The Chaebeol’s Youngest Son Chapter 95

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[095]Tough fight 3


“That’s right. “I had no intention of meeting the late candidate Gyeong-yeol, and I have no reason to meet him in the future.”

The corners of Kim Gwan-hyuk’s mouth rose slightly, and his eyes looking at me became even sharper.

“Is it enough to file a complaint through me? Even though you are a foreign investor, you know very well how Korean politicians work. “The key to making a request is not to meet the person involved.”

A person who can easily convey what he or she wants to those in power. This is why the thing called real power arises.

The real world solves problems by receiving someone’s request. Of course, only those in power have the power to resolve requests, but those in power follow the words of those in power.

The man on the throne and his trusted right hand man. The line as to who is truly in power is blurry.

“You misunderstand. “I have no reason to file a complaint against candidate Ko Kyung-yeol.”

“As a business owner, there is no need to file a complaint, so is there a need to meet me? Oh, are you being careful with what I say because I cut you off too sharply?”

“no. As I said a little while ago, my goal is to meet Director Kim.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk resisted the urge to have a drink and instead picked up a glass of water.

“Let’s hear what the purpose is. “I can do that for the expensive price of the meal.”

“thank you. Director. I’m asking because I still lack experience. “Is there ever a case where a second-in-command succeeded the first-in-command?”

His eyebrows twitched again. This is because Lee Inja realized that it was him.

“Lee In-ja always ended his life as Lee In-ja. Of course, Chun Doo-hwan’s friend Roh Tae-woo became president, but Chun Doo-hwan did not make him. “We changed the direct election system and pushed it into a muddy fight, and I think the election was possible because of the division between the two Kims.”


Speech becomes a little rougher. I was prepared to hear the twins anyway.

“The right arm of the powerful man went down little by little and eventually became a tail. The final fate is to be cut off from the body of the powerful.”

“Keep going.”

Gam Gwan-hyeok’s impression is even worse.

“Where do you think the words ‘second in command’ and ‘right hand man’ come from? It was not created for the public to praise such a person. It was created by the leader or body to treat subordinates as if they were limbs and to elicit loyalty. “It’s just rhetoric to make people praise you and treat them to their heart’s content so you don’t feel resentful even if you throw them away.”

I tried not to empathize.

You are the only one I trust, let’s go together, let’s go together… … .

How sweet is this?

Intoxicated by this sweetness, he volunteered to work as a servant and took responsibility for a crime he did not commit, which he considered part of loyalty and a natural thing.

It is clear that Kim Kwan-hyuk, who is sitting in front of me now and stiff, has not escaped from that illusion. All you have to do is remind yourself of that.

It is not through words that one realizes, but it must be started with words at first.

“In fact, the head of the headquarters is holding candidate Ko Kyung-yeol’s life in both hands. “Isn’t his future political career going to be a mixed bag depending on what Director Kim does?”

“Young friend is sneaky. So much so that the person who arranged this event introduced me.”

Before I knew it, I started to stop talking. Since he is not replacing the late Gyeong-yeol, he does not feel the need to be formal for him.

“Stop talking round and round, if that’s my goal, just tell me the conclusion, right? “Because I have that much sense.”

“I want to buy the rest of Director Kim Kwan-hyuk’s life.”


“The right-hand man of someone who has a slight chance of becoming the mayor of Seoul and entering the Blue House. Of course, becoming mayor of Seoul is uncertain, and the road to the Blue House will be even more difficult. Moreover, the fact that the general manager is taking over the position… In my view, the possibility converges to zero… “Rather than aiming for an unlikely position of power, why don’t you sell your future to me at a very high price?”

“this… . This guy… !”

It’s an expression I can’t tell whether it’s because he’s embarrassed or because he thinks he’s being insulted.

“Ah, I will take responsibility for your children as well. We will spare no effort in supporting your child so that they can do whatever they want to do. “If I want a life of playing and eating, I plan to take responsibility for that as well.”

Aren’t we parents who become infinitely weak in front of our children? Just because Kim Kwan-hyuk doesn’t get up from his seat is a success.

“Don’t misunderstand. I don’t want anything special. All you have to do is say one word.”

“Because of that one word, I will break up with candidate Ko Kyung-yeol?”

“That’s right. However, if Candidate Ko truly thinks of you as his right hand man, he will not abandon you because of a single mistake in his words. “Maybe this is an opportunity to test whether he is a true right-hand man or a simple servant.”

If the seeds of doubt and distrust were hidden in a corner of his mind, they would bloom; if not, the seeds would germinate now.

“Please let out a single word that could cause candidate Ko Kyung-yeol to lose the mayoral election as if it were a mistake. In return, I will give you 20 billion. I will clean your money and put it where you want. “Switzerland is good, and the Virgin Islands are also good.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk did not stop proposing before he opened his mouth.

“Also, we will welcome you as an additional executive of Miracle. If you want to live abroad, just tell us the name of the country. We will establish a branch there and serve you there. Of course, we will fully enjoy the benefits of being an executive.”

In any transaction, price is always an issue.

I feel shaken only when I throw in a completely unexpected amount of money.

I heard that the easiest way to connect with someone in power is to give them 100 million won in relief money during their family’s family celebration or condolence event. This is what Jinyoungjun said.

He said that if something becomes burdensome, he will definitely meet with it to return it or to express his gratitude.

The amount of 20 billion won is a betrayal of Go Gyeong-yeol, whom he served.

With that amount of money, whether the ruling party or the opposition party, if they pay only a few billion won in special party fees, they can even aim for the national assembly member badge as a proportional representative.

From being someone’s right hand man, it’s worth taking the opportunity to make someone your right hand man.

I didn’t miss Kim Kwan-hyuk’s shaking eyes.

I didn’t expect him to answer here anyway. You need to give yourself some time to think about it.

“I don’t know who arranged this position, but trust him. “I’m not talking nonsense, and no matter what I say, it won’t be leaked.”

I slowly got up from my seat.

“I will give you enough time to think about it. If I don’t hear from you by this time tomorrow, I’ll look for someone else. Anyway, someone will talk about candidate Ko Kyung-yeol’s weaknesses. “In an age where people take out the gold they have hidden deep in their closets and participate in the gold collecting movement, there are many people who would sell their souls for 20 billion won.”

I don’t know if it was because of shock or concern, but Kim Kwan-hyuk did not get up from his seat.

I bowed my head to him and left the Japanese restaurant.

* * *

“But who introduced Kim Kwan-hyuk? “It didn’t look like he was introduced by his grandfather.”

“Kim Kwan-hyuk… ?”

Grandpa doesn’t know either.

“How should I know who that friend is? I just told someone I know to send Go Gyeong-yeol’s closest associates. He asked me not to reveal my name. That way, he won’t misunderstand.”

This is a way to avoid being misunderstood as a special envoy of the Chairman of Sunyang Group.

Thanks to this, I wouldn’t have been able to connect Jinga and Sunyang.

“So, what did you talk about when you met? Did you tell me I could change horses? “Did you bait me by offering to provide election support?”


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“no. The mother told him to betray Go Gyeong-yeol. “Then I am suggesting that you completely change your life path because I will look after your back.”

I told my grandfather in detail about the conversation I had with Kim Kwan-hyuk yesterday.

How would you rate it?

When the story was over, he looked at me carefully for a while and then sighed.

“Hehe, I guess I only thought of you as a grandson. I never once thought that it would surpass my thoughts. I thought you were going to treat Go Gyeong-yeol alone through that Kim trick… . You’re pushing the stake to that guy… … .”

“It’s scary when a servant betrays you. “If those close to you turn their backs on you, you will definitely fall apart.”

“You can handle Go Kyung-yeol as you please, so why did you bother your subordinate?”

Now, it seems like people are curious about my judgment rather than questioning whether my choices are right or wrong.

“Mr. Ko Gyeong-yeol is a person who fits in with his grandfather’s generation. Even if he accepts my offer and joins hands with me, even if I give him his campaign funds, he won’t thank me. He probably thinks he’s doing me a favor by pursuing the DMC business. “The position of giving and receiving is different.”

A relationship where the person who is making money looks down from above is a rejection.

“But people like my uncle and Kim Kwan-hyuk will do whatever they do with the mindset of repaying the kindness I have shown them. People move with just one phone call from their grandfather… . “Don’t they bow down before grandpa?”

“this guy. Are you trying to discriminate against the older generation while buying people? haha.”

The grandfather, who bursts into laughter, seems very satisfied.

“What do you expect? Will Mr. Kwanhyuk Kim accept my proposal today? Or will we just be content to be his right-hand man and ignore him?”

“Well, that’s fine. The bait you threw of 20 billion was so tempting that I will think about it until the end. “Maybe you can take different actions to calm yourself down.”

“What other actions do you mean?”

My grandfather avoided my answer with a calm smile.

What does it mean?

* * *

Today, it was difficult to concentrate. Even though he was in the position of presiding over a meeting at the election headquarters, he rushed through it half-heartedly.

“Stop it. I’m in a really bad mood today. Constantly monitor media trends and take opinion polls. “Which is more negative: the son-in-law of a chaebol or military exemption?”

Kim Kwan-hyuk, the head of the election headquarters, realized that nothing could be done in this state. He is the only one who can calm my trembling heart.

“By the way, where is the candidate now?”

“He is coming here now after finishing his meeting with the floor leader.”

“Let me know right away when you arrive. “Because I have something to report to you.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk buried his upper body in a chair and closed his eyes in the conference room where he was alone.

All of this is because of the young kid who shook me up yesterday. No, to be honest, it’s because of that kid’s suggestion.

In short, it means restarting your life with 20 billion won, and it is a temptation that guarantees an executive position at an investment company even if it is politically impossible to recover.

This temptation is absolutely not nonsense. Because the former minister is not the person to introduce someone who talks nonsense.

“Director. “The candidate has arrived.”

Kim Kwan-hyuk shook off his random thoughts and left the conference room. Then he knocked lightly on candidate Ko’s office door and entered.

“Did you go well?”

“Damn, you call me when you’re sad, and now you’re playing around with me to tame me.”

Go Gyeong-yeol nervously threw his jacket on the sofa.

“Why is the floor leader… ?”

“Members of the Seoul constituency ‘notified’ that they would give some of the election funds to them because they needed money to run a branch organization in that area. Damn it.”

I could tell how angry he was just by looking at his expression and tone of voice.

At times like this, I didn’t think I was pouring oil, but I changed my mind.

In this case, you need to pour oil.

Only then will your sincerity come out and your true self will be revealed.

“Hey, candidate.”

“huh. why?”

“I’m cautious about saying this, but… . I think I’ll have to go away for about a week. It’s housework… .”

“What are you talking about? Don’t you know how important this is? no! “If it’s housework, put it off.”

Go Gyeong-yeol’s expression scrunched up and he shouted in an irritated voice.


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