to the end because you feel sorry for the path you have walked.”

“Originally, that’s how it is.”

Saviolin Tana took such a path.

Living with the sword of the Empire for a long time, it has killed anything.

Killed more humans than demons.

I’m not sure if that action really protected anything. He may have had to kill him, or he may not have had to kill him.

It’s just that I’ve done countless slaughter.

“So this gate incident, though difficult, was a clean war.”

“Monsters are evil.”

“There is no room for dialogue.”

“So only killing was good.”

There is no reason to worry in a fight against a non-negotiable, non-negotiable enemy. Therefore, apart from the difficulties of the war itself, the gate incident was a war in which there was no reason to worry about slaughter.

But now, Saviolin Tana is not a place where such absolute goodness exists, but finally stands here.

It is in a place related to people, not monsters.

Is it an act of protecting something?

Without knowing if it was an act of breaking something.

I am here to carry out your orders.

“Yeah, that’s how it is. To protect something, in the end, even the justification for protecting it is bound to be lost.”

at the end of commands and commands.

In the end, Saviolin Tana is no longer standing here to protect the empire.

Just standing here as the last sword of the fallen empire.

“Like now, when you said you would save a dead friend, you ended up driving other friends to their deaths.”

“… … .”

At Saviolin Tana’s point, Cristina bit her lip and glared at her.

I wanted to save my dead friend.

However, the truth I learned in the process taught me that the direction of anger should be directed towards everyone.

dreamed of revenge

However, Christina withdrew the Immortals, putting all of her remaining friends in the Allied Forces in jeopardy.

Cristina’s actions could lead to the deaths of countless people, as well as her friends.

Of course, Christina doesn’t know that either.

Saviolin Tana was merely stating what Christina already knew.


“… … .”

“Do you still want to bring your dead friend back to life?”

I thought there was a way to save it.

Immortals are half-resurrection.

If only I could find a way to be a little more whole, a little more complete.

I thought I could reach true resurrection.

Has that thought changed now?

“you can do it.”

I haven’t found a way yet, but it is possible to find a way.

Christina thinks so.

There will be a clear way.

I don’t think it’s impossible.

But Cristina understands what Saviolin Tanna is saying.

I didn’t ask if it could be saved.

I asked if he wanted to live.

“But, there’s no such thing as a qualification anymore.”

There may be a way, but even if you find a way, there is no such thing as the qualification to save Ashur.

There is no reason or qualification to find a way to revive the dead friend at the moment when he drove many people, including his friends, to death in order to get revenge.

It’s not even funny to try to recover what was lost when even those who remained were thrown into the fire.

That’s it.

Something like original intentions or thoughts.

It was like an occasion.

eventually become pointless.

The port containing Ashur’s body is located somewhere in this laboratory, but Christina did not even go there at some point.

I have a lot of work to do.

Thinking of what to do after everything is over.

In the end, the things I originally planned to do, the things I originally dreamed of, are now gone.

“By the way, do you think you didn’t know that I was going to end up like this?”

What Saviolin Tana says is what Cristina knows after all.

I didn’t know.

The fact that everything will be like this, and the fact that eventually saving Ashir will be erased from my head.

As long as I decided to dream of revenge, as long as the target was the whole world, I knew that everything would go like this.

Cristina has the mightiest army at hand, but in reality she has to deal with her biggest enemies.




They are, in a sense, more dangerous and powerful enemies than the Gate Incident itself.

Well, since I wanted to take revenge against the whole world, it couldn’t be easy. Therefore, such an extreme measure was necessary, and the opponent is also responding to that extreme measure.

The gate incident is over safely.

the empire is gone

The demon king reigns over the world.

That is the conspiracy of the whole world.

Those who try to cover up the truth of the gate scandal with lies and deception try to cover the world with lies and deception again.

Complex thinking is not necessary.

Christina will kill all those who tie the knot of lies and deceit.

not for anyone

For someone, for a friend, all the same words have become meaningless.

Finally, the smallest unit.

for myself.

will take revenge

I wish everyone ruin.

“You must want to pass the time.”

The space is small and it is difficult to attack, so Saviolin Tana can survive. One day, her strength will run out and she will die, but Saviolin Tana’s role is to prevent the immortal from returning.

However, Saviolin Tana’s behavior has a very big weakness.

“By the way, how about doing this… … ?”

When Christina sends a signal, the immortals surrounding Saviolin Tana begin to retreat one by one.

Rather, it opens the way.

“… … .”

Saviolin Tana watched the scene with a stern expression.

As if trying to keep an eye on the situation, he had a lot of aura spear blades forged around him.

However, the Immortals did not attack or attack any more.

– Flash!

Rather, they disappear one by one.

Seeing Saviolin Tana watching the scene with a hard expression, Cristina begins to laugh.

With a flash of light, the Immortal disappears somewhere.

Clearly, the Immortals will be returning to the battlefield.

At the same time as returning to the battlefield and hunting monsters, if the devil’s forces appeared, he would hunt them down.

Saviolin Tana had no choice but to watch it.

There is no way she can stop the movement.

“Why should I deal with you?”

After all of the Immortal forces disappeared in an instant, the laboratory became sluggish again.

If Saviolin Tana rushes in, Cristina can do nothing.


However, there was no need for troops to protect Christina in the first place.

“You can’t kill me anyway, even if you don’t have Immortals, can you?”

If you kill Cristina, the Immortals will go berserk.

It will not only hunt demon kings and monsters, but will attack allied forces indiscriminately.

However, Cristina couldn’t help but feel a sense of incongruity in Saviolin Tana’s expression.

I was neither embarrassed nor surprised.

She walks slowly toward Christina.

In a situation where no one can protect Christina.

– Jerking away


However, Cristina’s eyes widen as she sees Saviolin Tana clearly approaching.

She just walks quietly and doesn’t say anything.

“No way, no way… … .”

Hesitantly, Cristina slowly backs away. She couldn’t read any intentions in Tana’s expression.

“If you kill me… … . what’s going on know?”

Of course, I can’t help but be terrified.

I know what to choose because I know the other person’s intentions and wants.

He believes that he will never kill himself because he will try to protect people.

However, seeing Tana approaching with a firm expression, Christina had no choice but to pass through countless possibilities in her head.

There are people who have gone mad.

Is there a law against Saviolin Tana?

Could it be that, tired of hatred and malice, he might just twist Christina’s neck?

Eventually, after stepping back, Cristina sat down on the spot.

Cristina doesn’t know anything about fighting.

The immortals have all been sent away.

Even though I’ve never been slapped on the cheek anywhere.

He talked as he pleased in front of a being with the status of a grandmaster.

“Oh, don’t come… … .”

Saviolin Tana looks down at Cristina, who has not been exposed to the slightest amount of violence, but is terrified and says such things.

It is neither ridiculed nor despised.

Saviolin Tana’s eyes were full of sorrow as she gritted her teeth.

“As you… … . how are you like… … . A child like you… … .”

“… … .”

“Did it have to be like this… … .”

He shouted confidently from a distance, but he collapsed in fear at the mere sight of a being that might kill him.

I start to tremble at the thought that I might die.

A pitiful and shabby existence to the point of becoming so small in the face of the fear of death. He dreamed of excessive revenge.

Saviolin Tana can’t help but be terribly sad at the insignificance of Christina, who is sitting down and looking up at her in terror.

Not the villain of the century.

Not an immortal absolute.

I was just a little bit smart.

one alchemist.

Saviolin Tana suppresses her grief and puts her hand on Christina’s collar.

But before he could grab it, Christina reached into her arms.

“I told you not to come!”

In Christina’s hand, which she took out of her bosom, was a teleport scroll.

– Flash!

In a flash of light, Christina, as well as Anna and Louis Ankton, disappeared together.

Christina is small and insignificant, but the price of her life is by no means insignificant.

Christina knows better than anyone what will happen when she dies.

If he tried to kill him, he acted as if he would die, but when death approached him, he ran away.

In an instant, Tana looks around the lab where only she is left.

Christina ran away.

But Saviolin Tana was curious.

Did Christina run away because she was afraid of death, or did she run away because of what would happen if she died?

the past anyway.

That’s not Tana’s business.

In the first place, Saviolin Tana’s goal was not to kill Christina.

Rather, it was intended to protect.

Cristina just ran away because of a misunderstanding.

A blue curtain spreads over Saviolin Tana’s body.

And, Saviolin Tana takes something out of her arms.

Beacon type artifact.

Saviolin Tana presses it.

It wasn’t about wasting time.

Rather, I even knew it would be like this.

He knew that if he pretended to kill time, Christina would send the Immortals back to battle.

It’s not to protect the demon lord.

He left the fight between the Immortal and the demon king to that side and came to bring the Immortal back to the battlefield.

And, the moment when it is confirmed that the Immortal has returned to the battlefield.

To blow up this laboratory that regenerates Immortals.

Saviolin Tana had come for that purpose.

– Click

Saviolin Tana pressed the button.

There was an explosion.

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