The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 96

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[096]Tough fight 4

“Well, what’s wrong with a friend I know all of a sudden? Who works here and takes care of the house? You know very well that I’ve been living in a hotel for over two weeks. “The kids’ faces are also blurry.”

Gam Gwan-hyuk lowered his head slightly and waited for just one word to come out of Go Gyeong-yeol’s mouth. That’s why he didn’t respond at all.

“By the way, let’s have a meal with Seoul district lawmakers and local chairpersons. “You’re throwing money at me, so I guess you have to pay it back at least once.”

“All right.”

The words I was waiting for did not come out. Kim Kwan-hyuk bowed his head and turned around.

“By the way, Director Kim.”


Kim Kwan-hyuk turned around when he heard a voice calling him. His face brightened a little. Since the situation was not good, I may not have asked because I was in no hurry. Now it’s his turn to say what he wants to hear.

“Have the results of last week’s approval rating poll been released?”

“Ah yes.”

The words I expected did not come out until the end.

“The candidate is ahead within the margin of error. “As the gap continues to widen, we will see better results next week.”

Go Gyeong-yeol’s expression improved a little after hearing some good news.

“okay. Good work. “Go out.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk lowered his head again and bit his lip.

As soon as I came out the door, I sighed.

There was only one thing he wanted to hear.

‘What’s going on?’

He said it clearly. One week… … .

He said that at a time like now where every minute is a waste, the person who will lead the election will be away for a week. If so, everyone knows that it is not a trivial matter.

Isn’t he the closest aide who has taken care of his superior’s personal affairs more than his own family and household chores?

In that case, the first thing to say was to ask what was going on. Isn’t this really that difficult?

When I look back on my memories, I realize that in the over ten years that I have been serving him, I have never once said anything that was regrettable.

So is that so? Do you think it’s nothing personal for me?

The guilt of testing the superiors I served also disappeared. In that place, regret and disappointment flooded in.

I didn’t want to make a hasty judgment based on this one small test.

As the day goes by, things may change tomorrow morning.

“Director Kim. No, Gwanhyuk. I was out of my mind yesterday… . what’s the matter? “Has something bad happened in the house?”

You might say this with a worried expression.

Three days passed, then a week. However, the words I wanted to hear from Go Gyeong-yeol’s mouth never came out. I’m sure I’ve already forgotten it.

“f*ck. Was it just this much? .”

This is something I say to myself.

I can’t believe my trust in the person I followed and served for ten years was destroyed just by asking a simple question. No, he may have made up an excuse to sell himself for 20 billion won.

The target of the abusive language he uttered was Ko Gyeong-yeol and Kim Kwan-hyuk himself.

Both are cheap even if they get criticized.

* * *

I thought I would have to find someone else.

There has been no contact for over a week. It’s a close relationship that doesn’t even care about an executive position that guarantees an advance payment of 20 billion won and a high salary. And loyalty.

It deserves respect.

I don’t know whether Kim Kwan-hyuk has unwavering loyalty or whether Ko Gyeong-yeol has a great personality worthy of loyalty.

But human trust was as weak as paper.

Like a piece of paper that tears with just a drop of water, Kim Kwan-hyuk’s trust was broken.

When we met again, he looked lifeless.

“Is it true that Miracle has a close relationship with Sunyang Group?”

“That’s right. Haven’t we already absorbed cruisers?”

“No, not relationships between companies. With the owner’s family. “Is this all for the purpose of making your son-in-law the mayor of Seoul?”

Are you saying that from now on, you will only eat the rice cakes given to you and not be foolish enough to take the bait? They want to know the whole context.

“It has nothing to do with that. “If you were trying to make Sunyang Group’s son-in-law win the election, isn’t it the power of Sunyang Group that there is no reason to go through such a complicated process?”

Kim Kwan-hyuk nodded his head.

It’s been 10 years since I worked in politics.

Those who have benefited from Sunyang’s political slush fund so far will no doubt appoint the person Sunyang wants as mayor of Seoul. I know very well that there is no need to mess with people inside like this.

“good. Now, let’s talk openly. Why are you trying to appoint Sunyang’s son-in-law as mayor of Seoul?”

“It’s a trade secret, so I can’t tell outsiders.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk’s expression changed a little.

“Outsiders? I’m thinking of becoming a traitor now, but if they say I’m an outsider, which side am I on? “Is there nowhere to stand?”

“They take our money and become insiders the moment candidate Ko Kyung-yeol loses. Until then, just live as a vigilante.”

He smiled bitterly and brought the glass to his lips.

“Damn, is this what a traitor is like? Is it necessary for the bridge to return to be completely collapsed to be recognized as a traitor? “This is something I can’t even do.”

I need to ease this person’s miserable feelings a little.

“Director. “I may be presumptuous, but may I tell you something?”

“However much.”

“Losing trust with colleagues and friends can be called betrayal.”

“Isn’t breaking trust with your superiors a betrayal?”

“Only the transactional relationship ends. Did you really have a relationship based on trust with candidate Ko Kyung-yeol? “Did you serve him without any real wishes?”

Kim Kwan-hyuk could not easily answer and only raised his drink.

“The modern era is neither a dynastic era nor a feudal era. Loyalty is now a virtue that must disappear. The superiors treat the subordinates like dogs, so what is loyalty? . Your subordinate is not a dog. “We must respect each other.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk raised his hand to stop me.


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“stop it. Because it doesn’t give me any consolation. “I was just a snob.”

“Most people are snobs. Unfortunately, although they are snobs, they are snobs who can’t even make money.”

“At least I’m better? Because you’re taking a lot of money?”

“You have the opportunity to make money and challenge yourself to do what you want, right? Run for the National Assembly, not so-and-so’s right-hand man. “We at Miracle will actively help.”

“He’s a member of the National Assembly… .”

“There are two years left until the 16th general election. “Isn’t there enough money and time to prepare whether it’s the ruling party or the opposition party, or whether it’s a constituency or proportional representation?”

He drank for a while, as if trying to wash away his guilt. When the two bottles of soju were empty, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Move money quickly, whether to Switzerland or anywhere else. And when I contact them two days before the election, they have reporters on standby. “I’m going to give you a big hit.”

“yes. Don’t worry about money. I attach great importance to trust. “There will be no stabbing the head of the department.”

The deal was done, but he didn’t give up his hand. It was because he didn’t think he was comfortable enough to shake hands comfortably.

* * *

With two weeks left before the election, the approval rating gap has widened to 10%. Image was the biggest factor rather than the candidates’ pledges or policies.

Being a clean public official and the son-in-law of a conglomerate, the main culprit of the IMF, served as a background that made it impossible to narrow down his approval rating.

“father. Please help me. “If this continues, there is no need for an election campaign.”

As the opposition party leaders even said that they should just give up this time and try next time, Jin Seo-yoon’s only choice was to cling to Chairman Jin.

“It’s already late. Are you saying I should hand out envelopes of money to every voter? The final strength of an election is the candidate’s ability. “What can you do when your husband is only that good?”

Chairman Jin scolded his daughter with a disapproving expression.

“I’ve held the dirty hands of market ladies thousands of times! I even did something like this… “If I fail, I can’t live because it’s unfair.”

A daughter who can easily obtain anything.

Even though he is 50 years old, he still talks like a child.

“You are responsible for your husband’s election until the end. The campaign funds come from my young nephew. “Even if we can’t pay back double or triple, shouldn’t we at least pay a lot of interest?”

Chairman Jin harshly criticized his daughter for not even thinking about the 40 billion won.

“Don’t look down on Miracle Oh Se-hyun. With the money of American investors, it acquired Ajin and even swallowed up Daeah Engineering & Construction. It’s not normal. That person has a contract in his hand. “Even if he doesn’t win, we don’t know what he will do if he fights insincerely or shows that he has given up.”

Only then did Jin Seo-yoon remember the source of the money. And the contract too.

Chairman Jin clicked his tongue when he saw his daughter’s embarrassed expression.

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t know money was scary, but now you remember? “At a time like this, it would be better to quickly meet Oh Se-hyun and comfort him.”

Jin Seo-yoon hurriedly grabbed her bag and ran out of the study.

* * *

“The CEO paid so much attention, but I think it will be difficult. The approval rating gap continues to widen… .”

Jin Seo-yoon bowed her head as politely as possible.

“What is it? “There are still 10 days left, are you giving up?”

“There is something called a trend. “To turn this around, one major hit is needed, but everything that needs to happen has already been done.”

“is it so? hmm… … .”

Oh Se-hyun had to work hard to manage her facial expressions. It was funny that the daughter of a chaebol family who was old enough to show a polite attitude, and she should not have shown how to sell the fact that she had already laid the foundation for a turnaround at a high price.

“So you’re saying we can never win?”

“It’s unfortunate, but that’s the case.”

“Shall I try to turn it around?”

“… ?”

Jin Seo-yoon couldn’t understand Oh Se-hyun’s true intention, so she just blinked.

“Did you just say that? One big hit needs to happen. Would you like me to pop that for you?”

“What are you talking about? “Is it a large car?”

“Did you think I would just pour in 40 billion won of company money and give up? “Do you think President Jin and Candidate Choi feel comfortable with other people’s money?”

“Oh, no. Is that possible? “I’m just sorry that things are like this.”

I can’t raise my head, as if trying to hide how my stomach is boiling. Other than her father, Chairman Jin, she is a woman who has never bowed her head. How much humiliation does she feel now?

“The situation is like this, so I’m going to step forward. “I never do anything to lose money.”

Oh Se-hyeon put down his teacup and came to a conclusion.

“Forget any thoughts of losing and do your best until the end. I create the foundation for a reversal. There will be big changes two days before the election. and… .”

After taking a quick look, Jin Seo-yoon opens her mouth and says nothing.

“You should remember our contributions, including all of this. “You will receive a generous reward.”

“Just say anything. “I will do whatever you want.”

“Remember those words.”

Jin Seo-yoon nodded her head vigorously as she looked at Oh Se-hyun, who was glaring at her fiercely.

* * *

“uncle. “I’ve been contacted.”

“okay? “Where are you?”

“Reporters are being asked to stay in room 4 of ‘Dami’, a Japanese restaurant in Yeouido, starting at 8pm this evening. “Maybe Kim Kwan-hyuk will be in room 3 or he will be in room 5.”

“okay. “We need to release a scoop, so we should call all the Joongang Daily Newspapers together, right?”

Oh Se-hyeon has already started making phone calls. Oh Se-hyeon, who finished speaking with five or six reporters, seemed a little nervous.

“Is it really worth 20 billion?”

Oh Se-hyeon did not say anything about the additional 20 billion won. As someone who has spent his entire life investing in stocks, he knows that the right investment is to invest more and succeed rather than losing 40 billion won.

All he cares about is whether he can swim properly.

“If my uncle loses the election, I will definitely get my money back. Kim Kwan-hyuk would know, too. Today is the day to reset your life and start anew, or to end your career in politics… . “It’s an important crossroads.”


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