The Demon Prince goes to the Academy Chapter 650

Chapter 650

Everyone was taken aback by the beauty world story, but the following content was bound to be more shocking.

The Demon King’s Army wanted to rob the imperial mausoleum to replenish the Death Knight.

And he needed Kono Lint’s help to infiltrate the imperial palace.

Lint helped the Demon King.

But the coffins were all empty.

So I went to Hwangdo National Cemetery, but all the bodies there were replaced.

I couldn’t help but know that something unusual was happening in the empire.

So, after replenishing the Death Knight at the graveyard of the Holy Knights underground, the Demon King warned Lint not to look at anything, saying that it could be dangerous if he approached any further, and then disappeared.

Heinrich couldn’t help but widen his eyes at Kono Lint’s words.

“that… … . Were you guys… … ?”

The thing that involved not only Ellen and Heinrich, but also Louise and Ludwig.

In the end, it is impossible to know who the real culprit was.

Heinrich had no choice but to open his mouth at the fact that the incident at the graves of the saints was actually an affair between Cono Lint and the demon king.

If it was the Demon King, he would have guessed to some extent.

However, the fact that Kono Lint was involved in it was nothing but a shock.

“That, so… … . It was never a good thing… … . I thought it was necessary. I don’t regret it.”

Lindt looks at Kaier.

“That bastard is the cause of everything, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything. he was going to do something Like this now… … . Unlike what he said last time. Reaching out to the allies like this… … . I think there must be a reason of its own.”

“Such a thing… … .”

The fact that Kaier was trying to swallow everything without doing anything was because Kaier hadn’t seen it himself.

Even Kono Lint helped the demon king to some extent.

Kaier was speechless.

“You are… … . Huh… … .”

Erhi, who was still, was staring blankly at Kono Lint.

Kernstadt’s choice is for survival.

However, Kono Lint said as if he trusted the demon lord.

This is a qualitatively different issue.

It would be cowardly to join the demon king in hopes of surviving, but trusting the demon king and joining the devil might just be accepted as crazy.

“As expected, believing in the demon king… … . a bit weird yes. I can’t help but think so… … .”

At Lint’s words, Erhi shook his head.

“No, not that… … .”

It doesn’t seem that way at all. Erhi looked at Lint.

“How did you not tell me until now?”

“… … uh?”

Heinrich as well as Kaier, who was lost in spirit at Erhi’s sudden voice, nodded.

“I am the most curious about it right now.”

Even Cliffman said so.

Certainly, Kono Lint’s ability itself was also an ability, so there were many stories I heard from here and there.

So, when something happened, he was a guy who had a habit of immediately saying, “Where did something happen?” or “How are things these days?”

I couldn’t help but be astonished that such a guy hadn’t spoken about such a big secret until now, and that he hadn’t even revealed it once.

“now… … . Are you saying I’m cheap?”

Kono Lint was taken aback when he saw his friends getting flustered in an area where he shouldn’t have been flustered.

“No, didn’t you know until now?”

“When I’m patient too, be patient, you bastards! How are you looking at me!”

Kono Lint couldn’t help but resent being treated as a talkative person.

A fact that is surprising to everyone.

Kono Lint was a man who knew when to keep his mouth shut.

Seeing that scene, Heinrich smiled bitterly.

Kono Lint also had a secret of her own.

“I have met you too.”

“… … what?”

I thought it disappeared somewhere and couldn’t even see it, but it wasn’t.

Unexpectedly, Reinhardt was prowling here and there. It’s just that those who met Reinhardt are keeping a secret.

“you also?”

Of course, Kono Lint couldn’t help but be surprised.

“It is different from you. I didn’t help… … . Rather, I should have received it.”

“You said you got help?”

Kono Lint had to cooperate with the demon king half of his own will.

But Heinrich’s case is different.

But in this case it was a very difficult subject to address.

“… … Without Reinhardt, he might have died.”

It was because I had to talk about the death of my brothers.

* * *

The topic Heinrich brought up was bound to be very heavy.

Because we had to talk about it from a very long time ago.

The story of when he was young enough to remember, he awakened his ability and burned his brothers to death.

And the thing that was kicked out like being banished to the imperial temple.

That’s why it was an environment that had no choice but to live the hatred of the other brothers.

Only then could Heinrich understand the situation in which the brothers tried to kill Heinrich, so Heinrich had no choice but to talk about his dark past.

And the brothers who are jealous and hate themselves for becoming war heroes.

A letter from an anonymous friend telling you that you will be killed by your brothers.

The suspicion that I might be an illegitimate child, which I heard after visiting the emperor.

Eventually, when the conflict came to an end, Reinhardt came to Heinrich.

I might be killed at this rate, so let’s leave together. Then I’ll explain everything and we can talk about what we can do together.

Heinrich did not follow Reinhardt.

And Heinrich, who was contemplating whether to tell the truth about his illegitimate child, had no choice but to tell his mother, although he felt guilty.

Because now is the moment to say everything.

The moment his sister killed the brothers with her own hands, Heinrich realized that the eldest sister was actually his mother.

All of the friends who heard the story couldn’t help but be embarrassed by the shocking story.

“Reinhardt didn’t directly save me, but he tried to save me. What I did because of that letter… … . It’s what made me alive after all.”

In fact, Heinrich was almost killed. Louise, who had talked with the emperor, knew that such an attempt would be made and blocked it.

Reinhardt didn’t directly save Heinrich, but in the end, if it wasn’t for that letter from Reinhardt, Heinrich would have died.

“I don’t want you guys to understand, sister… … . No, my mother decided to side with the Demon King… … . Because you know that.”

I know that the demon king tried to save his son.

so I was able to save

It is true that he made a choice to survive in a situation where he had to live.

However, at the base of that judgment, knowing the truth that his son was able to survive thanks to the demon lord had to play a very large role.

Because Louise is definitely going through something that cannot but be attributed to the Demon Lord.

As Louise thinks so.

Same goes for Heinrich.

that I was really loved.

why he didn’t die.

It all started with a letter sent by the Demon King to find out that she was able to survive even in the temple because her mother, whom she thought was her eldest sister, begged her father.

It was difficult to say anything at all.

Those who thought they were older brothers were actually uncles.

The uncles were actually trying to kill the sister’s son, whom they mistook for the youngest.

And the mother kept her son.

“I don’t know how Reinhardt predicted that I would die, but that bastard… … . He obviously didn’t want me dead. I don’t know if that’s what you’re trying to use… … . No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think so. And if you listen to what he did to you, Lindt, not me, he just… … . He wants us to be safe. I want everyone to be happy. Even though he didn’t get what he wished for, he’s still hoping for it. That much is clear.”

In the end, Heinrich, who first brought up the whole story, looks at everyone.

“Whatever the real cause of the Gate incident, whether it was actually because of Reinhardt… … . Yeah, Reinhardt could be wrong. No matter what the demon king does, I can’t think that there will always be a good ending. I know that.”

Is the devil right or wrong?

It is as unknown now as it was in the past.

Everything is told by the results, so there is no point in predicting the results now.

“So, I never thought I would say this, but… … .”

When he was a guy who treated himself like a flint or a bonfire, Heinrich really wanted to kill Reinhardt.

That’s why Heinrich himself was the one who couldn’t believe it the most right now when he brought out these words.

“I believe in Reinhardt.”

The worrying letter from a friend he didn’t name.

Now, you have to send a reply of faith in the name of a friend.

It is still unknown whether the demon king is right or wrong.

But, I believe.

Too many things had piled up that made me have no choice but to trust Reinhardt.

That’s why it just follows.

For survival, Kernstadt chose the Demon King, that was the only explanation he had to hear.

But now that the whole story is over.

Heinrich says he follows it not to live, but to believe in Reinhardt.

How long did the silence last?

“me too.”

Among those who were silent, Kono Lint speaks.

“I want to trust that bastard too.”

Someone believes in the devil as a prince somewhere.

Someone believes in the demon king as a commoner somewhere.

However, although people have a status, does faith have a status?

* * *

Those gathered here are special soldiers, but in the end they are just soldiers.

It is unknown how much influence they will have on the general trend if they believe in the demon king or not.

But the moment has come to share that story.

At this moment when everyone is splitting sides, you have to stand somewhere regardless of your will.

Will you trust the Empire or the Demon King?

Will the empire survive or will the devil survive?

It’s just a matter of whether you choose on the premise of faith or on the premise of survival.

“Regardless of whether you believe it or not, are you saying that another war will break out after the gate incident ends…? … .”

Everyone was silent at Cliffman’s words.

What Reinhardt wants or believes or not is another matter.

In the end, it is a story that the moment a certain ruin ends, another storm begins again before there is time to get drunk at the end.

Not everyone can be on the devil’s side.

Not everyone can be on the side of the Empire.

“I have to choose one or the other… … .”

At Kaier’s words, Heinrich shook his head.

“I may choose not to do either.”

“… … what?”


choosing nothing.

“There are people who want both the empire and the demon king to disappear.”

Choosing nothing can of course also be a choice.

“then… … . What are you going to do?”

Erhi asks.

what do you want to do?

Cowardly or not cowardly, or not even that choice, wish everyone’s ruin?

At Erhi’s question, Heinrich smiled bitterly.

“I can’t think of anything.”

just pay.

just judge.

Everyone after that will take care of what happens after that, so judgment and punishment must be given to those who have sinned.

Heinrich knew that there were people who thought so, and that they were now his greatest enemies.

Only the silent Cliff speaks.

“Heinrich, I want to ask you something.”

“… … What?”

“Ludwig’s arm.”

“… … ah.”

Cliff asks.

“That has something to do with immortals, right?”

What kind of treatment did you have?

Immortals involving Christina and Louis Ankton and Anna.

Something changed in Ludwig’s mood.

Now, it seems like a puzzle that I didn’t know about is being put together.

“Obviously, it is.”

Heinrich nodded at Cliffman’s question.

As long as you know what an immortal is, Ludwig’s recovered arm must have something to do with it.

So it couldn’t be a normal arm, and Ludwig wasn’t in a normal state either.

Everyone in this position has to make a choice in the end.

The only difference is whether you choose to survive or choose because you believe.

Unlike the two who have already made a choice, one of those who have no choice but to worry.

“Could you please tell me just one word?”

Cliffman said so.

* * *

Charlotte and I sat across from each other in the King’s office, which had become the Regent’s office.

“Hmm… … .”

“Um… … .”

Charlotte and I have the same ambiguous expressions.

Charlotte was the first to speak.

“Actually, there is no problem. An unspecified majority knows that we are intervening in the allied forces, and there are also forces that do not sympathize with us. Our intervention itself had no choice but to spread to the allies.”

“I knew that.”

As Charlotte said, there are those who have reasons to keep secrets, but those who have no reason to keep secrets are also aware of the Devil’s allied intervention.

Not too long ago, it was thought that if such a fact spread to the allied forces, it might collapse.

In fact, even if the commanders cooperate with me to survive, not everyone follows the commanders’ decisions.

However, with the final battle just around the corner, and most of the actual force being Immortals, the fact that the allied forces disintegrate may not actually cause a huge problem.

It is a matter of whether suspicions become discord and develop into division first, or whether it comes first to reach the final battlefield.

The current situation is the coexistence of the demon king followers and the imperial army, which was never possible originally.

Fortunately, however, the distance to Diane, the capital of Riselen, was not far away.

The division must be after the capture of Diane.

And yet rumors of the Demon King’s involvement have not spread too widely.

This is a rumor spread by one of those involved in the leadership.

“I don’t know about anything else, but you bastard Heinrich, isn’t your mother getting beaten up behind you?”

“… … Maybe.”

Charlotte nodded as if agreeing with my fierce expression.

In other words, Heinrich had an accident.

“And what else did you report to your mother about the accident?”

“… … I know.”

Of course Heinrich knew that Kernstadt had decided to be on our side. In fact, it is Louise von Schwarz, not me, or Loewen, who attracts other weak countries or smaller powers.

Because of that, she is actually exposed to great threats. She’s more of a front-line pawn than Rowen, so to speak, so it’s only natural that she’s under threat of assassination.

Louise has to endure all of that and now serves as a puppet.

In the meantime, Heinrich informed his friends about Kernstadt’s betrayal.

“As you said, Charlotte… … . It’s going to happen anyway, so it’s not a big accident after all… … .”

“It’s not that I don’t understand. And Heinrich did it because he thought of you in his own way. The results seem good.”

“It shouldn’t be.”

It’s not that Heinrich’s heart didn’t understand, and it couldn’t be said that it was a foolish act.

After all, it was thinking of me and thinking of my friends at the same time.

Heinrich would have wanted to prevent a situation where his friends might become hostile later when they found out that the situation was rapidly changing.

And I would have wanted to represent my position as well.

Heinrich did it in his own way because he wanted to prevent me from having to kill my classmates.

Let’s not fight among ourselves.

But Louise would be taken aback if her son informed her that she had done such a thing.

I wonder if my mother really slapped me… … ?

“It’s not what’s important right now.”

Heinrich’s behavior was a problem of its own, but in the end, as Charlotte said, it will be known someday.

What Charlotte and I are thinking about now is not to say that Heinrich had an accident.

I got a message.

Louise has never met me in person, so Louise has to go through Rowen to get her message across.

So, the son leaked the secret to his friends, so why don’t you go to the mother and deliver this message to the demon king? He said this.

And the target to deliver the message is Rowen, the commander of the Knights Templar, whom Louise personally dislikes.

The fact that this message arrived at me means that Louise put up with shame and humiliation and asked Rowen to deliver the message.

“If it were my son, he would have really blown his cheek.”

“… … .”

At my words, Charlotte nodded her head in agreement.

Heinrich… … .

You lived as a son… … .

Shouldn’t you know what you’re asking your mother for? … .

So from Heinrich to Louise.

From Louise to Rowen.

And a message from Rowen to me.

Heinrich’s action may have been an accident, but it was a message with great meaning to me.

According to Heinrich’s confession, Kono Lint seems to have agreed to be on my side.

this is very big

From Louise’s point of view, it was an idiotic son who made an accident without hesitation, but it was fortunate for me.

The fact that Kono Lint said he would be by my side vastly expands the scope of my thinking.

There are so many things you can do.

Erhi and Kaier seem to be in trouble.

and last.


This one conveyed the word.

It is not a very politically important message, nor is it a message that will have a great influence on the general public.

“Isn’t that a matter for us to decide?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

But judging the message wasn’t for me or Charlotte.

And whether or not it affects the general trend, it is by no means a light message.

I want to meet Liana.

It was a message from Cliffman.

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