The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 660

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Chapter 660

“I… … . What is that… … ?”

Lucinil couldn’t hide his astonishment when he saw a magical star suddenly appearing in the sky in the place where the wizards of the Lord Vampires gathered.

It was the first form of magic I had ever seen in my life, and I had no idea what it was.

“It looks like our cute scribe made a big mistake.”

Antirianus only laughed at the gigantic sphere.

Lucinil glares at Antirianus as he casts massive destructive magic.

“Harriet? What is that in the first place?”

“I do not know.”

“What, you seem to know something about that subject… … .”

– Flash!

But before he could finish his words, he saw a flash of light from the huge magical orb crashing into the middle of the waves of monsters.

It was simple.

It was a single white flash.


But the results were far from simple.

An explosion more extensive than the meteorite fell, annihilating the monsters.

Lucinil was stunned by its overwhelming destructive power.

“It’s unknown magic, so won’t this happen?”

“what… … . how?”

Although they inspired it, it was impossible to predict that it would be completed in this way.

The flash did not end with just one.

– Flash!

The blue magic star was shooting its devastating flash toward the earth as well as toward the sky.

“What the hell is that, is it using an unknown destructive magic? At that speed too?”

“Is there anything impossible in magic?”

Those words of Antirianus are the illusions of foolish sorcerers or those who are completely ignorant of magic.

Wizards know all too well what magic can’t do. So the Lord Vampires, who can be said to be the longest-lived wizards in the world, are the ones who know the most about things that cannot be done with magic.

So when Antirianus said such a thing, it was just a malicious joke.

But the joke has become a reality.


The lightning bolts from the magical stars intercept the monsters flying in the sky and shoot out flashes of light.

The scale of large-scale destructive magic that was immediately manifested on the battlefield, instead of being fired from a magic sphere, had just doubled.

At an unfathomable speed, an uncountable amount of magic was being cast.

“Because I have lived a long time… … .”

Antirianus smiles.

“Oh, you see a lot of things.”

Even the lunatic who enjoyed the heat could only look at the miracle accomplished by a single enlightened mind with pure admiration.

Immortals are gone, but unknown things are happening on the battlefield.

The meteors are pouring down and sweeping away the monsters, the demon king appears and is breaking through the waves of monsters, and an unidentified giant star appears from the rear, providing support fire.

In addition to destructive magic, a blue barrier was already forming on all soldiers charging.

Destroy, but also protect.

Even if you can’t understand the situation, everyone can’t help but know that it appeared to help the allied forces.

Around that time, the morale of the allied forces, which was about to collapse, was barely maintained, and the soldiers who had retreated had to find their place little by little.


On the other side of the battlefield, an existence that will completely restore the crumbling morale begins to appear gradually.

A gigantic body that is revealed when the entire space is opened.

-Titan… … !

– The Titans are here!

The appearance of a gigantic weapon that can be seen anywhere on the battlefield, where the despair went, everyone in the allied forces began to shout.

“Hoo… … . The Titans are already being deployed.”

At Antirianus’ words, Lucinil bit his lip.

“It’s not a good thing.”

“I guess so.”

The Titans were originally planned to be summoned after the Allies had advanced somewhat.

But now, the Titan was released early, fearing that the Allies would collapse before reaching Diane.

The fact that the Titans were put in to boost morale meant that the Titans couldn’t be active when they went into Diane’s heart.

* * *

“Would it be okay… … ?”

At Adelia’s question, the Grand Duke shook his head with a firm expression.

“It won’t be okay.”

Titan should be written later.

However, it was inevitable that the Allied Forces would destroy themselves if they did not use it now, so they had to take it out.

However, it will be reverse summoned when you destroy the warp gates in the depths of Diane, where Titan is really needed.

If so, the moment the Titans disappear, the morale of the allied forces may hit rock bottom once again.

Whatever it is, today is the last day.

Whether it’s the destruction of the continent or the end of monsters.

Everything was at stake in just one day.


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The Archduke looked at a blue star floating in the sky on the other side of the battlefield.

It was a gigantic miracle that I couldn’t figure out what the hell it meant.

A miracle of destruction that shouldn’t exist in an era of peace.

Following Titans, Immortals, and now that.

This is an era where all talents are used only in the direction of destruction.

It was everyone’s wish that that era would end today.

* * *


Death Knight’s army sweeps the battlefield with the Ghost Horse’s howl.

The Death Knights riding irregularly moving ghost horses trampled the monsters as if ignoring the laws of the world.

The Death Knights and Death Paladins, who ran wildly while jumping over giant monsters like light obstacles, were too fast for the monsters to reach, and they were so new.

It is a terrifying sight for any human being, but the horror is now human.

And Olivia Ranche, who was running at the forefront of them all, was stabbing, swinging, and crushing the monsters with a huge spear.

For Reinhardt, who will have the most difficult fight, Olivia wasn’t using Tiamata.

However, Tiamata’s power is not so important to Olivia, who has already mastered the divine power.

As she swept across the battlefield, she raised her hands toward the sky, and a huge light pouring down from the sky enveloped the vast battlefield.

-Oh oh oh!

The wounds of those who were wounded, those who fell and died, are healed.

The warm light itself is the light of healing and the source of life.

power of innocence.

Olivia, who has become more powerful than when she was called the Saint of Eredian, instantly scatters healing light all over the battlefield and heals everyone.

Dramatic healing was spreading over an incredibly wide area.

For those who have experienced the miracle of that life, in the end, what they do as demon kings and emperors is fine.

so divine

It’s so beautiful.

An existence that manifests such a warm light in the world.

The person that the being chose to follow could never be evil.

In fact, isn’t that person the manifestation of Tuan, the god of innocence?

However, Olivia Ranze is not interested in what those people think.

Immediately, as if denying such people’s changing thoughts, her right hand, riding a ghost horse and running across the battlefield, suddenly, not the power of innocence, but black darkness welled up.

Standing on top of the ghost horse as if performing an acrobatics, Olivia soon leaps towards the giant bell tower-like monster.

– Fu-wook!

Compared to that gigantic body, the spear in Olivia’s right hand was like a toothpick.


However, the black energy pouring out of the window explodes like a thunderbolt and hacks the giant monster to pieces.

-That’s… … !

The monster that had reached instant death in a single blow seemed to fall down, but instead, it collapsed and then stood tall.

However, the eyes of the giant monster that had just been spitting out flames into the world had changed.

as if something had been contaminated.

Black darkness blazed in the monster’s huge eyes.

Those who watched Olivia Ranze’s battle only then found out.

The monsters stabbed to death by Olivia Ranze’s spear, which sprinkled the light of life, are rising without dying.

No, it happens even if you are already dead.

And then rather rush towards the monsters.

The giant monster turns to face the monsters rather than the human armies, as if it’s dominating something, and begins to spit out searing flames.

Spreading light that heals life.

Use corruption that manipulates death.

saint of life and death.

Olivia Ranze was killing monsters by raising dead monsters.

Olivia climbed back onto the ghost horse and rode up to the top of the giant monster’s back.

It doesn’t stop there either.


Toward the top of the monster’s head, which pours out flames that burn the monsters, a huge dragon-shaped monster starts a dive with its claws erect.

Olivia prepared a javelin at the dragon, aiming from the ground to the sky.

– Kwareung!

Even though the spear was just thrown, the dragon’s huge body was pierced with a thunder-like sound.

-Quad de de de de de deuk!

The falling dragon lands on the ground and crushes countless monsters.

Olivia rides a ghost horse towards the dragon pierced by the javelin.

As the dragon was dying, it was forced to rise from the power of corruption.

A smile forms on Olivia Ranze’s lips as she rides her ghost horse.

“okay… … .”

Until now, I had to hide, so I couldn’t reveal my power.

But now, you have to do everything you can.

“That, I really wanted to ride it!”

Olivia, who jumped on a ghost horse, was on the back of a dragon that rose up covered in the power of corruption.

The ghost horse disappeared, and Olivia got a new mount.

– Huung!

With a wild flutter of wings and a single leap, the dragon that has returned from the dead soars into the sky.



A dragon that spews lightning and fire from its mouth.

– Kwareung! Quarreung!

Then, the energy of young death in both hands of Olivia Ranze, who climbed on his back, becomes the shape of a spear and begins to give death to the flying monsters.

The flying monsters that die and fall come back to life before hitting the ground and start flying again.

Healing light in right hand.

A being holding a spear of death in its left hand.

The monsters killed by Olivia come back from the dead to slaughter them, and the humans touched by Olivia’s healing light return from the threshold of death.

saint of life and death.

Everyone on the battlefield could look up at the light of death and life that Olivia Ranze riding on the dragon sprinkled.

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